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Sonic the Hedgehog Plush Dolls USA Page 18 - Modern Plushes
This page has only MODERN (post-Sonic Adventure-era) plush dolls.
This page will have a focus on 2018-2020 plushes, likely from GE Entertainment, Tomy and more. With plushes showing up at offline retail stores and online at more places like Amazon & Target plush availability seems to be on the rise. Sonic Boom plushes will NOT appear here, as they have their own seperate page.
Stickerbomb Plush Sonic Doll This plush is called the "Sonic StickerBomb Plush".
It's supposedly an Amazon item (Did it sell out and is gone now?) It is made by "Toy Factory". It's a new take on plush to be sure, even if the name doesn't seem right at first. It has nothing to do with stickers, but the fabric used for the blue part is covered in character graphics. The name "Sticker Bomb" has been used on several other merchandise, with the busy/graffiti type theme. You can search it here on Gear for notebooks, shirts & more. It has a blue background, but you can see Sonic, Knuckles, rings, and possibly some shapes there are part of the busy pattern. The rest of the doll is normal, with embroidered details & what looks like an ok head/face shape.
The feet are a little small, as are the hands, but it seems fairly ok otherwise. It's an interesting if 'trendy' thing to do for a plush, to make a character out of busy-character fabric. It doesn't look terrible though, and would certainly be unique to add to the collection...if you could find it for sale somewhere.
Jakks Pacific Mighty & Amy Classic Dolls Here are the fan photos for Jakks Pacific's Mighty & Amy classic style small plush dolls. They're seen here at a Game Stop. As compared with the factory photos, they look decent. Amy's still got her shoe ribbons, Mighty's ear-stitching looks fine/as is his shoe embroidery. Amy's legs clearly just kind of fold up when she is 'sitting up' like this but they're there under the skirt. Her eyes seem a little bit too big for the face though.
Have there been better classic Amys? Yes, but is this one fine? Also yes. The Mighty is neat to buy just because it is the first Mighty plush to exist. He is decent, even if he looks a bit cross. Photos by Taaron
Jakks Pacific Classic Sonic Style Simple Plush Here is Jakks Pacific's simple-style 'little big heads' type Sonic classic plush. It's at Target stores in fall 2020, but it MAY be in the toys aisles OR in the Electronics/video games area. It depends on the Target store where you will find it. Like the other classics on this plush line, the body is wide and squat on purpose, with super short limbs and tiny hands. The head is super simplified with the spikes just 'mashed' to be on one side only and then the whole head is flat in the back. Plus, the head is also flat front-to-back too, so more like a smily-emoji-disk than an actual plush head. They did get his shoe buckles & the different color for the shoe-soles though. The face itself is ok, with properly shaped eye,
decent nose/lower face, pleasent enough expression and nicely placed ears. This is an all right plush to collect if you don't mind the level of simplification. Photo by Taaron
Phunny Sonic Plush in store
Here is the Phunny Sonic plush as a fan/store photo so you can see how it actually turned out. Kid Robot is the company behind the "Phunny" line. The plush on the line are supposed to appear as little-ized/cutie type simple characters rather than being an exact representation of whoever the plush is for. In Sonic's case, it means no pupils/just the green color for the eyes, simple/mini hands, a bit of the 'little big-heads' look, and maybe the body is dumpy on purpose with close-together legs? The nose may also be minimized a bit.
Unlike certain other 'characterizations' (looking at you, scary funko) this one comes across a bit more of 'ok'. The blank eyes are a bit odd, but the head shape & standing up ears seem nicely done. There is embroidery for all the edges of the face details & mouth. The fabric they use is soft/good feeling. He's not very big, the usual 'about 8 inches or so' that seems to be the big trend in plush. The tag is large/card with a modern Sonic face & modern logo. How much does this cost? Photo by Taaron
Cheese Chao Oh No Plush Jakks Pacific Well, Jakks Pacific has gone and made Cheese the Chao but...
Why do this expression? This is either 'oh no' or 'crying chao' expression...but there's the red bow tie so it has to be Cheese. In this case he happens to be among their stylized classic Sonics, though he doesn't belong there as Chao is not from the classic era. It seems like an odd choice to make a chao with a not that broad-appeal expression and then just have it by itself or with classic stuff that doesn't make sense. Why not do Cream? Why not do other chao that were popular like a hero or a dark? Save the expressions-faces for later releases to keep people buying more chaos. It's still decently done though, with all embroidered details, 3D bow tie, & the yellow tips for the arms/feet & head ball. This is seen at Books A Million but it is also supposed to be at Target in winter 2021. Photo by Taaron
Phunny Tails Plush Target Doll The Phunny Tails plush has been spotted.
Here he is in Target. Like the Sonic, he is stylized in the 'Phunny' character style. This means blank/simple eyes, simplified face and 'chibi-type' style with reduced-detail small limbs.'s ok, but not amazing.
For 'chibi style' it suffers from big-body, and it would still be big-body even if it wasn't trying to be little-bigheads/chibi type. The blank eyes and open mouth kind of reduce the personality of it. Notice the tail-tip details in that they're sewn only onto one side of the flattened-on-purpose tails. This gives it more of a 'dolly-vibe' that they were probably going for.
The construction is all very quality, regardless of the style. The embroidery is always nicely done and thick. The stuffing is very even & the felt details are thick quality as well. The pattern they used was clearly well thought out....into their own style and it executed probably exactly as planned. It's a very tidy thing. It's also probably about 15.00+ dollars if you can find it. Targets apparently didn't have the best distribution for the Phunny plushes in early 2021.
Phunny plush Sonic back side view Here's what the Phunny Sonic (seen above) looks like from the back and the side. With this, you can see that the face is super flat. They did an ok job with the spikes, though the back has a bit of 'big body'. The back view reveals that he has 'sitting only' legs that are sewn on flat at the front of the body. This makes dolls that sit very nicely, but can't do much else.
He's stylized from any angle.
Head Only Sonic Plush "Bring me the head...of Sonic the Hedgehog!"
This is probably something Eggman would say, and now seems it can be done, with this strange selection from Target.This is a "Club Mochi" item. They're new to Sonic. It may appear in the Kids Bedding area OR the Electronics/toys area of the store. Here, it is seen in the electronics area. It's pretty big too!
It's also pretty nicely done...the green for the eye is too small, and the highlight is at the bottom rather than the top, which looks rather odd. But the face proportions, fabric choice, ears, spikes & general structure are surprisingly good. But like...why JUST his head? You can't even use it as a cushion? It'll roll away? It's kind of creepy to have a chopped off head? It being well-structured actually makes it sort of worse? What an odd thing to find in 2021. Photo by Taaron
Club Mocchi Sonic Head Big Club Mocchi Tails Head Cushion Here are the factory photos from Club Mocchi for the 15 inch character head pillows / cushions. With this, now you can see that there's a Tails head that will be released as well.
Seeing the head raises a few questions like, why did they get Tails' eye-shine-dot right and then get it wrong for Sonic? Why is his eye color thick/more correct & Sonic's overly-thin? Then, the Tails ears show that they can make a 3D ear, but they left Sonic's as flat/floppy flaps. They also used stuffing for the face-edges & bangs (instead of felt/etc) so why not let Sonic have normal ears if they know they can make the effort. The Tails head is pretty cute, though the bottom of it is overly...slim? Like it tapers down strangely in the back?
Not sure about how it would look with the 2 character heads just tossed onto the gameing sofa like throw-pillows...but they're likely to be a Fall 2021 release, at about 35 dollars each.
Poseable Sonic GE Plush Doll In 2021, GE Entertainment plush adds a new feature for these 2 dolls: Pose-ability! This modern Sonic & Tails plushes are poseable. This generally means they have soft coated wire inside to help them hold poses. Hopefully it goes all the way through the hands & feet too, and is enough that you can make them stand up or hold their arm out to be different enough from normal dolls. The Sonic looks nice, as is expected from GE. He has good big shoes, and the face is nicely done. The proportions for the doll are decent as well. Tails is ok...but his eyes are way too big. The white part is gigantic, which is distracting. The 'toony mouth' is a new feature, and it is ok but not the best. Poseable Tails GE Plush
His feet/shoes are a bit round, but they do have the details in place like the sock/glove cuffs and his ears are properly shaped. What size will these be? How much, and where will they be sold? Discovered by
Hug n Shake Sitting Sonic Plush Hug Sitting Sonic Kid Robot Doll Plush
This is Kid Robot's latest plush offering for late 2021, the "Hug Me Vibrating Plush Doll".
The plush is fairly large, at 16 inches long when not sitting. The legs are hinged at the hip (instead of being joined normally to the body) so the legs can swing down to make it look 'standing up'. Because of the 'action' feature, it has to be somewhat stylized, and in this case have "big body" where the body is disproportionatly large so it can fit the shaker item and batteries, plus zipper to change them. The zipper is underneath.
First of all, why do we need a doll that shakes? Why have a vibrating doll? What is it shaking for/how does a doll that shakes be better than one that does not shake? Kid Robot seems to like the idea because it has special 'squeeze sensative vibration feature' included here. It's clear they put lots of thought into the ability to make dolls of various sorts that shake. As it is large, and also a battery toy, it is about 35 dollars.
The plush seems to be caught somewhere between 'stylized' and 'attempt at accurate' which leaves it in an odd spot. The face/head is very nicely done, but then the hands only have 3 fingers (which is ALWAYS WRONG) he either gets 5 or the hand is stylized into a ball or mitten. There's even something in the copyright somewhere for him that 'if he has fingers he needs 5, never 4'. Hopefully that gets fixed. Then, the 'big body' issue makes it look not-as-great when standing up because of the hinged legs (that make it sit better) With all the effort they did for it (hands look good, good spikes, great shoes, nice fabric, good embroidery etc) it seems a bit of a shame that they went with 'fat body stylization'. Photos discovered by GHVocaloid
Hugme Tails Plush
Kid Robot didn't stop at Sonic for their "Hugme Vibrating Plush" line so...
Here's the Hugme Tails plush doll. Like their Sonic (above) he's stylized with a big head and short limbs. He likely has the same 'sit' construction as the Sonic, plus the zipper/batteries etc. that an electronic doll requres.It's going to do the same shaking gimmick as the Sonic. (Still anybody's guess as to why it needs a vibrating doll)
The expression is nice enough, with the center/open-mouth smile and general look of good cheer. The face-bottom is a bit large but that's likely part of the stylization. The ears are 3D, not just flat flaps, and they do take into consideration the glove bands/cuffs, ear interior details, and the bangs are a stuffed-item.
This should be about 35 dollars, and seems cheerful enough if you needed a Tails dol that shakes in winter season 2021
Hugme Tails MIB Store Photo Here's what the Hugme Tails plush will look like when you actually find it in stores. It's seen here at Target, in which it just comes in the clear factory bag with a cardstock 'belt' for the packaging/explanation. The tag is the usual ear/paper hang tag for Kid Robot's modern Sonic items. The belt tag explains how it's a vibrating ability plush, that it needs batteris & etc.
The back side photo shows that he's still somewhat stylized, with smaller, simple tails, the 'sitting-only' pose/construction and simple mitten type hands. The expression looks somewhat odd from the angle, because the mouth is rather large and the front of the face is blunt. This is still 35 dollars in 2022.