Prototype Sonic Items Title
What about Sonic items that have not been made yet? Or things that NEVER got made?
It's time for prototypes & mock ups! All the things on this page are Sonic items which are NOT yet released, or are items which were NEVER released. If something doesn't ever get produced, it'll stay here forever, for you to see and read about it. Also included on the page are 'mock ups' which are not real items. They're an illustration created by a company to show what a final item would look like. Sometimes they're Photoshops, others are combination of art and photos. A mock up never becomes real itself...but the item it illustrates is often made.
When any item on this page DOES get made, (and SonicGear gets some kind of retail confirmation/fan photo) it will leave this page and move away onto the page it belongs on.
(EX: a keychain appears here, gets produced, a fan buys it and mails SonicGear--that key chain will then leave this page and show up on the Key Chains page)
Anything that does/is getting made should have release date info near it if it is available, along with the company which should be producing it--to help you find it!
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This is a better look at the Tomy Dark Chao prototype they had at a toy fair. This plush WAS actually released, but not very well. You can see it here on Gear at Tomy Plushes USA...with some changes. They switched the pom pom ball from black to red on the final item. They likely also made the red wings smaller. The feet tips, crinkled head topper & embroidered face all seem the same. It looks a little meaner than it does in the games, though. This photo is likely by PatMac
Diamond Select Mezco Figure Proto CG This poster appeared at ToyFair 2020, from Diamond Select Mezco Figures. And....
It's a CG of something they'd like to do, but apparently what they didn't like to do was create CG because...they couldn't choose a photo where the Sonic head wasn't clipping half way through the surface somehow? What's even going on here?
It looks like they want to make a 'nendoroid style' classic Sonic figure where it comes with accessories & has changeable hands/faces for poses and expressions. It looks like it may come in a Genesis game box style box if it gets made.
GE Infinite Plush Sonic Forces If this 'teaser photo' is any indication...
Then GE Entertainment is back in business for 2020! As you recall, Sega took away their plush license in favor of the Boom Ban so that modern plush could not 'compete' with Boom. However, now they've got it back and are speeding back into what fans want them to do best: making MORE characters.
Here, they tweet out this teaser photo for Infinite, from Sonic Forces. Of course, a bad guy is always barely on the radar for normal companies who only want to churn out Sonic over & over, but GE steps in for good and bad characters with their actual good and quality designs. This is, of course, a prototype artificially shadowed away to make suspense for the August 2020 release. (Sometimes done to hide something unfinished or a proto with wrong colors) But, from this clip that you can see, he's looking good so far. There's the mask detail in the 'ears' a hint of the pointy thing for the back of the head, the shoe shapes and big tail. He seems proportionate. This is looking like it will be a great re-debut plush doll for them...and for collectors too! Photo discovered by
SatAM Prototype Screens
A prototype...for a show?
That's right. These are 4 fake screen shots for the prototype of SatAm Sonic tv show. These likely appared in a trade magazine or possibly a brochure for the show. They are shaped like that, because it was to resemble the old style shape of the TV screen. (So, isn't that historical to see...) With these shots, you can see how the original idea for the show was to be more like the Fleetway UK comic book with characters from it like Johnny Lightfoot the Rabbit & the sort of "eggbotnick" type villain mash up. But now, let's explore what's going on here!
The characters:
You'll notice the co-star character here ISN'T Tails & that's because the show was developed before Sonic 2, so they didn't know about him/he didn't exist yet. Instead, he's replaced with Sally "Princess Acorn" the CAT in the red dress. Of course she's blonde and is basically a human woman with a cat head on there because reasons. (The female animal always has to be a hot know..../Sarcasm) Was this a leftover from "Madonna"? Probably not, as that failed character was too obscure & this show did 0 research ever.
Token Female:
Yep, it's the token female! There was literally no reason to have only 1 female character/literally any of the 'little animals' the other characters are based on could have been girls but no......girls are icky, we only want 1 of those so Sonic can act a fool over her & she can lord her intelligence over him at every turn & crap on him 'like girls always do to all boys'. (Token-Female is a thing, it's actually super interesting to research if you look back in this era of shows/books/whatever you'll find teams or whole casts of characters where it's literally ALL guys and only 1 girl consistently. Some will have 'peripheral-2nd-girl' where a 2nd one will show up only sometimes. Villains don't count. But do look it up, more stuff than you think is Token Female, so it's probably not a shock that this is too. This is like a proto-"The Girls Curse" that you get in action figures and merch where "Eew no one will buy an icky-gross-boring girl item let's never make them".)

1st Screen- The Resistance is Born
This shows you the dystopia setting was always there, & Sonic and co were to fight robots
2nd Screen- A Hero's Reward
This shows you that Sonic was going to be a sucker/sap for Sally and be lusting after her so she always has to repel him and his unwanted advances (gross) as a 'joke' in the show. Here, she tricks him into kissing a dead fish on the mouth. You can see this "Girls are smart boys are dumb" theme continued into SatAm as Sally was the charismatic leader of the Freedom Fighters and always told Sonic what to do.
3rd Screen The Freedom Team!
This shows the whole cast of good guys before they settled on Freedom Fighters (which sounds better) And look at what a bizzarre cast & strange choices they made.
You've got UK Comic's name Johnny Lightfoot-
and he's still gray with a red shirt, but now he ha s sunglasses and a really extreme wide lower face? What is that? Probably EVERYthing with him is an attempt to make him NOT be 'bugs bunny'.
Porker Lewis-
Doesn't look UK at all, he's now punker lewis? Why a mowhawk? Wierd glasses too, plus a black leather jacket (animals wearing each other's skin! Always hilarious!)
Joe Sushi-
A walrus....but it's brown, has no tusks, the face looks like AOSTH Robotnick (doesn't it!) and is in some kind of metal Iron Man suit? Because walrus has no legs??? Clearly this became Rotor/Boomer & they turned him purple later for SatAm.
They didn't rename him but dressed him as a chef/white outfit? Why is the bird not blue? What are you doing with a chef bird that wears no pants?
A tiny penguin. Inappropriate name on purpose for 'the laffs'...yeah ok, but why is it small? The other characters are supposed to be people but this guy doesn't even have hands and is perhaps knee high to everyone.
Baby chicken creature here, again, it looks like the 'little animal' that comes out of the robots that ARENT PEOPLE yet is somehow also people for the show. It was setting itself up to make no sense.

Why are all the other animals normal colored except Sonic?
Why is Sonic the only one who is naked?
Why are 2 of them 'animal-animals' and not people-animals?
Why is Princess Acorn Cat in a red evening dress* to fight battles and run around??
What were they going to do with a cast so big with non-Sonic characters?

4th Screen Dr. Robotnicks Automatic Robotic Transformation Machine
"Dr. Robotnick's Reign of Terror Strikes The Planet Mobius" - It wasn't yet shortened to The Roboticiser here, clearly. This shows the main plot device for the show, which is he's making slaves of everyone. This is the only shot where you actually see the main villain. Notice Acorn is on one side tied up, with a generic probably some bear guy also, and then wacky robots are coming out the 'exit'. Robotnick is labeled, but the label is really tiny. Note also that it is shaped like an egg.

*So why does she wear an evening dress/cocktail dress?
Because she is the only female character and therefore must be sexy & appealing to men at all times. What's her cannon age? Who cares! Cat boobies! Cat thighs in a short skirt! Corset-style waist! Go!

So, this panel of proto-screens turns out to be a bit of an article-explanation, but it's important to take a look at history and how things started...then see how they changed over time. (In this case, for the better!)

Zen Monkey Prototype Pins Keychains Here are 6 prototypes from a new company that got the Sonic classic license in 2020. It's "Zen Monkey" and they make usually pins, patches and keychains. In this case, they published these pictures to the Big Bad , for their upcoming Sonic selections. However...they're just art.
That's why it's on this page of prototypes--none of the items are real. The Sonic on an orange circle is a keychain, Super Sonic is a patch, and the rest of the items will be metal/enamel pins.
Pretty much everything here is neoclassic as well. Arguably the 'getting ready to run' Sonic in the top left is actually classic but it looks like that old stock art may have been reworked a little bit. If they do a good job (which seem fairly easy with pins) this will be a nice collectible bunch of pins to get. Cheerful flying Tails hasn't been done before as a pin, & the Knuckles pose looks nice too. If/when these get made, they'll appear on the appropriate pages of Gear. Discovered by Taaron
Prototype Jakks Pacific Classic Mighty Here is a prototype for Jakks Pacific's classic small Mighty Armadillo plush.
And, it's actually pretty proto...typical. Things you would expect to see are present such as the wrong bad "bib" instead of belly dot that lots of characters can get. The lack of details for the ears (prototypes often will leave out a detail or 2, that's why they're proto) They also weren't paying attention to the design difference of his shoes, and made the eyes very round. A detail that did NOT remain however, is the 3D of the red shell part. That was a decent detail (if a bit mis-placed here) that didn't make it to the final plush. You can tell this is trying to be Mighty, but that it still needs refinement--which it did get when you see the actual released item. That is how a prototype process is suppsoed to go. Discovered by Taaron
Lego Green Hill Play Set Concept Here's a cool concept!
A Green Hill you can build! This is a possible set that Lego might release. There are lots of build-able Sonic details, but it seems like the boss is the star of the show. You can see here a loop, the iconic palm tree and sun flower, a ring, Moto Bug badnick, 2 small flowers and 2 different types of egg-robos. (Top hat & gun-having) There's also a monitor power up & you can count 3 Flicky birds. Sonic is there with...I guess maybe that's supposed to be an emerald but its like some wierd polygon mashed thing.
The boss is the final one from Sonic 2, the Egg-mecha type thing with the spike hands that made it very hard to hit as it stomped aorund. Because it seems scaled to the lego-man Sonic figure it's actually the largest thing in the set. (Interesting) Hopefully this is something that gets made! (And hopefully they fix the item Sonic is holding & include more rings...) This entry will be updated if it gets made. Discovered by Taaron
Cable Guys Sonic Amy Prorotype Holders The Cable Guys are at it again...
Now with prototype CG art for their next controller holder figures. This time, they'll add Classic Amy and Classic Super Sonic. The idea of a big figure that holds a wiimote started out with their regular Sonic, and apparently he did well enough that now they'll add more classic characters. (They probably only have the classic license) Super Sonic is expectable, but Amy is an interesting choice.
Most things would choose Knuckles next. However, the Amy is also a cool choice because they can capture her fun clothing detail like shoe laces, ruffle skirt etc. These are going to start out in the UK area when they actually release, so they'll show up on UK electronics. Photo discovered by Taaron