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Still more Sonic clothes to keep you warm.
This page should be items from 2021 through 2023 only. Warm weather clothing may be more expensive, but the designs are still pretty cool. So if you've got to go out in the cold, it might as well be with some cool Sonic stuff! Check out the many different designs you can collect here, along with listings of where to get them, if known.
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STK Speed of Sound Slogan Thermal Set Start the page off with a slightly suspect item...
This is called "Speed of Sound Thermal 2 Piece Set", but is it really a thermal?
Thermals have a distinctive textured (usually tiny rectangles) pattern as a part of the thermal heat trapping fabric. This set (Seen with the close up inset) looks too smooth to be an actual thermal. So, it might be falsely named.
Otherwise, it's a busy but decent pair of pants and top. They both share the same all-over pattern with action poses for modern Sonic, Tails & Knuckles scattered about. The slogan "Faster than the speed of sound" is also scattered in. This is a boys item (So, neither little kids nor teens) on Amazon in 2023.
Entry will be amended if anyone buys and feels this to see what the fabric actually is and writes in.
Checker Bands Sweat Shirts Blue White Here are 2 sweat shirt hoodies with the same design. One is dark blue, and the other is white, so people can choose their favorite color for the design at hand. This is another Amazon item where the material feels thin, but the price is decent at about 17 to 20 dollars
for a teens/adult size item. They have no zipper, nor draw string nor pockets. The design is a large rectangle with mottled blue background. It has 3 bands of black/white checkers going at an angle, and partially covering up (making it look 'behind') a large art of jumping twist modern Sonic. Both long sleeves have more checkers, and Sonic's name spelled out in a yellow 'paint look' font. With a nice big design, and both sleeves having Sonic content on them, neither seems to be a bad choice...if you keep in mind the fabric type. These are a winter 2022 release.
2 Dark Color Sweatshirts Hoodies SK These two dark color hoodies are from the same line of sweatshirts at Amazon where the material feels thin / they are not that warm. They'll be around the same price too, between 18 and 22 dollars or so. (Dark colored ones are somehow pricier by a little bit) The left shirt is dark navy blue with the STK trio in big, full color modern art. It uses thumbs up Sonic in front, determination Tails next, and in the back is fist up Knuckles. The added detail of the white line art on the sleeve is a great touch here. Both are a teens/adult size item. They have no zipper, nor draw string nor pockets
The right side hoodie is all black, with the modern logo large/full color on the front. This one is fun, in that it leaves the designs for the sleeves! With modern Sonic on one sleeve, and Knuckles on the other, this is a fun way to design a long sleeve item. The characters are full color and nice & big too, so you can't miss the Sonic content with this. These are a winter 2022 release.
Red Checker Sweat Set Sonic 2 Piece This is called "Finish Line Checkers Sweat Set 2 Piece".
It's an Amazon item in 2023 winter, and it's pretty appropriately named. The red no-zip, no-pocket hoodie top has thumbs up Modern Sonic in a curl of black/white finish flag checkers. Do notice that the bottom of this has a black figure-8 peel-out Sonic at the end of the checker line. His name is spelled out in '3d look' yellow letters. The pants are all black, and have running forward modern Sonic the size of the whole shin area on 1 leg. The big design for the leg really adds to this. The top is nice, if you didn't already have something similar. This is in teens sizes, so it'll probably fit some adults too, which is good because it is probably about 26 dollars.
Bioworld Faces Classic Sonic Pants Fleecy faces! It's time for 2 pairs of Bio World adults sizes warm and fuzzy sleep pants. The left pair has an all-over pattern of squares, each with various expressions for classic Sonic. These are tiled faced mostly upward, and with very little background. Because they're pretty large/detailed, this makes the pants a bit busy.
The right side pair has an all over pattern for different expressions of isolated Sonic heads, with 2 sizes of gold rings also scattered around. The background here is also black. This pair has more background visible so they don't come across as quite as busy. These appear on Amazon in winter 2023, and they are 27 dollars per pair because they are for adults.
Modern Characters 6 Square Hoodie This is the "Modern Characters 6 Squares Sweat Shirt" by Bio World.
It's a gray hoodie with kangaroo pocket and no zipper or drawstrings. It has 6 tiles, each with an upper body character portrait in it for Amy, Eggman, Shadow, Knuckles, Sonic & Tails. The modern logo is at the top in black. It's a good colorful selection of characters, if you didn't alerady have something similar.
This is a kids/teens item, but it is oddly a bit costly for Bio World at about 38 dollars for some reason. It's confirmed at Amazon, but could show up at other retailers. Hopefully for that price the material is a good quality and warm/thick fabric.
Sonic Trio Sweat Set Pants Hoodie This is called the "Sonic Trio Classic Set"
And, it's appropriately named as the iconic STK trio appears on both the hoodie sweatshirt and the gray sweat pants too. The shirt has a 'varsity styel' font for his name, and a tricolor ring with neoclassic art for fists together Knuckles, hands on hips Tails and arms-crossed Sonic. The pants have each character head/face only on one leg from the knee down to just above the ankle cuff.
With big colorful art for both pieces, this is definetely a nice Sonic set for anyone. It is teens sizes (so may fit more people) and pretty reasonably priced at only about 26 dollars. This is a Bio World item, and is likely at Amazon in spring/winter 2023
Shiny Shadow Thumbs Up Sonic Swt Shirt A new sweat shirt from Bio World, this one is in teens sizes, so it'll fit more people, but it is also more costly at 40 dollars on Amazon in 2023.
It's an all blue hoodie with kangaroo pocket & no draw strings nor zipper. The design is has a small full color modern thumbs up Sonic right above the pocket. However, behind/aside is his 'shadow' which is outlined in blue foil ink and also has rings scattered around it. It's meant to look like his shadow is projected large behind him. It's kind of hard to tell what's going on because he's blue, the sweat shirt is blue, and so is the metallic ink, though.
Foil / shine inks like this are delicate and should never go into the dryer. It is always advisable to spot wash or hand wash them to preserve the ink.
Unstoppable Long Sleeve Shirt This is the "Unstoppable Sonic Long Sleeve Shirt"'s pretty stylish! They put the long sleeves to good use, with speed boost chevrons and a Sonic silouette face on one, and Knuckles in a square on the other, with his name spelled out all the way up the sleeve. For the front, there's jumping twist Sonic in full color, and white line art for standing Tails. He's in front of both of their names. Across the bottom is a row of rings at different angles, and the word 'unstoppable' in a futuristic-type font. The whole thing is a dark navy blue.
This is a kids/teens item on Amazon, and reasonably priced at about 17.00 in spring 2023. With Sonic designs on 3 sides, it has a modern look and is different from (probably) a lot of your shirt collection. A good find.
Go Fast Screentone Dots Sweat Shirt A classic style art sweat shirt without a classic type of look.
This all black sweat shirt has a hood and kangaroo type pocket, but no draw string nor zippers. The art is profile running classic Sonic, but it's done in 3 colors and presented in a very fragmented way. It's a rectangle cut into 3 (or 4 ish??) parts, with red on blue, blue on black, and then white on red. The contrast between the middle is so low though, that that chunk seems to start to dissappear and breaks up the image. It is also all composed of those comic book style 'screen tone dots' which further fragments it. They did get the classic logo in there (bottom left) and slogan "Go Fast" bottom right.
It's a bit of an odd look, but if you inspect it you can tell what's going on mostly. Unlikely to be similar to something already in the collection. This is a Bio World Item in Spring 2023, and is 40 dollars because it is adults sizes only on Amazon
Zaavi Hoodie Green Hill Adults The brand Zaavi seems to make their Sonic stuff debut with this dark gray hoodie. It's adult sizes only, has no pockets, and has a draw string for the hood.
It also likely fits into the 'subtle Sonic' category as well because...he never actually appears on the item! It's front and back printed, but the design is just slogans and Green Hill items in odd colors. They've chosen reddish/orange umber and 2 colors of blue. The slogan on the front says "Green Hill Zone" and then the back has "Green Hill Zone Adventurer" with "established 1991" as is the usual.
This is an interesting enough first foray into the franchise by Zaavi, arguably maybe a bold move to make their first Sonic thing without a single Sonic character. Especially a 40 dollar commitment in the summer time 2023 for a wintery type item. Will it succeed? Time will tell.
Long Characters Sleeve Black Tee A long sleeve tee brings some variety to the endless sweatshirts and pants of the page: and it's a stylish one too.
This all black tee has running modern Sonic & the logo in full color (large) for the front design. But, as it's a long sleeve, they use the sleeves to do character heads for Shadow, Knuckles and Tails on both sleeves. It's a good way to add more Sonic content to the shirt. Each of the heads are mostly forward facing. This is an Amazon item in summer 2023. It is a teens size, so a bit more likely to fit. As it's a long sleeve, it is 17 dollars.
Racing Rings Box Lunch Sweat Shirt The company (and store) Box Lunch races onto the Sonic scene with a clothing collection in 2023. They start off with sweat shirts, seen here is the Racing Rings Classic at left and then the Christmas Sweater Sweatshirt at right.
The Racing Rings has a fun theme that's fairly surprising that it hasn't been done before, which is an all over 'track' print in zig zags and loop and then they apply rings and STK to it so they look like they're interacting with a level
Box Lunch Christmas Sweater Sweatshirt Pattern
as the design of the tee. It's not too busy, and the idea comes across right away and is cute. A good design. The "Ugly Christmas Sweater" theme is back's not that Christmasey its just kinda tacky You've got the overly busy checkering, rings, and dots, plus his name on repeat to make it too busy on purpose. Then adding red/blue/white as much as possible makes it more garish (which is the goal) There's finger waving Sonic as the main design, and a row of small white palms.
It isn't a sweater.
It's actually a sweat shirt printed to look like a sweater so it can be less costly material. However, "christmas or holiday" ugly sweaters (or otherwise) should actually have to have a holiday element of some sort to count--shoe-horning dumb things in is part of how this works, it can't be 'tacky' if it's not tacky, after all.
These are both adults sizes, and should be 40 dollars each at Box Lunch online or in a physical store.