Sonic the Hedgehog School Supplies
Sonic School Supplies of the USA Page 8
Use 'em at home or at school, Sonic school supplies are great. They're also pretty collectible, because they often feature many different characters & are generally inexpensive upon release. This page will have ONLY modern supplies. If you don't need school, and just need some place to store your gear, why not try handy boxes, totes, school bags and binders? They can store more Sonic stuff for you. If an item is currently obtainable, a note will appear with its description. Some items may also be in the Sonic Gear School Supply Store.
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A drawstring bag / string back pack by GE.
This bag cinches with a drawstring at the top, and has string 'straps' so you can wear it as a back pack as well. It's all a nice royal blue color with large CG Sonic face that goes off the edges & a background of white line-art Sonics. The modern logo is in black at the top left, and the band at the opening says "Sonic" in white all along it. The string straps are black cord. This type of bag is good, if you're not carrying really heavy stuff. This is a 2016 item, and likely to be at Spencers' Gifts, but where else is it available?
GE Drawstring Bag Sonic Backpack
CG Ring Sonic Tails Knuckles Lunch Carrier Appropriatly, this is called "CG Ring Lnuch Carrier".
It has Sonic, Tails & Knuckles in CG, with a big gold ring in the background. Sonic is pointing, Knuckles is happy & Tails is hopping. The background is just streaky.cloudy blue with white. The edges of the bag have blue gradients, with black Sonic names scattered all around. This has both a carry handle on top & blue detatchable shoulder strap.
This is made by Accessory Innovations, and appears in 2016. It can appear in the Sonic Gear Store.
City Jump Trio Sonic School Bag Here's another school bag to feature the "City" background, but this time instead of just Sonic, it has Sonic, Tails & Knuckles, all in CG running out of the bottom corner. It's similar in theme to the lenticular & other bags seen on School 7. The top half-circle shape pocket has a CG Sonic face in a ring of stars. The backpack's background is blue/light blue checkers with red trim. It also has side pocket & water-bottle pocket.
Classic Style Tin Tote Metal Lunch Box
This is the "Classic Style Tin Tote Sonic".
However, it's not so much a tote bag as it is a metal lunch box style box. Is this the size of a usual metal lunch box? It works the same, with hard plastic handle on wire hinges, and metal flip-closed latch with hinge on the bottom.
The design here is jazzy with checkers, different size squares, stars & Green Hill Zone patterned edges. It uses a new for 2016 neo-classic Sonic art that's nice & big splashed across the front. There's a finger-waving portrait of him on the side of the box. The over-all feel of the design has a nice action look.
This box is by "Vandor" a new classic-license company for 2016. A box like this is good for more than just lunch! Cards, art supplies, toys & more can be stored in here. This is a cool classic styled item.
Eggman Shadow Top Big Ring CG Book Bag This book bag is likely the 'match' for the "Big CG Ring" lunch carrier seen above on this page. It has the large CG ring again for the large square outer pocket that also has CG Sonic, Tails & Knuckles jumping up. The top outer pocket (arch shaped) is of interest though, since they've added both Shadow & Dr Eggman to it, along with the logo. The sides of the bag are black, with "Sonic" spelled out in a blocky font in sprays of blue 'airbrush' tone. This has the usual shoulder straps, is about 16 inches (fairly standard kids size) & does have a waterbottle & zip side pocket. This bag should also be in the Gear School Store.
Sonic & Knuckles Sound Words Lunch Bag Here's another soft-sides lunch carrier. It's the usual rectangle shape & the theme here is 'sound effect words'. It has nice large graphics for Sonic & Knuckles, both stepping forward in a white 'paint splat' sort of shape across most of the front. The background is checkered with words like "Zoom" and "Whoosh" as well as little Sonic face tiles. This has a carry handle & shoulder strap. It's also insulated. This could be a bio world product, likely appearing first in 2016.
Glossy Faces Lunch Bag Carrier A cool lunch bag with more of the "Glossy" material. With this bag, all of the characters' faces are covered in the super shiny transparent plastic. It's got Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, & even Shadow for a great and colorful collage. The background seems to be a scattering of Sonic's shoes. The edges of the bag have Sonic eye graphics & shoes scattered around. This has a red shoulder strap, carry handle & mesh side pocket. It is insulated. This could be a bio world product, likely appearing first in 2016.
Red Stars Rolling Backpack & Sonic Set Red Star Rolling Pack Re-Release:
This bag first appeared in 2012, but re-appears in 2016. It has the usual shoulder straps, but unseen (at the back) are little wheels & a pop up handle so you don't have to carry it. On the slanted-shape outer pocket (very glossy) are pointing Sonic & partially faced away peace-sign Tails. He's above a small modern logo, & another one is at the top of the bag. The top is red with an arch of white stars. This has a bigger side pocket with snap top & a water-bottle net pocket on the other side.
Here, it's being sold with the Sonic 'stationary school set' & for some reason, a plush doll. Both of these items demonstrate that the bag isn't very big at all. It's a little-kids size (not standard) pack.
Spiked Ring Rolling Pack & Lunch Box Set This rolling suitcase style backpack & soft-sides lunch bag have a spiked ring in common for their design background. The gold ring on both has 'spikes' kind of like the 'Sonic spin' shape. The rolling pack has lots of great detail, like Sonic on the top/small pocket, Tails, Knuckles and Shadow on the big exterior square pocket and a checker pattern with smaller Sonics on the edge. The side pocket has Sonic in a white star too. The lunch bag has the checker pattern as well, but everybody is inside the spiked ring. It has a red carry shoulder strap.
In this case, the seller has put with it the "Sonic mini Desk Set" which is an unrelated item. (You can see it on USA School already) Both bags have nice detail & cool modern design.
Stars Backpack & Lunch Bag Set This set is called "Sonic Stars".
And, the name makes sense as it has yellow stars for the background of both as well as literally starring...Sonic, Tails Knuckles & Shadow. Each item has waving Tails, the somewhat unusual happy Knuckles, Sonic pointing at himself & Shadow who is just kind of there. The side pocket for the school bag has thumbs up Sonic in a star (note that it is different design for him from the bag above) Both have paper tags with checkers and big CG Sonic face. This set appears in late 2016, but where is it sold besides Amazon?
Super Speed Backpack
This stylish backpack is called "The SuperSpeed Backpack"
It has jumping-twist Sonic on the bottom/arger front pocket in a ring with 1 star. The top oval pocket has Shadow, Knuckles & Tails...all of whom are faced partially away in their chosen arts. (a bit of an unusual configuration to get all 3 like that) The background is just different tones of blue. The bottom says "Super Speed" in yellow letters, while modern logo is at the top. This appeared in late 2016, but where was it sold aside from Amazon?
SFX Sonic Knuckles Rolling Pack Lunch Combo You'll recognize this lunch carrier from right here on this page above...
But now it's being sold as part of a matching set. It matches with the rolling suitcase style backpack. The pack has the exact same "sound effects" design with Sonic & Knuckles together in a white splash shape. The pack adds a checkered blue pocket with modern logo for the top, water bottle pocket on one side and snap top pocket on the other. It's nice to see the company continue making mix n match sets like this for school & Sonic and Knuckles is always a cool pair. This is on Amazon, but where else might it be found?
GE Modern 4 Post Cards Here are 4 postcards by GE Entertainment.
Theres' a card for Tails, Sonic, Amy & Knuckles. They're all done in the SA style with their name written in the logo font at the bottom. Each card has the characters' portrait on the front and the usual divided back (half for address/stamp, half for writing) These cards were sold as a pack, with several of each one. They're nicely designed, and would even look cool pinned up on the wall or as the background for a shelf.
Somehow, these weren't very common. They're likely a 201? (2010 or later) item, but it hasn't been pinned down where they were sold. This photo of them is actually from Japan because someone found a way to import them. How many cards did you get? How much did it cost?