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School supplies fun & useful neat to collect. They didn't tend to be all that rare, or expensive, and you can use them to make Sonic projects at home too. They also offer such a wide range of different and interesting Sonic theme things. Japan in the present and in the past probably still has the most items in this catagory. While the things here may be more difficult to collect, they're usually high quality and interesting to see. Because a lot of them are small, you'll see lots of different characters too, not just Sonic.
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Sitting Sonic cute yellow bag Isn't this a charming yellow bag? This is an older bag (may or may not have shoulder straps) as noted by the "Segasonic" branding at the top. It has the very seldom-seen "Sitting Sonic" art. With his hands clasped and sitting still, he looks rather cute and totally classic-fun. When you lift up the flap, the art is printed under it too. Bag is likely to be uncommon.
Sonic 1 Badniks Notebook Cover
Japanese notebooks never fail to impress with their level of detail. This one has "Segasonic the Hedgehog" title at the top, and appears Sonic 1 themed. It has badniks around the top edge including Roller, Buzz Bomber, Crabmeant & Ball Hog, and 2 of the little animals at the bottom. Eggman & Egg o matic with walking extension appears over the loop & water background from Green Hill. There's a little saying at the bottom (as is common on older things) and it says: "Thus began the battle of Sonic and Dr. Eggman" Photo discovered by Piplupfan77, phrase info by Skittles
Sonic X Coloring Book
Coloring books are great. They provide a fun opportunity to not only color, but trace and draw as well. A Sonic X coloring book would be a great thing to learn with!
The inside is loaded with lots of line art from the show that you can color in or trace onto other paper. It likely has single character shots, scenes and various lesser-seen characters. In 2009, you can sometimes buy this from www.atamii.com --however, it does go in and out of stock because people like the item so well and it IS an import. Where could it be found naturally in Japan?
Photo discovered by Taaron.
Turn-crank cube pencil Sharpener Sonic theme What is this curious crank cube? It's a pencil sharpener. Does it have a suction base or were you supposed to hold it down with your foot while you held the pencil in & turned the crank? The top has 'chibi' style Sonic, Tails & Knuckles looking cute, while 1 side has the Sonic CD Metal Sonic graphic, while the other side has the Sonic half to that graphic. The box to the
right side is how it looked MIB. The "A2" probably referrs to the size of the pencil it would take.This is a rare sharpener. Photos by SonicTeam.
Metal Pencil Case Collection Modern & Classic These are metal pencil cases / pen boxes. Look at the one in the top left, it matches the sharpener above. (mini Sonic on one side, Sonic vs. Metal on the other) The next ones are Sonic Adventure themed, and the last is the Sonic X one. The interior is shown there, as it's divided and also has more art & writing in the lid part. Photos by SonicTeam.
Tombo 24 Color Pencil Tin Set w/Sonic Sonic Adventure 24 Colored Pencils Tin Sonic vs. Metal Sonic Color Pencil Tin All 3 pencil tin photos by SonicTeam
All 3 of these are colored pencil sets inside of metal tins. Each was made by Tombo, and has 24 different colors inside. The corners all say 'press' (either in English or Japanese,depending which tin) The first 2 look very SA style, and were likely released soon after the game. For some reason the 2nd one features that skateboard he never manages to use, as well as Tails, Amy & Knuckles portraits. The left one is older and matches with several school supplies (See sharpener above, even) that had the whole "Sonic vs Metal Sonic" theme going on. The art for Metal is fantastic on anything with this theme, but the size of the tin really shows it off here. Look at the fun pose for Sonic & Tails at the bottom...they're both super classic & cute.
Floppy Disk Sonic Labels This is a pack of Floppy Disk Labels. The disks were small square things of about 3 or so inches each that held 1.44 MB of data. Since quite a few things would fit on there, it was important to keep it written down on a list-hence, the need for these labels. Are the little character heads on the side stickers too? Laughin' Eggman is a fun appearance. Look at the tiny Tornado under Super Sonic's feet. With clever little graphics all around, what looks like a phrase/slogan of some sort & good space to write what's on your disk, these 3 sheets of labels seem like a good idea. Photos by SonicTeam Knuckles Top Pen Tails Top Pen
Here are 2 fun pens. Each has a 3D figural character at the top and "Segasonic the Hedgehog" on the side. They're likely a little unweildy due to the mini figure on the end, but that doesn't stop them from being a cool collectible. If there are these 2, you know Sonic & likely Amy also are in the collection somewhere. Photos discovered by:
Sonic X Book Cover Sonic X Book Back Sonic X Book Interior Here is a Sonic X book, but what kind of a book is it? Coloring, sticker, easy-reader, or something else entirely? The front has most of the cast of Sonic X, while the back has labeled characters. Inside, you can see that it has
color art, blue-tone art, & at least 1 white page. What was this book for, and where could you find it? Photos by SonicTeam
Sonic Padded Straps Schoolbag Backpack Is this bag actually from/for Japan?
SonicTeam owns it and did nice photos, but their description didn't really say what was going on with it. It's modern, but uses classic 'getting ready to run' Sonic. The whole bag appears to be padded (notice the lines & how its stitched) The classic logo is in white at the top, while "Hedgehog" in the logo's font is repeated really large, so the font becomes somewhat of an abstract background. It's a cool design, with the bright blue straps as a nice accent color. Photo by SonicTeam
Worlds Fasted Hedgehog Scissor Bag
Here are 2 different bags with the same design. Its the "Sonic The World's Fastest Hedgehog" theme that appeared soon after Generations. It has Modern Sonic jumping in front of Ariel Bold font for the text. This has been used on several items.
The bag to the left is a "Scissor Bag". It has 2 metal lead loops for a possible strap, plus key clip type ring on a little strap. It is made of canvas. The right bag is the "Mini Bag" which has a snap closure and is smaller, but still made of canvas. The mini bag was for sale at the Sonic 20th Anniversary event at Joypolis in Japan. Scissor bag discovered by Taaron, mini bag by: Lisa
Worlds Fastest Mini Bag Joypolis
Black Canvas Sonic Circle Modern Bag This is another canvas bag, this one with the winged ring from the title screens. It has running modern Sonic in the middle, & some stars for interest. The design is nice/ simple/effective. This bag was a prize at the Dec. 23 2011 Joypolis 20th Anniversary event. You could win it by getting a good time in modern Green Hill Zone...so it has to be rare. Photo & owned by: Lisa Yellow Book Sonic 2
This is a...yellow book. What does the sticker say? What is this for? It is a mystery.
Sonic 1 Pages Art Book Idea Sonic 2 Pages Art Book Scan
Here are 4 very interesting pages out of a mysterious book. As you can tell with the numbers at the bottom, the book had many more pages. (this is page 48) But what book is it? The formatting is very curious, in that it is in English & Japanese too, so you can actually read about it. The first 2 pages describe how Sonic is "Saucy & Smart" as well as cute. The 2nd 2 pages confirm a height/design change between Sonic 1 and 2 (head to body ratio differed) and also confirms that Tails helped take over the "cuteness" role so that Sonic would remain Saucy/Cool and could afford to be less cute. (Makes sense) The Sonic 2 Japan box is designed with Pop Art in mind. It names the little animals too...all with a "Y" theme. Flicky, Rocky, Wookie, Picky, Tookie, Kookie, Lookie & Becky. (Lookie the eagle is rather appropriate) It also states how in Sonic 2, eggman has designed the robots to be tougher, in revenge against Sonic for the first game. The text is written from the art/designers perspective "I set it up to have clean lines & color graduation..." & etc, which is also interesting to see. If you know what book this is, please write in for credit! Photos discovered by Taaron
Heroes Note Pad TGS Prize This is a Sonic Heroes themed mini note pad. The front has Team Sonic with the Japanese logo. The back has all 3 teams with colored stripes. You can tell by the edge, that this is pretty thick/lots of pages. The pages have a light 'watermarking' of checkers, Team Sonic & the logo...so every page is an ad. The pages are also different color themes.
You can see these upper pages are blue, followed by orange ones (and then probably red too) This was a booth give-away or promo type item at the Tokyo Game Show in Sega's booth. Booth prize items like this, while free, tend to be uncommon since you had to attend to get one. Photo & owned by T263 TAU