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This page has only MODERN (post-Sonic Adventure-era) plush dolls.
This page will have a focus on 2012-2014 plushes, likely from GE Entertainment, Nanco Nancy and Jazwares. With plushes showing up at offline retail such as FYE stores and online at more places like Amazon & Target, (and Toys R US too) plush availability seems to be on the rise. Sonic Boom plushes will NOT appear here, as they have their own seperate page.
Here's one of the largest sizes of Kelly Toy Sonic dolls. This is the 54 inch size doll. You can see their gimmick quite clearly here, thanks to the arm holding him up: they continue to use really, really long legs to bolster their claims of "Giant Dolls". Since the leg is just a tube of fabric, it's very easy/cheap to make it very long. Fortunately, they don't let the gimmick consume them. The hands and feet are nice and big (no skimping) and the eyes are fabric (durable) He might be slightly under-stuffed (wilting slightly spikes) & the ears need to be tacked to stand up, but all that is fan-fixable. Remember, this doll type is likely a 'prize' item, so it's not going to be super perfect since it's a semi-give-away. Photo & owned by SurferBRG
Long Kellytoy Sonic Big Doll
Jazwares 12 Inch Shadow Hang Card
Jazwares Large Size Shadow
Here is Jazwares' large size Shadow. There is a prototype photo of him, but he is rare because he was poorly released or possibly delayed. Finally, someone found him, so this is the first non-factory shot. He is better than their tiny size, by a decen margin. He still looks overly angry & the eyes are tall/thin, but the rest of the details have improved with size.
The spikes all work in the correct direction, he DOES have the red strip on his wrist/arm & leg, but it's mostly hidden in his glove & shoe cuff. The stripe & shoe bottom are decals. The eyes & white fur are embroidery. His face is still a little flat, & the ears uneven, but if you were going to have one of their Shadows, this should be it. You can see the size with the edge of SA2 Battle CD case there in the edge, he's about 13 inches & very soft fabric. He was released/displayed with a 'hang card' which is a piece of cardboard fishing-line tied to the top of the plush. He hangs from the card so he could go on a peg in toy stores instead of a shelf. This was released under the 20th Anniv. logo. Photo by: Nina, hang-card photo by PatMac
Jazwares Classic Style Amy Rose Small Here's the fan photo for Jazwares' classic style Amy Rose small size doll. She's actually one of their better / more on-model efforts. The very flat face-front their dolls all tend to have doesn't wreck her look. Their attention to detail is good too, with 3D bows on her shoes, ruffled skirt, headband & embroidered eyelashes. The tag is their usual square, but with pale checkers & classic Generations CG Sonic. Photo & owned by SuperHog
10 inch Nano Nancy Knuckles Nanco Nancy makes prize plushes in various sizes, but only in 2014 did Knuckles start to appear on their line up. Sadly, they didn't do that great of a job. The 10 inch size at left has open hands / mittens, which is interesting because usually all dolls use the fist only. His spikes are a bit under-stuffed, & they use a 'fin' of fabric instead of crafting his eyebrows. The white crescent is sewn on neatly. His proportions would be decent if he wasn't so wrinkly/under-stuffed.
At right is the 7 inch size. Despite being only a little smaller, this doll is terrible!
7 inch Nanco Nancy Knuckles Terrible
They tried flat felt strips for the spikes (fails) as well as his eyebrow ridge. The mouth line is too heavy & the under-stuffed fists look bad. His nose isn't THAT awful, it's just been understuffed & smashed sideways in the photo. The eyes are embroidered on. Photos discovered by Pat Mac
Toy Network Big Detail Look at the detail here! You'd NEVER guess this was a Toy Network plush! Sure, their Big the Cat was always their best one, but with this new detail shot surfacing, it really proves he was. Every buckle, every strap, the interiors of his ears, his back-of head- spikes & his fishing rod/lure are all 3D & quite nicely done. He looks great! If you get a Big plush, this is a cool one to have. Why couldn't TN make their other characters this nice?
GE Animation Chaos Zero Plush Wow! GE Animation's latest 2015 plush choices are an itneresting pair & a real surprise for everyone to see. The big shock here is of course, Chaos Zero. This first form of the Sonic Adventure 1 antagonist was never really made into any type of merchandise (though you'd think a figure would be obvious...but...) The plush looks cool too, the ovals representing bubbles in the 'water' that composed it, and the 'brain' in an indent in the head because plush can't be clear. This is a really on-model plush doll!
The classic Eggman at right is slightly less on-model (he was basically a circle/exactly round while this one is oval) but there's nothing really to complain about. Great, big felt mustache, well done pink nose, bunch of square teeth, well proportioned hands & feet and the clothes are just like the game. GE is looking good at the start of the year! Photos discovered by Taaron
GE Animation Classic Eggman
GE Espio Plush Doll Chameleon GE Entertainment seems to be out to outdo themselves. This plush doll is probably the BEST likeness of Espio that any country has had. Usually with plushes, the title goes to Japan, but, with only their ancient Sonic Fighters doll to compare to, this much larger plush takes the prize...if the final doll (this is a factory photo) looks anywhere as good as this picture here. They didn't skip 1 single detail on his complex gloves OR socks. Body size, shoe size, hand size all stack up to look right. The 'eyebrow ridge' seems to be handled well, and his head seems properly shaped with the triangular fin around the back. If his tail is in good shape (with its tiny spikes) this will be a most excellent doll for any collection. Photo discovered by VictoriaVaporeon
GE Entertainment 13 inch Silver plush GE Entertainment has made a Silver the Hedgehog plush in 2013. He has been confirmed at 8 & 13 inch sizes. This photo is for the 13 inch. The plush looks pretty darn good here. Head spikes stand up appropriately, gloves & boots are well detailed & the eyes look decent with good placement & black borders. His flaw in the factory photo at left, is that he only has 3 fingers, which is inaccurate. How much will this cost at retail? Where will he be sold? Left Photo discovered by PatMac GE Entertainment 13 inch size Silver plush
The right photos are fan shots of the 13 inch size plush. Despite being factory photo confirmed in 2013, it's taken until 2015 to get the doll distributed. But, he appears to be worth the wait! They've got the hexagon pattern on the bottom of his boots, the back spikes & tail are well formed/stand out, & the chest fur/back fur is done nicely with the white fabric. He holds up well, looking just about the same as a factory photo...except they fixed his fingers! Before the dolls were produced, an extra thread was added (thankfully) to give the plush 5 fingers. Photo & owned by Maretti
Jazwares Super Sonic Switcher Doll Here are 2 Super Sonic things Jazwares had in mind that likely didn't happen. At left is a better look at the "Super Sonic Switcher" which was the begger doll you could turn inside-out to change him from regular to super. (seen on page 10)
At right is a display box of their small size dolls, but they've mixed together modern & classic (see Amy) AND hidden some kind of Super Sonic in the back there. The switcher doll, as described on 10, was to be a bit bigger AND come in a box, so is what's in this box yet another SS we didn't get?
Small Size JW Super Sonic Plush
The only problem with placing everything here in prototypes is "were they really"? These shots are from 2013, which was well before Jazwares lost its license. A few people even have photos where they found that monkey-looking Silver out of the small box above. The switcher, no one ever found.
Jazwares Booth Display Plushes 2013 As further evidence, see this photo of the Jazwares merchandise booth from 2013. The big doll sitting in the cardboard sales/display box WAS released. How about the radio? No one's reported it, but that doesn't really mean much. All 3 photos in area discovered by PatMac
Accessory Innovations 19 Inch Shadow This is a 19 inch (so its pretty big) Shadow plush being made by Accessory Innovations in 2015. It has been found on Amazon & EBay. It's a decent enough plush, where they are putting effort into trying to make it quality. His head is a bit big/or the legs/body are too small, but the gold cuffs to his gloves & socks are real yellow silky ribbon. His hands are too small, and the biggest flaw is that he only has 3 fingers. However, the mouth & eyes are embroidered for durability. The ears are too low on his head, but the head/spikes are properly shaped. The fabric and felt (for the white chest area) all feel soft & quality.
If Accessory Innovations continues to make dolls, they have real potential for good quality stuff, especially if they focus on shaping up the details. Photo, info & owned by: