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Sonic the Hedgehog Plush Dolls USA Page 17 - Modern Plushes
This page has only MODERN (post-Sonic Adventure-era) plush dolls.
This page will have a focus on 2017-2020 plushes, likely from GE Entertainment, Tomy, Toy Factory and more. With plushes showing up at offline retail stores and online at more places like Game Stop, Amazon & Target plush availability seems to be on the rise.
Toy Factory Modern Characters 4 Set Here is Toy Factory's factory photo of their 'modern set' of plush dolls. On this line there's Sonic, Tails, Shadow & Knuckles. They've still got the tiny feet issue which makes them look a little off, but the Knuckles is trying with the largest feet of everyone. Also, his fists are good and big with proper shape really, seriously doing well. These fists may be the best in a long time. However, compared to the other dolls he's somehow almost 'chibi short'?
Shadow doesn't fare as well with shrivelled almost defunct shoes. Tails and Sonic are both pretty solid, they've got Tails' glove/sock cuffs in place, and his head is properly shaped.
The big key here is the sizes. EACH doll can be found as an 18, a 24, a 34 and a 39 inch size. Plenty for prizes! (Remember, Toy Factory is a prize-only company)
Toy Factory 4 Plushes 19 inch Here's another size from Toy Factory. This selection of plushes are all 19 inches. (so, the Sonics are 1 inch larger than the one you see above) In this size, you can get classic Sonic, Modern Sonic, modern Knuckles
and Shadow. With this size, everybody's suffering the small feet again, but the bodies look pretty proportional and have a decent shape. Shadow though, is again a bit of a miss, with low ears, too wide stripe, a bit of 'big body' going on and something off about the eyes. The Knuckles also has really tall eyes. But, do notice that they are stuffing the ears, they're 3D instead of a flap of cloth that falls flat. These are prize-only plush.
GE Chibi SD Sleeping Sonic Plush
In 2020, this plush appears from Great Eastern Entertainment.
They must have gotten at least some license back, (after Boom), and produced this "SD" or "Chibi" plush Sonic. It's 12 inches high, but mostly 'head'. It shows Sonic sleeping with.....his pupils closed. The Sonic's-eye-argument may continue (are the eyelids peach like the face bottom or blue like the upper head) but they choose this 'toony' route. Notice also that the mouth is open and the drooling. There's a little blue drop coming out of the mouth.
Notice the nose shape, and that it's plastic. It's a nice oval nose, and Sonic doesn't usually get a plastic nose. (While Tails generally does) Notice also that the lower face is actually really nicely shaped and well done. The hands/shoes are also a good big size & everything seems properly stuffing. Too bad to not see the back. Where is this sold? It's scalping on Amazon for about 50, which can't be a correct price.
GE Chibi Style SD Eggman Plush Doll GE seems to be having a bit of an uneven release in 2020.
Here's their 'chibi style' or 'sd' Eggman plush, so they're obviously doing some kind of a stylistic where's the rest of them? "Sleepy Sonic" above is probably on the set, which means there's probably at least 1 more Sonic where he's not sleeping (as sleeping isn't the most attractive or fun form) but why not show them all at once?
This Eggman looks really good though, for a 'wacky type'. Egg fans should be pleased with his great jacket detail & the very nicely done 3D goggles for the top of his head. The nose is also quite 3D and the glasses look good and solid, not some flimsy thing like on other dolls. They did bother with the bottoms of his shoes too, which is nice. The mustache & grin are great for a villain, GE really does a good job here too. But where is it sold?
Jakks Pacific 2020 Toy Fair New York Shelf At Toyfair 2020, Jakks Pacific shows their new plush!
Tomy lost the classic license for Sonic, so Jakks Pacific tries their hand at classic dolls now. They have 2 big size ones on display, a Sonic & a Tails, plus the usual 'box o smalls' where a cardboard open top carton houses a variety of characters for store shelves.
The big news here is:
MIGHTY the Armadillo!
That's right, Mighty gets his very first plush (though not first merchandise) with this line for 2020.
Mighty fans will certainly be pleased to see him, after his good showing in Sonic Mania games. The assortment also seems to have Super Sonic & Amy. It's likely that Tails & Knuckles are also planned for that size but weren't ready in time for the convention. (As marked by 2 of the same regular Sonic dolls there)
It's impossible to really review anything with a tiny packed-in photo of what are likely somewhat-prototypes however from a glance Super Sonic is looking squash-headed, as is the Amy. Mighty seems like he may be the strongest as his eyes are a decent size rather than too wide as SS looks & a little bit the regular Sonic as well.
Big Size Sonic Tails Jakks Pacific NYTF2020 Here's a closer look at the above Sonic & Tails large plushes, in the box for retail. It'll be a standard 'sitter chair' type open top box. The box appears to have a dot/sticker showing how Tails can fly Sonic around like in the games.
From the upper photo, it looks like a special/shine fabric may have been used for Sonic's shoes. His feet are good and large size...but his hands seem a little flat/flappy or overly simple. The legs also appear to widen at the ankle which isn't super great but the thing that stands out most is:
Why is Tails' head SO BIG!
It's gigantic! The top photo it could be poorly perspective but the bottom one and...gee, he's almost a 'chibi type SD little big heads'. However, it is otherwise cute, with properly shaped eyes, good bangs, glove cuff/shoe cuff detail.
Where are his tails?
You should be able to see his tails in this photo...a proper doll of him should have large and puffy well-shaped tails on display at all times because they are so important. The round icon on the box says "Copter Combo Sonic & Tails" Both photos discovered by
5 Foot High Sonic Toy Network Ever see a FIVE FOOT HIGH PLUSH?
Now you have! It's quite a spectacle to see a 5 foot high Sonic doll, and here he is from Toy Network. That little figure on the head in the right-side photo is the Jazwares 3 inch figure, to show for scale just how big this really is.
But how much does it weigh?
15 pounds! That's quite a lot for a plush, so it is a very interesting fact to know. It is full of styrofoam beads. Naturally, this is a Toy Network item, and he is likely their very biggest one. Like all their huge stuff, he was a win-only carnival or arcade he's never easy to get.
There's cardboard in the ears to help them stand up (likely needed for something of this size) But look at the proportions, they're all actually good! Big good shoes, proper spikes...this guy's not terrible at all (unless you're in a small apartment) This is a 2005 item. Photos & owned by Sonic9908
Toy Network 3 foot 4 foot Shadow Toy Network made both a 3 foot high and a 4 foot high Shadow plush too...but interestingly, they are made from different fabrics. Look at the one on the is made of a shinier fabric. This was used on Sonic X plushes as well (the shiny) he is a foam bead stuffed plush.
He still has the 'mutant mouth' problem going that TN always had with his frown, as well as the issue where the red strip on the top of the head is just way too wide/off model. However, the rest of him, even the shoes are pretty decent. These Shadow are from 2005 and 2006. Photos & owned by Sonic9908
3 foot tall Amy Rose Toy Network Get a good look at Big Amy Rose!
She's 3 feet tall...and...she generally improves upon Toy Network's usual fare here. It seems like the larger their dolls get the better they get. The ears stand up nicely, the dress fits and looks good, her bangs are nicely done, as are her head spikes. The boots & gloves are also nicely sized & her face proportion is quite good as well. If only they could have had their small dolls be this nifty.
The only problem is the size of the eye color chips, they're pretty much too small for her eyes and make her expression look a little off. Also, one is clearly applied higher than the other. However, that aside, this is a pretty great Amy at a really great big size. She is from 2005/2006. Photos & owned by Sonic9908
Jakks Pacific Amy Mighty Super Sonic A first look at the factory photos for Jakks Pacific's "Little Big Heads" style classic plushes. Here, they have classic Amy Rose, Mighty & Super Sonic. They're all not-quite-chibi style, with large heads, short limbs, simple hands, and smaller bodies. The details are all embroidered & look quality. From the front, the head shapes seem good, as do the expressions/eye shapes. Amy's bangs are a thick flat felt (normal) Mighty has stitched details for his ears (a good choice, his ears are unique) They've got Sonic's buckles & Amy's laces and her dress looks good/fits well even though she's a little big head.
The only real curiosity is how they handled Mighty's...neck? Back? What IS the actual real deal with it? (Obviously he was always just a somewhat modified Sonic sprite from the get-go) but the red part is supposed to be his armadillo shell, but he was always structured like Sonic? As in, no neck at all/head mounted directly to shoulders almost so it's a little odd to see black kind of going up directly from outer-shoulder area to edge of face? Maybe they don't know either. It's not terrible but it seems maybe an odd choice. Photos discovered by Pichu97/Charlie
Jakks Pacific Super Sonic Plush Back Here is a box full of the Jakks Pacific 'little big heads' classic plush Super Sonic. And, with this, you can see they're more than just 'somewhat chibi style', they're also going with even more simplification. Like the head isn't round at all, it's more of a flat/pancake type thing with the features embroidered on. Then, they didn't bother with his spikes in the back at all, they just kind of put points along the top of the head to give the impression of how they go. They did bother with his back spikes, shoe buckles, and possibly his tail?
Skimping out on the head/spikes makes this a little bit of an odd one, maybe a little too simplified for something at this price because they jumped right into 'that's pretty much inaccurate' over the fence of chibi-type. Photo by Taaron