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Sonic the Hedgehog Plush Dolls USA Page 16 - Modern Plushes
This page has only MODERN (post-Sonic Adventure-era) plush dolls.
This page will have a focus on 2016-2019 plushes, likely from GE Entertainment, Tomy and more. With plushes showing up at offline retail stores and online at more places like Amazon & Target plush availability seems to be on the rise. Sonic Boom plushes will NOT appear here, as they have their own seperate page.
Tomy 12 Inch Shadow & Knuckles Plush More Tomy 12 inch dolls!
But...why are the photos only showing up now in 2019, after Tomy has lost their Sonic license? Also, where were these plushes sold? How much did they cost? No one has ever reported finding one in a store. Target had Tomy's smaller line, but this larger one didn't seem to appear.
All mysteries about getting them aside...they're on par with the rest of Tomy's items, in that they're a pretty fair plush on the whole. Shadows' ear edges are rather too small & Knuckles' chest crescent mark is way too high and tiny. They also didn't shape Knuckles' body (teardrop is how it should be, the stripe would have worked better had they bothered), however they did bother to give him good and big fists & well as decently sized shoes with all the proper detail. Shadow is ok on the whole, his spikes have the right contour, and you can see his more difficult markings like the red eye edges & leg edge markings. The box sets the shoes up to be hidden though...
All the 12 inch dolls are in the same pixel-edge open air cardboard 'chair seat' package. Knowing Tomy that if their small doll was around 20 dollars in Target these would have to be closer to 40 or 50 because everything Tomy ran high on price.
Fan turn-arounds for either doll are welcome, as is information on price or where they showed up.
Tomy 12 Inch Shadow Knuckles Box Backs These are the box backs for the above 2 12 inch Tomy plushes. The little blocks there are a paragraph of introduction about the character, but the text is so small you can't read it. (It is in lots of languages) The back also features a CG character portrait in a blue swirl pattern. The pixel piercework actually looks really nice when combined with this type of design. Photo by Kenny The Hedgehog
Thinking Eggman Tomy Plush Classic Style Another Tomy plush nobody seemed to have seen much of.
He's probably from their 'posed plush' classic style line. The usual problem of 'small hands' doesn't befall this Eggman, though, as, if anything the hands are a little too large. He seems to be posed 'thinking' about something, but maybe pointing? With the giant fluffy fingers it's hard to tell. They've got the yellow cape & collar, but the legs seem a little rudimentary, even for classic style. (Or, it could be the photo angle in these store shots) The glasses seem embroidered, which is nice, and he seems round/egg shaped. It's a little odd, but probably fairly ok if it is/was reasonably priced.
Aged Kelly Toy Super Sonic Plush From one of the newer 2019 plushes to one of the older modern types, here's an example of an aged Kelly Toy Super Sonic. They used the shiny gold fabric for him, and this is what can happen as it ages. The shiny-ness is some kind of super thin or fine plastic, and it somehow goes bad/gets brittle/ something happens as it ages and it turns to dust and flakes away, leaving a kind of grubby gray surface behind. This fabric isn't uncommon, either, and it's sure not exclusive to this doll.
Other toys/plushes or accessories made with it can all have this effect. But because the whole doll was made this way, it's especially obvious here. Notice the inset, that's the texture it gets. Then, some of these were created smiling normally (SS is generally shown frowning or determined), which is the case for this doll. Photo & owned by: Mr. Prower
Fun4All Medium Size Sonic Plush Trio Here is a good look at the medium size of the Fun4All dolls trio of Sonic Tails & Knuckles. You'll know these as the "Big Shoe" or "Big Foot" plushes, as they were often the subject of bootlegging and poorly looking copies.
However, these are the official produced originals in this size. (They did have a couple of sizes) What's
interestingly revealed in these photos is that the light spot at the top of the eye-color part is NOT a mistake, it's actual embroidery sewn in up there to try to make it look like another highlight in the eye. However, because it's wrong (eyes don't generally reflect that way) it makes it look like the eye color was sewn in improperly & there's a "Gap" between it and the top of the black eye-outline. But it's not, it's actual on-purpose embroidery.
Of course, the mid size dolls still have the same pattern problems as the others, in that the shoes of Sonic/Tails are super rounded when the characters have very pointed feet. Then, Sonic's finger is totally huge, as is his nose. Knuckles' head is a bit oddly shaped, but the fists are nicely sized. The Tails is still their strongest doll, with nice small nose, good attention to face edges/bangs & ok hands. The huge feet exaggerate his super tiny body though. Notice a bit of the "key-hole eyes" that was a common misinterperatation of SA1 art is also going on here. Photos & owned by Pichu97/Charlie
Tomy Dark Chao 12 Inch Plush Now HERE's something to see!
Tomy DID tackle a doll no one else (in the USA) did, which is to create a neutral-dark Chao. (No character or animal feature) There is an old Japanese one, but it is extremely costly and very it's good to see someone taking on a Dark Chao elsewhere, and perhaps more affordably....if....
This thing was easier to find. Along with the rest of Tomy's 12 Inch line, this was very rarely reported at brick/mortar retail which was supposed to be Target. The stock photo is ok, but it doesn't show the head top or the ball. The ball is a tufty red pom-pom. What about the tail? Naturally, they choose the 'sharky smile' one (they hatch that way) with the 'meanie eyes' that it can get when being a dark. Are the eyes a bit big/low? Either way, the features are embroidered & quality.
This would be an exciting item if it were more readily available, and you could actually see the rest of it....but any store that claims to have this online (at an exhorbitant rate, of course) only ever uses this exact same stock photo.
The box is the 'chair style' open cardboard, as fits in with the rest. This prevents seeing the tail while it is mib. But, you can see that it had the accurate red bat wings & that the feet are normal. This could be at Amazon, and was supposed to be at Target, but then wasn't, in most places. It may be sold in Europe Amazon also. Turn Arounds discovered by Hedgy
Tomy 12 inch plush selection Different Tomy 12 inch Shadows
Here are the fan photos for the Tomy 12 inch plushes.
As you can see...the Chao is somehow huge. The head is gigantic compared to the dolls. had different proportions (its a lil' thing in the games) but it turned out surprisingly big, something that can only be seen when everything's together like this. Then, you can notice some differences in the Shadow plushes, one's a much darker black & the face seems in better order. This is kind of annoying and signals a quality control issue on different 'versions' (buying online? Can't tell what' you'll get & etc) The Knuckles has ok spikes but some curl out a bit, and the tail isn't stuffed very well, as seen at right. This does show that he got good, big fists for this pattern, which is nice. Above 2 photos by KennyTheHedgehog
Here's the back of the Dark Chao.
It looks like the 'head extension' thing that holds the ball is actually fairly long. The wings are felt, and ar narrow. You can also see that they changed the tail to black with a red tip, from all red like how the prototype had it. The construction seems nice, and it holds up whether laying down or sitting without being floppy or understuffed. Left side photos & owned by Hedgy
Phunny Sonic Plush Kid Robot After making a bunch of really expensive blind boxed item,s Kid Robot gets back on the Sonic Scene with a new type of plush, the "Phunny". Spelled with a 'ph' to capitalize on being different, these are stylized dolls. Phunny Tails Plush Kid Robot
They're half 'chibi' type, half 'simplified'...but all quality? How is it that somehow only 'stylized' dolls seem to be able to consistently score SO MANY proper details, while the supposedly 'accurate' dolls do not?? The standing up ears, the excellent ear-borders, properly shaped and VERY proportionate spikes & lower faces...good eye shape, tidy noses, heck even the arms are decent!
Cheerful Tails has his mouth open, and the interior detail is embroidered. The hands/gloves are simplified, as are the pupil-less eyes & tails. (White detail on the top only) Sonic's body/back is also simplified with the spiked there and tail only being embroidered lines. Still, the over-all impression is of quite a solid doll for both, with plenty of embroidery and great attention to detail. Plus, at generally 14.95 per doll, they're actually pretty darn reasonably priced.
This is a fall 2019 item.
Large Floppy Plush Sonic Doll Quite a large Sonic plush!
This doll is modern, large, and rather floppy. You can tell how big it is in the first photo, as he is shown holding a regular size CD case, and there's a plate with game case art beside him. (Larger than regular game case size) The pattern for him seems pretty good, and he is likely to be a prize doll of some kind. The ears do stand up, the hands are
flat but pretty big & the shoes are nicely stuffed/normal looking. His expression is ok, but there's an odd 'brow ridge' noodle thing going on. The spikes are a little small (for Modern Sonic), but they're in the right spot. This is a Sonic X labeled plush made by GOSH. Photos & owned by Hedgy
Toy Factory Prize Plush Small Modern Set 4 Toy Factory is back!
At the end of 2019, they get back into the news with much smaller plush dolls. Toy Factory (from page 15) is a PRIZE only plush maker. You can only get their stuff by winning it in arcades, fairs, crane games/UFO Catch and things like that. For UFO type games, these small dolls would be the ideal thing to put in there.
However...they're only just 'ok'. The tiny feet look really poorly and skimpy here. Knuckles also seems to be lacking shoe detail. Shadow's head is outlandishly large, he's missing shoe detail too and there goes that overly-wide head stripe again.
The Sonic seems actually fairly solid, with ears that do have borders, do stand up, ok expression, ok eye style and decent head shape. The Tails is also pretty solid too, though the 'cheek tufts' are kind of big/odd looking, but again ok expression with center smile, good ears and ok attention to detail. Knuckles is hampered by his expression, but at least the fists are pretty big. With Sonic as the best, poor Shadow is surely the worst.
The tiny, poorly done feet/shoes stand out like a sore thumb/toe knocking down the look of the dolls. Photo discovered by Pichu97/Charlie
Toy Factory Little Big Heads Collection Toy Factory Little Big Head Shadow Toy Factory coming through with a surprise!
In 2020, they announce these "Little Big Heads" plushes...and they're not so little either! They come in sizes of 6 inch, 9 inch and then Shadow & Sonic also come in a really big 20 inch size. They have large 'chibi style' flatter heads and simple faces like an emoji. The bodies are small, with
big feet & hands, and short limbs. These look pretty cute, even annoyed Shadow. The eye color is simplified in a new way, which is as a crescent at the base of the eye color-chip. Remember: Tomy tried to do these but they were all boomstyle and rather costly. Toy Factory plush are always prizes.
These are actually nice to see because it gives fans a cute doll that's a non-boom option if they desire. It has proper looking Knuckles & funny Eggman.
Opinion Zone: Somehow, these are BETTER than TF's main line of plushes. They are doing styleization actually really right and the things look cute and silly/fun. Their 'menagerie of mistakes' is gone because of the stylization. Look how it erases all the problem points from the plushes of the entry above. I would try to win every single one here.