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Still more Sonic clothes to keep you warm.
Sonic sweatshirts/long sleeved items used to be uncommon in the past, but thanks to the current efforts of Top Heavy Clothing and Hot Topic, this is no longer the case. Warm weather clothing may be more expensive, but the designs are still pretty cool. So if you've got to go out in the cold, it might as well be with some cool Sonic stuff! Check out the many different designs you can collect here, along with listings of where to get them, if known.
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A modern but somewhat older-looking shirt. Rather plain, with just Sonic throwing a peace sign, as a fairly large graphic in the top corner. The background for this is blue rays/lines, which expose the maximum print-area of the shirt. Black, with an under-sleeve of the speckled gray. This is another Top Heavy, Appears: Fall 2010
Mens Hat & Shirt Sonic Combo Set This is the "Sonic Mens Fashion Combo" , and it includes an adult size long sleeve shirt, as well as a knit cap hat. The shirt has a familiar checkered design with classic style Sonic face (See a hot topic shirt on previous pages) but now the whole thing is blue on red, with blue under-sleeves. The hat is blue, red and gray banded, & has an embroidered (in red thread) Sonic face on the front. What company makes this set? This can be found at WalMart stores for around $12
Hexagon Background Running Sonic long-sleeve More from Top-Heavy, making good use of the newest 2010 Sonic stock art. This time, it's a large graphic for profile running Sonic. The background is a hexagon/honeycomb design in gray for added interest. The undersleeve for this is pale gray while the shirt is black. Good to see the new art used in a big and splashy way, while the background provides something different to draw the eye. This is another Top Heavy, Appears: winter 2010, likely at most Sears stores.
Classic Pattern Sonic Gray Mens Hoodie Another Hot-Topic Hoodie! This hooded sweatshirt uses classic Sonic stock art (pretty much all the common ones) scattered all around the fabric, as its pattern. It zips up the front, and has draw-strings for the hood. This comes in men's sizes, and you should be able to get it online at website, as well as in-stores (if you dont want to pay shipping) It's quality, but watch out, as it is fairly costly at either 48 or $50. This should be find-able in winter 2011. Photographed & owned by: Pat H Lapland Style Tassled Hat This may be an accessory...but it is exclusively for winter use. This is a "Lap Land" style winter Sonic hat. It's made of knit fabric with soft interior liner,
& has the tassles that are traditional to this hat type. The Sonic graphic is on a thick faux-leather or possibly plastic item that's stitched to the hat for durability. This appears at Spencers Gifts in winter 2011.
Celtic circle flames Shadow double tee
This double sleeve tee continues the popularity of Shadow on celtic-style knot-work design. This features a new circular celtic design, with knot-work details for the interior. Stylized gray flames (MAY be glitter!) have been added at his feet. This uses the new 2011 'reaching' Shadow art, so it's pretty dynamic. This double sleeve should be available at Sears...if you can find it. Made by TopHeavy
Red shirt CG Sonic gang w/spatter
This double sleeve shirt features a large selection of the Sonic & friends cast. It has Sonic, Silver, Shadow, Knuckles, Blaze, Tails & Amy. Since the shirt itself is red, Knuckles kind of fades into the background/is hard to see. They're all CG (not stock art) so the detail & poses here are good, but also appear on other CG work shirts. There's a red paint spatter effect going on for background detail, but since it's dark red on red, the effect is a little 'bloody'. This should be a definite grab for Blaze fans since she doesn't appear too often. Made by TopHeavy, found at Sears in 2010, possibly through 2011.
Classic Style Sonic Pixel Long Sleeve Top Heavy creates yet another double sleeve shirt, but this one has a classic style. It's 'arms crossed' classic Sonic on a checker/pixel background that fades toward the top. The under/long sleeves are black, while the shirt is a blue that almost matches Sonic (an interesting non-contrast) "Sonic" is spelled out in a squared-off font at the bottom--do notice there are square pixels taken out of it to give the letters an interesting look. The tag (see inset) is different from Top Heavy's usual, as it uses the classic logo. This can be found at Sears in 2011, for about 19.99 (but it is generally on sale for about half that. Photo & owned by Blaze Silver
Spinball Style Layer Black Sonic Tee
This Top Heavy tee uses the seldom-seen "Spinball Classic Re-Design". The curled up Sonic rolling art from Sonic Spinball was re-done at some point in 2010 to make him look more on-model and consistent. The art was used at the UK "Sonic Room" hotel & Spinball themed coaster, but not much of anywhere else. The re-design looks nice, and makes for a good, large graphic on the faux double-tee. This time black with red sleeves, you can find this at Sears in 2011 for about 10 or 11 dollars. (Usually 19.99, but almost always on sale. Photo & owned by FreeRiderFox
Fashion Combo Sonic Beanie Hat
Fashion Combo Classic Style Long Sleeve Here's the "Fashion Combo" long double sleeve tee & beanie knit cap by BioWorld. The shirt is dark blue, serving as the color for the neoclassic style (a re-done classic stock art) hands-on-hips foreward Sonic. The under-sleeve is black. The hat is simple beanie style with fabric decal classic Sonic face. You can get both for only 13.50 at WalMart in fall 2011. Photos & info by Static-the-Hedgehog
Fashion Combo Red Ring & Winter Hat Sonic football catch yard-line hoodie
Bio World just keeps on going with Fashion Combos...though this one uses the same hat as seen above. The hat is simple beanie style with fabric decal classic Sonic face. The shirt here is bright red, with blue under-sleeves. They've chosen classic side-running Sonic for the stock art, but added a new big gold ring & yellow/black checker background. Interestingly, the design is placed at the bottom of the shirt, leaving the upper area blank. (usually its the opposite) You can get both for only 13.50 at WalMart in fall 2011. Photo by: Taaron
Want something that LOOKS really classic, but isn't? Go for this sweatshirt/hoodie. It has the super old (and not that often used, but it was pretty much confined to early 1990s) "Football Catchin' Sonic" stock art. They've added yard lines & colorful stars, but it still looks like a classice piece. This is available at Walmart in fall 2011/winter. It should range from kids to teens sizes.
Built For Speed Red Long-Sleeve Here's a nice new offering that uses the 2011 newer art. With the words "Built for Speed" surrounding Sonic, plus a black checker background, it's a little different than the usual. That looks like a BioWorld style tag, but is it? Where can you buy this shirt? WalMart is rumored, but write in for credit if you've seen it/can add any extra info.
Bring It Fashion Combo The first fashion combo from 2014 fall season is this orange double sleeve with gray sleeves & blue stripe hat. It has modern CG sonic on a checkered Too Fast For You Sonic Knuckles Shadow Hoodie This is a boy's hoodie sweat shirt from Wal Mart. Likely to be a Wal Mart Exclusive. It has a zip front, pockets, & hood. It features the rather unusual trio of Sonic, Shadow & Knuckles. They're all in good, dynamic running poses, with colored trails behind. The bottom says "Too Fast For You!" & the modern logo is at the top. This is a nice unusual design, it's too bad that
background with 'lightening lines'. The slogan here is "Bring It!" & the hat has the modern logo. It's a cool design & the CG helps it look fresh.
it is not available in all sizes. Kids/Boys large may fit some, but not all. Seen in fall/winter 2011 at Wal Mart. Photo by Taaron.
Hooded Sweatshirt PJ Thing This is a Walmart OR Sears item, some kind of either hooded fleecy sweatshirt type thing, or a PJ top. It's rather busy, with Sonic, Shadow, Knuckles & logos scattered all over it with swirls. It has a zip up front and 2 front pockets. You can see the official tag in the back. The inside lining is red & gray, while the cuffs & bottom are stretchy blue. These are little kid sizes only, and available fall 2012. Should be about 12.00 Photo by Gennifer, right side photo by SonicBoy19 Full photo of Sonic Knuckles Blue Hoodie
Sonic Cozy Robes 2
These are 2 Cozy Robes which are like a 'snuggy' blanket type item with sleeves. One has the "Action" classic Sonic with rings, the other has jumping classic Sonic with logos, checkers and shapes on a light blue background. Both of these patterns or some of their features appear elsewhere (such as a pillow case). It makes sense, as these are Northwest Items.
Sonic Costume Style Cozy Robe Blanket Now HERE'S something all new. It's a costume-style cozy robe! Like the above 'fleecy blankets with sleeves' it's pretty much just for lounging around in. However, the edges are sewn shaped, to sort of conform to an outline of modern Sonic. The robe also has a spiked hood, with window for your face in the shape of Sonic's eyes. It has glove-like white areas at the ends of the arms, but the feet are cut off at the bottom. Are there spikes on the back of the head part too? This is a really interesting Northwest item!
Fashion Combo Kohls Beanie & Shirt Here are 2 different "Fashion Combo" long sleeve shirt & knit cap sets. They can both be found at Kohl's in 2012, but are they available anywhere else? They should be around 18.00 if you can find them. At left is a faux-double-sleeve tee in gray with black under-sleeves. The Sonic here is modern, nice big graphic, with blue & black lines beneath. The hat has the same graphic, with spike-like white pattern. Note: hat graphic quality might not be that good...inspect ALL hats before buying.
At right is a busier shirt, this time in black with white undersleeves.
Fashion Combo Sonic Lines Hat & Shirt
The knit cap / beanie type cap is all black, with blue-tones only thumbs up Sonic design on one side. The shirt is printed with only blue & gray, with dotted/pattern lines in the background. The Sonic all in blue helps make this shirt unique.