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More plushes from the past keep turning up for America, even though the current selection is still abysmally destined for the Mutant Gear Page thanks to the anti-efforts of ToyNetwork.
Will 2008 be the year that USA plushes break out of the current funk and get back onto this page where people would reasonably want to collect them? Only time will tell, but you can keep watching right here for the photos of everything that's discovered.
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Here's quite an old plush to start things off, likely from 1991 somewhere. There are a few details that distinguish this one from some of the other early ones, making it interesting.
First off, you can see that the whole doll is fuzzy, even the bottoms and stripes of his shoes. The only non-fuzz part is the eyes and gloves. Next, the mouth of this one is quite big, but with the way it's arranged, he looks somewhat bored instead of happy. Interestingly, they've made a certain effort with the hands, giving each one 5 fingers (some dolls had 4) But look at the 'pointing' hand, it even has the fingers curled down in a 3D way. This may have also been released in the UK. This is a unique and old doll to add to your collection. Photo by OrangeUnicorn1984.
Finger Mistakes Knuckles 2003 Sega Toys Here's a fairly recent Knuckles, from around 2003. This is by Sega Toys...but as you can see here it's got some errors. First off is he's missing the yellow part of his shoes. This makes his feet look pretty strange, so it's really odd that something like that would slip by, especially since it's "Sega Toys" and not some (nefarious) 3rd party like ToyNetwork. The other error you can see is...he has FINGERS. Yes, they've actually gone to the trouble of putting a detail that's not even supposed to be there.

However, otherwise it's a decent plush. Good proportions all around for the most-part, decent expression, and just fine fabric.

This Knuckles and the Tails below both share sort of 3D-ish plastic eyes. The 'bead-like' things they used have a bit of depth, which you can see with the Tails. Both photos by Memeki.
***Apparently someone still has a few of these in stock, if you want them! You can go to the CMD Store and order these two. (they're a bit pricy since they're from 2003) but watch out, as there are also the nasty ToyNetwork plushes on the same page. Selling in Jun.2008*** (link will be removed when store runs out)
Knuckles Front SegaToys In a further look at this plush, you'd expect it to be from a "Sonic X" collection, but it had no Sonic X tag, and the eyes are purple rather than a dark blue. Also, the fabric is softer with a fuzz rather than the smoother/tougher fabric on the usual X plushes. Also note the non-drooping/wilting tail and the curving not-loose head spikes. This is an interesting and different plush, when you really inspect the details. Left and right photos & info details by Tawny Knuckles Blank Shoe Side Photo
Sega Toys Tails Plush This Tails is from the same set as the above Knuckles plush. He has a few details (not mistakes) that make him unique. First off, the 'points' at the edge of his chest are not 3D or felt, like most others. They're represented by wavy-ness in the cut of the cloth. He has felt bangs, and a nice triangle plastic nose. Again, at the sides of his head they bothered to do actual stuffed-texture rather than use felt which gives his head more of a 3D quality. They did neglect his bands on the cuffs of his gloves, but it's not a really awful error. Compared to most USA Tails plushes, this one is really quite nice. It's fairly cute and well proportioned, even on the face.
Plush owned and photo'd by: Memeki.
Toy Network's Big the Cat Doll Here's a Big that's not so big! This is actually only about 7 inches high. And, from looking at it, you'd hardly be able to guess that ToyNetwork made him! Just look at the detail on the fishing rod, lure, shoes and belt! They've bothered putting on all his buckles, and he even has felt accents at the top of his chest fur patch. The eyes aren't these horrible off-model monstrosities they've been using, either. The back of him fares just as well, with detailed points of 'hair' for his head, and even the spiky bit at the end of his tail. With shaded ears, and black stripes, this really does look like Big the cat. Big the Cat Back Plush
The curse of ToyNetwork does strike him though...see that stain on the belt? It's paint from the factory and won't come off. This looks like what is likely the USA's 3rd Big. It also seems that ToyNetwork is not making any more Bigs, for some reason. Photos by Memeki
Eggman Plush Doll ToyNetwork Eggman Tag The older ToyNetwork plushes seem to pull through again here, withe their decent Eggman. Like the above Big, he's pretty well on-model especially with all the detailing they had to do for his coat. His mustache is felt, but his glasses have a shine spot on them and they paid attention to his shoes. Yes, he is wearing his signature goggles, but since they're only felt, they're flat on his head and not visible from streight on. You can see his tag here too, making him the 2nd official USA released Eggman plush.
Photographed and owned by: Roxi
Posable Plush Sonic Standing Check out this cool plush!
This is the "Posable Sonic Plush" by Sega Toys. As you can see here, he's actually standing and 'walking' without any support! It is jointed inside to allow you to pose him however you want, and he'll stay that way. As you can see he does suffer a bit from 'giant mega finger', but that's pretty much the only thing. The head, foot and body shape are all good, as well as the eyes and expression. This is some time post-SA1 (green eyes), and looks quite good! Being able to really stand and pose a plush adds to the fun and display ability, especially because it is well designed. Photographed & owned by: Spook1414
Posable Plush Sonic Walking
Plush tag from 1991
Because most plushes have the tags snipped off, here's a scan of a tag from 1991. This tag was used on several Sonic plushes of the era. It looks pretty good, with the checker pattern and nicely shaded stock art. Scan by Rhia.
Toy Network Big Underfill Plush Sonic Something ToyNetwork did, didn't go right onto the Mutant Gear?
Well, surprisingly enough, yes. Here's their large size newer Sonic. As you can see here, he has an 'under-filling' problem, which occurs because they're stuffing him with foam beads but not using enough. This makes him sort of wrinkly, and he'll never stand up. However, the face is actually not that bad. The eyes (being decals) are positioned just fine, and his ears are standing up too. They havn't left out any of his details, so he's one of their best works yet. You may be able to find him at various prize games/carnival games in the USA in 2008. Photographed and owned by OrangeUnicorn1984
Playbyplay Eggman Doll As you may or may not know, Play by Play toys is generally known for turning out mutant things. However, this Eggman plush has worked out rather well. Like the usually horrible Toy Network, this company has also managed to make a decent Eggman against all odds. With real 3D facial features, felt coat, and accents, he's not bad. Though his nose is a bit off-center, and one leg is slightly twisted.
Play by Play Toys Eggman Plush Back
Play by Play Tag Spain Play by Play items aren't that common, but they'll turn up nearly anywhere. This one was aquired from Spain, but they're likely not produced there. They show up in the UK, USA and obviously EU. (this is a Spanish tag) Their tag (left) gets in the whole main cast of Sonic X, with a nice die-cut bottom. Could Play by Play be making an effort toward good plushes starting with this Eggman? We'll see...Photos by Super Silver.
Toy Network Big Plush Sonic 2008 This large size Sonic plush (at least 2 feet high) is Toy Network's latest effort.
While they usually just churn out mutants and monstrosities, this one is actually pretty good by their standards. It isn't wilting or suffering from a nasty face. The arms are keeping their pose/shape, and the spikes are pretty well done. The new decal-eyes are helping here.
It isn't 100% free of flaws though, as the belly-patch doesn't match sides (see bottom) and the hands are pretty doughey. Also his ears have some wrinkling, but still, it certainly looks like they may be trying to shape up a bit here.
*NOTE: ToyNetwork plushes with the 'sticker style' eyes should be handled with care. The eyes have gotten rubs/chips within 2 weeks from simply being on a bed. This likely applies to ANY size of their plushes, as long as it uses that eye style. Info. provided by: dravens_shadow
Silver Cloth Sonic Plush Silver Tone Cloth Sideways Sonic Odd Plush
This is a rather strange plush. It's a Sonic...but made of all silver-tone shiny cloth. Much like the pure white Sonic & Tails from Japan, he retains none of his original color, not even for the eyes which are now just black and gray. You can see that he is official, due to the side tags and the Toy Network tag on his foot (right). While it IS interesting to see, he's still not quite on-model with his rather tall head and sideways ears. However, he's not as bad-off as many of their other dolls. This can be won at certain arcades in the USA. Both photos discovered by hypersuperchao.
Avon Bath Toy Plush Sonic Doll Here is a nice pair of older plushes. The one to the left is Avon's Sonic. Avon sold the "finger puppet topper" Sonic theme shampoos (Seen on the Hygene page) but they also made this little plush. He's made of wash-cloth on the outside (see the texture?) & his spikes are felt. You could then presumably take him in the bath with you and wring him out when you were done! Made around 1993 or 1994, it was sold in Avon catalogs & came with a floaty ring (so he'd sit up while in the water) He isn't very big.
Terrycloth Avon Bath Sonic Plush
The other one beside it is by Dakin, and could be found in Bueler's grocery store in '93. It does have fingers, they're just missing here. This one is over-all rather chubby with stumpy legs, but it is still an all-right classic. 2 dolls photographed and owned by: dravens_shadow, Terrycloth Sonic photo by Berzerker
ToyNetwork Shadow Amy Back View Here is a shot of the backs of 8 inch Toy Network Shadow & Amy plushes. As you can see, from the back they're pretty ok looking. Nothing super spectacular, but they do have Amy's spikes right, and Shadow isn't a mess from behind. It's the faces/fronts of the dolls that Toy Network seems to constantly mess up. So as long as you don't actually flip the dolls over...Granted, more recent efforts though seemed to want to improve them some what.
Owned and photographed by miles prower 22