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This page should have 2009 and 2010 Sonic clothes.
The USA is still in the golden-age of Sonic clothing, mainly shirts. The primary clothes-creator here is still Top Heavy, with licensing from ShoPro. Both little and big sizes continue. Little sizes are still ok to collect, even if you don't fit into them, because you can still shove the shirt into a frame if you like the design to make it like a poster. Primary stores here will be Sears and Kohls. However, it should be noted that Wal Mart, JC Penny, Hot Topic, FYE and Target are also getting into carrying Sonic shirts. GKWorld & BioWorld may also be getting into shirts as well!
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Japanese text vertical blue shiny ink Sonic A cool blue offering from TopHeavy. This one uses Japanese text and more of their super shiny reflective blue ink. The text just says "Sonic Sonic the Hedgehog" , but it is written vertically. The inset shows the shiny ink, but you should beware of washing the shirt, as this ink is fragile. The design is cool and dynamic, with a lesser-used art piece and nice large text. The blue border to Sonic & the logo is regular blue ink, not shiny. It is difficult to see in the photo, but though Sonic is gray, his eye is green. This shirt is in the SonicGear collection. Available at Sears in summer/fall 2010
Shadow Flaming Spade 2nd Edition Tee This is the 2nd instance of Shadow in a spade design. The first one appeared on a red long-sleeve double tee, also by Top Heavy. However, this one uses different art for Shadow, as he is standing in a dynamic side-view pose. The spade has more flames inside, and also seems to use more glitter on the flames. They have added a modern style Sonic logo to the bottom. The original Shadow Spade was VERY popular, so if you didn't get it, this is a great chance to pick up a similar design! This shirt is in the SonicGear collection. Available at Sears in summer/fall 2010
Sonic Gang portrait variety black FYE t-shirt This shirt is titled "Sonic Gang" and is available at FYE stores in summer/fall 2010. It's nice and bold with 9 color portraits in large squares. It is likely also the first shirt to feature Jet the Hawk. It's good to see Silver, Cream, Cheese and Eggman getting some face-time as well. Because it is an FYE item, it is available in all sizes, so it should fit you. The tag just says "Sonic the Hedgehog" there isn't a maker associated with it (odd) This shirt is in the SonicGear collection.
Running Sonic & portrait panels tee Another nice one by Top Heavy, this time filled with good fresh art! No matter how many tees you already have, this one will look new among them. A nice big running Sonic side view headlines the shirt, and the two blue-scale panels also contain some seldom-used art. The bottom one has Sonic stopping or falling, as his spikes are flipped almost to the front of his head. Japanese text ("Sonic") is added for a bit of interest. If you're jaded to Sonic shirts, this one may be your solution. This shirt is in the SonicGear collection. Available at Sears in summer/fall 2010 in the boys/teens area so there are plenty of sizes.
Kohls Modern Sonic Cotton Tee Here's a Kohls shirt, in adult sizes. It's likely to be a Kohls exclusive, as most things that appear there, appear only there. It has modern SA1 style Sonic, but uses the distress/fake-wear on the design & modern logo. It's different from most shirts, in that it uses cap-sleeves instead of regular. It is 100% cotton and should be $20.00. Good for if you don't have anything like it already, and great if you need a larger/tall size, as you can see the cut is a little different from the TopHeavy tees above. Photographed & owned by Mr Mackey
Knuckles Sonic Shadow gray tee shirt A different combination of characters makes for a cool shirt. This one features Sonic, Knuckles & Shadow, all with their 'tough' poses on. The modern logo tops it off, and it does not use any sort of 'fake wear' or gimmickry to try and make it 'cooler' the shirt itself is mottled charcoal tone, which does not 'loose' Shadow in the background, while still showing off the other character colors. You can see the tag here (very plain) it's another of those rather anonymous "Sonic Logo" tags that doesn't explain much. This should retail around 16.99, but where can you find it? (It's known to be on Amazon, but it should also be retailing somewhere) Discovered by Brandy
Red Lines Modernist Sonic Tee This is another stand-out tee, with its bright red color and modernist abstract background. The background is mostly a collection of black lines and a somewhat grunge/faded checkering, but they're split with a triangle. Sonic appears to be jumping in front of it all, and they've chosen the rather dynamic super-recent 2010 stock art, which fits really well here. You'll also notice that it doesn't have the cloth or paper tag, they've opted for printing the logo into the back of the shirt instead. (It's in gray, and can be seen here) is this a Top Heavy item? Where is it sold? Write in for credit if you've found this interesting shirt. It is available in the SonicGear Clothing Page (But should be sold at retail elsewhere...Amazon can't be the only ones to have this)
Super Sonic Sears Double Tee
This is a double-sleeve tee found at Sears in fall/winter 2010. It has a black tee, but with white under-sleeves. What's so unique is...that it's their first shirt to feature Super Sonic! They've chosen a nice CG shot of him too, with energy swirls and effects around him. The graphic is nice and large as well, and since it's a first, he looks quite fresh. This shirt MAY not be widely distributed. It has not been seen at every Sears. If you see this, by all means, grab it, as it is likely to end up uncommon. (It's a first, and it's well designed) Should be located in the boys/teens area. You can also shop at TopHeavy Clothing Online now. Photo by LuckyLadybug.
Sketchy Chao Sonic Tee This shirt brings a unique look to your collection with its sketchy lines. Peace sign Sonic takes up the whole front of the shirt, & it's interesting they decided to throw in a chao. It's just some random neutral chao (not Cheese or anything) flying around beside him. Chao are seldom featured on anything, making this one interesting to see. The 'shading' in the background is meant to look pencilled in, if you get a close view. The printing in the collar seems to say "Sonic" but the designer name isn't revealed. (original photo too small) do you know what company made this shirt? Write in for credit.
Pink Classic Style Sonic Girls Tee Another shirt meant just for Girls, this time in pink. The dull pink hue of the shirt doesn't particularly go well with the red for Sonic's shoes, however it does make it stand out in a collection. (This may be the first/only pink Sonic shirt made) The design is 'fake-wear' weathered look of large classic 'arm cross' Sonic stock art. The classic logo sits at an angle beside him. This should be seen at Spencers Gifts in winter 2010, it may also be available on their website.
Top Heavy Toddler Yellow Tee This is a nice modern looking yellow Sonic tee. The yellow is a nice contrast (and there aren't too many yellow shirts) The blue & white shapes in the background add some interest. The curious thing about this shirt, is that it's a toddler tee & only appears in tiny sizes. Odd to see because the 'small line' didn't do all that well with Sonic X, because real Sonic fans come in ALL sizes not just 'tiny'. Ok to collect, but no good to wear, this is found in 2011. Discovered by A Cat.
Classic Style Sonic Bath Robe Another unusual item, here is the Sonic Bath Robe. It's classically styled, with various older stock arts scattered around as a pattern. It's made of fuzzy blue cloth to keep you warm when leaving the shower or bath. It IS in an adult size (1 size fits all) and has a belt. This can be found at FYE in winter 2011. It can be either 19.99 or 11.99 (depending on sales) As you can see, it's simply packaged with a card-band that has the logo & a picture of the item. Photographed & owned by Taaron
FYE Sonic Shadow Japan Name Shirt This black tee may be an exlcusive to FYE stores. It's nicely designed though, with good big graphics for Sonic & Shadow. It uses the newer 2011 art for both of them, in some kind of dynamic gesture pose. The text says "Sonic Sonic the Hedgehog" in Japanese, but this time the font curves slightly to add a bit of interest. It should be priced around 16.99 , and comes in mens/adult sizes so anyone can wear it. Photographed & owned by: sonicmaniac23
Rush Adventure Jolly Rodger Promo Shirt This is a promotional shirt for Sonic Rush Adventure on the DS. Like the Jolly Roger flag it's meant to resemble, the shirt is black. Instead of the traditional skull & crossbones, it uses a white version of the SonicTeam Sonic face logo, and some stylized bones. The effect is nice, very pirate-flag-like! It's too bad this shirt wasn't made in larger quantities. This was auctioned off by Sega to raise money for the Japan Earthquake victims in 2011.
Rectangle Icons Faces Shirt The interesting twist to this modern looking shirt, is that it reduces the faces to small portions, showing each only through a small rectangle icon. The shirt is mottled gray, with gray modern Sonic logo. Everyone here looks annoyed, except for Sonic. You get Sonic, Knuckles, Shadow & Silver. Great to see Silver on a shirt again, as he can be a bit seldom-used. This interesting shirt doesn't really look like any before it, so it'll stand out in a collection. Where can you find this? What company makes it? Write in if you know! Discovered by SonicBoy19
Partners in Crime Ladies Sonic Tails Tee
Here is another shirt that's fitted for ladies. Notice how it closes in at the waist, and is extra long. It has "Partners in Crime" (yea...crimes against Eggman maybe) in a handwriting style font, written around modern Sonic & Tails art. They look rather dynamic as a pair, among the lettering on the aqua shirt. This is available in adult sizes from Hot Topic in the USA. It appears in spring 2011, and should be about 22 to 24 dollars (slightly pricey, but expected from HT) It should also be order-able online from their website as well as at , if you can't find a HotTopic. Discovered by Tabbo Amber Hedgehog
More fun & stylish items await on Sonic Clothing USA 11 !