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This page has only Modern (Post SA-Era) dolls. Eventually the old plushes will eventually all get catalogued, leaving upcoming pages with only 'modern' ones.
This page will have a focus on 2012-2013 plushes, likely from GE Entertainment and Jazwares. Vintage plushes may still appear, but they'll be noted by their entry. With plushes showing up at offline retail such as FYE stores and online at more places like Amazon & Target, (and Toys R US too) plush availability seems to be on the rise.
Impact Innovations Plush Is Impact Innovations a new plush maker for the USA? This Sonic resembles some sold in the UK area, but Impact is thought to be distributing in the US. It's also possible that they're a multi area company too. Their small Sonic here looks pretty nice. He's got a bit of big-body, but the face seems well enough put together, & they've got his shoe details. This was made in China (as is loads of stuf) and was sold without a paper tag. Have you seen Impact making anything else Sonic? If so, do write in with info. Photo & owned by:
Toy Network Textured Fabric 42 inch Knuckles Here is a giant size 42 inch Knuckles plush. The eyes are plastic, but look at the fabric he's made of (for the body) it's clearly got some kind of lightly fuzzy texture. He's not furry, maybe like a faux velvet. He seems proportional, with good enough big fists, & details in the right place. This isn't under-stuffed or shrivelled/wrinkly at all. So it's a big surprise when you look at the tag (inset) this is a ....Toy Network plush!
Yes, makers of mutants & terrible dolls...have clearly had a change of heart in 2012. This guy's real quality looking! This was probably an amusement prize of some sort. Photos discovered by:
Bendy Arms Sonic Plush
Big Sonic Plushes at Convention Here is a photo from a convention in 2013. It was originally of Domo plushes (right) but you could spot this grille tower display loaded with some really big size Sonics & Shadows! If the displays are 6 or 7 ft. high (a usual size) you can guess at how big the dolls are. These are Nanco Nancy brand plushes. They're a pretty new company to Sonic stuff in 2013. Will they be sold in stores, online, or as prizes? They look fairly decent from here, but this is not a close up. Photo discovered by SenatorSonic
This Dreamcast era doll has an interesting feature, and that's bendy-wire in the arms, so you can pose him! It's a good idea to have a bendy frame in a doll...however, the plush itself isn't exactly the best. It's pretty proportional, but that's about it. Sonic has no ear borders (they're just peach to the edges) & look at his spikes, they're a little odd & withered looking from the back, then, you can see how they're sewn so they have this wierd ridge all the way around them. This isn't a common plush. Discovered by MrCalistine
Toy Network 42 inch Sonic Plush You've seen the 42 inch Knuckles (above) now here's the 42 Sonic. It looks like (at least with this size) Toy Network is turning over some kind of new leaf (mostly). He's got the lightly fuzzy textured fabric & seems mostly proportional. He doesn't look under-stuffed & the eyes here are plastic & applied appropriately. His most glaring flaw is that he's only got 3 fingers...and its really obvious. His hands/thumb is also kind of small/poor. However, adding another thread could be a fix for the hand. You can see him here with the Kellytoy Werehog. This is another 2012 doll, likely an amusement prize as well. Photos & owned by KitsuneLi
Super Reverse Plush Sonic Shadow Here are Jazwares new for 2013 "Super Reversible Plush Dolls" You can see how Sonic & Super Sonic and Shadow/Super Shadow like......turn inside out to make the other form. But how is Sonic going to actually work since his spikes are different angles depending on his form? Will the actual dolls look this good? Yes, these are real photos, but they're factory photos and CAN be better than the actual thing that appears on store shelves. Jazwares has stumbled on plush design before. The bottom shows a mock-up of the box, which looks like an open front cardboard 'seat' for the plush. Above it is a diagram on how it turns inside out. An interesting gimmick if it can be pulled off well. Photo discovered by Taaron
*GE Entertainment MAY be producing why is Jazwares listing them in their own catalog? GE "for" JW? Or a deal like how JW released the F4F mini figures under their own brand?
Nanco Nancy Prize Plush Catalog Page Here is a page from the Nanco Nancy item catalog. That company produces dolls ONLY for prizes or carnival games. They range in size from about 9 inches to 41+ at the largest. (Giant dolls are always attractive at carnival games) The yellow caution sign says how they can't be sold at retail. The little charts explain the different doll lengths for each one available. You can see they've got Shadow, Sonic, Amy & Tails available. Their tag is pictured at the top. You may be able to see a catalog at this page Nanco Nancy Catalog, with other dolls. Tails has a big mouth, but everyone seems fairly proportionate, though their socks may be too small. Catalog discovered by:
GE Rouge the Bat Plush Here is GE Entertainment Rouge the Bat!
Their effort at a Rouge seems to be doing well. She's pretty proportional, & they handled her large, difficult eyes by making a large decal type structure. The wings look nice, as do her boots & expression. This is a photo of the 8 inch size, but there should be other sizes available. Where will she be sold? Photo discovered by: Shantanu Ramji
The 8 inch is closer to 11 inch/mis-titled. She has a yellow hang-string, & is fairly ridgid with wings sewn to her ears. She is available in 2015. Additional info by:
Jet Hawk Babylon 8 inch GE Entertainment Doll Good news for Babylon fans! Here's the first plush of one of the birds: Jet the Hawk. GE Entertainment is making a Jet plush in 2014. This is a company photo of the 8 inch size doll. It looks really decent here so far, with all details present. You can see the 'flames' design on his boots, unique glove cuffs, white chest feather edge, arm 'flame' designs in dark green & the tipped head feathers. He also has his eye double-border & goggles too. If he holds up shape-wise in the turn-around, this will be among GE's best plushes & a real plus for collectors! Photo discovered by: JoelxSonic Jet Hawk GE Doll Turn Arounds
Above & below are the turn-around fan photos for this plush. The actual production ones of him seem to hold up to inspection here. He's not withered looking, & the head seems to be the same shape as the factory photo. The sitting one shows the bottoms of his boots are detailed. Look how they made each of his feathers different
GE Jet Sitting Plush & specifically shaped. His tail looks fine too & the 3D goggles are really strapped on. Look at the curve of his beak, that is difficult to sew/make. These photos reveal what a great doll this is! Fan photos by JoelXSonic & Chaos Control Luigi
Target Sonic Bedding Pillow Doll In 2014 Target stores decided to carry a bunch of different Sonic themed bed items like sheets, blankets, comforters & a fleece. What does that have to do with dolls though? Usually it wouldn't be much, but Target is including this doll in their bedding section as a "Sonic Pillow".
They call it a pillow even though there's nothing pillowy about it, it's just a regular plush. But you won't find it in toys, you'll find it with the bed stuff in stores & online.
It's pretty big too! It's 23 inches high and about 11 inches wide. The price is reasonable as well (for a doll of such a size) at 19.99. He looks decent too! No big-body, understuffing, horrible expressions, or strange limbs here. The spikes look properly aligned & his expression seems good here in this factory photo. The fan photos show that the spikes are decent, but that he has a case of "big pinkie" where the hand isn't sewn super carefully the pinkie finger is 2x to 3x the width of the rest of them. The buckles, sock cuffs & glove cuffs are un-attached & prone to moving about. The big white thing is the papery/rip stop tag on his foot. The eyes are embroidered, as is the mouth. Discovered by ShadowFoxx757, Sitting photo by SurferBRG
This big plush here is the Nanco Nancy 38 inch size Sonic doll. Nanco Nancy makes win-able prize plushes for things like carnival games and arcades. Since they're not paid for directly by the consumer, but rather win-able they have to be made inexpensivly. Usually that leads to a poor looking plush, but in this case, it's pretty decent. Sure the hands are flat, but each finger is defined. The eyes don't look terribly positioned & the expression is ok. The ears don't stand up (and may be somewhat out of shape) & the eye ridge sort of...fails to continue along the brow line to the corner. It's a bit odd and 'flappy' looking but it doesn't really wreck him. The shoes are big & the doll doesn't look 'withered' or understuffed like some do. For this size of a prize, it seems like a decent doll! Photo & owned by SurferBRG
Here are 'in hand' (not factory photo) shots of GE Entertainment's new "Classic Style" Knuckles small plush. It has a few issues but it is still better than anything Jazwares made at a similar size. Notice the right-side photo...where are all of his shoe-bolts? Were they stickers or decals, that have gone missing? The first 2 photos illustrate decent spikes, big 3D fists & an ok expression. His body may be a tad small, or the legs slightly short, but on a doll of this size, it's not too terrible...if all the details actually make it onto your plush! Photos discovered by ML1024