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Australia keeps on making great Sonic items.
This page will, as usual, contain a mix of new and old things. Most of the older items are likely a result of Segaworld Sydney. Some of the new things here may be currently obtainable, so be on the look-out if you want them! The link block at the left side can contain links to places which sell them. (It changes, though) Where possible, a link will be provided in the description, while the item is being sold.
Caution: Some things may only be able to be obtained while you are within Australia.
The new/old status of the item will be noted in it's description.
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Die-Cut Sonic Shape Plastic Cover Note Book Here's a cool for school notebook!
Well, as long as the pages don't have to be officially shaped. This special book is die-cut to the edge of the Sonic art so it has it's own unique shape. It's metal-ring spiral bound and has a thick plastic cover. The cover has forward-facing hands on hips classic Style Sonic, some blue checkers for the background & his name. In the tradition of very nice & detailed notebooks....
(That Japan is mostly known for) you can spot some fun line art of running Sonic down there in the 'shoe edge' of every corner. It's in the same no-copy blue ink as the lines are for the paper. A nice touch!
With fun shape, cool cover, extra art on every page & metal spiral binding this notebook is a keeper. Interestingly, it was a show-bag type give-away item. This is likely to be an Australia only item. (Charm at the top is not official, it is over on fan-items) Photo & owned by Sonic Dollz
Sonic Forces Electronics Botique Store Display If you were looking to buy Sonic Forces in Electronics Botique stores in Australia, you may have seen this cardboard big sign. It's an announcement sign for the game or pre-ordering the game.
The front has the Forces gang complete with 'generic the character' & a wisp in there. The other side tells you about the game, has screen shots & explains what you get with the bonus edition. The bonus items are costumes from other franchises like NiGHTS & Jet Set Radio so you can dress up your custom character. (But then why have a Shadow costume? Why not just...put Shadow in the game?) Once store signs like this are expired (the game releases) they can sometimes be collected, as what happened here. Photo & owned by Sonic Dollz
Sonic Generations Shoe Keychain
Here's a better look at the "Sonic Generations Shoe Keychain". It appears MIB on an earlier page, but that photo doesn't reveal the special logo on the shoe sole. This also shows what type of key clip it has, and the little chain. It's quite a nice sculpt for the shoe & a fun idea for a bonus. It came with the Generations issue of Nintendo Magazine. Photo & owned by Sonic Dollz
Green Hill Canvas Messenger Bag Here is a nice messenger bag that's made of a black canvas material. It has a shoulder strap, front flap pocket (see zipper pull near logo) and a green hill design. The bag uses the palm trees, floating platforms & sunflowers of Green hill, but adds over-sized classic style artwork of Sonic and Tails (even though Tails was never there) Since there's no background, the design looks colorful and nice on the black cloth. There are pockets under the flap for pens/phones & other small items. This measures about 32 wide, 28 high, 10 deep, all in centimeters. It's by AbyStyle, and may cost around 40 AUD. Photo & owned by JoeMD
Red Rooster Little Meal Pouch Prize In Australia, there is a fast food restaurant chain called "Red Rooster". Similar to McDonalds, it has a kid's meal that is called "Little Meal" &, like other restaurants it has prizes. Nicely enough, they did a Sonic promotion which had 5 different prizes you could collect with your meal. This one here is a pencil/pen pouch for school or crafts. It is all plastic, with one of those "plastic zippers" that has no teeth.
It's a nicely designed item! It has Sonic jumping with the modern logo, a nice swirl & checker background, plus Tails, Knuckles & Amy in some less-common modern poses for the art. It makes for an active & colorful composition that's really well done. A nice free collectible! Photo & owned by Sonic Dollz
Red Rooster Many Memory Character Cards Red Rooster Memory Game Box Here is Meal Prize #2 from Red Rooster's set of 5 collectible fun Sonic items. It is a "Flip the Cards Memory Game". Shuffle the cards face down, then set them all down in a grid pattern & try to pick 2 matches of each character.
These cards come in the box you see at right. The card backs all have this same design. What's really cool about the set is that it has rare characters & rare poses! Look at who all you get: Sonic, Eggman, Knuckles, Tails, Rouge, Amy, Shadow, Jet Hawk, Big the Cat, Tikal, Werehog, MARINE Raccoon, Cream & Cheese, Vector, Wave Swallow & Charmy Bee. Tikal isn't common, but has at least appeared on a few things & as a GE Entertainment Plush...but what about Marine? Is this her ONLY item? And look at the uncommon poses too, pretty much everyone is in one of their least-seen versions...especially Big, Cream & Wave. This is a very desireable memory game card set because of the good art & character choices. Photo & owned by Sonic Dollz
Bendy Sonic Sega World Sydney Here is a big bendy Sonic.
He was a Sega World Sydney exclusive item. It's a fairly large size bendable, with nice sculpting. They did a good job with the head and spikes, the nose isn't too long & the expression is good. The hands look really large, but they're always kind of forward since bendy figures don't tend to keep poses exactly. As you can see here he stands up well,
despite the heavy/large head, which is another sign of a good bendable. This is a good collectible to own, especially given the era it was produced and that it was an exclusive too. Photo & owned by:
Segaworld Sydney Bridge Mug Sonic Here is a mug exclusive to Sega World Sydney.
It's a white ceramic normal mug, with wrap-around Sonic graphic. It uses forward facing Sonic, but what's he doing with his arm? He has one arm bent but kind of back behind his spike? The other has the 'finger waving' position for his hand. He's shown winking, which is fine because he's winking his whole actual half the eyelid and not mysteriously 'his pupil' somehow.
The main thing to note here is the background, though, which has the famous bridge "The Sydney Harbor Bridge", which is unique to the area (no similar bridge) and also a tourist attraction because supposedly some part of it is climb-able if you pay. This mug is most certainly doing it's job as a souvenier from the SWS & the city itself by mixing in Sonic. It is uncommon. This is thought to be a factory photo. Discovered by GinyuDBZGeiceFan
Segaworld Sydney Sonic Border Photo Frame Here is a fun photo frame you could only get at Segaworld Sydney.
It looks like it is made out of probably an early version of that 'flat rubber die cut keychain' material. Notice how Sonic looks 'blocky' because the lines aren't able to be curved 100% smoothly for any character. It has the SWS logo at the bottom. The characters are all positioned as if they can see what is in the frame. It's funny that the Robotnik looks disapprovingly at it, and the coconuts monkey on the bottom looks doubtful. The goodguys all seem to approve. Note also Sally is there, and that they're using 'brown Tails' because that was also what SWS really liked to do. Knuckles is interesting because he is fairly accurate. Someone has placed a photo of Zarbon into the frame. (It has no glass) Discovered by GinyuDBZGeiceFan
Sega World Sydney Blue Tee Shirt Here's a kids tee from Segaworld Sydney.
It's all blue, and uses the red w/Sonic face cloth tag in the collar. This has the Segaworld Logo large in the center for the design. However, scattered about it are characters. You've got AOSTH Robotnick stomping along the S, a buzz bomber above the A, probably something else bseide the A, Knuckles is under the W, Sonic & probably Tails are running in front of the logo, and maybe Sally by the D?
This is an old photo of the item, and it is the original size of the picture. It's a cute colorful tee, with the usual playfulness of design that the Sydney was known for where the characters are interacting somehow with the item.
Caribee Sonic Backpack In the 1990s, Australia had a Sega Club type program where you got reward points for (probably) buying games and merchandise. You could then spend the points to get lower prices on items, as seen here "60 Super Sega Reward Points".
In the case of the Sega Club here, not everything would be Sonic, but this backpack is. It's school-bag shaped, but they advertise it here as something to take to the beach. It's hot green & black with the Sega logo large at the top. The outer pocket has finger waving classic Sonic in the star ring/with ribbon banner. This looks like the Japanese art for it though, and it is quite nice.
Goo Jit Zu Mini 6 Pack Figures Moose Toys operates in Australia (as well as USA) and...
They bring their squishy Goo Jit Zu series minis to Australia first in 2023, before other countries. This is a mini figures 6 pack, which gives you Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Super Sonic and Eggman all in 1 package. You can see the approximate size with the hands in the photos pictured on the package. (So, about a bit less than 1 kid-hand tall) They have all the usual squashy/stretchy properties of the larger figures. The set is all modern designs, but its kind of hard to tell because they have to all also have the 'stubby/chibi' proportions to get them sturdy enough to play with. This will be released in at least 2 countries: AU and also USA. Price pending someone actually finding this. This is a factory photo
SegaZone Australia Items Promo Photo More from the old Sega Zone in the 1990s.
This is a promotional photo / company photo to promote their upcoming goods or possibly a catalog of some sort. (They were big on catalogs then) You can see a closer look at the school bag from this photo on its individual listing above. You can see that it gave out 'reward points' when ordered. The rest of this stuff likely did something similar.
There's a cap hat with the winged ring, 4 different stickers with Sonic, a large poster with those 'pin stripe' graphing/grid background, a tee that
does not have anything to do with Sonic, but it turns the A in the Sega logo sideways for some reason, and 2 blue & yellow square flat things. What are those? They are not a sticker, because that is the 4 items. They do have Sonic on them, but what are they for? Listing will be updated if anyone ever finds out.