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This page has only MODERN (post-Sonic Adventure-era) plush dolls.
This page will have a focus on 2013-2015 plushes, likely from GE Entertainment, Nanco Nancy. With plushes showing up at offline retail such as FYE stores and online at more places like Amazon & Target, (and Toys R US too) plush availability seems to be on the rise. Sonic Boom plushes will NOT appear here, as they have their own seperate page.
GE Vector the Crocodile Plush GE Entertainment is really on a roll in 2015!
In the fall, they announced, with this factory photo, a Vector the Crocodile plush! He's super news for fans of the Chaotix...and also likely means that a Charmy Bee would be on the way. The plush looks great too, they've got his signature chain necklace, headphones, unusual/thick glove cuffs, and even his teeth. They've posed his hands, and paid attention to his shoe detail.
Hopefully fan photos will appear upon release, because what about his back spikes, and his tail? From the good job you see here so far, one could likely assume they look great too. Photo discovered by
Great Eastern Plush Blaze Cat Factory Photo Great Eastern is making a Blaze the Cat plush. This is their factory photo (which they have managed to wash out a bit, wiping the whites from the gloves into the background and obscuring its detail) which looks pretty decent so far.
The details all appearin place like her hair tips, head jewel, eyelashes, furry glove/boot cuffs, ponytail cuff necklace & coat-tail shirt. The eye color parts do not look. stuck down to the eye surface? The expression is decent, & the proportions look good. This will appear on Ebay & is pre ordering on some Amazon sellers. Fan photos will show better detail (like her tail) & what they decide upon with the eyes. Hopefully her expression is more game-accurate on the final doll. Photo discovered by Lightening.
GE Animation 15 inch Big the Cat Plush GE Animation's Big the Cat plush! He's pretty big too, at 15 inches. AND he's big on detail! Look at how the lower face part/mouth area is sculpted in there, they didn't just draw a line on his face, they actually bothered to put that part together. He has his fishing rod (bent in this photo) & the buckles on the backs of his shoes. The ears are shown flopped forward (do they stand up normally? A fan-photo may reveal the detail) How is the tail? His gloves/fingers are also nicely textured.
This plush looks really nice so far, but only fan photos will reveal its full detail. Discovered by VictoriaVaporeon
GE Super Shadow Hedgehog Plush GE Animation winning streak continues in Fall 2015, where they release this factory photo of their Super Shadow plush. As with their previous dolls, this one too looks really nice. They've got his shoe & glove cuff details, nicely defined fingers, and felt white chest fur area. His arms have the red stripe in the right place, as do his eye edges. His ears are properly positioned, and the red stripe for his head-center is also well placed. (All things that frequently go wrong on other plushes) He looks pretty proportional too, from the front. Hopefully fan photos will reveal that the back has all spikes in the correct way, etc. This one's another great entry for GE, and a must for Shadow fans! Discovered by Lightening
Wave the Swallow Plush Doll
Storm the Albatross Plush Doll GE Completes the Babylon Rogues!
In winter 2015 / 2016 they'll add both Storm the Albatross and Wave the Swallow to finish the Babylon set. These factory photos look good so a limited by the photography degree. Storm is supposed to be gray, but he looks a little purple/blue tinted? It's also impossible to tell how many fingers they have due to the angle of the hands. The beaks (being bright yellow) are suffering from a bit of wash-out, making the shape hard to determine.
The details look like they are in place with arm stripes, pants details, goggles, necklaces & tails in place for both characters. They seem pretty proportional to the games as well. Fan photos should reveal the backs & clairfy the details. Photos discovered by Lightening
GE Modern Happy Amy Another modern style plush for GE Entertainment! Here comes modern Amy Rose. She looks pretty good here in their factory photo. They've got the details going such as her slightly 3D headband, shoes, glove bracelets & bangs. Her eye edges (black part) and eyelashes are not overbearing or distracting. The dress seems properly proportioned (only confirmable through a different angle)
She looks particularly cheerful with the mouth they added (however the angle of the toungue The eyes & overall expression seem pretty good, as do the spikes. This looks to be another nice plush from GE. Photo discovered by Lightening
25th Anniversary Tomy Plushes This photo is from Toy Fair Germany 2016, and shows Tomy is making classic styles plushes for the 25th Anniversary. The plushes are made from a new fabric, which has a different texture you can see here. It's sort of 'velvety' with a texture and a bit of shiny-ness to it. That's an interesting change and the plushes look decent with the vibrant color. The structure of them looks pretty good as well, Tails is cute, Sonic's head seems properly shaped (as does Knuckles) and Eggman is probably also ok. (His collar seems to be going a bit wrong, and you can't see the arms so it's impossible to judge completely here) Notice the display box too, it has that white pixel-edge perforated style they will likely use in combination with their 25th Anniversary other items.
Tomy 25th Anniversary Big Sonic Plush This photo may be from either Germany or USA Toyfair 2016, but the same doll was likely showed at both fairs. Another 25th anniversary item, this is a big size Sonic classic style plush. It seems to be made of the standard soft fabric (not the type above) and seems fair. The ears lacking the blue border is the most glaring problem. They're very cone-shaped. The hands look decent, with clear finger lines & good size. The head is difficult to tell much about without seeing the back/spikes. Photo discovered by CoolLuke1337
Tomy Metal Sonic Plush
Tomy also showed off a Metal Sonic plush at a toyfair in 2016. However, which Metal Sonic is it? Boom? Classic? Modern? Since it's fairly impossible to tell (since they didn't change him a lot, design wise between the 3) here it goes. It's pretty much good as can be expected because robots don't lend well to plush making. (Straight lines, hard edges, specific curves, pointy details, lots of fiddly cracks/seams/details--none of these translate into fabric & stuffing) He seems fairly proportional, and it looks like they've printed on his details into the right places. The red for the eyes has been embroidered. Photo discovered by CoolLuke1337
GE Blaze Plush Back Photo With the fan photos here, you can get a look at the back of this GE Blaze the Cat plush...and see that it's great! She's about the size of the rest of the plushes (Shadow here) & all the details hold up. The tail has the 'points' at the end as it should, the heels are sewn well for her shoes & keep their shape, the hair band & hair all also look good. The cuffs are indeed as fluffy as the factory photos & the back of the head maintains the shape. Look at the hands! They're even improving at fingers. These fan photos prove this doll is a must have for Blaze fans! Photo & owned by Princess PandaLover
GE Classic Metal Sonic
GE strikes again!
This time with a villian! It's classic Metal Sonic plush. And, wow, they are really giving Tomy what-for on quality. This actually looks like the classic Metal Sonic, save for 1 forgotten detail. (The white stripe around the bottom edge of each shoe is missing) Robots rarely translate well into plush because of all the rounded edges/stuffiness of plush, but this is making an effort. The 'belly dot' engine is indented, they left the fingers as flat pointy felts (as it should be) the bolt details for face edge, elbow, shoe swivel & knee are all present. Then, look how they did the shoulder cuffs, they're actually 3D set in place. The ears are yellow & appropriatly small. The eye style is good as well, the reds are right & thin/well shaped too. By layering the shins/fore-arms it really adds good detail. The nose isn't missing. This factory photo has it from extat-right-ahead making it difficult to see, but it is a pointy cone.
This guy is 1 detail away from being best produced MS plush yet! Will they add the shoe stripe before release? How does the back look? Fan photos for turn-arounds are awaited. Discovered by Spazer
Hello Kitty Golden Super Sonic SDCC Plush Here's a special exclusive for 2016!
At the SanDiego Comic Con, Sanrio & Sega announced that Sonic would do a partnership with Hello Kitty to make this year's exclusive toy. It's a Hello Kitty plush that's dressed up in a cute little Super Sonic suit. Hello has dressed up as Sonic before (but that's a Japan Plush) as regular Sonic. Notice the turned up spikes & classic shoes.
Hello Kitty Super Sonic Turn Around Photos
She keeps her red bow, but even her ears have the gold border. To make it extra special, they chose a gold fabric that's actually smooth and shiny/metallic.
It's a bit of an unusual exclusive...because it's a Sonic themed item, rather than a directly Sonic item. Notice the cloth side tag has the collaberation logos on it as well. Over all, it looks quality (they actually changed the spikes, it's not just a re-color re-release) with fun shiny fabric & good detail. This was limited to 1000 pieces and cost $40 while only being sold there.
Photo discovered by PatMac, right side photo & owned by: All-StarWarriors
Gold shiny fabric like this can sometimes suffer from "Gold Fabric Age Dulling", as can similarly shiny silver fabric. Humidity /air condition may play a part in how the fabric retains the shine as it ages. Wear also affects it. If it's moved/twisted/wrinkled repeatedly, it can lose shine. It's important to keep this plush quite safe and in a dry controlled environment.