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This page will still be covering past & present Sonic plushes from the USA. Eventually the old plushes will eventually all get catalogued, leaving upcoming pages with only 'modern' ones, but that time has not yet arrived.
This page will have a focus on 2009 plushes, likely from GE Entertainment and Jazwares. Vintage plushes may still appear, but they'll be noted by their entry. Will Sonic plush become highly collectible again now that it is away from ToyNetwork? Stay tuned to SonicGear to find out what happens.
Jazwares Sonic Plush 7 inch line Jazwares Shadow 7 inch plush Jazwares 7 inch Werehog plush photo front
Here are Jazwares first 3 efforts at Sonic plush making. Their first run has Sonic, Shadow, and Werehog all at 7 inch scale. Each one is made of fuzzy fabric and has embroidered edges to their eyes. Shoe details such as Shadow's glide-emitter holes and Werehog's 'spikes' are drawn on. With all 3 dolls, details were not neglected, such as Shadow's glove/sock cuffs, Werehog fangs, Sonic Shoe buckles and the dingyness of the Werehog's shoes.
However...The Werehog is clearly their best effort here. Sonic & Shadow suffer from super thick arms, wrinkly distorted little hands, flat large noses, and somewhat 'off' expressions. Shadow especially suffers due to his odd eye construction and distorted looking spikes. These dolls can't be written off as 'too small' because other vintage dolls did a better job of detailing at the same scale. These should be available in the fall of 2009 at Toys R Us in the USA starting with the Werehog. All dolls are $8.99 each.
Werehog photo discovered by: kingmario9u2b , Shadow by MichaelB218, Sonic by Berzkerker
Werehog Plush back photo Shadow Plush Back Side of Shadow Face
With these back photos, you can see the werehog uses fabric-paint (semi glossy) to make the different color at the ends of his spikes. Shadow/Werehog tail and back spikes are flat pieces of the body fabric. Side view is provided of his head as it shows does leave some to be desired. The 'feel' of all of these plushes is very soft. The fabric has many tiny silky hairs, and is the same on all 3. If only their faces were better, this would be a solid little plush line, as they're construction and fabric variety is good. The price isn't so hot, at nearly 10 dollars (with tax) for such little things that don't have the best design going for them.
Posable Sonic Plush Standing Doll SegaToys wasn't the only one to make a posable Sonic plush. (That one is on page 4) This one was made in 2000 by Fun4All. While not quite of the calibur of the SegaToys one it's still a decent plush. In both shots it's held up by the bottle, but it is clearly quite posable, and you could easily style his position while sitting down. Photographed and owned by: Posable Sonic Walking
Toy Network big 4ft Sonic doll photo Here's a bit of a 'before & after' look at some of what Toy Network has done. The 4 ft. Sonic to the left was made earlier in their run. As you can see, it's actually pretty nice. Though the brow ridge is getting a bit out of control, and the ears are flopped foreward, it's still a good effort which is unusual for them. The second one at the right is only half the size (at 2 ft) but in their newer 'style'. This means completely understuffed/wilted and with odd decal eyes. It looks like he's melting, that's not a 'feature'! The fabric is also a darker blue. The 'wilting' understuffed plushes are now common (2009) in any of the larger Toy Network sizes. Wilting Big ToyNetwork Sonic Understuffed
Above and left Sonic plushes photographed & owned by #X
GE Entertainment Classic Dress Amy Rose Look at this Classic Style Amy Rose!
This is a fantastic plush, perhaps even one of the best ever done in America. Look at all of her details, including: real shoe laces! Sneaker-toungue detailing, real ruffly skirt, collar and sleeve details for her shirt, the classic headband, and her bangs which look like they did in Sonic CD. Her face and spikes also seem to be quite well done, as she turned out really cute! Her thumb is detailed off the side of her hand as well, for a better look. They have done a fantastic job here, she is VERY 'classic Amy'. Any Amy fan will really want to own this plush!
Made by GE Entertainment (for the classic line) in Winter 2009. Photo discovered by SonicHOG. Since GE did it, it should available at internet retail like ToyGlobe etc. (Toys n Joys may also say they have this, but CAUTION they're known for never actually sending merchandise you buy! Buyer beware at Toys N Joys!). Ebay, and FYE (retail) may also have this plush. Always look for the tag!
back photo classic Rosie Amy Doll Classic Styled Amy Doll Side Views With these different views, you can see they did a good 3D job on her spikes, tail and dress. Her shoes are a bit 'ball like' which was disguised in the official photo above, but she still looks quite nice and cute. This is a great modern alternative to the overly expensive Fighters plush Amy. She is about 8 inches high. Additional shots by: Chrismh
Amy shoe lace mistake Almost ANY item can have a mistake! Always inspect before you buy. In this case the bow & top lace-hole piercing for the shoe is missing.
Crane Game UFO USA Sonic Plush
Here's a Sonic plush as seen through the glass of a crane game / UFO catcher. This was seen in the fall of 2009, which shows the Kelly Toy plushes are indeed showing up at 'amusements' as they said they would. This shot is of the 9 inch size. The largest sizes can be seen on Mutant Gear. Photo by Taaron.
That particular shoe isn't finished, and they put it on anyway. Photo & owned by Eneko.
Knuckles 7 Inch Keychain Plush
What is a keychain doing on the plushes page? Well really at SEVEN inches, could this even be called a keychain? It would be completely un-use-able. So rather, it's a plush with a clip on top for hanging. This item is under mild suspicion, as Knuckles shoes lack details and his head is pretty distorted...however, he does have a paper tag, which most bootlegs do not. You can see he's being sold by CuteSense which claims it's a USA item, but is it really? Dependent on further info, this item may be moved. Discovered by Trogdorbad It is reccommended to buy ANYwhere other than ToysNJoys. There have been MANY MANY complaints against this company for taking money and never sending merchandise. They are located in Hawaii, so they make postal claims and know that you can't come after them for it. Don't let this store fleece you! Order elsewhere despite their advertising.
Pointy Spikes Sonic Plush Here's a very pointy Sonic plush. His spikes are rather long, but very pointed. The fabric seems smooth rather than fuzzy, as previous fabrics usually were. He has a paper tag, but who is producing this doll? The way the tag is hidden, it's tough to tell. This plush isn't too bad, either, with properly standing ears, well placed eyes and decent enough proportions. He has one hand tacked to a hip and the SA 1 style side-mouth thing going on, but he's supposed to be a recent release. Depending on further info, this item may move as well, but it is interesting to see. CuteSense has been KNOWN to sell bootleg Sonic goods, but they may just sell indiscriminently offical and non. Discovered by trogdorbad
Treasures USA Sega voice doll Treasures Talkin' Sonic doll back view
This plush looks like a lot of the other vintage Sonic dolls around, especially with the old-style felt spikes. However, this doll from 1997 has a voice box inside. When you squeeze him, you'll hear the "Sega Scream" BUT, it is the Japanese version. The accent on the yell gives it away that this isn't the one they re-did for all of the USA advertisments. He is about 12 inches high, and was made by Treasures. His hands are also unusually small and paw-like, which is a little off model, even for the times. Photographed & owned by Orange Unicorn
Sonic Black Knight Jazwares Doll Sword Sonic Black Knight Plush Back Jazwares released this Sonic & Black Knight themed plush in summer 2010. He's not much different from their 'improved' plush line, with the only real difference being the ears are likely to stand up better, and the gauntlet & sword have been added. Excalibur is a sticker over slightly flexible material. The gauntlet is somewhat shiny fabric. He's the same size as all their other plushes, at about 7 inches high. That stain you see on him is a factory error. It is a glue spill. As with everything you buy you should ALWAYS inspect it
before you bring it home. As, in this case the stain is really where you don't want one on your pants. Owned & photographed by Orange Unicorn
Gray Wisp Sonic Colors E3 2010 This is a Wisp from Sonic Colors. Wisps are a type of alien creature, introduced in that game. Each one can lend Sonic a different power. This is a give-away item or booth prize from E3 2010 from the Sega booth. No doubt people will want to collect wisps, so hopefully these can get produced regularly as well. Were there other wisps? Are there plans to make all the colors? Will they sell? Photo discovered by Berzerker. GE Entertainment Big Shadow Plush of 2010
This is the latest from GE Entertainment in summer 2010. The release should be late-summer, and he should appear with the Werehog plush (at right) Both of these dolls should be about the same size, and be sold at any store that picks up the GE line, including ToysNJoys, and likely . He looks pretty decent, awaiting fan-photos. Photo discovered by Silverknux1
werehog tags Werehog size plush GE Entertainment Werehog large size doll
Here's a larger werehog plush from GE Entertainment! This plush is larger than the Jazwares version, and looks more werehog-like as well. It uses felt for the claws and the 'hair' around the wrists instead of fur fabric, but the effect is still all right.
He has the spiky shoe tops with 3D effect, bent inward ears, and even little fangs. Since this doll is larger, the face is actually sculpted as well. With the left 2 photos, you can see his tag (w/pic on it of him) and the bottoms of his shoes where triangles represent the texture. The inset tag in center photo shows that the Amy is filled with foam beads! (instead of stuffing) They're also 'reccommended for 14 & up and 15 & up' , so, toys for teens? Seems strange for such an age range. Can appear at HotTopic for about 16.00 in spring 2011 Fact by Tabbo Amber the Hedgehog, left 2 photos by SonicToast
Toy Network biggest size Tails plush photo This is Toy Network's giant size Tails doll. He's shown here sitting on a real sofa, so you can see just how big he is! He uses their standard plastic eye-colors, and has puffy hands with threads for the fingers. This one has had a bit of added stuffing, as sometimes these dolls are a bit withered when you get them. Photographed & Owned by Link Toy Network huge Tails doll sits
Kelly Toy largest Tails plush sits This is a giant size Kelly Toy Tails. He's 60 inches! That's a yard stick in the 2nd photo with him, not some small ruler. He has some differences from the above doll (no gray in ears, flat 'bangs', flatter hands, longer legs, larger eye-color areas) as well as a mistake (his nose is round, not a triangle) but he still looks quite nice, and cuter too with the appropriately sized eyes and center-smile. If you've got space in your house, this is a great giant plush to collect! Kelly Toy biggest size 60 inch Tails plush
Photographed & owned by: Matt
He is a 'prize only' plush. He can't be bought at retail, only won. Kelly Toy only sells these in bulk, to businesses. Carnivals, arcades & amusment parks would be a good place to look, aside from ebay...though it can be pricey to buy if you can't win.