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School supplies fun & useful neat to collect. They didn't tend to be all that rare, or expensive, and you can use them to make Sonic projects at home too. They also offer such a wide range of different and interesting Sonic theme things. Japan in the present and in the past probably still has the most items in this catagory. While the things here may be more difficult to collect, they're usually high quality and interesting to see. Because a lot of them are small, you'll see lots of different characters too, not just Sonic.
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Team Sonic Racing Zip Bag This is a flat pencil-case style zip top bag that was an exclusive release with the bonus pack version of Team Sonic Racing game.
It's all blue, and 2 sided. It has "Sonic Speed" written on one side, with Sonic's face in the "o". The other has "Dark Speed" with Shadow's face in the "a". Both sides have the game's logo in white & 'water mark' style graphics in the background overlapping with the big block text of the words. It's a neat looking bag with good thought put into the design so fans of both teams can be happy.
Planet Power News Plastic Sonic Tote Bag Here is a blue re-use-able plastic-type tote bag. It's by "Planet Power News" & was obviously an early era item, as noted by the SegaSonic branding on one side of the bag.
It has a snap to close the top & 2 black simple carry handles. The art of Sonic is white on blue, line-art only. It uses the uncommon 'jumping down' stock art of him that never got used outside of Japan. He's pretty simple/cartoony looking in this one.
But look, he's got a speech bubble going and it is the victim of.....nonsense text pasting!
Nonsense text pasting usually happens when someone wants words from a language they don't understand as part of their design. Usually what they do is open a dictionary & just paste in something they flip to on a random page. Since the audience can't read it either....who's the wiser?
Well, the answer to that now is 'everyone' because the world's a lot more global so you can't get away with such a lazy tactic in design. But, what's worse, is they didn't snag part of the dictionary. It's even stranger than that. It says
"--nowitz: for he new novel, The Male Cross-Dresser / / into a forty second film to be shown as a / / TV and cable, and"

So, it wasn't even copied correctly, the 't' is missing of 'the' or an 'h' for 'her', and really? A novel about a "Male Cross Dresser" being condensed down to 40 seconds? That doesn't make sense either. But, to have Sonic saying those words incoherently is stranger still. Should this bag be on 'suspicious gear'? It's odd.

Clear Vinyl Sonic Tails Tall Tote Bag Now here's a cool bag!
This tall tote is made of fun clear vinyl. It has blue plastic carry straps, 1 snap to close the top & a blue bottom. Classic Sonic & Tails are printed in full color, quite large on the front of the bag. It's arms-cross Tails and hands on hips Sonic. The vinyl was quality too, as it has not yellowed at all despite the age. This probably appared around the time of Sonic 2.
Clear bags are a double-edge item: you can see what's in them for easy access, but then so does everyone else. However, Sonic & Tails look great with the clear background just because it is so unusual. If the design is within a layer of the bag so it can't be scratched, that would be better still, but it is impossible to tell in a photo.
Oval Metal Bento Box Sonic This is a Bento Box.
A Bento Box is a type of meal box that can be packed for lunch. However, it is not a lunch box (as those generally fit drinks & are meant for bagged food) This is meant to hold a little 'setting' of food like rice, veggies, fruits, meat & etc. Sometimes these are set up in a decorative way inside, because the lid is snug.
You can see many festive looking bentos in a search. What IS surprising is that with how common a Bento Box is in Japan, that there's not more Sonic themed ones, and that it took this long for this one to show up. The art here is obviously the "Sonic Screen Saver" art which was very quaint and classic. This has a scene from it, with little egg-o-matic Eggman in the background and the 'dont waste your precious time' quote on the street area.
The interior seems to have 1 separated area (so sauces etc. don't mix) & an interesting plastic item. What is the clear plastic thing toward the right side? It doesn't seem to be a spoon due to the odd shape. You can write in for credit if you know what this thing is.
Project Sonic Cube Stamp Here are 2 promotional items for "Project Sonic" on the Saturn. They are something that was most likely released together, probably at an event like a convention or Project Sonic Promo Stickers Set
trade show. The left item is an ink-pad type stamp. It stamps the logo, and the 'hand out' Sonic silouhette that's printed on the sides of the cube. The white thing at the bottom is likely to be its ink-pad and cover. This one, in the photo is likely to be especially uncommon because it is still unused, mint in the package.
The left item is a set of stickers for the project. You get 2 of each size, one black & the other reversed. There's also the Sega Saturn logo there as a sticker at the bottom. It's a pretty big sheet of them too, as you can tell by the tape measure there.
But what was Project Sonic?
It was an attempt to promote Sonic games even more, but with a focus on Japan-only. The Genesis games weren't as popular there as they wanted them to be (but they were super popular everywhere else) so they made up the Project Sonic to really ramp him up on the Saturn with awareness.
However, everyone knows the Saturn was kind of ill-fated and didn't have a mega-hit Sonic game on it like other systems had. That means this project was too. These items were likely from the start of the promotion at Tokyo Game Show 1997 which was also the year of Sonic Jam. (But remember, Jam was pretty much a re-compilation of previous games, and some 'goodies' like art and music as unlockable extras, it wasn't really a game in and of itself) The only other 2 games it got were Sonic R (Which was fine) and 3D Flickie's Island which was less than fine once all opinions came in.
Then, the whole thing got snuffed out by the Dreamcast and Sonic Adventure 1 which was the best game by far (out of those 4 games because 3D had slow Sonic, Jam wasn't a game, and R was fine but when you compared its graphics with SA1 (at the time--remember these 'opinions' are a product of the age of release) it didn't stand up and also it was a racer-only while SA1 was unprecedented in its plot thus-far in the series
So that's why you don't really hear about the project much, especially outside of Japan.