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School supplies fun & useful neat to collect. They didn't tend to be all that rare, or expensive, and you can use them to make Sonic projects at home too. They also offer such a wide range of different and interesting Sonic theme things. Japan in the present and in the past probably still has the most items in this catagory. While the things here may be more difficult to collect, they're usually high quality and interesting to see. Because a lot of them are small, you'll see lots of different characters too, not just Sonic.
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School Calendar 1995 Segaworld While calendars are usually 'housewares', this one is specifically a "School Calendar", so here it goes on Sonic School Supplies. This is for the year 1995, and was sold only at a Japan Sega World.
But what's up with it? It doesn't look at all like a normal wall, desk, or mini calendar. It looks like it is a thick plastic yellow case, there's no sign of months or dates, and why does it have buttons? The black thing is a stylus. There's a dark blue instruction sheet, but you can see that it's all in Japanese. Is the dates/part under that spotlight themed top bit and you lift it month to month like regular ones? Of course, if you know what's going on with this item, you can write in for credit.
The calendar is on a Sega Pico, which was a kidde item made by Sega that didn't do all that well in the USA, but did get 2 sort-of-Sonic games. (Tails Music Maker & Sonic Gameworld--both of which you can emuluate) You can read more about the Sega Pico at Sega Retro link. But, it was never known for having a calendar.
Also notice that if you see a pico on that Sega Retro page, it's not the same as the one here as apparently they were usually hinged in the middle, the stylus was on a cord & that white area was larger. In this instance the calendar would be like a 'cartridge' because the Pico could interact with it when it was placed on that top part there. This Blog of Gameover Johnny has more Pico info Pico information provided by: Pavel
Faster than Sound Slogan Canvas Bag A cool canvas bag!
This re-usable canvas tote type bag is neutral beige, with all blue ink for the design. It has the slogan "Faster than the speed of sound" written in tilted/blocky text. Overlapping part of the thext is the Sonic graphic, which is filled in with all blue, and uses cut-thru to the bag color for the line work.
This is LIKELY a new stock art/new pose for 2020, so it's neat to see. It's got Sonic turning as he runs, with one hand toward the ground. Where he overlaps the text, the design is cut-thru to the bag color so it will stand out. This is a dynamic design for the bag, hopefully it can appear on other merchandise. This is a 2020 item, probably from Cospa company.
Emerald Club White Thermos Cospa
Cospa adds a thermos to their merchandise collection in fall of 2020.
This cylender shaped thermos is white (but is it pearly? Maybe?) made of metal, and has a screw cap lid. The design for it wraps part of the way around the front, and uses only blue ink on the white surface. It is the "Emerald Club" design that has appeared previously on a few other items. It has modern Tails, Sonic & Knuckles across the top, the letters "Emerald Club" spelled out in cursive over a ribbon and a diamond shape. In the shape is (naturally) a line art of a chaos emerald, and in the thin banner it says "Established 1991".
The design is pretty classy in only monochrome, and the characters balance out the detail of the lines/shading and writing. Without other designs all over, it prevents the thermos from looking too busy...but the wrapping of the single large design prevents it also from being boring too. So, it's an ok balance if you want a nice & quality thermos from Cospa.
Sonic Adventure 1 Pencil Sets Here's a whole batch of pencils dedicated to Sonic Adventure 1.
This has a metal pencil case with SA 1 theme, and a matching box of pencils that is designed like the case. Then, there are 2 more boxes of pencils with different SA1 designs. There is also a rectangle white eraser with the typical cardboard/decorative sleeve, and what appears to likely be a glue stick. Each item is themed for SA 1. It seems likely that the pencil case & set could be sold together.
As this photo is old, it is at the original size by the original owner which was the (now defunct/taken down/offline) Hikari Site in Japanese.