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Sonic the Hedgehog Plush Dolls USA Page 19 - Modern Plushes
This page has only MODERN (post-Sonic Adventure-era) plush dolls.
This page will have a focus on 2018-2020 plushes, likely from GE Entertainment, Jakks Pacific, Tomy and more. With plushes showing up at offline retail stores and online at more places like Amazon & Target plush availability seems to be on the rise.
GE Entertainment Dark Chao Plush GE Entertainment gets ready to release Sonic plushes again with this Dark Chao plush that they want to have in late 2021 or early 2022. This is a factory photo of it. It seems to be made of soft but not furry fabric. The air brushing for the arm/leg tips is good and the proper color. It likely has a pointy tail of some kind (seen at right) and the head dot/ball is probably somewhere behind it.
The only issue it seems to have is that the eyes and mouth are very obviously "thick sticker-like" which look pasted on and not as quality as one would expect from GE. However, this may be a bit of a proto photo, so things may change upon actual release. It seems to be a fairly large item. Turn arounds will be added once anyone is able to get this. Photo discovered by
Toy Factory Stickerbomb Plush This is the Toy Factory Stickerbomb plush.
If you recognize the's because Toy Factory was doing these simplified 'little big heads' type dolls during the Boom Ban where it was "Emoji Sonics" where the dolls would be doing various emoji faces. It's debatable whether or not all of those that they had proto photos for got released or not. However, with the end of the ban, they've turned their 'chibi type' pattern to modern Sonic. "Stickerbomb" is the name for the graffiti and stickers type very-busy pattern that has appeared on multiple types of merchandise both in and out of the Sega Shop. In this case, all blue areas of him are replaced by fabric with this pattern. It still has the blank eyes and other stubby traits of the simplified pattern. You can see their ring shape paper tag there on the side. This is probably a 2022 item, but where was it sold?
30th Anniversary Modern Plush
Another plush for the 30th Anniversary?
Seen here at Books a Million stores, it seems so with this...slightly less stylized modern Sonic? Who's a bit larger than the 'flatheads' seen above. The stylization thing is getting into odd territory that seems like "we don't want to try too hard you go" with this one. It's got the outsized head, and lame-excuse shrivelled little arms/no-detail hands going on, but it is a fairly large size where they wouldn't have to do this 'simplification' to make a cute plush. The ears are too small, but the shoes are at least a proper shape, though it looks like the buckle center has something odd going on with it? The head also looks like it's flattened/the spikes are that 'simplified emoji' thing because they can get away with it. The face seems otherwise pretty normal, with good embroidered detail. Why wont Jakks Pacific make a NORMAL collectible plush of anything? Photo by Taaron
Fang Knack Weasel Sniper Plush GE Finally...Fang!
Once GE Entertainment got the Sonic license back, they didn't hesitate to start turning out uncommon characters once again--much to the delight of everyone! Here is their Fang / Knack the Weasel Sniper plush. Although he only appeared on Game Gear games and in the ill-fated Sonic Fighting Arcade, he still got a few pieced of merchandise in Japan. Now, anywhere that has access to GE (or online ordering) can get this decently sized doll of him.
It looks good, too! Notice the 'bolt' details for the panels on the glove-backs, his belt is all felt, and the hat is 3D. The boots look like they do in the games, and you can tell he has the normal/long tail & a felt fang. What about the ears? Those were always kind of unclear as to their shape...even in the art and the games. They look normal to that so...I guess it's right?
He's cool to see as a plush, but does he actually have lots of fans? There is very little plot/material about him (outside of comic books) and nobody was clamoring for him like the whole Mighty/Ray thing. Either way, this is quite a good looking plush, with well sculpted face and good attention to detail. This is a 2022 item.
GE Tikal Echidna Plush Finally! Tikal gets a plush!
Everyone's favorite ancient islander gets a respectable plush from GE Entertainment in 2022. Why not earlier? Probably the level of detail the character has to have for it to look like that character. Tikal was always the most complicated-look character they ever added to a game. She's got her spike wraps, jewel headband, strappy sandals, skirt, necklace, bracelets and blue wrist cuffs. There's also the white chest part (maybe it's a top maybe it's like Knuckles' crescent marking SA1 didn't make it clear?) Of course, it would take a great company as dedicated as GE to be able to pull it all off and create a nice they did!
There doesn't seem to be a clothing or decoration item left off. She's also a lighter red color than Knuckles, which is also true to how the game was. She looks cheerful, and the head/spikes proportion seems good as well. As a rare character to begin with, you can easily imagine that this doll will end up as uncommon, so better to buy her as soon as you see her for sale--this will be a great collectible!
GE Classic Pose Cross Arms Sonic GE is trying to start a line of posed-plush that are going to resemble the various stock arts of Sonic & co. They start out with this classic arms-crossed Sonic plush in probably Fall 2023. It's fairly large, and should be about 27 dollars...though they don't list where it will be sold. GE Stuff does tend to appear on Amazon though.
It's certainly an OK idea, after all the Japan plushes pioneered poses because there weren't that many characters in the early days and they needed something to make different each time.
However...not all artwork translates well into 3D or plush, for that matter, so the arms come across as more than slightly noodly here/extra long to fit the pose requirement. This is a factory photo.
GE Entertainment Dark Chao Plush Jakks Pacific Dark Chao Turns Photo
Dare to compare the dark chao!
Here is GE Entertainment (left) and the turn arounds for Jakks Pacific (above)
While Jakks Pacific's dark chao plush is still on store shelves in Target and Walmart (and possibly Gamestop) GE Entertainment announced their plush too, with the photo at right. With such close releases, it's easy to compare them...and it looks like GE probably did a better job.
The JP one has a very flat head, which is incorrect to the games but it's always a go-to money saving move. It means the toy only looks good from the front, but it makes it cheaper to make. The JP one does have wings and a tail, but they are just flat felt pieces. GEs the wings have actual shape and color like they do in the games. The GE one also has airbrushed color for the leg and arm tips, as well as the head point tip and tail area. Both have embroidered faces with the 'meanie look'. GE has used before the wierd pom-pom for the head-ball/emotion-ball...and that's probably the weakest link here as it looks a bit 'tatty' even though it is new. Their only other issue may be the black border rimming the white part of the eyes, as in the game they don't have that, and the GE one rightly also does not have it. Left photo by GE, right photos by Taaron