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More new and fun clothing to collect for 2012 and 2013-all seasons.
You can now find shirts at GAME, NEXT and Asda, as well as other stores. You should be able to find several of the items on this page at Marks & Spencers also. Unfortunately some of the online stores only ship to EU addresses so keep it in mind before you order. Reminder: *Always* check the size before bidding on Ebay, these may range from tiny-kid to regular adult sizes, depending on the maker/where you buy.
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H&M Classic Wink Face Gray Adult Shirt This gray tee is in adult sizes only. It's got classic style winking face-front Sonic as a large design, and the classic logo is below it. This shirt is from H&M clothing. While that store (it sells its own brand in retail stores) originated in Sweden, many stores of it are open all over the world including the USA & UK areas. Does that mean this tee could appear in any of the countries? Hopefully so. This tee is from 2014 and early 2015.
H & M Name Sleeve Classic Style Long Tee This tee is from H & M Clothing. This store started off in Europe, but it apparently has lots of stores in lots of countries. Do they all share the same clothing designs? If they do, you should find this long sleeve shirt. This one, specificially, was found at a H & M in England. It's mottled gray, adult size & has forward facing classic style Sonic really big on the front. The nice touch is the classic logo printed down one of the sleeves. This is a 2015 item.
Truffle Shuffle Retro Running Sonic white tee This tee is by Truffle Shuffle, in late 2015 / 2016. It's a white tee in mens' sizes, so it should fit anyone. The plain white tee has a large Sonic design, but it has that faux wear / weathering to the design to make it look faded when new. The art appears to be a touched up classic stock art of running Sonic. He's going over a blue triangle with the classic logo in it.
This is an all right tee if you didn't already have something like it.
4 Color Squares Sonic Long Sleeve Shirt A blast of color breaks up the classic offerings with this long sleeve tee. The slightly mottled gray tee has long sleeves with no cuffs, & a modern Sonic design. He's behind a 'window' of 4 squares, and the background for each square is a different color. The Sonic graphic is so big that it goes off of every edge of this 'background'. "Sonic" is written in red at the bottom, & the modern logo only appears on the cloth tag in the back of the shirt neck. Where was this shirt sold, and which company makes it?
Strange Hat Sweatshirt Sonic Combo Now here's an...interesting combo?
This long sleeve blue sweat shirt comes with a rather unusual looking hat. It's all classical theme, with classic logo on the top of the chest area. The hat's classic too...of course it's forward facing Sonic done partially in 3D like one of the 'cosplay caps'. However, the spikes are small/flat & the lower face area seems to be lacking a mouth. The interior is red & the ears stand up off the head. It's a tad strange looking when it's flattened like this and seen just set atop the shirt. The shirt has 1 big double 'kangaroo' type pocket in the front and does not zip. This is a late 2015 winter item.
3 Long Sleeve Boys Sonic Theme Tees Here are 3 different long sleeve boys Sonic shirts. (A plain long sleeve, not the double sleeve) The first has Sonic spelled repeatedly front & backwards while a close up CG Sonic face only appears in the letters, giving him an abstract look.  The other 2 tees are variants of eachother. One is a bright blue, the other a dark navy.
Notice also that the designs are similar, featuring square portraits with close ups of Tails, Sonic & Kncukles while CG art of Sonic leaps through some yellow designs. However, the Sonic square portrait is gray on the lighter shirt, and blue on the darker one. Each shirt has the Sonic logo/copyright cloth tag in the neck.
These were released in Winter 2016.
And that's important! A company still has a modern license, if this is true. Boom has been obliterating companies holding modern licenes for products, so it's important that these nice modern tees got made. (Modern Sonic imagery is becoming scarce in 2016.
Merry Christmas Red Sonic Sweater
First there was the "winter sweater"
Now, there's the Christmas Sonic Sweater! This sweater seems to be going in the direction of the suddenly trendy 'ugly xmas sweater'--where the sweater isn't necisarily tacky, but can be overly busy. This all red sweater has rows of pointsettia flowers, fir trees & rings. The middle has the Sonic 1 finger-waving in winged-ring Sonic. However, the ribbon/banner on the bottom is changed to spell out "Merry Christmas" between some stars.
This is an adult size sweater, so it should fit anyone, though it is likely to be fairly expensive at 30 pound. (It's interesting to see an official thing committing itself to a holiday like this) This is a holiday season 2016 item.
Step it Up Sonic Turtleneck Winter Shirt This is a winter turtleneck shirt. It's not often you see a Sonic design on this type of shirt. It says "Step it Up" in big red letters. It uses CG running Sonic in full color over the letters & a white spin/swirl for the background. The top and bottom are bordered with the 'speed boost pad' arrow like shapes. The design is unique enough with the CG that it looks fresh here.
The shirt itself is mottled pale gray. It has a zig-zag of orange/red thread at the borders of each sleeve & the bottom. This is thought to be a winter 2015 or 2016 item. Where is it sold?
Classic Run Blue UK Shirt 2016
This is a new shirt for 2016. It's all blue with large running classic Sonic design. The back half of the design sort of dissolves into screen tone dots. (It does not use weathering/faux wear) "Sonic the Hedgehog" is written in a thinner white 'pixel based' font at the bottom. Notice the paper tag at the collar. It has rounded edges for the rectangle & a classic checker ground theme. What company has made this shirt & where was it sold?
Always Spinning Sonic Slogan Tee Here's a slogan tee for 2017, it says "Always Spinning" vertically on one edge. The design is squares, which resemble photos. The largest has Sonic, Tails & Knuckles with some checkers in the background, the next has all 3 but sort of clumped together because it's much smaller, and the last & smallest one has only part of Sonic's face. The shirt is mottled gray with red trim for the sleeve ends and bottom. It appears to be a 'little kids sizes' only tee.
Know Your Enemies Tank Top Shirt
Here's a different format of shirt for 2017: A Tank-top Tee.
This mottled gray tee has wide straps for the shoulders, and no sleeves. Its slogan is "Know Your Enemies". It has a large square with CG Sonic's face in it right in the center, with a few colored squares scattered behind. Peeking out from behind the square you can see Eggman pointing, Shadow & Jet the Hawk. (Is Shadow really an enemy though?) Featuring some different characters than usual (especially Jet) keeps this shirt freeling fresh & different. The tank-top style also helps, since it's uncommon in both the USA and UK. This is a 'boys' item, but doesn't seem 'little kids' exclusive. Where is it sold?
Black White Sketch 25th Anniversary Tee Here are 2 tees with a fun sketchy style to bring new life to classic stock art Sonics. The left has 'getting ready to run' Sonic in a 'pencil sketch' form with black & white color only over the 25th Anniversary banner. The right tee is a long sleeve with white body & black sleeves. It has 'running profile' classic Sonic also in sketch style (guides left in, line ends on, etc) but he's colored 'color pencil style'. He's a bit above the 25th Anniversary banner, which is in black/white sketchy look print. The drawing style & 25th logo make these tees stand out in a crowd. Color Sketch Long Sleeve 25th Anniv Tee
Too Easy Japanese Writing Jump Kick Sonic Tee This white tee has its design on the back instead of the front.
It has high jump-kick Modern Sonic in a orange circle with blue border. He's all done in blue ink without any other color. The whole design is also really suffering from the 'faux wear' weathering effect that was popular for a while to make it look old and grungy on purpose.
The text at the bottom is in Japanese, and it says "Too Easy" or possibly "It's Too Easy!" This was a UK website exclusive and may have come in other colors, but always with this same weathered design. This is likely to be a 2015 or even 2014 item. (Before Boom really shut down modern clothing for its time period)
Water-Color SOS Simple Sonic Tee
This shirt is called "Watercolor Summer of Sonic". Is it really from the fan convention of the same name, in 2016? It's not all that 'watercolor' effect, maybe a 'wash' effect, but it's sure not painterly. It's a much simplified version of Sonic in the wing-ring from the title screen. It has a simple 'smily face' for Sonic's face as like a 'kids line art' look. The logo is 'hand lettered' across the ribbon at the bottom. The shirt itself is a long sleeve tee with black collar & sleeves, with white body. Using this different art style to portray the very familiar title ring gives the shirt a unique look.