Display Figures Title Card
If tt's not an action figure. It's not a statue...it's a Display Figure! These non-actioning figures are like little statues you can collect. Not particularly 'toys' they can be made of resin, PVC, hard plastic or other materials that hold detail well. Usually they're in cases or on bases, all the better for displaying.
This is an international page. The figures here can be from any country, and it will be noted near each one where it's from. Especially with more modern figures (Like First4Figures) the item may be produced in a certain country and mostly advertised there (ex. the USA) however since they're sold over the web, they ship anywhere in the world, making the items available to all.
The "International" approach to Sonic items is really the best one, because Sonic fans live everywhere on Earth and everyone wants an opportunity to collect.
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S-Fire Duo Sonic Shadow Display Figure A new display figure company (new to Sonic, that is) is on the scene with an exciting new large diorama type figure. This is the SFire Duo Sonic & Shadow display figure. S-Fire gives this a crumbled/cracked pavement/street base with big parts sticking up. They use semi-transparent plastic for the swirls of energy/trails around Shadow (orangeish) and Sonic (blue with white) They're in 'ready for action' poses from Sonic Adventure 2. (Notice that Sonic has the Soap-Shoe design) The expressions are decent, everything is very on-model, and it looks dynamic. They did use metallic gold paint for Shadow's glove/shoe rings. This looks great, but it is costly at over 350 dollars as it is large & quality.
Funko Pop Shadow 2 Pack Glow SDCC This isn't a magazine picture for Funko Pop new Shadow 2 pack...it's actually a billboard! This billboard appeared at SDCC in 2023, to announce their latest figures which also glow in the dark.
Sold as a 2 pack with stands, so that it'll look like he's gliding/floating, each version of the character has a different pose. The glow in the dark is also a fun addition. (It's too bad these things are just still as creepy as ever)
Not currently known if this 2 pack is a SDCC exclusive, or if it will appear elsewhere. Also, why is he depicted in front of a pine forest? That's orange-toned? Billboard backgrounds aside, price information pending to this entry.
Buildable Amy Rose Figure Boxed At last, here's the Buildable Amy from Just Toys.
She did end up being the rarest of the 5 characters on their first wave. (Far from the supposed 'girls curse' this one seems it was the most in-demand)
She has 4 different arms, just like everybody else so you can mix and match for more looks. Of course, one of them has her Piko Hammer. The others, the hand is doing various poses. One of the arms is hidden in the bottom of the box. With her smaller nose, she's at less risk of getting hit by the box/smear the paint. Her expression is good, but it's a bit harder to see
it with how she is placed in the box.
Recomendation: If you see this figure buy it, because for whatever reason it has been uncommon from the start & the fans do want it. It is likely to go up in price later.
Funko Soda Tails After the (apparent) success of their Funko Soda Figure Sonic, they move on to make Soda Tails Figure. And, as with the Sonic one, there's a chance that the figure could be the flocked/fuzzy chase figure (bottom right) The gimmick is that the display figure is hidden in the retro style soda can packaging.
However...because it's Funko...the figure is slightly 'chibi' but has that blank stare kind of odd look about it. (Look how cute the tails art is on the can, why couldn't it look like that?) It's well sculpted...but why doesn't he have enough fingers? Also the 'flocked' one there is a piece of CG, it's not an actual photo of what you'd get.
Modern Buildable Knuckles Here is Knuckles from the Modern Craftables Wave 2 figures.
This is the set where the bases all can snap together to form a scene if you get all of the different characters despite their efforts with blind-boxing. Knuckles is posed doing a 3-point landing on a...circle of wood that is somehow in the striped grass of the rest of the scene. His pose is nicely dynamic, as whoever they have working on these DOES capture subtle details in poses well (As evidenced with their Amy & etc) They also don't shorten character limbs for convenience, which makes it look more like the games. His outreach arm is long, the fists are good/big, and his back shoe is bent. His expression is normal/determined.
To put him together you have to put the arms and head on, then snap him to the wood base and snap that into the grass. What's that big black line on the head? It's the model number to him...this usually goes under a foot so it doesn't disrupt the look of the figure but...somehow it's back there on him.
The box is their usual (annoying) blindbox, and it shows you the other characters you can get, for a total of 5. At about 10 each, you'd have to spend about 50 getting them all...about as much as a new video game. And that's IF you never draw a duplicate.
Palverse Pale Pallet Sonic Figure A display figure from a bit of an oddly named Japan only company "Palverse Pale".
All of (or a lot of) the company's figure are depicted on a paint pallet with colors corrisponding to that of some of the colors found on the figure. In this case, Sonic is sliding on it, kicking up paint in a splash. It's modern Sonic, with a good dynamic pose, and the base is large enough that you can tell right away exactly what it is. Notice there is a tube of oil paint shown behind him as well. However, do you see something that's amiss?
His eyes are brown instead of green. Because the brown is so dark/close to the black it looks a little confusing as to modern/classic Sonic eyes. Why did they do it? (Cost savings against a single color of paint?) Is this a proto photo? This is a Japan Exclusive item, so if you're anywhere else, you'll need to use an importer to get it. Discovered by Taaron
Buildable Amy Figure Turn Arounds Here's what buildable Amy looks like out of the box, and this also reveals the hidden arm that's in the bottom of the box.
She's pretty good, especially because they manage to balance her with the heavy (it's not hollow) hammer accessory & also without it. Notice the red dots on the tops of the arms? These are so that they are the 'cap' of the sleeve of the dress: it's good planning and really does help complete the look.
But what doesn't? She does have her tail, but she's missing the mini-shorts or whatever that is that she does wear beneath the skirt. Then, in the same photo if you look under her spikes, her head is beige back there instead of pink like it's supposed to be. It isn't a big deal because no one displays the figure upside-down, but it is a little odd.
Her expression is good, and the sculpt & paint all seem on-par with the other figures. The hand poses are open, hammer, gesturing and fist, which can all mix/match and look good.
Even well after release (in Dec 2023 & Jan 2024) she is still the least common of these on store shelves, so if you see her, do get her.
First 4 Figures Amy Statue Display Figure First 4 Figures announces: Amy!
Amy Rose fans will rejoice because F4F has finally added an Amy display figure/statue to their premium lineup of really amazing display figures. This photo shows the difinitive edition of the statue which will likely have some kind of lighting feature because all of the previous ones had one.
It has her doing a cute pose with her piko hammer and her favorite chao which has (of course) changed to look like her. There are also 3 neutral chaos around her, one shaking the maraca instrument, and 2 who are relaxing. The base is grass with a little plateau for them to stand on. It isn't big on action, but it's big on charm as there's plenty of detail, her expression is (of course) spot-on, and the chao being there add cuteness.
More details will be added/other photos as they are found.
POP Prototype Amy Eggman Metal Sonic Here are 3 more Funko POP figures that are coming in 2024.
(It didn't get to prototypes because when POP releases these images the figures always come out pretty much exactly like this--the next photos for these will be them in the box)
Their next figures will be Amy with the piko mallet, floating Metal Sonic & Eggman in an egg-o-matic that has the rockets and hammer attachment. Look at how wierdly similar the Amy pose is to the above F4F one...was this a coincidence? What's going on with it? Odd.
Having MS be 'floating' is good/common, and his pose is also fine. They do indicate he'll have metallic paint. Eggman looks (probably) the best because he is the least stylized (of the Sonic characters) and thus the POP-ification makes him more 'cartoony' without getting super odd. Having him in a vehicle is also good/different.
AAA Anime Super Sonics POPs Ring Scatter Sonic Pop 918 POP Shadow Super 2 Pack Glow
New year, new POPs...
How are they this prolific? I guess if everything has to be pops there might as well be even more Sonic pops from Funko. Coming to 2024 will be 2 different Super Sonics from AAA Anime collaboration and one of them has a shiny finish (as indicated by that gold dot there on the box) But they're both numbered 923, so
you can't just collect this one by the number as you can others. Next, they will do Ring Scatter Sonic, where the figure is in the 'ring loss' position/sprite from the game and there are rings around him/holds it up off the base. That dead-eyed little gollum expression is trying to look shocked/etc but...does it? It is number 918.
After that will be a Shadow 2 pack POP with both of them having a stand for 'floating' position. The super Shadow will have the yellowish portion to glow in the dark. This one doesn't seem to have a number. Notice that this is the one from the SDCC billboard seen above on this page.
Forever Clever Amy Figure & Cards MOC Forever Clever (who has made Sonic things before) returns with "Mini Figures" that come with collector cards. These are slightly larger than the Jakks Pacific small line figures, and are carded extremely similarly. (Did JP give them the box back design? It's so close you could mistake it for a Jakks item) As promised, each figure comes with 2 mystery cards (Same cards for same figure) and they are foils.
This shows Amy, but you can also get Sonic, Tails, Shadow, Eggman & Knuckles. (Eggman must love this box back! He's gigantic and looks like the star of the show!) Amy is in a fun 'thumbs up' pose, and her 2 cards are herself, and Cheese the Chao (I guess they were sure they'd never get to Cream...)
This was found discounted at Burlington Coat Factory
but that's clearly not where it was supposed to be: that's more of a 'clearing store' which means it was somewhere else first and that doesn't mean 'in a scalper's bin on ebay'. But where were these released? What was their original price? It's a quality item for 3 dollars and would probably still be a deal at 5 or 6, because the cards are nice quality too. Amy stands well & her paint applications are normal/good. She has 'center smile' and the mouth is painted red which is somehow slightly odd? (Can't put finger on why) This/this line is probably still good to get--if you can find it in 2024. This is in the Sonicgear collection
Forever Clever Amy Figure Cards Turns ...and here's what she looks like out of the box, and it reveals what cards she comes with. (All the figures always have the same cards with them, so that they are always appropriate for who you get)
Amy's cards are (of course) herself, with CG peace-sign pose and Cheese the Chao. And...the cards are actually quite nice in person but because they are a type of somewhat rainbow-reflective foil the camera apparently really hates them so this picture is not great. The figure itself is nice for the price, with good sculpting all the way around.
The 'center smile' mouth red line is more obvious here (Can't place finger on what's slightly off about it???) The paint for her sock tops is a bit thin (red is bleeding thru) and she has no mini-shorts under the skirt painted on, but her tail is sculpted on. In all, it's still a good deal for the price.