Sonic The Hedegehog Electronics
Modern Only Sonic Electronics
Either with batteries or electricity, these Sonic items can entertain. This page showcases ONLY modern style electronics. The other pages have a mixture, but this page is all about current things with post-Sonic Adventure styles or themes. This page also includes electronics accessories, like game cases, skins or special styluses. For interesting Sonic electronics or stuff to make your items cooler with Sonic style, this is the page to see.
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Gfuel Sonic Headphones Steelseries A gift from a company to a company?
It seems so, with this pair of headphones. Steelseries seen in the background there making a mouse, also makes headphones sets and has customized this one to have jumping/peace sign modern Sonic on a nice blue background. It's set to match the art that Gfuel used on their Sonic themed 'peach rings' energy drinks there. It was gifted from the electronics co to the Gfuel co.
You can read about the Gfuel drink over on Sonic Gear Foods USA.
What's too bad about this, is that the headphone is not a general / public release.
It seems to be a small run or some type of gift-only item. It's too bad because it is rather stylish. Photo by Steelseries.
Not an electronic, but an electronic accessory, it's a laptop sleeve with a fun classic theme. It's black and white checkers, with a scattering of classic Sonic arts and rings. It has a zipper top and the zipper pull is a circle /rubber item with a Sonic on there too.
It is nicely Sonic, especially because of the zipper pull. This is a Spencer's Gifts item in 2021, and it should be about 20 dollars.
Sakar Gaming Combo Sonic Set Keyboard Mouse Headphones Sonic
A fun gaming set that's sadly hard to get...
This is the Sakar Sonic Gaming Combo set. It has a Sonic theme rainbow light up gaming mouse (corded) a blue/red theme headphones and a gaming style keyboard.
All 3 items come in the box you see at above left. The dots say "Level up your Gaming" and "Light up the action with Sonic". Modern Sonic is used in CG for the box art. The headphones have the logo in silver on the side, and a Sonic face on the adjuster button thing. The mouse has the logo, the face, as well as rings and 'speed chevrons' along the buttons. What's cool about this, is that it lights up in rainbow colors when you plug it in. The keyboard does the 'gaming usual' with different/red keys for the WASD direction letters, space bar, enter-key and direction arrows. It also adds rings in white to the keyboard, and the logo with face above the direction keys. This lights up rainbow colors too...and so do the rings on the space bar.
Why didn't the Sakar company that made this list it online? It seems like something people would want, but it has not yet been found for sale other than 1 retail shop. You can write in for credit if you know where to get this. Photo by TheSonic Stadium
Razer Xbox Sonic Theme Controller Razer, the well known computer gaming accessory maker gets into the Sonic scene with a fun new Xbox controller in 2022. They let out this nicely done modern themed controler and its charging holder thing. It has a gray/white checker fade for both parts. The grip areas are red (notice that the right one has a white stripe on it to resemble a Sonic shoe!), and the left grip area has jumping-twist modern Sonic art. There are 3 rings across the controller bottom, and a clump of rings on the stand. It also has siloutte palm trees on the stand. There's clearly a phrase of some kind in Japanese on the right side...but what does it say? You can write in for credit if you found a translation.
Game Locker Sonic Controller Stand
An all-new item appears: "The Game Locker"
This is a storage and display type item for your video games and accessories. The round disk at the top says "Unstoppable Speed" and has a Sonic face on it. This part holds your headset. The base is a literal locker, with 2 doors. A red one with stripes theme for Eggman, and a blue one with triangles theme for Sonic as they face off. You can hang your controllers on the sides, and there's a drawer on the bottom for remote controls or wires or accessories and things. The locker part will hold 10 modern style games.
This is spring 2022 item from Numskull. It should be about 53 dollars and can be bought at their website, as well as other online game retailers. Discovered by Taaron, photos by Numskull
Higround Sonic Shadow Keyboard Keyboard maker Higround adds a Sonic license to their selection, and this cool keyboard to their line up. It is a simple keyboard without seperate numpad and...well, you better have memorized every key position because exactly none of them are labeled for what they do. There's a row of mystery keys down the right side, each with a different siloutte style
character face. You can see Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy & Shadow there, each on a black or white key. The chao face is obviously the escape key. The company's logo is on the space bar. The theme here is Sonic vs Shadow, with Sonic art all in blue tones on the white half of the keyboard and Shadow all in white tones on the black half. The Sonic is SA1 art style, and Shadow is...hard to tell. It is a stylish keyboard if you know where all the letters and functions are already. Photo by Higround