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School supplies fun & useful neat to collect. They didn't tend to be all that rare, or expensive, and you can use them to make Sonic projects at home too. They also offer such a wide range of different and interesting Sonic theme things. Japan in the present and in the past probably still has the most items in this catagory. While the things here may be more difficult to collect, they're usually high quality and interesting to see. Because a lot of them are small, you'll see lots of different characters too, not just Sonic.
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Sonic 2 Magnetic Paperclip Holder This is a paperclip holder. That cylender thing has a magnet inside, which attracts the paperclips so they lay all over it, & on the round base. It was obviously produced to promote Sonic 2, & uses the slightly less-common "Tails peeks out from behind the number" art for it. A paperclip holder is kind of obscure, this is likely the only Sonic themed one done. Photo discovered by Piplupfan77
Soccer Football Theme Sonic Backpack Here's a colorful soccer / football themed backpack. It's probably nylon-weave, and all done in bright orange, yellow and green. Notice how the "SEGA" logo is slightly raised, it is likely plastic or rubber. The Sonic stock art is placed so that it looks like he's getting ready to kick the ball. Notice the copyright near his foot. (and the lack of "Sonic" written anywhere on the bag, though it is official.) Photo discovered by Piplupfan77
A 3-Pencil Pack.
This is simply a carded pack of 3 ordinary Sonic theme pencils. In a somewhat unusual touch (for Japan) these actually have erasers. Finger waving stock Art Sonic is repeated all over every white pencil, and several stock arts are on the card packaging. What does it say at the top? "Pencils". The bottom just has Sega Copyright. Photo by SegaFreak.
3 Pen collection with variants
3 Sonic pens. A regular one, and 2 clear varients. But why pink?
It is not known what type of pens these are, but they appear modern, more in the Sonic X or adventure era, than anything before. They could be gel pens, and if so, one would hope they work better than the USA SA1 gel pen set that was released. Maybe the two colored figures indicate that they had matching ink colors. Do you click or twist the figure to use the pen tip?
Football Soccer Shaped Sonic Bag Here is a rare & unusual bag! This is likely an accessory bag of some sort. It's shaped & designed like a soccer football. It has a carry handle & a shoulder strap. The back has an emblem of an "S" in a winged circle. The front has Sonic's eyes in the pentagon black part of the soccer ball along with "SegaSonic" written on one of the sides. It has a zipper closure & appears to be plastic looking faux leather.
With the "SegaSonic" branding everywhere, you can guess the age (old). The tag is shaped like an "X" in red. The back has lines for "Message" (If it was to be a gift?) The X shape has just Sonic's eyes & nose on there as well. (A keen eye will spot that this red X w/eyes was also used on an ash tray design) The small tag says "Light Gear for Planet Power News Presented by Sega 1994". This is an interesting and uncommon bag! Photos & owned by SegaSuperStar
Cloth Notebook Secret Rings
This appears to be some kind of cloth covered notebook or book. What's inside? Is it blank like a diary? The cover seems to be made of (or covered with) blue-jeans type material. The Secret Rings logo & border accents are on the cover, with what is likely the title in Japanese. You can see the stitches all around the edge of the cover.
Supposedly, this wasn't actually released, except as some kind of "prize" to the people who worked on the game. Do you know the story behind this covered book & what's inside?
In 2008, The Sonic Channel re-released some stationary that you could buy. You can see the dolls holding onto it here for their display photo. It also appears to have a little 'scribble Sonics' sticker sheet. There is text on the main blue piece.
It says:
"Sonic the Hedgehog is always on the move - but ____* his mission, goodheartedly when found saving the world is all in a day's work - to go to his next adventure.
do anything in his power to protect until the job is done."
*The missing word was too small to be read. Photo discovered & info w/translation by Fueled By Chaos
Colored Marker Carry Pack This is an interesting addition to any desk, a Sonic theme marker carry pack. Note the clear plastic tube carrying handle, making it handy for school use. Lots of bright colors are inside, as seen the close up to the right. They're even decorated with Sonic images and the "SegaSonic" name. The packaging is very similar to the one above, as you'll see they liked to add this design to many items of the time. Photo by Alessandro Marker Color Close Ups
Tombo 12 Color Pens Tin Sonic Vs. Metal Sonic Theme.
This time, they've added the design to a real tin, with 12 colors inside. It's still in the original plastic in the photo, but you can still see all the detail, right down to the faux 'screws' in the corner. Placing the design right onto the tin, instead of a cardboard inert turns this into a real collectible...however, it is still uncommon. Photo by Alessandro
All Stars Sonic Racers Transform Folder This is likely to be a file folder or school paper folder. It is probably made of plastic & may be semi-transparent on parts. It features a fun design from Sega All Stars Racing transformed with Sonic's car changing from boat to hovercraft to car with a background of waves & other racers. Can you read the label at the bottom? Photo by Hardclear
CG Sonic Face Close-up Messenger Bag This is a shoulder-bag / messenger bag. It has a giant close-up of CG modern Sonic's face on the front flap. The background is almost the same color of blue that he is, making the graphic slightly confusing. The left side of the bag has a mix of overlapping white Sonic line art scattered around. The rest of the bag is black. This can be found at Tokyo Joypolis. Photo by Hardclear
Tails Round Top Pencil Here's a better look at the item from School 2, the Tails themed ball-top pen or possibly mechanical pencil. Of course, there's a Sonic one too, no-matter which this is (pen or pencil) the "Life of Power" quote is there at the bottom, & Segasonic logo at the top. Sonic Adventure Promotional Tall Notepad This tall, thin note pad is reportedly a promo item for Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. It is nicely themed, with colorful portraits on the front, logo & bit of pattern on the back. The notes inside (middle) are long sheets divided into 3 colored areas with lines for writing. Tails & Eggman, Rouge & Knuckles and Sonic & Shadow appear on yellow, orange & blue swirls. This is a cool and colorful pad to collect.
Character Top Pens & Scissors MIP This photo has several different school supplies. The first (left) is a modern Sonic figure-top pen. Next, are 3 pens from the same set. They have chibi style Sonic, Knuckles, & Tails on the pen top. Then, 2 red Sonic themed pencils are still mint in their clear plastic package. Last, is a Sonic themed pair of kids school scissors. They're white with a Sonic face at the hinge, & blue handles. The Packaging is nice, it's quite Sonic themed with "Segasonic" printed top, & graphics on the clear plastic. This image is being preserved from Hikari Site (a site not managed/updated or contact-able since 2005)
Battery Operated Pencil Sharpener Is this technically an 'electronics item'? Yes...but it's so very school-related that it goes onto School Supplies Sonic. This is an electronic pencil sharpener. It's a battery operated sharpener, with a little green drawer (Bottom) for the shavings, peach area where the pencil goes, & Sonic graphics on each side. It looks like maybe getting ready to run Sonic on top, and him with a background of some sort on the side. The photo here is very old & small. (It will be replaced if anyone ever finds & sends a better one) This is an uncommon item. Credit: Hikari Site
Colors Wisps & Deadly 6 Clear Files
Here are more 'clear files', this time, shown on display in a store. The left one is very cute, it has little/cute style simple Sonic running & looking at the viewer in one corner. The colorful all-over pattern you see there are Wisps from Sonic Colors. They make a fun pattern. The right side folder / paper holder has all CG art instead. It has CG jumping Sonic large at the bottom, part of a level, and likely most of the members of The Deadly Six flying around in the background. These are defenentely cool school accessories to keep organized with. But where's the store that sells them?