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Action figure lines come & go, and sometimes it's better to buy online (like here) while others it's better to go to an offline retail store. However, online will usually have the figures available for a longer period of time & is less likely to sell out. As the figures become unavailable they'll be removed from this page (but can always be seen in the regular gallery areas here) As new figures are released, they'll be added. "As an Amazon Associate this site earns from qualifying purchases."
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Here are the "morphed" figures with Tails, Metal Sonic, classic Sonic & Knuckles. The 'morphed' just means they're extra little with big heads (chibi type) This was one of the last few lines Jazwares did. If you want them, it's important to get them before the price goes up since Boom stripped the license away from Jazwares. Remember, these are SMALL figures, smaller than the 3.75 small line, and the prices here are between 9 and 13 dollars a figure. They're also display figures so they don't action.
This is Tomy's pearl/metallic set classic Sonic Tails Knuckles mini figures WITH the collectible character coins (they don't show in this preview photo/click to see them) These are ONLY else at Toys R Us so if you don't have that store in your area, this is a good way to get them because it's the same price as in the store. This is the Jazwares Sonic Generations celebration display figure / mini statue on the gold ring base. Somehow, it's still at the original price of 19.99, which is good, seeing how old it is. This is in the SonicGear collection & is worthwhile, it's a well sculpted piece with good quality paint. It's a recomended item.
Here are Tomy's Gacha machine build-able figures. They were either gacha or blindboxed when they appeared in stores. This seems to be sold by Tomy itself, so with this button you get all of the different characters without doubles right away. It's better than guessing in store. The Jazwares BIG 10 inch Sonic.
As he's quite a large item, as well as older now in 2016, this is likely the last of him. Naturally, any listing for this will be expensive compared to original retail.
Here are the single-small-card versions for several of the Jazwares 3.5 line figures. These smaller and less-fancy pacakged figures were some of the last from their line. Their later release means they're still available for a while at least, now in 2016. Of course, they're all way more costly than retail when they were new. From left to right are:
Sonic, Silver, Metal Sonic, Amy Rose Modern (who is sometimes on sale),& Werehog Sonic.
Jazwares fuzzy mini figures set. These are very tiny flocked figures & this is the only set they made. Do note that these are out of production, whatever's here is the last of it as JW can't make these any more. Big & Froggy 2-Pack. This wasn't very popular in stores when it came out because Big doesn't have a lot of fans, but, the price here indicates that he got fairly rare. This was Jazwares' only release of Big.
Here are Jazwares' "Comic 2-Paks" where you got a random issue of the Archie Sonic Comic paired with 2 of their 3.75 line figures. These display pretty well MIB, especially if you already had the comic/no need to open it to read it. At far left is the Knuckles & Espio pack, Classic Sonic & Amy (maybe the only way left to get her), Shadow & Silver with the exclusive shimmer hi-spec paint (surprising there's any of this left),
Sonic & Black Knight Sonic (right) and Shadow (left) are considered some of Jazwares' best works because of their excellent handling of all the armor detail, glowing sword, and maintaining articulation. If the Silver ever appears for sale, it will appear to the right of this text. Expect high prices though because they've been out of production so long & are unique.
Super Posers Shadow (left) and Sonic (middle) with Super Shadow (right) were not re-sculpted by Jazwares, so they still have the inferior Toy Island sculpts but better paint. Sadly, Jazwares never got to do these figures justice with a real good sculpt.
Sonic Riders figures.
These were some of Jazwares' last figures but they'll likely end up rare since it includes unique/1 time only characters. From the left is Storm Albatross, Wave Swallow, & Jet Hawk. Jet's price will vary because he's the most popular of the figures but also the least rare.
Classic JW Sonic with light up emeralds. This is larger than their 3.75 line & was released later so this one is lingering as it was more expensive to start. Either 19.99 or 24.99 in stores when new. This is the really high quality Good Smile Co. Sonic Nendoroid figure. It comes from Japan, with loads of quality accessores in a big box. That's why it's pretty expensive at 50 bucks. You likely won't find it for less since GoodSmile sets the price.
Here are all 3 of the Funko POP sort of oddly styled 'classic' Sonic Tails Knuckles mini display figures. If it hasn't shown up in stores near you, you can get it for an average price with this link. (Should be around 9.99 or so) The whole "POP" line from Funko features figures that are mini size with big heads & dots for eyes. Funko does several licenses worth of these figures.
Sonic, Knuckles & Tails "Wacky Wobblers"
These are bobble-head figures. The head is on a little spring, so when the table/car/shelf that the figure is on shakes, the the figure will nod & sway its head. The figures themselves have decent enough sculpts & since the Sonic characters are all supposed to have big heads anyway, the 'bobble head' nature is not totally out of place here. These are older now, so do watch the pricing.
These are the First 4 Figures Sonic STATUE big figures as seen on Gear Display Figures. F4F doesn't really distribute super well (sometimes these can be found in comic book stores etc....but its iffy) so they are added here for convenience.
These are big, quality statue figures, some with light up features. They are costly to begin with (over $200 each, from the F4F factory) so they will never appear inexpensivly. Super Sonic, Tails, Shadow, Eggman on the top row.
Knuckles, & The Tornado Plane.
First 4 Figures Vinyls
As well as the high end statues above, F4F also produced 3 vinyl display figures for classic Sonic, Tails & Knuckles. The Knuckles doesn't appear here because he sold out long ago.
At left is Knuckles Die Cast Mini Sega All Stars Racer. It's the less-common metal version of him in his Landbreaker vehicle from the game. (There were several versions of him released, this is the only metal one)
Sega & Sonic All Stars Racing Items Above
All Stars Racing gave an opportunity for much merch with the characters' cars. Above should be Knuckles Landbreaker remote control vehicle NKOK, Shadow motorcycle remote control, Sonic in light up car w/remote control, racers *Transformed* Tails mini car (the sequel), & Transformed Sonic mini car. The last 2 should have "pull back n go" action.
More All Stars!
Pull back n go Landbreaker, die-cast metal Tails plane, Erector/Meccano Set Knuckles (simple building kit lets you build the landbreaker), Erector Speed Star Sonic build a car, & Knuckles Landbreaker big battery vehicle. This last one isn't remote control, it's a rolling / light up / sound larger size battery powered toy.