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School supplies are neat to collect. They didn't tend to be all that rare, or expensive, and you can use them to make Sonic projects at home too. They also offer such a wide range of different and interesting Sonic theme things. Japan in the present and in the past probably still has the most items in this catagory. While the things here may be more difficult to collect, they're usually high quality and interesting to see.
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Eggman Stamp Here's a little stamp with a 3D figure of Eggman on top. This looks like it could be a 'self-inking' stamp. What does it stamp? The leaping Eggman stock art, and Eggman's name. You can see the outline of what it will make in the bottom of the lid. The Eggman on the top is not in this pose, he seems to just be standing. And since Eggy is here...you know that this had to be a part of a set with at least 1 other character on it.
Splash Design Sonic Tote Bag This may not be a school bag, but it is a tote bag. Totes are eco-friendly ways to carry your groceries, shopping or books. This off-white canvas tote has a black and white splashy design. Dynamic jumping Sonic is at the front, and his name is behind in a chunky style font. Geometric shapes, bars and paint splatters make for a detailed and interesting background.
This was released in 2008/fall. Photo by SonicTeam, discovered by fueledbychaos. You may be able to try and order this bag right now at Cospa Store.
Sonic X Metal Pencil Tin Sonic X Colored Pencil Tin Open Graphic Top
Cool colored pencils set with a Sonic X theme! The tin has most of the cast with a lightening background outside, with Sonic and unusual sitting Tails on the inside. Each pencil also has Sonic's name, and symbol in gold!
A colorful set to collect!
Here's a cool note book to keep your assignments. The front cover is styled quite similarly to several of the Japanese versions of their old Sonic game boxes, with lines, zigzags and dots. It has glove-pulling Sonic and the "Life of Power" quote. The back has some of the rare-er Japan stock arts, including sitting Tails and laying Sonic. It says "Dr Eggman I Like Your Style". The interior features pale blue 'watermarking' with leaping Eggman in the bottom left corner, Tails in the bottom inside corner, and Sonic hidden among the ltters of his name at the top. You can see several different levels of fade were used to decorate the inside. Over-all this is a wonderful and detailed notebook both inside and out! Photos discovered by: Calistine.
Multi-Pens with 3d figual top This is a set of multi-pens. These special big pens will write in whatever color you press the switch down for. (Switch colors correspond to ink colors most of the time) To put the tip back in, usually the top can be pressed. In this case, each pen has a fully 3D figure on the top with Sonic Tails or Eggman. They're all quite cute, done in a sort of SD style which probably lends durability as well. This is a great set of pens to collect, though they are uncommon. Photographed and owned by Alessandro
Power Quote Red Ball-Top Sonic Pen Here is a simple red 1 color pen. It has a retractable tip when you push the decorative ball on the top. This pen is likely from the early 1990s.
For such a simple pen, it's well decorated. It has a full color, shaded picture of Sonic (determined looking rather than happy, though) and "Segasonic" at the top. The bottom has the famous "life of power" quote. A little larger than a normal pen, this is still a great one to collect. Photo by Scavenger4food
Evolution of Hedgehog Clear Bag This rare bag is made of clear vinyl. It is a very early Sonic item, made in 1991 in japan. You can use it to hold just about anything that will fit in a 10 x 7 inch area. The text says 'evolution of the hedgehog' with a variety of colored flat-tone graphics showing a morph of a realistic Earth style hedgehog into Sonic, then a stock art at the end. Clear Bag Back w/Tag
This bag is both old and rare. A white card inside helps it keep its shape. (It is all clear) you can see the paper tag in the back, it just says "Segasonic the hedgehog" on it, with the copyrights. Photo discovered by Berzerker.
Hedgehog Ecology Notebook Interior Notebook photo Back of Sonic notebook Here's a notebook that encourages you to help the environment. It says "Hedgehog Ecology" at the top and then "Recycle - Use public transportation" with Sonic leaning on a globe. Hopefully, it is printed on recycled paper! Photod and owned by Scavenger4food
At the top it reads "Hedgehog Ecology for a better world"
Interestingly, (but not that surprising for Japan) there was also a Tails version of this environmentally friendly notebook. This one says "Ecology for the 90s" at the top and still encourages you to recycle and use public transportation (on the back as well) The inside of this one is identical to the Sonic one, seen above. The Sonic notebook appears to use a new or slightly modified stock art, but this one does not. It uses one of the older very 'snooty' versions of Tails where he has quite a long nose. This stock art didn't appear in Japan all that often. Photographed and owned by Rathe
Mini Spiral Segasonic Note Pad This is a mini spiral notebook. It's rather old, as you can see by the Segasonic name at the cover's edge. This notebook is somewhat unusual as it uses a continuation of the front cover art, for the back. In this case, it's a split image from one of the screens of the old Sonic PC Screensaver. (all the art was done in a single, recognizable style) Which, in this case the scen was Sonic in Space with the space station, Tails and Eggman along for the ride. This was available in the USA as well, as an import in Sanrio stores in 1993. Photographed & owned by SonicToast.
Tombo Classic Sonic Tails Erasers These erasers are cute and uncommon. They're clearly vintage with the Segasonic label, and geometric patterned cardboard insert. The erasers are shaped like Sonic & Tails heads facing foreward, and both are well made, as Sonic doesn't look odd (as he sometimes does when depicted from the front) Photo discovered by Berzerker.
These pencils are more modern, despite the package look. The art on the pencils clearly uses Sonic X style Sonic & Tails, however the packageing has classic Sonic face and Segasonic old style logo. What's up with the mixed art? Tombo, the company that makes them is usually good with their designs. Photo discovered by Berzerker.
Tombo Sonic Pencil Packs
Where to put your Sonic pens? In this 2-sided Sonic themed plastic hard pen case. It likely has a magnetic closure, with plenty of space
Tails Mechanical Pencils Collection Someone has gathered quite a few Tails mechanical pencils together. They do resemble the Sonic Pen seen above on this page (were both sorts produced in both a Sonic & Tails version? It's likely) This has the ball shaped top, Segasonic logo, and features the same "Life of Power" quote at the bottom. The Tails stock art is cute and well shaded too. This is a fun mechanical pencil to collect, if you can find it. Photo discovered by Berzerker.
for supplies. It's decorated on all sides with some great art. You can see the Death Egg at the bottom, with classic eggman, Super Sonic, 2 different poses
for Metal Sonic, plus some nicely shaded Japan stock art. This is a wonderfully detailed early pen case to collect! It was made in 1993. Photographed & owned by
Canvas Sonic X Tote Bag
Here's a cool Sonic X theme canvas tote bag. It features the Sonic X (quite popular to use) jumping foreward stock art, in light blue on the navy canvas. The handles are a standard tote style, with sturdy stitching. You can see the Japanese Sonic X logo at the bottom. The tag (inset) is also in Japanese, but the bag is copyrighted by Sega/SONIC Project through Mighty Media. Owned & photographed by GhostieShadow
Blue canvas Sonic eyes bag backpack
This backpack /bag has a subtle Sonic theme. The 2 letters spell "Sega" there is an "S" in quotes for Sonic, and then just Sonic's eyes in the top part of the design. The rest of the bag is blue canvas. It's interesting to see something so subtle, but to a fan it's instantly recognizable. Phoot & owned by
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