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Still more Sonic clothes to keep you warm.
Sonic sweatshirts/hoodies/long sleeved items used to be uncommon in the past, but thanks to the current efforts of Top Heavy Clothing and Hot Topic, this is no longer the case. Warm weather clothing may be more expensive, but the designs are still pretty cool. So if you've got to go out in the cold, it might as well be with some cool Sonic stuff! Check out the many different designs you can collect here, along with listings of where to get them, if known.
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Sonic & Mania 6 Sweat Shirt Selection Hoodies Here are 6 Sonic hoodie sweat shirts straight from the Sega Shop online. They are basically just 3 designs, and the other is a color variant of the first.
The first is "Sonic Rings & Wings" which is classic Sonic in the winged ring balancing a ring on his finger under the logo. These shirts are either a middle-blue or black, with draw string hood.
The next style is the Sonic Mania logo with colorful stripe in the background. It can be on middle-blue or black simple sweatshirt color. The last is more subtle with a 'chest logo' for Mania, but it has the blue, red & orange character face sihlouettes under it for STK. This is either black or a very dark navy blue to choose from. Each shirt is about 30 dollars & they appear in the summer of 2018 at the Sega Shop online. (They are exclusives to there)
This is a pretty standard selection. None of these bring anything new to the table, so they're a good choice for a casual clothing person or a beginning collector. The Mania items are nice as a celebration for the well liked game.
Knuckles Selecetion Sweatshirts 6 Here's a selection of more creative sweatshirts...thanks to Knuckles!

The first one is all red with a 16 bit style Knuckles sprite (facing sideways/profile which is unusual) & the circular slogan "No Time For Games" as well as S&K's year of release. This one has no hood & is just a long sleeve sweat shirt. The next is a bit of subtle fun that's done pretty much right. It's a red hoodie

with JUST Knuckles' chest crescent white mark on the front. That's it. No branding or logos or slogans. ONLY fans would know what the shirt was, which is great. It doesn't need anything else. It could also be used as a bit of a fan costume of some kind, when paired with other items like the Knuckles fist plush gloves.
The 3rd is all black with the title "Lock On", which doesn't make 100% of sense with the graphic. It's Knuckles but surrouneded by the chaos emeralds & also his debut year in S&K which was 1994.
The 4th is kind of hard to see, but they've used this graphic several times on other items & it's the "Emerald Club" line art. It's in white for the black tee. It's a decent application for the art & looks good large on the front.
The last 2 are just variants of each other, one white & the other black but with the same army-green color for the text and small graphic. It's a military chevron type thing over the word "Hedgehog In Training". These, of course, are for Sonic Forces where everything seems really wierd and boring and military for whatever reason. All of these are 2018 selections.
Still more 6 sweatshirts from Sega Shop. All of these are 2018 selections. The first two are the same graphic, just on different colored hooded sweat shirts. The first is a dark navy blue, the second a middling gray. The third is white, titled "Colorless Motion", however a better title might have been 'descriptive words' because that's what the design mostly is. It's a black/white Sonic graphic with words that describe him like hedgehog, hero, fast, winner & etc. Some design effort is going on with it, which is nice to see.
The 4th is "Block Black" & it has character sihlouttes with the eyes set in white ink. (Like the 'in the dark' SA1 preview art) But you can spot Tails too.
Fifth is a design that started at the same time as Mania, the "Emerald Club" (but it features modern style characters) Here, everything's in green & black, made to look like a poster or advertising sign with Sonic, Tails & Knuckles over the fancy font logo. The last is called "Patchwork Tails", probably because the design is supposed to look like a large patch? (It's not patchy in a traditional sense) The design is clearly trying-hard to look "Japanese" with an all red forward-facing Tails face in the off-center of some red rays in a circle. (Red rays, red circles on white backgrounds are associated with the Japanese flag) It then has his name spelled out in Japanese letters around the right edge. Sure, design work is going on here, but it's a little strange and so is the effect of the forward-face but all set in red. All of these are 35 to 40 dollars each.
Sega Shop 6 Black Red Sonic Sweatshirts Hood The Sega Shop online store is going wild for winter wear in 2018.
With these additional 6 long sleeve sweat-shirts, you get an only red & black selection. The first is a Sonic & Tails simple logo black zip-front black jacket type. It has the 25th Anniversary logo high on only one side of the chest. It's just white & not that large.
The next 2 shirts are hoodies, both with the "uprising" side's logo in the middle of the chest. They're just a variant of each other, red with tan logo or black with red logo.
The next two are more subtle still...with just the hero side star hidden among some paint stripes. These are variants also either red with tan star or black with red star.
The last shirt only comes in black with a darker gray design. It's the Eggman Empire / villain side logo with hidden(ish) villian character outlines & a spray paint/shadowy effect. It's interesting to see how subtle they got with some of these, and then to also find a 'bad guys only' sweat shirt. All of these are 35 to 40 dollars each.
Sonic Tails Knuckles 1991 Hoodies 2 Here are 2 variant hoodies. One's black, the other one is a royal blue. They're called "Sonic & Friends". The designs are the same, and they have Sonic, Tails & Knuckles classic art grouped together in the center of two stripes. On the edges are 19 and 91 with the characters dviding the year up.
The design is simple, but pretty classic in it's way & nice to see it featuring all three characters and the year as well. These are SegaShop online items in summer 2018, and they are 40 to 50 dollars each.
Sonic Mania Plus 2 Hoodie Sweatshirts These hoodies are for Sonic Mania Plus, and were released by the SegaShop online only in the summer (oddly enough) of 2018. They're just a variant of each other, one in dark navy blue, the other in black. It has the nicely shaded neo-classic art of the Plus cast, with Mighty & Ray at the top. Each has a draw-string hood & elastic cuff sleeves. The design is nice & big so you can see the fun detail on all the colorful characters. It's a decent hoodie, if you didn't have anything similar. Each one is adult sizes & is 40.00
Sonic Mania Track Jacket
This is the Sonic Mania Track Jacket.
It's a rather traditional looking track jacket with zip up front, split front pocket, white sides & white top-stripe long sleeves. It's a very dark navy blue (or black) The only Sonic element is the mid-size "Mania" logo on one side of the chest.
For over 60 dollars to get this, one might expect a little more design work to have gone into this fairly generic looking jacket. Maybe end the stripe on the sleeve with a tiny Sonic face, or hide Knuckles in the pocket edge for a surprise. Maybe the zipper pull could be a Sonic shoe, or a Tails logo on one of the cuffs or something. Design doesn't have to be outrageous or in your face (although that can be ok too) but some design SHOULD be all, especially with a pricey item like this. This is a 2018 Sega Shop item.
6 Hoodies Variety Photo The hoodie variety continues with these 6 sweat shirts. There are 2 with the Forces Eggman Empire logo which are opposites of each other. There's red with black logo, and black with red logo. It's a simple circle for the chest area of the draw-string hoodie.
Next is the "Gold Crest" which is another highly detailed line art (in gold ink) of Modern Sonic in a ring with a focus of many, many rays toward a ring he's holding. There's Japanese text on one edge. (What does this say?)
The next 2 are just a color variant of each other. They both have the same design which is the classic logo with classic face & "91"
which is split up by 2 'hit' midway-point gate posts. It's a little hard to tell what these are on the shirt because they're usually depicted as 'unhit'/up as the more gate-looking configuration but here they're shown in the spinning/folding phase. The only difference here is one is blue & the other shirt is white. The last one is the "Emerald Club" Sonic & Knuckles detailed line art. This time, it is white on a black background.
All of these are adults sizes & available in the SegaShop in 2018, priced between 40 and 50 dollars.
Mania Plus Sweatshirt Heads Design These are called "Mania Plus Character Head", and, interestingly enough, the sweat shirt's variant is a tee shirt. They're both black & have the exact same design of Sonic Mania Plus character heads all set in profile. There's Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Mighty & Ray all in a little row. They look like colorful icons across the front/chest of the clothes.
It's a tad plain/simple, but the characters are fun and colorful & the style is nicely in keeping with the classic look. The tee is 25 dollars, the sweat shirt is 40, and both are in the Sega Shop online in 2018.
Boot Camp Sweat Shirts 3 Forces Here are 3 hoodie sweat shirts, all with the Forces "Bootcamp" theme. The first 2 are just a black and a white variant of each other. They both have the 'military patch' style star symbol and the slogan across the chest "Hedgehog in Training". (What does that even mean?) The last shirt is dark blue with the classic wing-ring & Sonic
face in there, but instead of the title of the game in the ribbon below, it says "Sonic Forces". These are all 2018 selections in the Sega Shop online, and each one is 40 dollars, in adult sizes.
Tails Themed 6 Sega Shop Sweat Shirts Six MORE sweat shirts, now with a fun Tails theme!
Tails fans can choose from 4 of these six to star ONLY him. The first one is a Mania Track Jacket, that just has the logo by itself & white stripe along the top of the sleeves, plus a zip front. The next 2 are sweat shirts that are a simple variant of each other. It has Tails in the wing ring 25th Anniversary symbol. One is white, while the other is black. The 4th is a dark navy blue, with a simple, classic style Tails face on the upper right chest area. The 5th is a middle gray with modern Tails flying forward in a SA style swirl design. The last has the older Japanese art of Sonic being carried by Tails, with a triangle & stars background. These are all Sega Shop items in 2018.
Sonic Speed Blue Hoodie Sweat Shirt JCP In time for the cooler fall weather, JC Penny gets this Sonic Sweatshirt.
It's a hoodie, with double sided front pocket & no zipper. It's a somewhat mottled middle-tone blue. The design seems to be unique to iteslf, with 'getting ready to run' classic Sonic in a sort of 'herald' sheild shape. There's a ribbon banner across the shape & Sonic, which says "Sonic Speed". They've added 2 white stars outside the striped shape, near the bottom.
This is an adults item, found in the men's section. It should be about 19.99. The sort of uneven trapezoid shaped tag just has the Sega copyrights on it. This company has made several clothing items in 2018.