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Still more Sonic clothes to keep you warm.
Sonic sweatshirts/hoodies/long sleeved items used to be uncommon in the past, but thanks to the current efforts of Top Heavy Clothing and Hot Topic, this is no longer the case. Warm weather clothing may be more expensive, but the designs are still pretty cool. So if you've got to go out in the cold, it might as well be with some cool Sonic stuff! Check out the many different designs you can collect here, along with listings of where to get them, if known.
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Long Sleeve Red Gray Classic Style Shirt One of the last long sleeves of 2014, this JC Penny Boys/Teens shirt is gray, with red long sleeves. It has classic style 'getting ready to run' Sonic with his name in white for the design. Notice that Sonic is not filled in at all with any of the white ink, giving the graphic a sort of subdued look. (The use of white on the name proves they paid to include that ink color, so not using it is a deliberate move) This just has the classic logo stamp in the back, that doesn't say the company name.
Green With Blue Hood Sonic Long Sleeve The hooded shirt trend continues in 2015 with this green double-sleeve shirt. It has gray long under-sleeves & 2 blue stripe 'short' sleeves. That blue thing at the top is a hood, but it is made of t-shirt material, so how useful would it be against wind or cold? The design is nice though, with jumping-twist modern Sonic large in color, then, a blue line art of the same pose but larger, to create a background.
The result, with the word "Sonic" spelled out at the bottom, is a stylish & more unique looking design. Do you know where this is sold?
Game On! Fashion Combo Hat & Shirt Here's a "Fashion Combo" for 2015 (though it appears in 2016 also) It's a long sleeve double sleeve look shirt with beanie cap combo set. The shirt is dark navy blue with brighter blue long undersleeves. It has Sonic, Tails & Knuckles in CG, with "Game on!" written in blue below them. A similar tee was made as well, so this isn't too surprising to see. It is likely a Bio World item, as seen by the partial paper tag there (under the sleeve) The hat is pretty ordinary looking, just blue/dark blue stripe with the modern logo near the bottom. Items like this are usually plastic clipped together in the store, or the hat will be mini-tied to the shirt to prevent theft. Where is this sold?
Bring it Fashion Combo Shirt Hat This is the "Bring it!" fashion combo. It has a dull orange double-sleeve style long sleeve shirt with mottled gray under-sleeves. The design is a nice, big shot of CG running forward Sonic with yellow 'lightening bolt' speed trails behind him, and a background of black squares & rectangles. The slogan 'bring it' is in the upper corner, while the modern logo is in the bottom corner.
Notice that the hat that comes with this one is VERY similar to (but not the same as!) the above hat, from the first fashion combo. This hat, while beanie-styled has thicker & less dark blue stripes, though the logo is in the same position. This is a 2016 item.
Journeys Kidz Black Sonic Jacket Outerwear This is a zip front jacket from Journeys Kidz.
Journeys is usually a store in malls, specializing in shoes. However, they will occaisionally have backpacks, a few tees & small accessories. Their "Kidz" label has fairly little kids & teens sizes under it. This jacket is nicely designed with blue & black checkers across the shoulders, sleeves & sides. It has a low collar and zips all the way up the front. The chest area on one side only has the forward facing winking classic Sonic face with the classic logo above him. The rest is just black. Depending the size this may be 24 or 35 dollars. It is a 2016 release. You can probably find it in store and online.
NeoClassic Stripe Sleeve Sonic Shirt This double sleeve long sleeve tee is a little unusual in that the long sleeves are striped. It has thin black & white stripes, while the shirt itself is a medium blue. The art here is nice, with a more early Japanese type look to running Sonic. He's a neo-classic art. The classic logo is in the upper corner & a sport type font spells Sonic the Hedgehog. For some reason, they use red on the font & logo, but not for his shoes, which are white like the rest of his details.
This is a winter 2016 release, but where can you buy it?
JC Penny Long Sleeve Start Up Sonic Tee This tee is called "Start Up Sonic" long sleeve shirt.
It is only available at JC Penny, and is a 2016 release for boys 8-20. It's a fairly "Sonic" blue color for the short sleeve part, then the long undersleeves are black. The design on the front is a quite large 'getting ready to run', classic Sonic. It has the 'weathering' or 'faux wear' to the design, making it look old when it isn't. The logo is printed into the back of the neck area. It is regularly 24 dollars, but may sale around 9 to 11, depending when you see it.
Red & Blue Bath Robes Embroider Sonic Here are 2 bath robes!
When you come out of the bath in the winter, it's good to have a warm fuzzy item. They each have the same modern Sonic design on one side of the chest area. He's all embroidery, so it's a quality work that won't wear out. Under the design is "Sonic" and the copyright. In close-up, you can see a Sonic logo cloth tag in the back of the collar area for each. The blue has black accents/interior, and the red has blue accents/interior. These are LITTLE kids sizes! Unfortunately, they seem sized only for kids up to about 10 years old, meaning they won't fit most people. What store can you find these in?
Sweat Shirt Always Sonic Running Here is a sweatshirt hoodie with a slightly confusing motton on the front. It has 3 words Always Sonic Running. But how is it meant to be read? Always Running Sonic? Either way, the mottled gray sweatshirt has no zipper, but a large 'kanga style' pocket in the front. It is a modern design item, with Sonic, Tails & Knuckles shown running parallel to eachother, and all are in profile. The art is CG, with fades added for the background.
You can see the "Sonic" copyright branded cloth tag in the back of the hood. Where is this hoodie available? It was supposed to have appeared in winter 2015.
Star Bumper Long Sleeve Black White Shirt
This shirt is likely from 2015. It's another 'double tee', with long white under sleeves. The main shirt part is black. It has a large red star bumpber from the games as the background for modern Sonic art. The modern logo is in yellow at the bottom. The big/bold star background and pretty dynamic modern art give this shirt a new look to help it stand out among the crowd of other double sleeve tees. Where was this sold, though?
Long Sleeve Stripe Here's one of the first peices of 'winter wear' for 2016.
It appears in the late summer/early fall & features a neo-classic art for Sonic. It's imitating the very early Japanese style for the art with tiny fists almost 'crossed eyes', and larger lower face area. The shirt is dark blue with the double sleeve look, only this time the undersleeves/long sleeves have thin black & white stripes along them. The tag in the back just has the Modern logo (odd, because usually the logo must match if the company only has one license type) Also, look at the classic logo on the front of the shirt. It's usually at the bottom of the design, but this time it's medium sized and on the shoulder quite high, which is a little strange. With the neoclassic art, unusual striped sleeves, & interesting logo position, the shirt seems fresh.
Knit Cap Hat & Gloves Sonic Stars Set Black A hat & gloves set for 2016!
This is the first hat/gloves set to appear after the "Boom Embargo" lifted in late 2016. It's a black knit 'beanie' style cap with embroidered patch sewn onto the front. The hat fabric has blue & white stars woven in. Sonic is shown leaping forward out of a blue/white edged star for a cool effect. The black gloves have 'looking back' Sonic, but he's also in a star shape. The gloves' patch is on the back of the hand for each one, & is also likely to be embroidered. The gloves are very likely to be 'kids sizes' only.
Where can you buy this set?
Face & Spikes tassle hat with blue gloves set
Here's yet another variation on the familiar 'face hat'.
It's modern Sonic's face in embroidery & applied smooth fabric (for the eye white/lower face & ears) over a smooth cloth (it's not knit) hat. It has 3D stand up ears & little flappy prong things on the sides to represent his spikes. The exterior of the hat is Sonic blue, but the interior is black. This one also has braided tassles for the lower ear-covering parts. The hat comes with a pair of matching blue kids-sizes gloves. Each glove has the modern "Sonic" written on the back in a swirling red/yellow circle. With the extra add-ons, this set still manages to distinguish itself from other similar winter hats.
Merry Christmas Tacky Sonic Sweater Red
Sonic gets in on the "ugly Christmas sweater" trend?
It seems so, with this! Unlike the previous offerings which were tees designed to look like sweaters, this one is the real deal. It is woven out of sweater-strands, so the design you see here is woven directly as part of the fabric. It's all as bright a red as possible, with rows of white pointsettia flowers, pine trees, zig-zags & yellow rings. Classic Sonic in the winged-ring is right in the middle, but the bottom banner has been changed away from the logo & now spells "Merry Christmas".
This is an adult size only item, and is rather costly at at least 50 dollars because it's a real sweater. It appeared in late 2016, and should be in the Gear Store unless it sells out. It's up to anyone to judge if it is fun or tacky, though.

*This was first a UK only item, it is now a "2-places" SHARED item where it's available in both at the same time.

Numskull Green Hill Snowing Sweatshirt In time for the holiday season 2016/winter, Numskull produced this sweatshirt.
It's adult sizes only, and 'pixel styled'. It has Green Hill's ground, but the background has been changed to snowy pine trees & large with tiny snowflakes are dotted all around. In the distance, Eggman is flying in his Egg o Matic. The Sonic sprite is rather large, & he's sort of just...standing there. They didn't choose a pose or anything, he's just stopped. It's a little 'static', but it may have been meant to resemble one of those 'ugly xmas sweaters' that are trendy at the time.
This is fairly costly, since it's a thick sweatshirt for adults, it's likely to be around 40.00 or so. It appeared on Amazon for a while, but where else was it sold?