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Still more Sonic clothes to keep you warm.
Sonic sweatshirts/hoodies/long sleeved items used to be uncommon in the past, but thanks to the current efforts of the Sega Shop Online. Warm weather clothing may be more expensive, but the designs are still pretty cool. So if you've got to go out in the cold, it might as well be with some cool Sonic stuff! Check out the many different designs you can collect here, along with listings of where to get them, if known.
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Speed's My Game Hoodie Top Here is a slogan hoodie that appears in winter/spring season for 2022...but which company makes it?
It's an all blue hoodie sweat shirt with no pockets, and it is a kids size item. There are no zippers nor draw-strings either. (Do the sleeves look a little short? They seem somewhat disproportionate?) It features leaping neoclassic Sonic in a yellow triangle shape. The slogan has his name large at the top and says "Sonic is my name Speed's my game" in smaller text. It's an all right design, though it seems to use that annoying 'weathering' or faux-wear on the paint. You can write in for credit if you know where this is sold.
Stickerbomb Style Freeze Pants Blue The company "Freeze" has now made some fun sweat pants with the modern Sonic license. (They have tees over on Modern Clothing to look at as well, but this is their first sweat pants) These are adults/teens size, which is good news so they'll fit almost anyone. They have elastic cuffs, waist, and drawstring. This is called "Stickerbomb Sweat Pants", because it uses the 'stickerbomb style Sonic' where there's graffiti type arrows, markings, paint drips or collages. (There are several items in this style if you use the site search feature) One leg has a large jumping/twist modern Sonic with his name in yellow, and the other leg has a sticker face with paint drips up toward the top. Designs for both of the legs make this a fun pair of pants to keep warm in the winter. This should be an Amazon 2022 item.
Paint Streaks Sonic Sweat Shirt Black Now here's something different!
This is a long sleeve sweat shirt with a somewhat abstract 'paint streaks Sonic' for the design. He's done in cool-tone gray paint with brush stroke effect, spatters and dots. The design is very large, it goes off the edges and takes up the whole body section. As it has only 1 color, it gives kind of a 'darkness comic book' type of effect. It's interesting, and there's not really anything else that looks like it. Do note the addition of the logo for 1 sleeve, which is a nice touch as well. This is trendy! But where is it sold?
Still Unstoppable STK Sporty Shirt In late winter/spring 2022 Kohls adds this sporty looking long sleeve shirt.
It has the slogan "Still Unstoppable" written over modern art for running Sonic, flying Tails and punching down Knuckles. The body part is gray while the sleeves and shoulders are blue. It has 2 black bands for each upper arm area and the collar. It's interesting and colorful enough without being busy. The sleeve design is a nice addition as well. This should be about 18 dollars. It is in the Sonicgear collection
Checker Pocket Hoodie Pale Blue
A frosty blue hoodie to keep warm on chilly days with Sonic style!
This is a 2022 Target item made by HIS clothing. It's in the kids-teens section and was probably released pretty late toward spring. It's all a frost pale blue color with hood and 'kangaroo' type mono-pocket in the front. There is no zipper nor pull string for the hood. It has elastic cuffs for the sleeves and bottom.
The decoration here is interesting. It has the modern logo at a moderate size in white at the chest/center area. The pocket is the only other decorated part. It has peace-sign modern Sonic on a white checkered background. He is line art with only the white/black parts colored (nose, eyes, lower-face) so the blue areas are the color of the shirt. This continues the wintery theme/look of the item. A good sweat shirt as there's nothing else that's similar looking.
Way Past Cool 3 Piece Amazon Winter Set
Now here's a slogan that you don't see much any more...
This 3 Piece Winter Set on Amazon in 2022 has a sweat pants, a hooded sweat shirt and a gray tee, all in 1 pack for 41 dollars. Which, for a teens set is an all right price considering long pants/long sleeves. The slogan "Way Past Cool" is on the running forward with rings Sonic tee...however, remember this is from the early 90s shows (Both SatAm and AoSTH) so it's kind of odd to see it dug up in 2022. The sweat shirt has Sonic, Tails & Knuckles all in running/jumping forward poses, with the modern logo in full color at the top. To add more fun, there's a row of rings down one sleeve. This has no pockets nor zippers/draw strings, and the cuffs are black while it is dark blue. The pants are black with dark blue lines down the sides. They do have Sonic content, it's his face in a blue circle on one upper leg.
This is a decent set! The items match well together, each thing has Sonic content and detail, and the price is reasonable.
Freeze Hoodie Shorts Set Tie Dye Freeze brand clothing comes out with a bit of an unusual pair in 2022...
A hoodie and...matching shorts? It seems so with this 2-blues tie dye set. But, if it's cold enough out that you want a sweatshirt's also so cold that you don't want shorts?
Hmm. The sweatshirt has modern art for peace sign Tails and determination/forward facing Sonic, with the logo large in full color at the top. The shorts have an even larger logo, up one leg side. They both appear to be made of the same material. The hoodie does not seem to have a pocket, zipper or draw string for the hood.
This is an Amazon item in summer (oddly enough) 2022, but it may be able to be found elsewhere.
Fair Aisle Ugly Hats Sweater Knit Christmas A new company appears and gets in on the 'ugly sweater' scene in 2022. Now, it's "Fair-Aisle", and they have knit up this very busy but hats-themed Christmas Sonic Sweater. The nature of knit-sweaters makes the art to look somewhat 'pixelated', which is appropriate here with the icon-like classic faces. Between rows of snowflakes & rings, there are Santa-hat wearing forward-facing faces for Sonic, Tails, Knuckles & Amy. The designs are sized such that the sweater has quite a busy-all-over pattern and this is exactly as intended to make it tacky-er on purpose.
If you need a busy Sonic sweater, this is an all right one, as it is in adults sizes. But where is it sold?
Eggman & Classic Trio Hoodie Gray A hoodie Eggman fans may appriciate...
Here is the 'classic trio hoodie', but it is mis-named because there's 4 characters and Eggman is hamming it up there in the background. The all gray hoodie has no pockets nor draw strings, and the interior of the hood is black. The design has the classic logo at the top, 'victory' Eggman is next, and Sonic, Tails & Knuckles are together. It uses an uncommon (likely neoclassic) art for sitting down/cute Tails, fists-together Knuckles and the usual arms-crossed Sonic. It's a decent hoodie if you want something different because Eggman is included. This may be an Amazon item in 2022.
Run Fast Blue Tones Sonic Long Sleeve This is called the "Run Fast Sonic Shirt"
It is a Kohls exclusive item releasing in late summer 2022. It has darker blue for the sleeves and shoulders, and a lighter blue for the body part. The Sonic running forward art is all done in blue tones with heavy shading, which gives it a comic book like style that stands out. With the hot green bars for the background, he looks almost 3D type. The slogan here is "Run Fast!" on the last bar. It also has his name and some rings on the top one. An interesting design that works well.
Rouge Crewneck Purple Sweat Shirt Rouge fans rejoyce!
She gets a cool purple sweat shirt all to herself! This purple crewneck sweat shirt is a Sega Shop exclusive in 2022. It uses only pink and white ink for her, so the dark pants part is the shirt color. It spells her name out in Japanese vertically down one side, and a large portrait of her in a rectangle is used for the background. The art is the less common, newer one where she is sitting with her wing out.
Purple Sonic items aren't that common, but it's fitting for her color scheme. The large art and portrait show good attention to design, this doesn't look plain at all. It's a good, adult size (fits anyone) item for 31 dollars. Discovered by Taaron
Light Up Sonic Sweater Christmas Holiday In the seemingly sticking-around tradition of 'somewhat tacky sweater is for Christmas'...there's this: The Sonic Light Up Christmas Sweater. They were preoccupied with whether they could, that they didn't think if they should. And maybe they shouldn't.
Because you can't wash it. You can't even dry clean it, but its 45 dollars. So only wear this to very clean parties, I guess. Of course, the light up feature is battery powered electronic that is sewn into it. Activating the feature makes colored Christmas lights flash in/around the logo.
The Sonic art here is modern jumping-twist Sonic but modified to be wearing a Santa hat. The sweater itself dictated by the tradition is overly busy on purpose with rows of checkers, emeralds, rings and snowflakes in dark red, white & yellow.
It's a novelty to be sure, but a rather expensive on because this is for adults sizes in 2022.
Classic Faces Squares Journeys Hoodie
This hoodie is likely a Journeys store exclusive.
Journeys is primarily a shoe store found only in malls, but it does have a few clothing and accessories items as well. In this case, for winter 2023, it has this classic faces themed character hoodie. This is probably a kids/teens size. It's blue with kangaroo type pocket, no zipper and no draw string. It has squares with portraits for Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy, along with the classic logo. A nice touch is that the squares also appear down one of the long sleeves, giving it even more good Sonic content.
Each of the faces has 2 different expressions...but the top left Sonic & Top right Amy one look a bit odd somehow? Price is unknown (but you can write in for credit if you have seen this in the store)