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School supplies fun & useful neat to collect. They didn't tend to be all that rare, or expensive, and you can use them to make Sonic projects at home too. They also offer such a wide range of different and interesting Sonic theme things. Japan in the present and in the past probably still has the most items in this catagory. While the things here may be more difficult to collect, they're usually high quality and interesting to see. Because a lot of them are small, you'll see lots of different characters too, not just Sonic.
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Black Canvas Marche Bag Guitar Sonic
Here is a specially shaped bag called "Marche Bag".
It has 2 long handles, somewhat resembling a plastic bag, but it is made of canvas type material. It also has some kind of tie-shut laces/strips of some kind in the middle. Is it like a type of drawstring at the top? The graphic is the 2nd time the new modern stock art of 'away facing guitar Sonic' has been used since it appeared in fall 2016. (First was a pair of Japanese tees) It's got the grahpic in black/white/gray, along with a big "91" above and a rectangle below spelling out "S.O.N.I.C" with a period after each letter (For some reason?) The new art keeps it fresh while mixing it up with the old-school year of when Sonic first appeared. This bag may be available at Cospa.com , it is a fall 2016 item.
4 Pack Shaped Sticky Note Pads Now here is something cute!
It is a little 4-Pack of sticky note pads. Each pad has 20 sheets & a cool shape. You get round notes with Spinning Sonic, yellow notes with die-cut top & Tails face, pale blue long notes with die-cut top and 1 finger Sonic, and pinkish notes with diecut top & standing Knuckles. Look at the measuring tape beside the pack: these notes aren't very big at all. But, with a design on every 'page', they could almost even serve as regular stickers. It's a cool little classic set from some point in the 1990s. (Probably around Sonic 3 or S&K or so) discovered by @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram
Sonic Adventure 2 Battle File Case This is a "File Case".
It's Sonic Adventure 2 Battle themed, and made of plastic. You're supposed to put your school paperwork in here to keep it safe from bends/tears. Notice the cut-out on the one side so you can grab the papers. It's different than a folder for your binder, since it has no holes for a 3-ring, or otherwise. Having different designs for different classes would keep things organized.
The design here is great! It's a colorful montage of all the characters they could fit including Dark, Hero & Neutral Chao, Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, Shadow, Rouge, Amy & Eggman there in the corner. You can see the SonicTeam & Sega copyrights at the bottom. This is a super folder/paper holder to collect...it's too bad that it's uncommon. Photo discovered by @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram
Promotional Style Mini Sonic 1 Note Pad This is a thin, mini note pad that's likely to be a promo-give-away type item. Likely promotional because it's advertising oriented, showing you Megadrive pictures, Sonic 1 screen shot, claw machine/UFO & the prize plushes you can win in it.
Buyable items don't tend to be quite so merch-promoting. The front of the pad has finger-waving Sonic looking like the game's title screen complete with banner & star ring. The bakc has the plushes, screencap, "looking out" stock Sonic, & UFO machine with some info (but it's all in Japanese) The inner cover has blue/white (like black and white photo but with blue) of the plushes again so you can see them closer. Each page of the note pad also has a 'watermark' type Sonic graphic. With Sonic pictures & theme all over, this is a quality pad for such a promo item! discovered by @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram.
Basic Tombo Sonic Adventure Markers
This is a basic pack of simply colored markers by Tombo. In a clear snap-shut pouch you get green, blue, yellow, red, brown & black markers only. The slip inside the clear pack has Sonic & the logo on the front & pointing SA1 type Sonic on the back. But, notice that each of the markers inside are also branded with the logo & a picture of Sonic. (So, it went the extra mile to not just brand some generic thing with a Sonic insert, they went ahead with quality) From the graphic style, these are likely from around the time of Sonic Adventure 1 or so. discovered by @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram.
Classic vs Modern Logo Clear Short Rulers Here are 2 short rulers, each only only about 12 centimeters long. (So, for small projects or to go in your pencil-case) They're transparent with one blue-ish hued & the other somewhat greenish. The interesting thing is that they look like they're a bit mixed up. The logo, in red, looks modern...but the Sonic graphic is clearly classic. One has standing finger-waving, the other has getting ready to run Sonic. All the copyrights are there, & they were made in Japan...but they usually don't mix up the styles so what's going on? discovered by @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram.
Space Theme Sonic Notebook Similar to the very detailed 'race notebook', here is the Sonic "Space Notebook". This note book features art from the "Sonic screen saver" artist who was very popular at the time...with good reason! A cute & colorful scene goes across both front & back covers. Sonic is in a space ship along with a flicky bird on one side, then Eggman & space-walking astronaut suit Tails (with his tails in a separate see-thru compartment) are on the other. A penguin is space-walking outside a cartoony space station too.
The interior has the 'don't waste time' quote, Sonic & Tails images on the bottom of every page, all the personalization area in the front cover & Segasonic branding near the top. But who's that near the bottom of the cover? It's Santa Claus! He's in a little ship with his sack of toys. discovered by @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram.
A bit of an era-jumble going on with this set of Tombo 24 colored Pencils.
They're in a metal tin here (press top corners to open) which has a triangle yellow/green sticker applied to one corner. You can't read it, as it's in Japanese. The top of the box has the 'life of power' quote written small, & in English. The main graphic is the Sonic vs Metal Sonic fully shaded air-brushed art from around Sonic CD, but then, there are little illustrations for Sonic, Tails & Knuckles by the large print of "Segasonic the Hedgehog"...so it had to be out around at least Sonic 3. Still, all the elements add up to an attractive tin with lots of pencils. Photo discovered by @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram
Sonic 1 Spiral Notebook Here's a cool early item! This Spiral notebook is themed for Sonic 1 & uses the really excellent fully shaded art of him over a shot of the real Green Hill on the cover. The inside pages feature the logo at the top, finger waving Sonic & 3 badnicks at the bottom, all in grayscale. The badniks are Roller, chop chop & buzz bomber. The cover says "Thus began the battle of Sonic & Dr Eggman". discovered by @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram.
DJ Sonic Hard Plastic Black Pencil Case This is a hard plastic black pencil case.
The uncommon case has uncommon art too: with fully shaded "DJ Sonic" spinning on the turn-tables while wearing head-phones around his neck. This art wasn't used very often, especially not in it's fully shaded version. There's even a little slogan there "Welcome to the next level!" The case is copyright in 1991, so it's quite early, but stylish! discovered by @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram
SR-A2 Pencil Sharpener w/Box MS vs Sonic A pencil sharpener complete with its box! This is a plastic turn-crank pencil sharpener. It's another of the school supplies that featured the really good, fully shaded Sonic CD era art
of Sonic vs Metal Sonic in space. One is on one side panel of the sharpener, and the other is on the opposite. The box though, has Sonic & Tails standing together in black and white. The window on each side would let you see the art before you bought it. The sharpener itself isn't that common, so seeing its box is even better! Photo discovered by @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram
Joypolis Sonic School Stuff Assortment
Here's a photo right from the shelf of Joypolis.
And it's totally stocked with Sonic themed goodies! These appear to be mostly school related, however. The right items look like folders, the next a clear-file (for non-binder use) then possibly some watches? Pens are on one edge, maybe some keychains...the angle makes it difficult to tell.
You can see that there are small size plushes below, likely to be the San-ei modern ones for Sonic & Shadow (at the least, they probably have all characters on hand all the time) A great assortment, this photo was probably taken in 2017. Photo discovered by TheTumblex