Japan Sonic the Hedgehog School Supplies
As you probably know, Japan has a reputation for great schools. There for, it's only logical that they'd want to have great school supplies too. With all that studying, Sonic can lighten things up any day! The selection on this page is likely only a small part of the available supplies. So from Sonic X to Sonic CD these supplies span the ages. However, being in Japan, photos are hard to get a hold of, but SonicGear is always on the look out!
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Cloth Sonic Pencil Case A zip-shut pencil case with Sonic X theme. This is rather classy for a school supply, with blue on blue patterning for the cloth, and a unique angle with abstract background. You can see the official tag on the zipper.
Sonic X Theme Erasers Pencils wouldn't be much good if you couldn't erase them, so here are 2 Sonic X erasers. In a usual Japanese style, the erasers are plain, but come in fancy cardboard sleeves. The art and design are well done, once again, making these a great collectible. It's too bad that they are so difficult to find outside of Japan.
Amy Rose Pencil topper Normal pencil not cute enough? Add this old-style Amy Rose pencil topper! This little figure is fully 3D, and shows her in her old Sonic CD outfit. It's a rather chubby figure with big eyes and a mouth in the center. The pale spot on the nose is actually a rub in the paint due to normal wear and tear. Were there other characters made as pencil toppers? Probably, but something so small is hard to keep a hold of, so photos aren't that common.
Metal Pencil Case Sonic X Here's another pencil case. This one is metal, and quite nice! Look at the rainbow metallic paint in the background and fun colorful art! Even the inside is fancy, with character portraits, and their names spelled out under the lid with a sihlouette of Sonic. Either of these cases would be a great addition to any collection. Japan does it with style once again, here. Pencil Case Inside Sonic Characters
Sonic X Pencil Board Front This is the front and back of a "Pencil Board". But what is it really? Is it a hard pad so you can draw in bed? It is supposed to go between the page of the notebook you are writing on, and the next. This avoids press/bleed through of inks. But if you're using pencil, that doesn't bleed. And if you don't stab down as you write letters, you're not going to engrave the paper anyway. But it's Sonic X, and it's interesting to look at, so...
You can find them occaisonally for fairly cheap, as they are just cardboard with lamination.
Sonic X Pencil Board Back
Sonic 3 Pencil Board Front Sonic 3 Special Stage Map Pencil Board This is another (older) pencil board. It is meant to help you with the checkered globe style Sonic 3 special stages.
The front has a nicely shaded stock art, with the famous "Do it when you can" quote and some (somewhat redundant) names and logos. The back is more interesting as it features maps of all 7 special stages, as well as a 'key' to reading them. It is interesting to see their layouts flattened into squares instead of on spheres. It's rather curious slogan "Let's Get Blueballs!" can have other meanings in some cultures...which is rather unfortunate.
Sanrio Sonic Notebook Cover Sonic Japan Notebook Back Lined Paper Sonic Notes Interior "Dr. Eggman used his evil technology to transform Sonic's freinds into robots that he controlled"

(The interior of the book says the same thing on every page)

This is a Sonic notebook. It uses both stock arts, and art from the Sonic Screen Saver (a large selection of whimsical or interesting Sonic art by a professional artist) The interior has grayscales of Sonic and Tails. For some reason, they've included a small plot snippet from the games. Curiously, this was published/produced by Sanrio, the same people who make Hello Kitty.
Sonic the Hedgehog Desk Set A little desk set. This looks to contain fancy boxed erasers, 2 little erasers with brush on the other end, a clip-on pad, and some unidentified colored dots. What is that star shaped thing? The item in the background may be a white-board, or a plain 'pencil board'.
Sonic & Chao SA1 Pencil Case Dog Tag Pin Chain Case Interior Pen case or PIN case? You be the judge with this great metal item from around the time of Sonic Adventure 1.
This nice case looks to be made out of brushed aluminum, and came out around the time of Sonic Adventure 1, as indicated by the blue clouds logo. It features early SA1 art of Sonic and a Chao.The design is colorful, but not overly busy. The inside is even full of interesting things. There's what looks like an engraved metal Sonic dog-tag, a key chain type clip with chain, and a pointing Sonic enamel pin or possibly key charm. What a great item to store your cool Sonic things in. Everything here looks like top quality. Photo by Alessandro.
24 Color Pens Sonic vs. Metal Sonic Here's a Sonic themed 24 colored pen set, with Sonic Vs. Metal Sonic theme. It SEEMS to be from around the Sonic CD era (when this very well done art was quite popular) however, you'll notice Knuckles on the package as well...so a better guess would be somewhere near Sonic 3. These are done by Tombo, the popular pen and pencil company. 24 Color Tombo Pen Case Sonic CD Era
For just a set of pens, this thing sure is dramatic! A big well done rendition of the fight secene, Sonic Tails and Knuckles all making an appearance with a nice 3D font. Since this is a 'usable item' it isn't common...though it would be great to collect. Photo by Alessandro
Sonic & Eggman Green Hill Pencil Tin All pencil case photos by Alessandro! Badnik Robot Guide Pencil Tin Interior Shot
Here's a fun pencil tin for your collection, complete with real screen shot-added art. Finger waving Sonic stands at one end while a drawn in Eggman (in a footed Egg-o-Matic) stands at the other. A real screen shot of the Green Hill Zone (complete with Sonic sprite!) faces off against Eggman. The interior has a full-color bottom with well done Sonic, happy Crabmeat, Moto-bug and a hidden chameleon in the Green Hill Zone. The top has a duo-tone guide to badnik robot names.
Checker Wrecker Green Hill Sonic Tin Badnik Interior Pen Case School Tin
Here's an interesting pencil case...because it heavily features the bad guys!
The front has another authentic Sonic 1 screen shot, but that's where it begins to get strange. The USA is not the only one to do odd things with their screen caps on merchandise. Here, the "Checker Wrecker" ball of the first egg-o-matic has been isolated, and they've added a miniature stock-art Eggman to the top of it, as if he's running!
The interior has a menagerie of Sonic 1 badniks, including chop chop, and Ball-Hog. The lid has each one's name in Japanese, and adds Buzz-Bomber and Bat-Bot to the line up.
Sonic Front Wide Pencil Tin Japan This tin is wider than most of the others (the better for fitting in more Sonic theme supplies!)
And has a front with an interesting Stock art on modernist background. The back however, is where the real interest lies. This makes it one of the few official items to feature Super Sonic! This great and rare art shows you his altered spikes and is nicely shaded. What a great tin!
Super Sonic Vintage Pencil Tin Wide
Metal Sonic Vs. Sonic Case Another superior case!
This time, with a fighting theme, how rare and exciting! It literally says "Metalsonic vs. Segasonic" and "welcome to the next level" right on it! It isn't surprising that a tin would appear with this well done and famous art.
MetalSonic Pencil Case Back
The back again, adds even more interest.
This time, it isolates a different pose for Metal Sonic, leaving him alone to feature on the back! Any Metal Sonic fan would love this case for sure! So naturally, it is completely valuble and rare as well. Photo by Alessandro
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