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With Sonic X on the air, and available to collect on DVD several toy companies that sell in the USA just keep on making new plushes. Fortunatly, a new one has arisen to compete with "Toy Network" who's quality is not always tops. They have quite a few plushes on the Mutant Gear page due to their lack of care.
This page may not be all new ones though, as there are likely to be left some undiscovered vintage plushes from the USA.
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Giant Amy Rose Plush Hand Compare
What is this? A normal size human hand on a plush hand...This is no faked photo or photoshopped scene!
This is the real deal: Immense Amy!

Look how big THIS plush is! It's totally huge and fun! This is laying on a REAL hotel bed, that is normal sized, with no fakes. Toy Network has made this Amy, and she is available at Gameworks (an arcade/eatery/bar) in the USA. If you have a Gameworks near you, you can get Shadow, Sonic, Tails, Amy or Knuckles in this super big size! (photos of everyone else pending) These are the largest character plushes yet discovered!

GIANT Amy Rose Immense plush of bigness
Fun measurements and photos provided by: Link
1.51 meters high which is 4 feet 11 inches! She weighs 15 kg or 33.06 lbs!
Her hand length (from end gold ring to front): 22cm, 8-9in
Her hand width (from thumb to other side): 26cm, 10-11in
Shoe length: 40cm/1ft 3-4 in
Shoe width: 24cm/9-10 in
Toy Cup Great Eastern Shadow Plush The company that has emerged to compete with Toy Network is called "Great Eastern".

As you can see, they seem to be doing a better job with their plushes, as this Shadow shows. He has 5 fingers, and does not look mutated or mushy. The detail seems to be there, but this is just a product photo. If someone who owns this writes in, SonicGear will show more angles or close-ups so you can inspect the quality from this new company...

You can get this (and other plushes at) if you search on "Sonic"

Toy Network Big-Eyes Amy Rose Doll Here's a different sized ToyNetwork AmyRose. The eyes are a bit big, but she's not terrible looking. Is their quality going up? *Why do Amys have a black eye-border?

You may wonder because you don't see it in the games or shows. This is there to try and look like a 'shadow' around her eyes. Both Sonic and Shadow have a built up 3D "Ridge" around their eyes to complete their look. Amy SHOULD have this ridge too, but anyone who does not want to bother to sculpt it draws on this big black line instead, trying to imitate it.

Tails E Starland GE Eastern Plush Here is a new Tails.
Again, this one is bordering on being cute, which, for some reason seems to be REALLY hard for American companies to pull off. His hands are a bit simple, but all his detailing is there. It seems his bangs are flat felt this time, along with the fur at the edges of his face and chest.

This is by Great Eastern and can be found/bought at , if you search for "Sonic Plush" on that site.

Shadow Plush Detail Photos Here is a new Shadow that you can order from ToyCup, online. It was made by GreatEastern. As you can see, the quality is pretty good, and it is an all right likeness. It does use 'decals' which are like iron-on plastic designs to create his eyes and the detail at the front of his shoes. The backs of his feet are shown so you can see the backs of his cuffs. Be sure to look for the official tag on real licensed plushes. Photos by Juni. Modern Tails Plush This Tails plush is actually another decent one. The shading in the ears has gone a bit amiss, but he is rather proportionate, with good solid looking construction. Where is this available? Who was it made by?
Sonic Adventure 1 Eggman Doll Here's a better shot of the Sonic Adventure Eggman. You can see his pants are made from a velvety material, and that his coat is loose, like the real thing! They've also shaped his feet well, and added 'shiny' detail to his glasses. This looks like a quality Eggman plush for your's too bad they stopped making them. However, sometimes they sell on Ebay. Photo by Rhia.
GK World Sonic Plush Both of these plushes are from GK World. As you can tell, they're a bit of a Jekyll/Hyde situation. Sonic is pretty well done, with defined and solid construction. The likeness is good, except for the ears wich are a bit pointy and thin. He also has the BDG (Big Dumb Grin) that was over-used during Sonic Adventure 1, and then played-down later. His hands are in different poses, and each of his details seems to be nice and 3D.
Then we come to their terrible Tails. This thing is on Mutant Gear! You can read more about it there...
GK World Tails
Thanks to information from Link in Germany, you can read the news about ToyNetwork's change of plans. Here are 2 of their current Sonic Plushes. Normally not a big deal, but they've changed how they are made.
ToyNetwork used to use plastic sew-on eyes which resulted in many mishaps and hideous dolls. Their new products will now feature only decal-type eyes (seen here). Each eye style has advantages/disadvantages, but only time will tell how these new ones hold up. They improve the look *some* but are not yet ideal.

Also, they have changed the stuffing inside their dolls, so they are now softer to hold. However...this has resulted in the "Underfilling" of some plushes which causes them to look wrinkly/shrivelled or not hold their shape.

New 2007 ToyNetwork Amy Rose Toy Network Decal Eyes Sonic Plush
Note: amusment parks and possibly also arcades can have these plushes available as prizes. "Kennywood" is confirmed as a place you can win them in the USA.
Bean-Fill Large Sonic Plush This plush is 'big' news!
This is another giant doll likely from ToyNetwork. Where does it come from? Is it from a GameWorks like Immense Amy above? Unfortunately, it is filled with foam beads (like a bean-chair) which leads it to seem under-filled with shrivelling arms and witly legs. The detail actually seems pretty good though, for something of this size. He is stuffed with large foam beans, & is very floppy,except for his head,which is stuffed well,even though he has over-long spikes. His nose is a bot more round than need be, & his eyes are USUALLY straight. His mouth is horrible being the usual poorly fastened two threads, & his muzzle is separate and polyester stuffed. A Coke Can (real size!) appears so you can see just how large it is. Extra info added by Segasonic3039
Fuzzy Foot Tag Vintage Sonic Stuffed Animal This rather old plush is supposed to be from the USA. The curious thing to note is that the tag is a part of the bottom of his shoe. This is somewhat unusual. Otherwise, the doll is fairly ordinary for a 1992 Sonic item. Do note that Tomy released things in the USA and also UK quite frequently so he may have been available in both places. Mutant Old Sonic Doll Ribbon Shoe Oh no. What's going on here? This has to be an early attempt at Sonic. If it can be proven that all of them are this wonky looking, it'll be moved to the Mutant Gear section right away!
The hand is clearly based on that 'big finger' Japan pointing style, but all the fingers are relativly well done. Interestingly, he has 3 spikes on his back. Side/Back photos by Blue_Blur95
You can count the terrible things wrong with this guy! Mini folded ears, club-feet, too short stumpy arms, wacky-eyes, snooty face, wrongly placed shoe stripes, and bad body construction to top it all off! How did anyone look at the picture on the tag and say "Oh yes, this plush looks JUST like him!" Argh!
Giant Tails Plush GameWorks Front Giant Toy Network Tails Plush Back
Giant Tails!
This is another plush from the Toy Network giant line. This one is nearly 4.5 ft. high! It is not quite as large as the Giant Amy. However, it does have some problems, like the insides of his ears being dark gray, and his eyes being too large but with tiny irises. The tiny irises make him look rather unappealing. His hands are not individually fingered, either, which should've been done for something this large and pricey. His fill is a light-weight synthetic material. These should be able to be won (with tickets) at "GameWorks" arcades which are located in different areas of the USA. Toy Network produced giant size plushes like this only until 2005, when they stopped & never re-started.
Sonic X Talking Plush Doll
With Sonic X, "Talking Dolls" return!
As you remember, the first talking plush was a Sonic who just yelled "Sega!" when squeezed. This guy does better! He'll say "Ah yeah, this is happening" (Sonic Adventure 1) and also "Ready to go kid? Lets rock and Roll". (Sonic X) He's about 12 inches/30 cm. high. Looking at the structure, this one seems a bit more accurate than other plushes of the time, though it has small ears and giant shoe-buckles. The fingers are indicated by light gray on the white cloth, so they're difficult to see in this photo. The head/spikes are pretty well done with a slightly 'tougher' look. Photo credit to Flare.
Note: It may say "As long as there is somewhere to run... I'll be happy!" and "I'm giving you one last chance Eggman!" It may say different things in different regions of release.
Talking Tails Doll Sonic X Now Talkin' Sonic gets a Talkin' Tails!
How great that now Tails plushes can talk too. This one isn't quite as spot on as the Sonic above, but it still has some nice detail. Notice the individually shaped fur edges to the chest, face and his bangs. He has stitched in fingers, and the split in his tails. However, the body is a bit small and the head looks kind of startled. When squeezed, he says "Ha ha ha it's been a blast!" and "I'm not giving up yet!". This is likely to be similarly sized to the Sonic above. Photo by Rhia.

There is also a talking Knuckles!

The Talking Knuckles to this set was available in the UK. Was he ever available in the USA? Send proof if you've got it! Use the link above to see him.
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