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Still more Sonic clothes to keep you warm.
Sonic sweatshirts/hoodies/long sleeved items used to be uncommon in the past, but thanks to the current efforts of the Sega Shop Online. Warm weather clothing may be more expensive, but the designs are still pretty cool. So if you've got to go out in the cold, it might as well be with some cool Sonic stuff! Check out the many different designs you can collect here, along with listings of where to get them, if known.
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Bootcamp Spec Ops Long Sleeve Tees More from the "Somewhat Subtle Sonic" selections at the Sega Shop. These are the "Bootcamp Sonic Special Operations Unit Long Sleeve T-Shirts". They're adults sizes only, and about 30 dollars each. They're a simple variant of each other, either black with tan logo, or gray with blue logo.
The logo is small on the upper chest area, off to one side. It is the 'military patch looking' small Sonic face in an oval with some stripes.
There isn't anything particularly 'special operation' about the small logo from the Forces game, but it's an ok tee if you needed something that's winter-ready but also pretty plain.
6 Sega Shop Sweat Shirt Hoodies Here are 6 more Sweat Shirts from the Sega Shop in the fall of 2018. Each one is a hoodie, and is adult sizes only.
The first one is all black with a red "Eggman Empire Mark" graphic (seen elsewhere in more detail) The next 2 are just variants of eachother with opposite color red/black graphic and black/red graphic. These have the Eggman Empire logo from Sonic Forces.
The fourth is the "Gold Crest", which is the detailed yellow line art of modern Sonic in a 'radiating lines' ring shape with curved Japanese text down one edge. The last two are variants again, either blue or white. They have the same design in the same colors. It's the classic logo with Sonic portrait & the numbers "9 1" there are two 'midway goal post' things in their 'mid hit' position sort of criss-crossed to represent/break up the "1991" although that's slightly confusing. As usual, they're 35 to 40 dollars each.
Arm Strap Wacky Plush Sonic Head Hat
It's a head. For your head.
Will you have double head power when you use this wacky hat? Probably not, but this version of the 'plush head hat' (of which there are many) adds a new level of silliness which is small Sonic arms that grow out of the bottom of the head, and velcro together under the chin to make the hat literally hold onto your head.
The spikes are plush/stuffed, as is the face, to give it some shape independent of any head inside. The Sonic rendition here is classic, with black eyes & normal smile. The ears actually do stand up, and the face proportion is actually pretty ok for such a sort of odd item. This is supposed to be on Amazon somewhere, but what company made it? It is sure one of the wackier Sonic merchandise items out there, but it is good for a laugh when you see it.
BioWorld 2018 Hat Gloves Sonic Set
BioWorld remains back in action with classic style stuff in 2018.
Here's yet another (how many are there now?) version of "Sonic's face is on a knit cap or beanie". However, this time, the lower part of the face is printed on the roll up/over area for some reason. Why do this? It divides the eyes and makes the design confusing. Are the rest of the eyes double-designed onto the part under the roll up cuff? A blue line going right through the face seems odd.
Notice that the top of the hat does have little flappy ears, and there are small kind of 'wimpy looking' 'spikes' for the sides of the head. The hat also comes with blue ordinary stretchy-knit fabric gloves. The gloves have the classic logo on them, in color that is a thin textured rubber stamp type item. This is also supposed to be at Amazon, but is it also in stores like Spencers? How much does it cost?