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This page will still be covering past & present Sonic plushes from the USA. Eventually the old plushes will eventually all get catalogued, leaving upcoming pages with only 'modern' ones, but that time has not yet arrived.
This page will have a focus on 2011 plushes, likely from GE Entertainment and Jazwares. Vintage plushes may still appear, but they'll be noted by their entry. With plushes showing up at offline retail such as FYE stores and online at more places like Amazon & Target, (and Toys R US too) plush availability seems to be on the rise in 2011.
15 Inch Classic Jazwares Sonic plush
Larger still, is this 15 inch classic style Jazwares Sonic plush. He's their biggest yet, and seems well constructed. Notice the 'thumbs up' and 1 pointing finger hand pose. Should be between $18 and $24.99 at Toys R Us. He is sold inside a small cardboard 'chair' like open top item. He's strapped in there to be sort of 'sitting'. Photo discovered by Meowman70, price info by FreeRiderFox, box photo by Taaron
Jazwares 15 Inch Classic Doll Here's the out of box fan photos for this big plush. As you can see, if you want a cute style plush, this is a good one to have. The fabric is really soft, and he's solidly stuffed. However, he can have stitch/ripping issues around the spikes (near head) and backs of the heels. His expression is nice, but the ears seem a little off...look how the one in the store photo above is oddly sewn on. He also has a problem at the top of
his legs where they meet the body (disguised by the angle in JW stock photo above) as you can see they slim down to nothing where they meet the body. His spikes are good, well formed and seem in proportion. The hands look like they do in the original photo, though are a tad small. Over all though, he seems a good, solid quality and cute plush. Photo & owned by: SenatorSonic
Here is Jazwares' classic style collection, with Knuckles, Tails & Sonic. These are about 7 inches high each. Certainly, they're more on-model than JW's other plush offerings to date. Even though they're rather small, the detail looks decent as well, with Knuckles' fists being appropriately shaped, & the buckles for Sonic's shoes. Something still seems slightly "off" about their eyes (Tails' eyes too close together?) These will probably be available in Toys R Us stores, Target stores (and online) once the whole 'Generations' toy theme release begins to come out. Price should be about 8.99 each. The material these are made from is very fuzzy and soft. Photo by Jazwares, discovered by Turbo the Hedgehog
Jazwares 7 inch Classic Sonic Tails Knuckles dolls
Classic Sonic seems all-right all around. He has 1 pointing finger, and the other as a 'thumbs up' as you can see here. The spikes are well defined, and he seems proportional on the whole. His mono-eye looks a little on the thin side (as in, it's not wide enough to be exactly on-model) but his expression seems nice. He's a lot better than their modern version, though about the same size. His tag has the 20th logo, and a classic/neoclassic stock art. He should be about $8.99 at Target & 9.99 at Toys R Us stores. The display for him will be an open-top cardboard box.Photos by SonicDM & price info by FreeRiderFox
Small size classic style Tails looks decent, with all-right expression and good detail. His sock belt even has a buckle (picture of buckle on fabric, seen in left shot below) The 'tush tag' for all these also has the 20th logo on it (seen here) If you're going to be getting small JW plushes, these are decent ones to go with. Right 2 photos by SonicDM
Jazwares small size Tails Classic Plush JW Classic Tails Side View Back of Jazwares Tails plush This compares Classic & Modern JW Tails plushes, notice how the modern one has fat ankles for some reason. Below photo by Greenfox8892
Classic & Modern Tails Compare
Jazwares Classic Knuckles Plush Small Doll
For some reason, the Classic Knuckles Plush seen here wasn't released with the classic Sonic & Tails small dolls. (They dispense in stores from a cardboard 'box' holder) He started appearing around 2012, instead of late 2011, like the rest. As you can see, in practice, the Knuckles doesn't look quite as good as his Jazwares Pro Photo above. The head makes one of the eyes tilt, and one/both of his fists are a little small/flat. He's not terrible, but he's not really spot-on either. Photo by Taaron
GE Animation Mini Sonic Plush GE Entertainment is set to release this "Mini Sonic" plush some time in the fall of 2011. But just how 'mini' is it? What size can we expect to see? No matter the size though, this doll looks good so far. Distinct cuff & sock details, good shoe-shape and a decent enough looking expression. The fingers appear to be strings or lines on the fabric, but that may be expected at a smaller size like this. Photo discovered by SonicCookie GE Entertainment Super Sonic Doll Does this GE Entertainment Super Sonic plush mean that the USA will finally get access to a GOOD looking Super Sonic? Maybe! This should be a 'mid size' plush, but hwo big will it be? The proportions (including upward facing spikes) look good, and the red eyes seem well placed. Where will it be sold? How much will he be? Write in if you know! Photo discovered by SonicCookie
GE Entertainment Very Good Shadow GE Entertainment will release this mid-sized Shadow plush at some point in 2011. From their photo here, he looks fantastic! Is this the best USA Shadow yet? Good non-goofy expression, all details seem to be present, proportions look good (not fat or short legged) difficult shoe-shape looks like it was achieved, eye placement & curve of spikes upward looks good too. This one is def. anticipated. Where will it be sold? How much will he be? Write in if you know! Photo discovered by SonicCookie 20 Inch Size GE Shadow Plush
Here is the 20 inch size of this GE Shadow. This fan photo shows that his eyes & shoe holes are printed on. He also looks like their stock photo (left) which means the quality is as good at retail as they'd like you to believe. He's well constructed, but too heavy to hang by his string. Photo & owned by: Nina
Small Size Super Sonic Doll Super Sonic Plush Turn Around Photos The far left photo shows one of GE's own shots of what appears to be a 'small size' of this Super Sonic plush. His eyebrow ridge is a bit big, but you can tell the construction
is about the same. Also note the string on top of his head. The turn arounds show what 1 of the sizes is like in person! The face looks decent, the spikes all curve upward properly, the hands are clearly defined, & he's mostly proportional. Shoes may be a tad big. You can see the tag is unique too, with the stock art for Super Sonic on it. Looks like this could be a good doll to pick up...but where do you find it, and how much is it? Write in if you know. Left photo discovered by Spyrothedragon, turn arounds by BiancaNishitani
12 inch size Sonic & Tails Modern Style Jazwares 14 Inch Modern Sonic plush Jazwares 14 inch modern Tails plush Large Jazwares Tails Side & Back
Jazwares made two larger plushes, a Sonic & Tails (modern style) for the 20th Anniversary. These guys are 12 inches each, so about double the size of their previous efforts.
Stock photo discovered by Meowman70
Large Jazwares Sonic Side & Back It seems that given some revision & the larger sizing, they're able to make the characters more on-model. The details look good, with shoe-soles, buckles, and the little bits of fur at the edge of Tails' chest. They are $14.99 each at Toys R Us & come on a cardboard hang-tag that's pierced through their ears. Because of this odd choice, always inspect the ears for rips or pulls before you buy.
Though improved from the smalls, they still suffer from a few of Jazwares chronic plush problems. Look at how fat Sonic's arms are, & the body shape isn't even the same as their stock photo. His shoes are also small/mis-shapen. Tails has giant fat ankles for no real reason, and the face is far less cute than Classic tails. His tails are also flat, not due to under-stuffing, but construction. Sonic's expression is still not the best.
They are made of very soft, fuzzy fabric, with quality stuffing. The details are embroidered. Effort WAS put into these, just not into the patterns, it seems. These aren't the most on-model plushes you can buy in the USA, at this time.
Opinion Zone:
If you want to drop $30 bucks, get them. But it might be better spent on some of the GE stuff on this page instead. The Tails is better/model than the Sonic althoughe he is fat, at least the face isn't as 'off' somehow. Shelf photos by Taaron.
PMS Classic Style Plushes These are classic plushes by the PMS company. They make things that are made for amusement prizes only (not regular retail items) These classic style dolls are meant to be won. You can see each one is fairly big, at a bit over a 12 inches each. They're pretty on-model, especially for prizes. Amy's shoe-laces are printed on, and everything seems to be pretty proportional with them (Ex. Knuckles has big fists) Sonic's socks are a bit tall, but the face is all right. Improved looks make these worth winning! Photos by Kari XIII
23 Inch Classic 1990s Sonic Big Doll This is another great, big plush! But this one's from the 1990s. See the battery by his foot? That's just how big this quality plush is (about 23 inches) As you can see with the texture here, quality fuzzy fabric was used. He's also heavy thanks to good quality fill. He's pretty proportional for a doll of this era, with a pleasent enough expression. He's missing the tags, but was made in China (like most plush of the era) A classic doll of this size really stands out in a plush collection!
Photo & owned by BiancaNishitani
GE Entertainment 6 inch size Cream GE Entertainment 2012 Cream Plush
Here are 2 different Cream the Rabbit plushes by GE Entertainment. The left one is their small, 6 inch size, and was released at some point in 2011 (but where?) The right is larger (but how much bigger?) and is new for 2012. They're bothquite good plushes, with nicely done faces, good proportions, and proper details. (small socks, blue bow, white collar for the dress, etc) The larger size one is VERY like her Sonic X look, even the mouth is open for a cute smile expression. The big ears she flies with are also really great here. Left discovered by, right discovered by:
Cream Small Plush GE w/tag Here's the actual fan photos of the above right Cream small plush. As you can see, you can tell this one apart by the open mouth expression. Her mouth & eyes are decals (so do be careful with this one) The doll also has the ears pinned down by a stitch at the midpoint. The tag says how she flies with her ears, & is always with Cheese. There's a loop for hanging on top of her head. The stitching on the back of her head can have issues (seen here) but GE dolls are more of a 'medium quality
plush' rather than 'excellent' or 'poor'. The fabric isn't fuzzy or soft, & some of the plushes are sort of 'hard' type stuffing. This may be found at , but where else? Photos & info by TagTab