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This page will still be covering past & present Sonic plushes from the USA. Eventually the old plushes will eventually all get catalogued, leaving upcoming pages with only 'modern' ones, but that time has not yet arrived.
With companies like Great Eastern and Jazwares getting into the action, will 2009 be the year that USA plushes break out of the current funk and get back onto this page where people would reasonably want to collect them? Only time will tell, but you can keep watching right here for the photos of everything that's discovered.
Large Shadow doll by Great Eastern Great Eastern Toy Co. Shadow Plush Back
Great Eastern has recently entered the world of Sonic plush, by selling quite a few of them at conventions and other areas. These sometimes show up on ebay, but for high prices.
As you can see here, the quality looks pretty good. He certainly beats anything ToyNetwork has tossed out, with non-shrivelling ears, fairly detailed shoes, and deep set fingers. The expression is all right as well. However, not all is well with this doll because some of them can be fragile, with the heavy head seeming easy to tear away. On ebay they may approach $100 sometimes so really for the money that's not the quality you want to be seeing. At conventions, expect something around $35. The eyes for these are decals. Top & Tag photo by: . Front & back photo by Ivana
GreatEastern Sonic Plush front This is Great Eastern's Sonic, in the same size catagory as the Shadow above. The quality here is pretty good too, with well-made shoes and decent fingers. His expression is pretty all-right as well, and while the spikes may be a little slim, they're still nicely positioned. Reportedly, this one does not have the frailty problems that plague some of the Shadows. This can be picked up at conventions as well, but will GE branch out into toy-stores or online stores allowing more fans access to the dolls? (Without those terrible Ebay prices that is...) Photographed and owned by: Ivana Great Eastern Sonic Back
Cream doll with missing eyelash Here's a little USA Cream plush. She looks pretty decent, with all-right coloring and a good head shape. However, somethings' missing! They've left off her single eyelash somehow. She just doesn't look quite right without it. Apparently, all dolls of her are like this, without the eyelash. Left, photographed and owned by SonicRulz14, right photo discovered by Sonicfan09
Knuckles Plush lacks details
This is a rather odd Knuckles plush. It has the ToyNetwork type poorly placed/crazy eyes, and the doughy fists...but then there are no details (the bolts) on the tops of his shoes, and his spikes are also quite short. TN usually includes details like this, so it's a bit odd to see. It's larger than the ones available on Amazon as well, so it is a bit of a mystery. Is it a very good bootleg, or did someone slip up on his detailing (and forget to stuff part of his leg, as seen) Photographed and owned by: Diosoth
These may be seen at FYE, Suncoast & Amazon in USA 2009/2010 info by FuzzballRaccoon
GE Animation Co Sonic Plush GE Knuckles Classic Style GE Animation is new on the scene of Sonic plushes in 2009, with this classic-styled set of 3. And...they're off to a good start! Each plush looks quite decent. No wrinkling, off-model-ness, decent faces and good classic like proportions. Sonic looks quite friendly/oldschool, and the Tails is really quite cute! They've got the Japan-style 'front smile' on Tails which enhances the cute look, as well as his decent details (glove, shoe bands, face/chest edges and decent bangs/ears) GE Animation Classic Tails Plush
The Knuckles may be their weakest one, or it could be a bad angle on him. His feet are rather fat, but the fists are nice and large. His spikes can't be determined from the front...but he has thumbs! A good touch to be sure. It's nice to the the USA getting a 'classic style set' as Europe has had some for quite some time. Anywhere other than Amazon / Ebay? FYE offline stores (usually in malls in the USA) are selling these in the Fall of 2009! Fact by ThessaTheCat. Photos by GE Animation, discovered by Berzerker. You can Buy Classic GE Entertainment Sonic Plushes right now with that link & Amazon.
Back of GE Sonic Plush GE Tails Back Photo Sonic & Tails are to scale!
The backs of the plushes are nicely done as well, Sonic's spikes look just about as they do in the Sonic 2 game. Tails' tails are a little flat, but the yellow edging is actually flappy, which is nice. This also shows they have strings on their heads for hanging.
Sonic & Tails are to scale! It's a great touch that the Tails is smaller, just like in the games! Photographed & owned by: FoxTitan
4ft Giant Sonic Best Buy Prize Doll Here's a classic Sonic plush, uncommon by nature!
This plush is 52 inches high (a giant, especially in its time!) and was made by Caltoy. It is VERY heavy at 18-20 lbs.
Invisible Dude 2! Best Buy Big Sonic Prize Back of BestBuy Sonic plush photo
It is rare because you couldn't buy it, you could only WIN it from a Best Buy store. Best Buy sells electronics, appliances computer stuff...and of course video games. Some time in 1993, each store had a contest of some kind (possibly like a free raffle or a prize draw) to stir up business. The winner got this giant Sonic plush....
so there are probably only as many of them as there were Bestbuy stores at that time! The plush itself is just ok, with a whopper nose and somewhat crude hands for the size. It is also a tad fat, and the case of 'big body' is really exposed in the shot from behind-- but over all pretty ok looking especially for something that big done that early on. Certainly, it's a super interesting and rare plush to have! Discovered by Berzerker, back shot by Sonikku, full shot by Chris.
Floppy Giant Sonic plush
Sonic doll with person size photo
Yet another giant Sonic plush. This one is 56 inches high, but it seems to be somewhat under-stuffed so it is floppy. It won't sit up atop the box, and the arms look a little shrivelly. Yes, it does have ears, but they're folded foreward. With it standing next to a person, you can really get an idea of the size. It may be floppy but at that size, it's neat to see. This is made by ToyNetwork. Photographed and owned by surferbrg
Silver Cloth Sonic Plush w/Gray
Here's another edition of the 'silver cloth Sonic plush'. ToyNetwork is still making these oddities, but they're changing around how they do it, so the plush appears here again to give you an idea of it. This one is 18 inches high, but it is understuffed. You'll often see them listed as a 'floppee' on ebay which is a legitimate plush-style, however it's debateable whether it's SUPPOSED to be that way! "Floppee" is usually reserved for pillow plushes or other 'boneless' types meant to be draped about...Sonic never really fit that category, so get at own risk. The next is that they've added gray fabric to the spike-under-sides, palms and shoe-soles for whatever reason. It also seems the ear-size on this plush is larger. Plush is available in 2009, photo discovered by Berzerker.
Long Leg Sonic Plush Tall noodly Shadow plush Kelly Toy shiny Silver plush
Look at noodley Sonic & Shadow! They're super tall and wiggly with long legs and little shoes. These odd features and long arms make them look rather strange. The faces seem just ok, certainly better than toynetwork, but still leaving a bit to be desired. The hands are also small and flat, though Shadow's are bent into odd flattened fists. The tag has a diecut end making it recognizable. These are being sold at , but are made by KellyToy. The Silver plush (right) is also made by
KellyToy, but you'll notice it is differently proportioned. Not nearly so oddly tall. Plus, he looks different from his prototype shot...perhaps a little better. They attended his glove and shoe details, and his eyes are indeed yellow. But why is he silver-tone? The game clearly depicted him as being white only.
Supposedly these will range in height up to 6 ft (72 inches) but that has yet to be confirmed. If confirmed, it will be posted here. KellyToy info provided by Encas. You cannot buy direct from the KellyToy Site. is known to sell at least 1 of the sizes. Silver plush photo found by #X, Sonic & Shadow discovered by ShadowWorld.
Kelly toy Cream rabbit & her tag Kelly Toy Long Legs Sonic Group Here's most of the group of Kelly Toy Sonic plushes, all laid out together. As you can see, no one escapes having super long legs. Cream likely does as well, but since she has a dress, it helps hide the condition. For an all new line, they are just all right. They have fingers, but the hands are
excessively flat, even Knuckles, who's trademarks ARE his fists. Tails' tails are also flat-ish and everyone is very tall and thin. The faces are not outrageous or horrible, though Cream is cross-eyed. They're above ToyNetwork but there's still some to be desired. Notice the tag: it has die-cut jumping Sonic at the end, and the Sonic logo, but it does NOT use "Sonic X" anywhere. Do mind this as likely more sizes will be released.
Group & Cream photos provided by SonicHOG Super Sonic didn't fare much better than Silver, but at least his shiny color is somewhat appropriate.
It's likely only the 2nd official Super Sonic plush to exist, and it's not a great showing. He'd of looked better in yellow cloth, and of course, there's the noodly legs. The spikes are somewhat small, but at least they paid enough attention that they're turned upwards as they should be. The eyes on this are red as well, and they've changed the expression to 'concentrating' but with the way one of the eyebrow pieces is on this one, he just looks perplexed. Photo discovered by 5stargore
Silver The Hedgehog Plush And finally, here's their Silver. This is the first plush done of him, it's just too bad they couldn't get the color right. He should be white...and he just looks sorta odd in metallic. However, they were paying good attention to his details if you look at his gloves, sock and shoe (inset, left) They also used embroidery for the eyes making them stable and well positioned. As you can see, he does have his 2 large head-back spikes but they did not quite figure out how to do the
Silver the Hedgehog Back
front ones. The 2nd photo reveals they're more of an eyebrow/mass than in the game. Two you can see extend off the sides, but then the rest it seems are just growing out of the top of his head somehow. It's really a bit strange and the reflective fabric doesn't help anyone grasp the concept. He doesn't seem as 'noodly' as the rest of the lot, and it does look like they're making an attempt. Photographed and owned by MIchaelB218

This can be found at Six Flags Over Texas, as a skill game prize. The giant version is available there.

Photo at left is of the 25 inch size, where he seems to be holding up well to scale. Photo by Toys Discount Store, discovered by zacktheninja300
All Sizes 4 Kelly Plushes Photo With this photo, you can see all the sizes Kelly Toy makes all lined up. Who would have this many of Silver (he's in back) Shadow, Knuckles and Super Sonic? Sega...which is who took this photo. You can see they have a great range of size all the way from person-size to very miniature (that Shadow on the far right is almost too small to be seen in the photo...yes there's one AFTER the last one you see on the arm) Here, they're displayed on benches. Kelly Toy Amy Plush
Not to leave anyone out, Kelly toy also makes an Amy Rose. She appears to not be as common as the rest. Like Cream, her dress helps her to not look as 'noodly/tall' as the rest, and her feet do seem to be in good proportion. It appears her eyes are a lighter green than Sonic's which helps
her detail as well. With a bit of bending to her not-over-done eyelashes, she could make for a dcent plush. Is Amy Rose also available in all sizes? Photo discovered by MichaelB218