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Sonic the Hedgehog Plush Dolls USA Page 19 - Modern Plushes
This page has only MODERN (post-Sonic Adventure-era) plush dolls.
This page will have a focus on 2018-2020 plushes, likely from GE Entertainment, Jakks Pacific, Tomy and more. With plushes showing up at offline retail stores and online at more places like Amazon & Target plush availability seems to be on the rise.
GE Entertainment Dark Chao Plush GE Entertainment gets ready to release Sonic plushes again with this Dark Chao plush that they want to have in late 2021 or early 2022. This is a factory photo of it. It seems to be made of soft but not furry fabric. The air brushing for the arm/leg tips is good and the proper color. It likely has a pointy tail of some kind (seen at right) and the head dot/ball is probably somewhere behind it.
The only issue it seems to have is that the eyes and mouth are very obviously "thick sticker-like" which look pasted on and not as quality as one would expect from GE. However, this may be a bit of a proto photo, so things may change upon actual release. It seems to be a fairly large item. Turn arounds will be added once anyone is able to get this. Photo discovered by
Jakks Pacific Modern Eggman Plush Spotted a while after release, and in the wrong cardboard display holder is...
Jakks Pacific's modern Eggman plush. Their distribution on plushes in general does not seem to be the best. They're supposed to appear in either Toys or Electronics areas in Target & Walmart (Sometimes Books a Million) but some areas they just never show up and BAM does not have that many stores in the US.
Their take on modern Eggman seems all right. He's a little 'mini-styled', as are most of their plush so far, so that fits in. The goggles are 3D, and the mustache is felt. His face is all embroidery and he has a funny expression, which is nice to see. They did get all the details for the coat & shoes. It's not a bad plush at all, with the embroidered details...but it does require actually being able to find it. It should be about 14.99 if you can find it. Photo by Taaron
Comic Style Plush Box Specifically for the 30th Anniversary in 2021, Jakks Pacific releases a boxed doll. Usually plush dolls don't come in blind-type boxes, but their "Comic Style Classic Sonic Plush" does. It's not boxed this way to hide other characters (they only did him) but more for the look of it. The box uses bright primary colors, star-bumpers, rings and screen-tone dots. Note the large 30th Sticker there too.
The plush covered in screen tone dots. Almost all the fabric has them, and thick black borders to give it a sort of 'comic book' theme. When you inspect the photo you can see that the gloves and shoes are made of vinyl or possibly that plasti-leather. Either way, be sure to keep this one out of the sun...*
Comic Style Plush Sonic
Oddly, they seem to use 'comic book' as an excuse to not bother to color the parts that are/should be peach colored even though it is clearly not a black and white comic? The eyes are a bit tall, but he otherwise seems pretty normal/classic like. This is confirmed for sale at Game Stop and should be about 30 dollars in summer 2021. Photo & owned by Taaron
*The sun- Vinyl or plastileather doens't often hold up well after years. You can see many dolls here where it is flaking/cracking or peeling off and looks terrible. The best-known method for preserving it is avoiding sun exposure and high humidity or salty sea air.
Patch Included Box Plush Sonic
Part way through the release...for some reason this "Comic Sonic Plush" from Jakks Pacific gets a new and different box to be packaged inside of. The new box structures the design more like 'comic panels' and includes an actual photo of the doll you get (always a good idea), while forgoeing the large classic art of the original box. It also announces that there is a "30th Anniversary Patch" somewhere. (So is it attached to the doll? Is it a free bonus gift inside now? What about the people who bought the original, was there a patch there too?) The little starburst shape says that it is a 14 inch plush doll.
The new box format isn't quite as stylish as the previous, but it is better for actual selling of the item. The bonus patch, picture of what you'll get, and the size of the item are all things that are best to include. The price for this is the same. It will also likely continue to be at Game Stop
Jakks Pacific Flat Head Shadow Plush Shadow has been spotted...
In the Jakks Pacific flat heads 'stylized' plush bin. These cardboard displays can be found in Kohls, Target (maybe Walmart), and probably Books a Million. Thus far, they seem to have only made modern Eggman, but everyone else is always classic. Now, they add Shadow to the lineup. He'll cost the same amount, and he seems to be the same size/same detail level. You can see they did print on for the texture of the shoe bottoms. If the flat heads/stylized look doesn't bother you, its good to know he's being added to the list. Photo by Taaron
30th Anniversary Modern Plush
Another plush for the 30th Anniversary?
Seen here at Books a Million stores, it seems so with this...slightly less stylized modern Sonic? Who's a bit larger than the 'flatheads' seen above. The stylization thing is getting into odd territory that seems like "we don't want to try too hard you go" with this one. It's got the outsized head, and lame-excuse shrivelled little arms/no-detail hands going on, but it is a fairly large size where they wouldn't have to do this 'simplification' to make a cute plush. The ears are too small, but the shoes are at least a proper shape, though it looks like the buckle center has something odd going on with it? The head also looks like it's flattened/the spikes are that 'simplified emoji' thing because they can get away with it. The face seems otherwise pretty normal, with good embroidered detail. Why wont Jakks Pacific make a NORMAL collectible plush of anything? Photo by Taaron