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This page will still be covering past & present Sonic plushes from the USA. Eventually the old plushes will eventually all get catalogued, leaving upcoming pages with only 'modern' ones, but that time has not yet arrived.
This page will have a focus on 2011-2012 plushes, likely from GE Entertainment and Jazwares. Vintage plushes may still appear, but they'll be noted by their entry. With plushes showing up at offline retail such as FYE stores and online at more places like Amazon & Target, (and Toys R US too) plush availability seems to be on the rise in 2011 & 2012.
54 Inch Kelly Toy Sonic
You've seen various Kelly Toy plushes around these pages before, but you havn't seen the 54 inch one! This one is super big, but it is not their largest, which is a 72 inch. (Sonic, Tails, Amy, Knuckles & Shadow seem to have been made at each size level) As with most of their dolls, he looks ok, if slightly/somewhat under-stuffed. The feet & hands are appropriately big/don't seem shrivelled like on some dolls. His ears are a tad low on the head, and for some reason the brow ridge is a cloth 'flap' type thing with this one. The eyes are properly placed, and so is the mouth though, so the expression remains decent. This was a win-able item at Six Flags theme parks in the USA. Photo & owned by SenatorSonic
54 inch Kelly Toy Sonic Views These photos give you more of an idea how this giant doll looks. The eyes are embroidered on, and you can really see the size of the hands (though they are flat) His spikes have an all-right arrangement, however, they're not perfect. The wooden chair you see there is a regular size
chair, and the light blue doll he's holding at the right is the BIG Jazwares one, so you can get an idea of how big this really is!
The cloth is rather light-weight, similar to t-shirt material. The large size makes him succeptible to pulled stitches or rips, so you have to be careful & keep this doll away from pets or anyone that would pull on him. Photos & owned by: SenatorSonic
Bog Dolls Bunch Photo How big are some of the biggest dolls?
This photo of several of the larger ones illustrates the size. They're all on a normal bed, so Amy is by far the biggest. You can see those plastic "eye color protectors" that all of Toy Networks' largest plushes came with. (prevents scratching of the plastic) To the far right, you can see Jazwares 15 inch classic Sonic...and that Amy's foot is almost as big as he is. The long legged one is from Kelly Toy, as they seemed to increase limb-length to be able to claim "giant doll". Photo & owned by SurferBRG
Talking Sonic Adventure 1 Plush MIB Around the time of Sonic Adventure 1, several companies looked to capitalize on Sonic's new look. This doll however, was never common. Meant to be sold on the shelf (not in a pile, like usual plushes) it comes in this cardboard backing/seat. Notice the logo shaped SA1 tag which distinguishes it from other dolls. This was made by Fun4All around 2000. It should be about 12 inches high. This is also a talking plush, but what does it say? Write in if you know! The face is OK, though the bottom part is a bit big/puffy looking. The feet are well shaped, as are the hands, but they're small. The eyes & mouth look like embroidery. It's not a bad plush, especially given the era it was made & how companies handled the design change. Photo discovered by SonicFan09, right side photo by: Fun 4 All Plush Doll MIB
7 Foot Super Sonic Kelly Toy Plush Here it is: The Biggest Sonic Plush Ever!
Or at least...the's 7 Feet 'high' if you hold it up! Rumored to exist, and then finally found (likely at a fair/win-able) here he is. This is, of course, the Kelly Toy Super Sonic, as revealed by the odd choice to use actual gold-tone cloth for him, & the usual odd proportions/noodly ness of the limbs. He probably suffers because of the pattern not scaling well. The nose is gigantic for the face, the mouth is wiggly & way too long, the ears won't stand & the spikes (while they do point up) seem small and almost shrivelled. The hands & feet are appropriately large but simple, as the pattern was generated (probably) for their smaller plushes. Still, a plush this big is amazing to see! Photos discovered by Link.
Kelly Toy 41 Inch Sonic
34 inch Kelly Toy Shadow This is Kelly Toy's big 34 inch size Shadow hogging up most of a couch. When he's laid down like this, he doesn't seem to suffer from the noodlyness like some of their other sizes do. The shoes seem well detailed, and the face looks decent, however the hands are a little small. He does have shaped fists though, which is great. This was found in Downy California in 2012. Photo & owned by SurferBRG
Kelly Toy had a variety of big size dolls, this is their 41 inch Sonic. See the soda can & autographed astronaut photo for size reference. He's a tad 'long' but not terribly un-proportionate. Why astronauts? They went 17,240 mph- making them the fastest humans alive. Photo & owned by Ham Radio.
60 inch giant Kelly Toy Tails Plush
This Tails is really big! He's the Kelly Toy 16 inch size plush. Just look at the yardstick in the photo to the right, this is def. a real big doll. The legs are a little long (common to KT larger sizes) but the face looks pretty good. The eyes are embroidered, the ears nice & big, he has floppy bangs, & a happy expression. The nose is a tad big, but it doesn't wreck the look. A plush this large can't help but be a big feature in any collection! ...If you've got the space. 60 inch big size Kelly Toy Tails profile
Photos & owned by:
Sonic Sound Effects Back Card This is the new for 2012/fall "Sonic Plush with Sound Effects". It's a very small doll, about the size of the Jazwares small line plushes. It comes on a cardboard back-card (seen at left) so it can hang on a peg. That sticker on the belly dot says "Try Me". When you press it, the plush makes various game sound effects like 'getting a ring' and jumping. Notice the keychain style plastic clip on the top of the head. Sonic Sound Effects Mini Plush Doll
These are available at Toys R Us, and should be about 8.99 or so when you find them. YES there is a Tails one but it is rather horrible. It's so bad in fact, that you have to go to Mutant Gear to see it! Oh no!
Would you like to hear the sound effects and see the doll in action? Thanks to this handy Youtube Video you can hear it all right now. It may be small, and inexpensive, especially when you consider similarly sized plushes with no effects (JW) were running 9.99 to 10.99. However, Sonic's construction isn't that great...look at his wierd 'mono brow', giant nose, large lower face, modern package with classic type belly dot, 3 fingers??, and small round shoes. This is an Underground Toys item. Video, photos & info by Gennifer
Underground Toys Boxed Talking Sonic Underground Toys made a slightly larger duo of talking dolls, but these sit in a little cardboard holder type box. They are about 10 inches tall, tops, so it's by no means a large plush. They make the same sounds the small ones do, but they look slightly better. The Sonic is classically proportioned, but has green eyes. His arms are sewn into the pose you see here.
The Tails is always a bit worse looking than the Sonic, & his head quality can vary. Some have long, thin, ant-eater like noses while this one doesn't. His bangs are a thick felt strip, & he is not sewn into a pose. These are available at Toys R Us in the USA and in the UK/Europe/ Denmark. Sonic discovered by Ink the Echidna, Tails owned by Gennifer
Underground Talking Tails Doll
Kelly Toy Giant Tails This Giant Tails is really big! Is this Kelly Toy's largest size? Here he is sitting on a normal-size couch, and then being held it's likely about 54 inches high. You can see the tag in the ear. The back view shows he's a tad under-stuffed, but keep in mind the wrinkling is partially due to heavy weight...all giant dolls tend to be pretty heavy too. Notice his tails are sewn on slightly apart from eachother, where as most dolls have them sewn in touching eachother at the base. Owned by SurferBRG
3 foot high Knuckles plush You've seen the 'ultra big' version of this plush elsewhere on USA Plushes pages (sitting on a sofa) however, this is 'only' the 3 foot high version of Knuckles. He's still got the plastic over the eyes, and is well stuffed (notice how the tail & spikes keep their shape) with good proportions (big feet & fists) The tag on his glove cuff is the Sonic X round version tag. It's great to see that pretty much every size they made turned out rather nicely. Photos & owned by AskLiliumLily
40 Inch Tails Plush This is the 40 inch size Tails plush by #. He has embroidered eyes (more durable than plastic) & thin cloth bangs. The nose is a bit big & he's slightly under-stuffed, but the expression is still decent for such a large doll. Photo & owned by SurferBRG Sonic Classic Shape Cuddle Pillow This interesting item isn't exactly a plush, but it's no normal pillow either. It's the classic styled "Cuddle Pillow". From the front he looks normal, but from the side, you can see it's not really that "3D" so he's flatter and can serve as an actual pillow. This is 36.25, & 22 inches which is pretty big! Should be at Spencers' gifts...but where
Zipper Pull Plush This is being sold as a "zipper pull plush" but it's rather large to be used on something like a school bag or even a duffle. It has a plastic else can you find it? What company makes this? Discovered by SonicBoy19
Zipper Pull Plush Zip Top Head
keychain type clip, which is also unlikely to be durable/not something you'd want to pull on. For some reason, the top of his head also zips open. The interior is stuffed (to keep the shape) so what is there room for inside this? Is he some kind of change purse? The plush itself is about 8 inches long, and seems well constructed...certainly better than Jazwares' dolls at about this size. It's 9.99 at Toys R us. Photos by Taaron
Nanco Nancy Fair Sonic Plushes There's a new name on the plush making scene for late 2012, and that's "Nanco Nancy Sales Co". They appear to be a maker of licensed Sonic plushes in various sizes. They are most likely a "prize toy / fair toy" manufacturer, sort of like how Kellytoy started out. These 3 sizes of Sonics were spotted for sale at a vendor booth at the Fresno Fair. You can see the front of the tag in the photo, & the back at the right. These will likely show up as prizes on fairgrounds & amusements elsewhere. BEWARE: vendors sometimes pair official things with fake merchandise, especially at 'anything goes' venues where these may show up. There's an entry on Bootlegs with this same company's dolls. Photos by: Nanco Nancy Plush Tag Closeup