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Modern Only Sonic Electronics
Either with batteries or electricity, these Sonic items can entertain. This page showcases ONLY modern style electronics. The other pages have a mixture, but this page is all about current things with post-Sonic Adventure styles or themes. This page also includes electronics accessories, like game cases, skins or special styluses. For interesting Sonic electronics or stuff to make your items cooler with Sonic style, this is the page to see.
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Cable Guys Modern Sonic Holder Finally, in 2023, Cable Guys gets the modern Sonic license. (Why did it take them so long to get it? It's a bit of a mystery because modern characters make more sense for modern systems which these things hold)
Of course, the first controller-holder figure they choose is Modern Sonic, seen here with a Playstation controller. These are weighted/tilted properly to hold most electronics including video game controllers, phones, and more. (So, the character always looks like it is leaning back a little in its pose, when not holding the item)
This uses their usual open front box design. It is at Target, but it might be a Target exclusive?
In person, the eye color part for him might be a little small making him slightly off model looking and the head may not be a smooth as this picture. It's not a huge deal, but it also isn't a perfect item, especially at 30 dollars which is the price when it appears in spring 2023.
Blue White Checker Switch Case Sonic Taking your Switch on the go? Protect it in Sonic style with this official case. It's a rubbery semi-hard-sides zipper edge case with nylon carry handle on top. It has a blue & white theme with modern logo, white checkers, and Sonic's name spelled out in Japanese (it says 'the hedgehog' at the bottom in the small print) The main design is this 'sideways spikes' forward facing modern Sonic head
which takes up the whole left side with a determined look. This is a spring 2023 release.
Uncanny Brands Mini Sonic Waffle Iron Fun and interesting!
It's the first official Sonic Waffler! This is Uncanny Brands Sonic Mini Waffle Iron. Uncanny Brands goes all around aquiring licenses for loads of different franchises, and in Summer 2023, they got a modern Sonic license. The mini waffle iron has a yellow bottom (resemble a ring) and the top is dark blue with various arts for Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy scattered all over, with emeralds and rings. The modern logo is in the middle.
Of course, the waffles it makes have to have a fun Sonic face on there...and they've chosen a good one/stock art to make the custom steel/non-stick coated 'grid'. Each waffle comes out with a Sonic on one side. This should be about 27.99, and will be at Amazon, Target & Walmart (eventually) but it is a good idea to try and buy it in person because online
the shipping is always pretty costly. (Metal thing is heavy)
Opinion zone:
Stuff like this is super fun. Who wouldn't want Sonic waffles while watching Sonic cartoons? Any Sonic appliance is an automatic must-have.
Headphones Sonic Sakar Brand Sakar, a headphones/electronics company that has many brands, aquires a modern license and makes a pair with an error.
These are the "Sonic Over Ear Kids Headphones". They're wired headphones with clear thought put into the design. The ear pads are gold rings, and look for the row of rings on the headband top too. There are forward-facing rubber semi-3d Sonic facies on each of the ear pieces.
Did you spot the error?
This ear interior is not colored in. They clearly have the color (lower face), so what happened here? This is a factory photo, so it might be a prototype...but it looks like it just got missed somehow. This entry will be updated if it is proven either way. Do notice they got the Sega copyright, it appears under the band near the head top pad. These are on Amazon and are 20 dollars, which is reasonable for something like this.
Power A Switch Controller Power A Sonic Game Switch Case Power-A , a company who has had the Sonic license before, updates with some Nintendo Switch items. All 3 appear at the same time, BUT the UK area will get them first in late summer 2023. They're expected in the USA in Fall 2023. Power-A reliably sells to both areas online and at retail.
The color scheme for all the items is the same, blue with yellow/jagged lines and screen tone dots with a different action art of Modern Sonic. The controller is wired only, and has running Sonic, the switch games wallet style nylon case has kick Sonic and the Switch system case has figure 8 peel out Sonic. It's a firm/foam sides zipper case with top handle.
Power A Switch System Case
The wallet style game case has a velcro closure and flips open like a trifold wallet would. It has transparent pockets for 24 different games inside.

*Remember: folders like this really put "all the eggs in 1 basket": unless you really know what's up, games come in hard plastic individual cases for a reason--don't keep 100s of dollars worth of stuff in 1 tiny spot...usually.

UK: , USA:

RealMZ Switch Corded Controllers 3 The company Real MZ comes onto the scene strong with a showing of 3 different corded Switch controllers. Each has a different character theme so you can choose Sonic, Tails or Knuckles. The buttons are mostly themed to that characters' color
as is the wire. Sonic is pictured on Emerald Hill, Tails is in the Seaside Zone and Knuckles is in Sky Sanctuary. Each one also features a badnick on the opposite corner. If you look carefully there are slogans behind Tails & Knuckles, but not Sonic. (Time to Fly & No Time For Games, respectivly) Each controller should retail for 40 dollars and will likely be at Amazon, Bestbuy and probably Gamestop.
Figure 8 Switch Case w/Stand MIB Here is a Nintendo Switch firm-sides padded case...
And it seems to be pretty unbranded. The maker-company isn't listed anywhere on this exterior box, nor inside. This case has a 'figure 8 peel out' theme, but this time it's mostly blue with a row of rings, some background shapes, and the modern logo at the bottom.
The case comes with that blue Sonic branded (rings, silouette face) plastic pop up Switch Stand (seen at bottom right) and some generic yellow and blue silicone thumb stick cover/toppers. The interior of the case has a mesh area to store games or items. It zips closed.
Where was this originally sold? As you can see here it was at TJMaxx for 14.99 , which isn't a bad price at all--but they don't tend to get original things, they're more a clear-er of older items from other stores.
The case itself feels quality, the double yellow zipper is set in protective red strip, and the handle is flexible/comfortable. It's a good deal, if you can find it. This is in the Sonicgear collection
PDP Realmz Figure Controller Another controller type from Real MZ?
It seems so, and this is for the Switch too (as seen on controllers by them above on this page) but it is not wired, and has a new gimmick as well.
This time, the controller is transparent and the 'scene' is sandwiched in the middle, but there's also a real 3D figure of Sonic in the hand grip part. So, it's a controller complete with minifigure!
Why they have put it in a fern is unknown. You can see it's like a sort of deluxe edition of the other, with the Chopper fish on the other side and the Green Hilly background/same button colors. This is a fun idea, so long as they've chosen a good mini figure that looks good from any angle & that it is securely fixed in there so even if the controller vibrates or somebody shakes it up it won't cause an issue. This is a factory photo in a fern.
Power A Sonic Style Xbox Controller The prolific company Power-A, returns in fall of 2023 with another Sonic controller for the Xbox. This is a wired one that seems to be called "Sonic Star Style Xbox Controller". And, the name is appropriate, as it has a fun theme of blue stars. The background is all bent checkers of blue/dark blue, with a fade applied to make it look a bit '3d'. Pointing away modern Sonic is on the left side, with a large star behind him, and a scattering of smaller stars. He's full color, and fits well between the buttons so none of the art looks disrupted or cut off. It's a good size, and the stars on the top & right help the design to look complete. It's nice and Sonic styled without being too busy. This is Power A's factory photo.
ASRock Sonic Computer Interior ASRock Sonic Motherboard Box ASRock is back with more Sonic themed computer interior now you can play Sonic ON the computer with Sonic themed motherboard IN the computer too. Of course, this is for one of those glass sides PCs where the
interior working parts have lights, gizmos and art all around, a designer PC that is built by the user. You can see the nice details they've added such as a fully shaded ring picture, modern name in 1 corner, blue & silver color theme, a silouette face & the other side has running white line art Sonic & the logo. The box is also nice with great art/ a simple and modern look. The edge, where you plug everything into, also has a logo & some blue stripes so it matches as well.
This has clearly had good thought and nice design work put into it. It's classy and there are plenty of Sonic elements everywhere. It would look good inside the special PC.
(A curious question: eventually this will be obsolete after a number of years...would it then be removed and added to a dispaly somewhere? What happens to special PCs items once the hardware is too old to what's needed?)
Sonic Phone Stand Burlington Here is a Sonic phone stand.
It doesn't actually do anything, it's just a plastic thing that makes the phone sit up at an angle. Maybe it's to set the phone on something while it is on the charger cord? Or to hold it up while you're watching something at home? Either way, it is quite inexpensive at only 4 dollars at Burlington Coat Factory stores in Fall 2023.
But look what happens when you put the phone on it: you can't even see that it's Sonic, particularly. Usually stands such as this have some sort of gimmick so that they look good with or without the phone on them but this one dosn't seem to. It's kind of an odd item, but it's inexpensive enough if you've got a use for it.
Popsockets Superstars Sonic Set Accessorize your phone Super Stars Style with this set!
Sonic Super Stars release brings this set of 8 fun Popsockets phone handles. You stick this to the back of the phone case to make it easier to hold & safer. The button pops up or down to let your finger under it.
You can choose
A scene from the Superstars game box cover, Sonic on blue, Tails on orange flying, fist up Knuckles on red, Piko hammer Amy on pink, Dr. Eggman in egg o matic on red, Fang portrait on purple, and Trip portrait on green. Opinion Zone: the Trip one is the cutest
Deluxe Cable Guys Classic Sonic Light Cable Guys Co is going deluxe!
They're re-releasing their popular Classic Sonic Cable Guys controller or phone holder as a new special edition that now also holds your headphones. This new one adds a classic logo to the base, decorated base with 16 bit style grass, checkers and rings, a GHZ background & logo for the headphone holder part and 3 USB charging ports (when you plug this in) It is ALSO illuminated. So, it really does live up to the deluxe name. It is also higher priced because it is actually electronic & not just an accessory, so it is 63 dollars. This is a factory photo.
Superstars Acrylic Stand Bonus Item
If you pre-ordered Sonic Superstars in the USA, you would get this buildable Acrylic Stand. It comes in 3 pieces/flat pack so you put it together for a bit of a 3D look. The acrylic is pretty thick, and it feels good quality. This is a fun little bonus. It is in the SonicGear collection.
Cable Guys Shadow Controller Holder MIB Cable Guys continues with their modern license with Shadow: the logical choice.
He's the most popular modern-only character so it makes perfect sense to add him right after modern Sonic. And, he looks very good, both in and out of the box. Notice that his base is detailed this time (unlike most of their classics) it has City Escape red/gray detailing around the border. He is quite sturdy feeling and this is a heavy piece--it's not going to tip over with your phone. Some larger phones with bumper cases/hardcases DO hit the nose of the figure, or rest against the end of the nose, though. (not a big deal) This is in the SonicGear collection
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