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This page has only MODERN (post-Sonic Adventure-era) plush dolls.
This page will have a focus on 2013-2015 plushes, likely from GE Entertainment, Nanco Nancy. With plushes showing up at offline retail stores and online at more places like Amazon & Target, (and Toys R US too) plush availability seems to be on the rise. Sonic Boom plushes will NOT appear here, as they have their own seperate page.
25th Anniversary Tomy Big Sonic Plush Here's Tomy's biggest Sonic plush yet:
The 25th Anniversary Celebration large size plush doll. He's packaged in the usual cardboard 'seat' which leaves most of the doll exposed. The box has a rather cool 'pixel edge' thing going along the corner there.
The doll ok. It's not amazing, but it's not terrible. The nose is super tiny/thin, the ear-borders are also very thin. The hands are an ok size but the finger structure is a little simplistic (when GE can do better) The expression/eyes seem ok, as does the body/feet size for classic Sonic.
Photos will be needed of back/out of the box to truly know if the plush is worth the 24.99 price tag you see here in Toys R Us in Summer/Fall 2016. Photo by Taaron
Shiny Velvety Tomy Classic Style Dolls All 3 toys in this area have so far only been found at Toys R US stores in the USA.
Tomy makes shiny, velvety small dolls! Here is their 25th Anniversary celebration line of classic style plushes. (But where's Tails? He was sold out!) Each doll is made of a new fabric that has a velvet-like shine & texture to it. Each doll is made almost completely from it, so the eyes/faces/hair/shoes all shine. They're pretty decent looking, though Sonic is once again missing his ear-borders. Eggman has all his details though, like the big shirt collar/yellow thing (a few somewhat hidden teeth) the big mustache, embroidered glasses & pants buttons. Knuckles' fists are sadly small, but they did mind his shoe details & his head shape seems ok. These smaller dolls appear to be 14.99 here in Toys R Us in Summer/Fall 2016. Photo by Taaron
GE Modern Sonic 12 in Plush GE Entertainment gets a modern license/back?
Apparently so! This 12 inch size modern Sonic plush appears in summer 2016. Because Boom stripped the modern license from most companies, GE may have gotten it back in the summer, or simply never lost it--but only produced classics for quite some time.
As usual, a plush addition by them is a welcome sight. Sonic looks good here, with properly sized hands & (for the most part) feet. His expression is good & all details seem present/in the right place such as ear borders, shoe buckles, socks, glove cuffs & nose. The eyes appear to be decal instead of embroidery or plastic. Once this appears for sale, this entry will update with price/where it's sold.
Tomy Modern 4 Characters Plushes
GE 20 inch Super Sonic First Super Sonic not big enough for you?
Well...GE makes a second, this time at 20 inches! He's still just as super as the first, with all the details remaining, and still in proportion. He's likely to actually be about the same pattern scaled up. Notice the red eyes, this one's a modern plush too, confirming their modern license is back. This one is to be released around the end of 2016, after the success of the first Super Sonic plush. You can see this at GE's website (they don't sell them there though, as GE sells mostly to stores, retailers/bulk) Photo discovered by PatMac
Here are Tomy's modern mid-size character plushes. In the display box in the store, it includes Sonic, Tails, Metal Sonic & Shadow. They're not as bad as Jazwares, but they're not perfect, either. Tails has his mouth open, which is a new expression for him. It's good to see the 'screws' in the sides of Metal Sonic's face. Sonic's face is a tad flat, as is Shadows', whos ears are a bit strangely positioned. Further detail will be revealed once someone gets any of these dolls. These are sold at Toys R Us in 2017, price pending. Photo by SuperSonic Gaming
All photos in this area by BAB Workshop & discovered by Lightening
Build-A-Bear Workshop gets into Sonic?
Yes! In late 2016 / 2017, Build a Bear got a Sonic license & made a pair of modern plushes. BAB specializes in plushes that you stuff yourself in the store, and can then accessorize. They started with teddybears (naturally) but branched out into lots of other plush types/brands. They are good at certain things, like making sturdy plushes that stand up to play, adding accessories & tend to be cute. However, as you can also see here...they're not great at proportion. Sonic is fat & dumpy with a big case of "Big body" and mitten hands & tiny feet. But then, his face is well done in a cute way so it
Notice the ears, espeically for Sonic: they're actually 3D triangles, not the usual flat flap sewn on so they'll stay standing. It's a good touch.
makes him come across more like 'teddy Sonic' which is actually pretty logical for these guys. Tails is more of an accessory, as this plush is a lot smaller & simpler. He has mitten hands with no fingers, & tiny tails. The choice to do "front smile" for him is interesting & his expression looks good enough. The card has exclusive art on the front from the Japanese "Sonic Channel" artists. The back has a facts-sheet with facts like "Tails' name is a pun" and other things you've likely already heard. The symbol on their palm is the BAB logo. Sonic's branding is under his foot in the same way as the Tails has it.
Sonic with his plush ring & art card are an online exclusive at 35 dollars & Tails is 15. (Which, for the size and accessories you get, it's not bad)
The little t-shirt up there? It's 7.00 & you can use it to dress your bears (or bear like creations) in Sonic clothing too so they can also be a fan. Build a Bear goes the extra mile!
GE Charmy the Bee Plush It's Charmy the Bee!
GE does another excellent job making this great Charmy plush. Just look at all the cool detail & good proportions they include. His jacket with zipper, the belt, the zippers on his shoes, his headphones & the detailing around his helmet. The antenna stand up nicely & have the right number of stripes. He has good sized wings, and his head shape seems really well done too. They even got every detail of the little bee logo on his jacket. This plush is a MUST for Chatoix fans!
Charmy MAY be GE's final Sonic plush, as it seems they were stripped of the license starting in April 2017. It's awful news because these dolls are so well done, and this is likely to be the only Charmy plush that gets made. If you don't own it already, head over to Gear Plush Store to pick him up as soon as possible. (Avoid it selling out)
*If any license data changes, entry should be updated.
Tomy Classic Sonic Tails Plush Here are Tomy's Classic Style Sonic & Tails plushes as a fan photo in a store. Hot Topic, to be exact. They look decent enough here. Sonic is posed, with one fist stitched to his hip & the other arm up with a pointing finger. His ears are just flat flaps though & so one's folded forward, the other back. Tails is clearly made after the 'happy forward facing Tails' stock art, as he has an open mouth, and double the eye-shine spots. The 'lines' in his ears (meant to represent the back of his head/ear interiors are a bit out of place here because they're just drawn on, but at least his ears are 3D. The finger detail (its threads) is about as to be expected with plush of this size. Over all, they're pretty cute, nicely classic and seem of an all right quality. But how much do they cost? Photo by Taaron
Sonic Project Plush X Era Doll Here are 2 plushes from th e"Sonic Project" line.
This line was created by none other than "Toy Network", makers of some of the notoriously bad mutant gear plushes. They began operating under Sonic Project around later than the time of Sonic X, but still used the X art for their tags. These 'project' dolls were supposed to be better quality than before but...because it's them...kind of not.
The Sonic has mini/wrong ears & suffers from a bit of 'big body'. However, the hands & feet are nice & large & the head is just fair. The Knuckles has tiny feet but good big / well-formed fists. But then...look at his embroidered eyes...they're not sewn on evenly & he looks strange.
Sonic Project Knuckles Plush
Each one has good and bad points, but they average out to just fair/poor as official plushes go. Probably not all Knuckles have mis-sewn eyes, but getting one like this would be a dissapointment for sure. Fortunately, these older dolls don't show up much any more.
Tomy Shiny Fabric Classic Characters Sonic Tails & Knuckles Dolls.
Here, you can see the first wave of Tomy's classic style plush characters in their new "shiny fabric". This fabric has a bit of a sheen to it, but it's not like that metallic fabric with an actual coating. These begin appearing in spring 2017 & one of the stores you can find them in (seen here) is Books-A-Million. Because BAM is not a dedicated toy store, all their anime & video game dolls will likely be piled together...but without even digging you can spot all 3 here. They're a pretty solid quality looking standard classic type plush of a modest size. The problem though, is the cost: these are likely to be between 15 and 25 dollars for a not-that-big plush that other companies have done many times before. Photo by Taaron
Unstuffed Plush You've heard of stuffed-animal plushes but what about...UN-stuffed?
Here is an example of what happens when all the stuffing is removed from a Tails plush. This is probably a Kelly Toy larger size (Early release before 'noodle leg quality' appeared) but it's difficult to tell in this state. (of course) Sometimes unstuffing a plush is a prudent way to ship it, then the buyer re-stuffs upon recipt--but only for really enormous dolls. Looking at the floor-boards of this photo, you can tell this is a fairly good sized one. It's interesting to see the result. Photo discovered by Pichu97
Unstuffed Toy Network Sonic Who keeps unstuffing these!
Totally-flat Tails above is also a Toy Network plush, as is this Sonic here. This rather large plush has been unstuffed, likely in order to save money in shipping it somewhere. Unlike the Tails though (this one is probably bigger) it has some 'chambers' sewn in, where parts are 'sectioned off' from others. The hands & shoes seem to be the case here. They seem to have picked the filling out of the head, body & arms mostly, though he's not flat like the complete job. Of course, this doll didn't start out looking too super, and losing its poly-fill has only made it worse. Discovered by Esme Marion