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This page has only MODERN (post-Sonic Adventure-era) plush dolls.
This page will have a focus on 2013-2015 plushes, likely from GE Entertainment, Nanco Nancy. With plushes showing up at offline retail stores and online at more places like Amazon & Target, (and Toys R US too) plush availability seems to be on the rise. Sonic Boom plushes will NOT appear here, as they have their own seperate page.
Strange Silver Sonic Plush Big Prize What is this strange prize?
It's a Kelly Toy plush of Sonic, but made in all silver-tone fabric. All of him is the same color, except the bottoms of his (imporperly shaped) shoes & eyes. The eye color has also been changed to gray, to be more fitting for the fabric of the doll. Notice how there's no 'belly dot' in his pattern, it was simply eliminated because he is monocrhome here. Notice it still has their poorly design joices like floppy ears, bad brows, fat wrong-shaped feet & generally floppy appearance.
Smaller sizes of this silver Sonic have been found, but this one is really big because it is a carnival prize. It's also pretty old least here in 2018. (So, it has not been won for ages--that or no one selected it because they don't know who it's supposed to be)
What this is: It's an attempt to be a 'special edition', like the famous Japanese "pale dolls" where they were done in all white fabric, or all pastels. However, because Kelly Toy's pattern is so UN-special it just ends up looking really odd. Photo by: BFox
Tomy Classic Super Sonic Doll
It's Tomy's classic Super Sonic!
And...he looks a lot better than the prototype that was previously shown. The face is better structured & so is the expression. But, what's wrong with the spikes? The top one doesn't look like it is pointing up properly in this photo. He's shown here at a toy-show, so there still may be time to correct the pattern. ALL the spikes need to be pointing upward for it to be a real "Super Sonic". Sure the ears are a bit tiny, but at least he has ear borders. The gloves also look like the finger-lines are missing. Hopefully this is another (better) but still unfinished doll. Photo discovered by Pichu97/Charlie
Tomy Big Size Classic Plushes in Box Here are Tomy's new 'big size' classic style plushes on store shelves. They come in 'seat boxes' where the front & top are open & the doll is strapped sitting in the 'floor'. Notice the 'pixel holes' cut outs there in the top corner to continue their theme from their other figures & toys.
The plushes themselves are pretty good, with Tails likely being the better of the two. He's classic, cute with his 'center smile' & good bangs.
Sonic's head shape is ok, but then...the ears aren't really right. They're tall and conical, but the ear-borders are still not quite there yet as they are on other plush. Notice that these are at a Toys R Us, and those are out of business now in 2018. So, where will these appear next/now & how much will they cost? Photos by Taaron