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School supplies fun & useful neat to collect. They didn't tend to be all that rare, or expensive, and you can use them to make Sonic projects at home too. They also offer such a wide range of different and interesting Sonic theme things. Japan in the present and in the past probably still has the most items in this catagory. While the things here may be more difficult to collect, they're usually high quality and interesting to see. Because a lot of them are small, you'll see lots of different characters too, not just Sonic.
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Sonic & Tails Roller Stamp 1996 This is a roller stamp or rolling stamp.
It is a less common type of stamp. Under the clear cap there is a wide 'wheel' with a raised pattern. You roll this wheel on the ink pad, then roll the stamp along whatever paper you want to stamp on, leaving a trail of designs until the ink runs out. This is used for page dividers, page borders and sometimes to roll across envelopes for decoration.
Usually, the design the stamp makes is represented on the handle. Is that the case with this stamp? Its unknown unless someone stamps it and sends it in. Photo by Hikari Site
Tombo Colored Pencils Sonic R & Erasers Here's some old-school...school supplies. The big square is actually a metal tin of colored pencils produced by Tombo. It says "Segasonic" at the top, but features the Sonic R CG art. (Probably one of the last things to feature the 'segasonic' label)
Beside the pencil set are 3 erasers. The top is the "Sonic vs Metal Sonic" white eraser in glossy full color paper cover, the next has the logo...
but you can't really tell what else is going on because the photo is so small and old. The last eraser is different than the other 2, in that it is a shape eraser (without a paper cover) and it has the design printed directly onto it (running Sonic with his name below in red. Photo by Hikari Site
Detailed Segasonic Notebook These notebooks have a lot of great detail!
First, the front & back covers (top) are full color. The front has a Green Hill scene with running Eggman art (going down a hill) and a scattering of little animals & badnik robots including Ball Hog (top left) who is rarely seen. The back has hand on hip waving Sonic in a smaller scene. The two cover interiors are also full of art. One has a green hill & cave scene (with random enemies who don't appear there) while the other has art for Sonic and some badnik robots, giving the name for each item in Japanese. The inside has all nice lined paper, with logos at the top. Each left page has 'looking out' Sonic, while each right page has Eggman standing in the bottom corner.
This is a quality piece. All the art and attention to detail making every page fun...makes it a desireable collectible. It's early too, as you can tell from the Segasonic branding and Sonic 1 only content.
The other notebook (right) is thought to be released at the same time, & has a similar theme but with Egg o Matic Eggman, different badnicks interior page & various Sonic stock arts along the bottom of the lined paper pages.
Black Mini Square Zipper Sonic Pack Here is a small square bag. Is it a clutch? A 'fanny pack' without a belt? Whatever it may be, it's a black canvas type material (probably that nylon stuff) with a zip closure around the edge. It may or may not have a front flap. The design is a Sonic face over the whole front. He's outlined only in white, with a white 'haze' spray background to further bring out the design. It says "Segasonic" across the bottom. Photo by Hikarisite
Megadrive Sonic Game Box Shape Pouch
Now here's something fun!
It's a "megadrive pouch". This soft-sides pouch could be a pencil case, a pocketbook carry-in, or just a good way to store loose stuff. It's modeled after & shaped like a Megadrive game box for a Sonic game. (Remember, these looked different in Japan with primary colors & shapes rather than scenes) The back even has 'screen shots' & little vertical phrases about the game. The black rectangle on the front says "The worlds' fastest hedgehog". The zipper appears to go all the way around the edge so it would open like a book & even has 'spine' area title/decoration.
What's that inside? Looks like maybe a wallet with the same effect, or perhaps some interior mini-purse accessory? The pens there give you an idea of how big it is. (Looks like it's the same as the game box, most likely) This is a pouch with a very fun and creative collectible idea. Photo discovered by Taaron
Messenger Bag Black NeoClassic A neo-classic item with new art for 2016!
This is a black messenger bag with shoulder-strap. It's adjustable, and looks like it has a padded area for the shoulder. The front flap of the bag has a new piece of neoclassic Sonic art in light & dark gray. It's Sonic raising one hand while leaning quite far against something. In this case, it's the classic logo in a leopard-print rectangle. The background has various shapes and wiggly lines to resemble the old Japanese game box covers. This is likely to be a Cospa item in 2016.
MIP Sonic Lock Metal Is a lock a school supply?
It can be. Some schools lockers require your own lock, or it can be used for locking a bike, a box or just about anything with a chain or hole. This is a nice closer look at the Sonic from the early 90s series of character locks. (See that on Misc. Japan) Sonic is metal, with the lock arch coming out of his head. The key fits under his feet. It's a cute little figure with blunter details (since it's metal) the paint is likely enamel. As you can see here, it comes in a little transparent plastic 'box', with single card of instructions in the back.
Due to the small size & simple packaging, it's speculated this could be from a prize machine, but nobody's ever proven it. The other characters would work similarly, and be in a similar package type. Photo discovered by: @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram
Blue Turn Crank Pencil Sharpener Here's a cool pencil sharpener!
It's actually the 2nd 'turn crank' sharpener with Sonic to appear. But it's great! There's loads of detail all around. On the transparent/blue part at the bottom (so you can see the shavings-level) there's a white outline Sonic art. The top has Super Sonic, one side has Sonic vs Metal Sonic theme & the other has Sonic, Eggman, Metal Sonic, Knuckles and Tails. It's unusual to see everybody
together like that AND the "Segasonic" logo still in use. It fell out of favor/was stopped right around the time of Sonic 3, or possibly even slightly before it. The SS & MS graphics were very popular around the time of Sonic CD. Still, the over-all presentation of the sharpener is colorful, cool & a real showcase for almost every period character. (No Amy) This is a wonderful collectible piece...if you can find it. discovered by @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram
Sonic Adventure 1 Tin Colored Pencils Tombo Here are 2 different sets of colored pencils, each with 12 colors, and each by the school supply company Tombo. The left tin has a horizontal design format & is themed for Sonic Adventure 1. It has walking/circle Sonic & the SA1 type square graphic portraits of each characters' face. The modern logo is at the top. The interior has the names of each color in English & Japanese. The 2nd tin uses the Segasonic branding (so it's old, likely *right* at the end of the use of this branding as the graphic there is for Sonic R & one of the first CG pieces used. It has little ful body character portraits at the bottom, including Eggman. With colorful nice graphics, these are cool tins to collect! discovered by @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram Sonic R Graphic Tombo Color Pencil Tin
MIB Turn Crank Pencil Sharpener Green Hill Yet another turn-crank sharpener!
This pencil sharpener has the same format as the one above, but this time it has a Green Hill theme. (And may be older) It's got white line art for running Sonic on the transparent/ish sharpenings-drawer. The top seems to have foot-tapping Sonic while each of the 2 non-crank sides are different. One has the usual finger-waving Sonic with Green Hill background, but the other has a slightly odd art where his head is really big, the black part of the eye is very long/thin, & he has a larger lower face. Notice that this sharpener has the original sales-box of cardboard that it came in--a rare sight! Also notice that for some reason it's labeled 'pencil sharpener' in English. discovered by @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram
Sonic Vehicle Theme Notebook Details Here is a more detailed look at the "motor vehicles" themed Sonic notebook. It uses graphics from the old "Sonic screen saver" artist, so it's bright, cute and colorful. The front & back covers are full color with Sonic racing against Eggman on a motorcycle on one, and Sonic going against him in old-fashion cars on the other. (Tails is in the background holding a checkered flag in one, and very small at the street edge on the other) The interior pages are also decorated with Sonic style. The little 'table of contents' looking bit is for your name/address/class/ school/etc, there's either a Sonic or a Tails graphic at the top of every page in black/white &
They also appear on the extra note area there at the top right. The phrase from the front "Dr. Eggman used his evil technology to turn Sonic's friends into robots which he controlled" is repeated almost everywhere in the book. (See it at the bottom of the identity page & at the top of the others) Photo discovered by @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram