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This page should have 2009 and 2010 Sonic clothes.
The USA is still in the golden-age of Sonic clothing, mainly shirts. The primary clothes-creator here is still Top Heavy, with licensing from ShoPro. Both little and big sizes continue. Little sizes are still ok to collect, even if you don't fit into them, because you can still shove the shirt into a frame if you like the design to make it like a poster. Primary stores here will be Sears and Kohls. However, it should be noted that Wal Mart, JC Penny, Hot Topic and Target are also getting into carrying Sonic shirts. GKWorld & BioWorld may also be getting into shirts as well!
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Neon Colors Outline Sonic Get things off to a stylish start with this cool black shirt. It's a large Sonic line art (Sonic X style) with him holding out a peace sign fingers, however, the treatment of the line art makes it interesting. On black, the lines are colored with a fade of neon tones. As the colors blend from blue to green to orange, yellow and pinkish it gives the shirt a neat effect, unlike any before it. The right side photo shows just how bright the colors really are. If you're looking for something different, this shirt really stands out. Owned and photographed by BlueSonikku, right side photo by OrangeUnicorn Neon Outline Color Bright
Sonic Tails Cream Amy Target Shirt This shirt was available at Target stores in 2009.
It is slightly unusual, as they chose Cream & Amy to put on along with Sonic & Tails. This keeps it interesting and fun for Amy/Cream fans and everyone looks great on the solid black shirt. The logo is a bit of a mix of old and new, with the new print style but more of the old color to it. This is a cool shirt with an unusual group shot to collect. Photographed & owned by Silverdelivers
Hot Topic Blue Sonic Face Abstract Tee
Much like one of the Hot Topic classic styled Sonic bags, this shirt uses only the line art for Sonic's face. It gives his head no borders or spikes at all, leaving the all-blue background of the shirt and the user's eye to 'define' where his head should end. They've chosen foreword facing/winking classic stock Sonic, and simply added the classic logo below him. It makes a sort of interesting abstraction of his face to have the design this way, and it also does not seem to employ faux-wear to the design. This should be available winter/spring 2010, priced around $20 in adult sizes only Discovered by SonicBoy19
Mario & Sonic Olympic Winter Games Icon Shirt
This is a rather clever shirt for Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games (for wii) It's a simple block of all the character icons who appear in the game. Many of them are simplified character faces or an element from their clothing. You can easily spot Mario, Sonic, Luigi, Shadow, Peach's crown, Knuckles, Amy, Yoshi Egg, Wario's "W", Vector, the Eggman face which he uses as his logo, & several more. It all makes for a nice & colorful design without being overbearing or obvious. Photo discovered by Sonic Boy19
Hot Topic Blue Checker Japanese Sonic Shirt This is another Hot Topic exclusive tee. This means that you can find it in real adult sizes, and even XL ones if the 'teen' shirts weren't fitting you. It combines a bit of classic with a bit of modern, and fortunately, does not use the 'fake wear' to the design. A classic Sonic face done in only blue and black (for a partial 'reverse' look) floats over a checkered border. The bottom, in red, says "Sonic" on the first line then "Sonic the Hedgehog" in Japanese on the second. It's a bit repetitive, but the text is supposed to add a mistique to the shirt. The over all look is something new and interesting though, so it's a good shirt to collect. It should be available online and in stores, for about $18.00. Photo discovered by Silverdelivers
Classic Stock Art Shirt If you've collected Sonic for any amount of time, this shirt looks like old news...but it was released in 2010. It uses one of the oldest stock arts, and the classic styled logo as a base. For collectors, it's not all that interesting, but if you're just starting out with shirts, this could be an all-right choice, with its plain and solid design. You MAY be able to buy this at in the USA in 2010. Other stores may also carry this.
Checker White Modern Grunge Sonic Tee Does this tee look familiar? It should. It is actually a variant of the Kohl's Sonic Checker Tee, seen on the previous page. This one, however is white instead of gray, and is only a tee, not a tee/sleeve combo shirt. It still has the same art, and also the same gray/grunge checkered background. It should be available at in 2010. The Kohl's shirt was mainly available in 2009, so if you missed it, but like the design, this shirt makes for a good 2nd chance. Shirt may be/have been available in WalMart as well. It should be about 7.95 if you can find it, and was in various adult sizes. WalMart info provided by Starly.
Built For Speed Technical Shirt This shirt adds a new twist to modern Sonic art. Half of him has been converted to a wireframe or grid-like design. The top says "Built For Speed" and the bottom just says Sonic the Hedgehog. It's written in a technical looking font, and in hot green, to look like perhaps some sort of computer analysis. There's also a technical looking pattern of circles in the background, but none of it is 3D or raised. This shirt should be found at in 2010, however, other stores may also carry it. If you see it sold elsewhere, be sure to write in!
This is How I Roll Sonic Shirt Pop culture alert! This funny shirt says "This is how I roll", and features the somewhat uncommon spinning/rolling Sonic classic stock art. The phrase is thought to have originated with rap songs (or commentary) to mean it's how someone rides or drives (in a certain manner, or with certain items) which then branched out to it just meaning how someone gets around, or even how they live. Naturally the internet loves to make fun of it, so here comes a shirt taking the phrase literally. Various cats sitting atop various objects, in photos can also be found with the same caption. It is interesting to see a shirt made with a phrase so quickly. This should be available at BUT it was made by FifthSun in 2010
Happy Kids Shadow Sonic Knuckles Red shirt
This is only a semi-modern shirt, probably from around the start of Sonic X airing in the USA. It may look like an early effort by TopHeavy (resembles their style) but it is by the more obscure company "Happy Kids" which didn't end up going as far as TopHeavy did. This has 3 Sonic X poses for Shadow, Sonic & an unusual one for Knuckles (both fists raised) all with yellow background squares. It's also a long-sleeve which wasn't super common either. Likely kid-size only. Photographed & owned by Soniccookie
Japan Style Classic Sonic Rays Shirt Another 'faux-classic' with the fake-wear to the classic stock Sonic design. This one uses the side-view running Sonic, but places it on white rays for the background. The bottom says "Sonic Sonic the Hedgehog" (yes, twice) in Japanese. This is available online at Hot Topic in summer 2010, FifthSun is also supposed to be producing this shirt. Sonic 2 Title Screen Theme Shirt This Sonic 2 Title Screen theme shirt is another Hot Topic offering. The shirt is the same blue the game uses and the art is the Japanese set for the game's title screen, so it looks quite nice and fresh with no spammed in stock art.
Walmart Sonic Blue Face Shirt Does this shirt look familiar? If you've seen USA Shirts 8, it should! This shirt appears to be an exact copy of the one on that page, only this time, they used a true blue color (closer or a match to Sonic's actual color) The other shirt used a greener-blue, almost into a bright aqua. This shirt was available at Wal Mart in 2010, and should cost around $8.00 if you can find it. It should be available in kids' sizes to teen sizes. Photographed & owned by Nights111
Pink faux fade classic look JP Sonic tee This pink shirt looks like it could be a Hot Topic offering, but it is actually available at Target stores in 2010. The shirt itself is light-weight pink fabric with another of those 'fake-wear' designs meant to look vintage or retro while it isn't. It's got classic running stock Sonic on a pink & yellow ringed background. Usually Target doesn't go for the Japanese text look, but here it is, as the only text on the shirt aside from the copyright. It says "Sonic Sonic the Hedgehog" (yes, twice) Available in sizes up to xtra large. Photographed & owned by Nights111
Fifth Sun Classic Face Tee
This tee with the classic foreword facing Sonic face stock art is by Fifth Sun. It's quite similar to the one above, only he isn't shown winking. The blue of the shirt provides the blue for Sonic, only his details are painted, which gives the shirt a simple but sturdy look. This should be released summer 2010, BUT it can still be found at Wal-Mart in winter 2011 for about 7.50 Price info by: Pr0w1
Laughin' Sonic classic face light blue tee This lighter-blue tee uses the not-so-common 'laughin' Sonic' face stock art as the large design. It's simple but fun, and available at Hot Topic in 2010, in all sizes. Kmart blue modern Sonic tee This blue tee can be found at K Mart, which is unusual, as they don't normally carry Sonic items. It has modern thumbs up Sonic, with the modern logo all on a pale blue tee. The design does employ the faux wear technique to make it look aged for some reason. Owned & photographed by Soniccookie
Lose rings Sonic hot topic tee
Here's a bit of a mixed up shirt. The pixilatedd rings and stars are clearly from a 16 bit Sonic game, but the Sonic in the center is a drawing. He doesn't look like any of the common stock arts, but the pose is appropriate. The entire tee is black/plain, but the relatively small size of the design means you have to get close up if you want to see the nature of the art. It actually looks a little bit 'early Japanese style' with the large mono-eye. This shirt can be found at Hot Topic in 2010, in all sizes (adult sizes) Photo discovered by SonicHOG
Sonic Sound Effects Black Tee Another 'classic style' tee, this time with getting ready to run Sonic, with 'fake wear' and some sound effects written in colored splashes. It looks like "Bong" just written twice. Interestingly, it just says "Sonic" at the top without any other part of the logo. With the bright colors that kind of don't match, less-common oldschool pose, and somewhat nonsense sounds it presents a very classic styled feel. It's an all right shirt, if you don't already have something quite similar.
Put a ring on it Amy Rose Lyric Tee This shirt for girls (in girls Juniors sizes) may be getting a little TOO into pop culture references. (as in, it will go stale and not be funny in a few years) It has Amy Rose, but the lyrics "Put a ring on it" from the Beyonce song with the lyrics of "If you liked it then you shoulda put a ring on it". It's supposed to make a zany pun because of all the characters collecting rings in the games, and Amy's perpetual chasing after Sonic. It's clever enough that they actually paid attention to a characters' personality trait, which is interesting to see. This is available at FYE stores in summer/fall 2010
Next Direct Sonic & Shadow Long Sleeve This long sleeve shirt (the 'faux double shirt style') can only be found at . It is a division of the NEXT store in the UK, however this store sells to the USA and elsewhere...but the catch seems to be that you can only order the items found on that site, and have them sent to USA addresses. But the site has MUCH less Sonic merch than its UK counterpart. (disappointing!) This shirt appeared in summer/fall 2010. The shirt itself is nice, with Sonic & Shadow standing rival-style, back to back, so it's a seldom-used Sonic X style art piece. Why they chose hot green for the shirt is another matter.