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This page has only MODERN (post-Sonic Adventure-era) plush dolls.
This page will have a focus on 2013-2015 plushes, likely from GE Entertainment, Nanco Nancy. With plushes showing up at offline retail stores and online at more places like Amazon & Target, (and Toys R US too) plush availability seems to be on the rise. Sonic Boom plushes will NOT appear here, as they have their own seperate page.
Strange Silver Sonic Plush Big Prize What is this strange prize?
It's a Kelly Toy plush of Sonic, but made in all silver-tone fabric. All of him is the same color, except the bottoms of his (imporperly shaped) shoes & eyes. The eye color has also been changed to gray, to be more fitting for the fabric of the doll. Notice how there's no 'belly dot' in his pattern, it was simply eliminated because he is monocrhome here. Notice it still has their poorly design joices like floppy ears, bad brows, fat wrong-shaped feet & generally floppy appearance.
Smaller sizes of this silver Sonic have been found, but this one is really big because it is a carnival prize. It's also pretty old least here in 2018. (So, it has not been won for ages--that or no one selected it because they don't know who it's supposed to be)
What this is: It's an attempt to be a 'special edition', like the famous Japanese "pale dolls" where they were done in all white fabric, or all pastels. However, because Kelly Toy's pattern is so UN-special it just ends up looking really odd. Photo by: BFox
Tomy Classic Super Sonic Doll
It's Tomy's classic Super Sonic!
And...he looks a lot better than the prototype that was previously shown. The face is better structured & so is the expression. But, what's wrong with the spikes? The top one doesn't look like it is pointing up properly in this photo. He's shown here at a toy-show, so there still may be time to correct the pattern. ALL the spikes need to be pointing upward for it to be a real "Super Sonic". Sure the ears are a bit tiny, but at least he has ear borders. The gloves also look like the finger-lines are missing. Hopefully this is another (better) but still unfinished doll. Photo discovered by Pichu97/Charlie
Tomy Big Size Classic Plushes in Box Here are Tomy's new 'big size' classic style plushes on store shelves. They come in 'seat boxes' where the front & top are open & the doll is strapped sitting in the 'floor'. Notice the 'pixel holes' cut outs there in the top corner to continue their theme from their other figures & toys.
The plushes themselves are pretty good, with Tails likely being the better of the two. He's classic, cute with his 'center smile' & good bangs.
Sonic's head shape is ok, but then...the ears aren't really right. They're tall and conical, but the ear-borders are still not quite there yet as they are on other plush. Notice that these are at a Toys R Us, and those are out of business now in 2018. So, where will these appear next/now & how much will they cost? Photos by Taaron
Tomy Classic Sonic Turn Arounds Tomy's Classic Style Super Sonic small plush is released! In early summer 2018, this small size doll appears in stores. You can compare it with Tomy's own toy fair photo above, on this page.
He did, in fact, get a few minor improvements it seems before he hit retail store shelves. They did add finger details (though they're very tiny) to his gloves. The shoe buckles appear to be embroidered details & his socks are a little more proportional. The top spike still isn't "up" enough, but his others seem more elevated as it should be for the look. As you can see, with the finger in the photo, this isn't a very large plush at all. Considering the size & the improvements, it's still a decent enough collectible & super Sonic is scarce anyway. The tag is a simple stock art portrait in an orange swirl with the classic logo. It's simple, but that's the idea they are going for here. Photo & owned by Pichu97/Charlie
Mystery Modern Puppet This is a puppet.'s also a bit of a mystery. Certainly, there were old, classic official Sonic puppets but a modern one? Where is it from? Is this really a USA item? If so, where was it sold and how much was it? Was it part of a set or something?
The 'problem' with it is, that it's too well made to be suspected of something fake. The face has decent proportions the eyes are placed right & made of quality has tidy little hands & glove cuffs & even the head shape seems right. (The neck is thick because it is a puppet) But really...puppets are kind of old fashion so it's a little odd that something would make a new one like this. Write in for credit if you can clear something up about this odd item. Photo discovered by by Pichu97/Charlie
Tomy Plushes Vector Amy Eggman Here are the first fan photos of these Tomy Plushes 'in the wild'. They're in a plush bin at a store. Rather than the stock photos the company has provided, this is what they'll look like when you find them. As you can see....they don't really live up to other company's efforts. Vector's arms are sort of disproportionate, Amy's face looks somewhat flat & Eggman's hands are somehow way too big. They're clearly trying for 'hand positioning',
which results in nice thumbs for Amy (no 'paddle mitten hands') but makes Eggman's a bit mutant. This is an in-store rather than in-home photo because the price is generally really steep for smaller size dolls with only ok quality, as these are. Photos by Taaron
Tomy Poses Plush Selection Here is another photo for Tomy's upcoming plushes in 2018. They're all from the line of "Pose Plush" except the Knuckles, who belongs with their classic line. Notice how each of the 'pose' characters has arms that are 'doing something'.
The Shadow has one open hand and one fist, also one elbow is bent & he's clearly looking off to one side.
The Tails has both elbows bent, and one arm is naturally raised. Silver is perhaps the most dynamic out of everyone here, and is actually quite interesting. They've actually got him gesturing with his psychic palms as he does in the game. The chest fur piece is actually large too, and dimensional. His expression is rather aggrivated, though.
The classic Knuckles is their weakest offering, look at his tiny, flat fists. There's even an un-quality thin lame folded-over thumb there too. He's odd to see, because the 'pose plush' do such a good job in this case, but they completely under-value his...well...the feature he's named for: Big fists & knuckles.
These Pose Plushes could be one of Tomy's best Sonic plush efforts so far. Shadow's spikes look good, his head shape is right, all his details are there, the Tails is pretty cute, & the Silver is actually pretty darn super. If it lives up to the photos, these may be on a fan's list of "do buy!" Photos discovered by Pichu97/Charlie
Tomy Vector Plush Turns Here's the turn-around for Tomy's Vector plush. He's ok, especially when considered from all sides. Though, he's not that large and is generally around 15 or 16 dollars. This shows how extra-long the arms are & that the legs are really determined to be sticking right out of the sides of the body.
His details are all there, like 3D spikes, the chain, headphones & shoe/glove/buckle details. The tail is sculpted with a bit of a curve, and one hand is doing a thumbs-up. His eyes are meant to be having a bit of an expression. These photos are taken in a Target store, where you MAY be able to find these, if they can keep them in stock. In all it's an 'ok' plush of a less common character. Nothing super amazing, but not terrible either. He's not going to take up a lot of space, but is slightly costly for the size and quality you get.