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This page has only MODERN (post-Sonic Adventure-era) plush dolls.
This page will have a focus on 2013-2015 plushes, likely from GE Entertainment, Nanco Nancy. With plushes showing up at offline retail stores and online at more places like Amazon & Target, (and Toys R US too) plush availability seems to be on the rise. Sonic Boom plushes will NOT appear here, as they have their own seperate page.
Metallic Blue Toynami Sonic Hello Kitty Hello Kitty's at it again!
This time the Sonic-costume Hello Kitty doll is in metallic blue, with a metallic red bow to top it all off with extra shine.This is the same size & pattern as the previously released large size doll that appeared in 2016. The only real difference is the fabric type used. The Super Sonic one used metallic gold fabric, & a smaller size was also released.
This will cost 40 dollars and is likely to be an event exclusive. This is still being done by Sanrio/Toynami and will appear at the San Diego 2017 Comic Con. It is about 10 inches high. Photo discovered by Taaron
Tomy Metal Sonic Plush's Tomy's effort at Metal Sonic.
This is probably technically a 'Boom' item, but really he's pretty similar, and it's not like the craftsmanship here is much good. It has super long monkey arms, sad bent nose, & tiny odd round feet. Worst of all though are the hands/fingers, first off there aren't enough of them...somehow? Why only 4 fingers? Then, they're so fat and blunt and just odd/cheap looking. It's not like the doll is tiny nor is it inexpensive, it's at least 12.00 for this sad item. It's not quite a 'mutant gear' thing, but really, it's borderline. It's sad to see Tomy with the license, and not even trying to make something good. Photo by Taaron
Laughin' Sonic Odd Tomy Plush Well, you can kind of see what they were going for here...
With Tomy's latest small size Sonic plush. They are trying to make a doll of the classic "Laughin' Sonic" stock art. To capitalize on stock art is nothing new, the Japan plushes of the 90s attempted this as well with stuff like 'hand on hip' posed plushes and the (notorious?) "big finger" plush where he was 'pointing' or 'finger waving'. This one does much better in the finger department, and may be among one of the best with a posed hand.
However...the face, especially the mouth leaves design to be desired. It's giant, it flattens the whole front of his face & just looks kind of odd with that red 'lip line' that's going on. And yes...he's "closing his pupils" with those lines in the eye-white like that, but you can't blame the doll because it's that way in the classic art. However, in a 3D actual object, it looks a little wierd. So this plush really is a struggle for any designer "make it just like the art!" but then, it comes off as a bit odd because not everything in art translates well into an actual item. Still, this is fairly interesting to see. Photo discovered by Pichu97
Fist Tomy Tails Plush
The Tomy "Posed Plush" continues at the end of 2017 with this Tails.
This plush has a raised fist (is it sewn up like that?) and a clearly open mouth. This may be supposed to be 'cheering Tails' stock art, or maybe a flying pose where one hand was a fist? It's hard to tell, but do note that this is Modern Tails instead of classic...which is what they usually do. Is Tomy going to get into modern character plushes? (one could hope) But, from this angle, it doesn't seem too terrible. He doesn't have 'big body', the hands & feet seem an ok size & the head/eyes are all right enough. The mouth may be odd but it's too hard to tell from just this photo. The plush is under 10 inches, but likely to be fairly pricey (because everything they do seems to be, thus far) Photo by Taaron
Toy Network 15 inch Sonic plush Toy Network had...a bunch of different sizes they produced plushes in. This one happens to be their 15 inch size. As with their other sizes (of plain dolls, at least) it's merely ok. He is under-stuffed, as noted by the floppy spikes & wrinkling. All the details are present (blue ear edges included as well as shoe details) and the size is nice...but it just doesn't come across as 'quality' due to the stuffing level & face patterning.
The ears on theirs never stand up to complete the look of the face because they are always simple flat flaps. Here, his eyes are very tall/narrow & use the plastic with color eye-chips instead of embroidery. Photos & owned by Galactem
Fun4All Bendy Wire Pose Doll Here's a plush that's likely to be uncommon. It was made by "Fun4All", who didn't seem to do a lot of Sonic stuff. It was released in 2003 (if at all) however, notice how it has SA1 branding, even though that's a bit late. The gimmick for the doll is that it has bendy wire inside so you can supposedly stand & pose him. It may have even been in the hands, notice how it's sort of 'fist pose' there. You can certainly tell one of the arms is posing a bit. The doll itself however...isn't the best. The feet are really...tall? What's with the horizontal white line?
The "soap shoe" more complex shoe design didn't show up until SA2, if this is what it was trying to go for. They also left off his ear borders. The black marker on the paper tag appears to be some inventory code or something. It's possible that this is a prototype version or something similar. Either way, it's interesting to see. Photos discovered by Pichu97
Tomy Modern Amy Rose Pose Plush
Here's Tomy's modern Amy Rose effort.
She makes her debut in their 'posed plush' line, where each doll is supposed to be mimicing an art pose/character art. In this case, Amy's doing a thumbs up with 1 bent arm & one strait arm. She has a felt for her bangs & ribbon and embroidered eyes/eyelashes & mouth. They're also trying to separate the fingers from the palm area, with some success to define her hands.
Over-all, the plush is ok. It's better than Jazwares earlier effort, but only by a little bit. The ears are flopped forward/just thin flaps, one arm is thicker than the other, her spikes are kind of small, & the dress seems a little small somehow as well? Her expression is cute enough with center-smile, small nose and decent eye shape & position. It isn't the best Amy doll made, but it's really nothing to complain about much either. If she's reasonably priced, it could be an ok collectible in 2018. Photo discovered by Pichu97
Tomy Pose Plush Knuckles Doll Here's Tomy's "Posed Plush" for classic Knuckles. They seem to be trying 'pose plushes' for both the classic & modern line. This doll looks like the fists are stitched together in front to look like the "fist knock" Knuckles art where he's hitting the fronts of his fists together.
The plush is ok, certainly the face is good here, with nothing really out of proportion, good long enough spikes, embroidered details & good size for the nose. The fists are a bit small & the glove cuffs/socks aren't stitched down properly (you can see them lifting away) but with all the other details right & a pose that doesn't look strange/un-proportional, this looks like another good entry into their line. Discovered by Taaron
Tomy 12 inch Metal Sonic Plush
Here's a larger size from Tomy.
This is their 12 inch Metal Sonic plush. He's not a 'posed plush', but should appear during that same release. This doll is decent enough looking. It has the screws for the sides of the mouth, shoulder cuffs, details at the top of the thigh, & properly shaped ears (curved, have borders & are yellow inside instead of beige) The fingers are (as usual) flat felts because they must be sharp looking. The nose is bent sideways here, but that can usually be fixed once he's at home.
This proto-photo from the front has the doll looking rather decent. Will the other views hold up to scruitny? We'll find out once this is released and someone sends in a turn-around. Same with the idea of what price it may be. Discovered by Pichu97
8 Inch Tomy Plush Assortment 6 Dolls Here is another page from the Tomy Toy preview catalog for 2018 releases. These are their intended 8 inch plush dolls. It's not exactly a prototype, & the Amy's already been seen, so it's pretty safe to say this is what the dolls will look like.
Sonic has 1 hand in a fist, the other with a pointing finger & so does Eggman. Eggman's kind of short/stumpy & has a really big mustache for some reason. He's not extremely on model, but looks fairly ok. Amy's been covered above. Somehow classic Super Sonic sneaks into the all modern line-up here and.....he doesn't look that great. With tiny hands in fists, a bit of 'big body' going on, what really gets him is the way too small, pointy eyes & almost shrivelled small spikes that don't look to be standing up much at all. SS's signature feature is being yellow & having 'up' spikes that are quite different. Vector's next and, while he's not as good as GE Entertainment's he does seem to have all his details like glove cuffs, shoes, & chain. He's posed with a 'thumbs up' just like Amy.
A Neutral Chao is always nice to have, & this one looks good here. It has the yellow tips for the limbs & a good fade on the head. It seems like a real solid effort.
If these are priced right, they should do pretty well. The strongest offering here being the Chao because those are scarce but wanted, and the effort is really good. The weakest is by far Super Sonic who looks goofy & wrong. Amy's poor ears & Eggman's odd proportions do a little to hold them back, but it's nothing terrible if they're not horribly costly. Page discovered by PatMac
Tomy Amy Modern 2019 Here is Tomy's modern Amy Rose in the store.
This is what you would get if you buy her in 2019. She appeared breifly at Target with some of the other Tomy Sonic line, but usually in with the electronics/games rather than the toy aisle. You can see they did add her underwear/white underskirt, and detailed in the shoe heels. However, she still lacks ear borders & her head is a little flatter than the official photos would have you think. That the arm cloth doesn't match the face is a strange move as well. It's a so-so doll without glaring issues, but it's also expensive at about 15 dollars for something that's pretty small.
Toy Fair Tomy Silver Plush
Here's a first look at Tomy's Silver plush.
This photo is from Toy Fair 2018, & is the first shot of the actual doll. It looks ok, but they do need to refine him more before release because of wrong details that are pretty obvious. The circles are supposed to be on his palms, but they're shown coming out of the glove cuffs. Then, he should have obvious boots, where the top goes up his leg, & these are too short. Most glaringly though is the white chest fur. It's supposed to be right up along the 'collar bone' area, and never reach all the way to the bottom of his body, but they have the entire body covered with the fur so he looks wrong. On the good side seems to be his head shape & spikes, they're not lazy or floppy & that seems proportional. With some small tweaks, this could be a good collectible plush. Photo discovered by Pichu97
Toy Network 12 inch Amy doll At left is Toy Network's 12 inch size Amy modern plush. It's pretty standard fare for them, not great, but not terrible. The eye color pieces are somewhat too large as well as the black eye lash 'edges' but that's common to the brand, as are the somewhat withered hands. She's nothing super, but not mutant either. Photo discovered by Pichu97 Printed Laces Classic Amy Small Doll
Mystery classic Amy plush!
What company made this small size Amy? Notice her distinguishing feature: the laces are all PRINTED on. Other Amys have a bow, a ribbon, or all laced shoes. This one has printed-only details. The ears are flopped
forward, but that's also common on cheaper small size plush where the pattern doesn't bother with a 3d ear. The dress, shirt & eyelash details are all normal. One arm seems a bit longer than the other. It's not a bad plush at all, but which company makes it?
Tomy Laughin' Pose Plush Sonic
Here's a look at the final product of Tomy's pose-plush "Laughin' Sonic".
To wring more out of their classic license, Tomy is making poses based on character stock art. This one is based on the laughing's ok-ish? Art doesn't always translate well into a 3 dimensional product so there's some oddity going on like are his eyelids white? Is he literally closing his pupils? And then the mouth is positively gigantic because the art is 'toony and exaggerated' for a silly/funny effect. He's also mostly missing his ear borders. The hand on hip/bent arm & pointing finger work out ok because they bothered to sculpt the pattern. The shoes also look quality with good attention to shape & an embroidered buckle.
Given the stock art, there's not much of another way this plush could have turned out, but that doesn't mean it was a 100% fantastic idea to do, either. It's a bit odd. Photo by Taaron.