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Housewares are perfect for making up a dedicated Sonic room, or adding a cool Sonic theme to your room or house. General household items can also appear here, it's not just limited to rooms or bedrooms. You might find Sonic stuff for your kitchen, bath, or almost anywhere! This page will have a mixture of new and vintage items, each should list what era it's from, and will list where it can be found, whenever possible..
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Bootcamp Bottles Metal Forces Here are 2 water bottles with the 'bootcamp' theme that Sonic Forces created. They're both metal bottles with heat-melted-on tough white coating for the exterior. That's probably why they're so costly, at about 22 dollars per bottle.
The first is the "Special Operations Unit" classic Sonic oval symbol/patch shape, and the second has the "Born to run since 91" slogan that ends with a classic Sonic face. They're both in army-green 'stencil' type format. These can only be bought in the SegaShop online. They are a 2018 item.
This is another thing that feels too generic. It's OBVIOUS that this is some easy to make generic Chinese bottle that can be "stamped with anything you want". It even looks like something from some company picnic where they're just slapping logos or slogans onto anything. The difference here is that the SegaShop holds a real, Sega approved license to Sonic imagry...but it almost feels fake with how plain and obvious these are.*
*SonicGear is not here to just lavish praise onto anything Sonic. If you need a bottle and these fit the bill, that's fantastic...but maybe it could have been a little better.
Colorless Motion Sonic Bottle Here's another Sega Shop 22 dollar bottle.
It's another with metal and heat-melted-on tough white coating for the exterior. This time, the design is the one they call "Colorless Motion" where it's all black on white. It has a Sonic line art (white) filled with only black & a scramble of words around him. The words are all 'Sonic related' like "Faster than the speed of sound", "Bring it on", and "no time" and "Super Sonic".
It's an all right look, because the design is a bit more 'all over', and looks like someone put in some effort for it.
Mad Scientist Eggman Ceramic Mug A cool & stylish mug for Egg-Fans!
This one stars Eggman & his greatest creation Metal Sonic. The black ceramic mug has the modern logo in white on one side. The design on the other has a 'moon like' circle of yellow with 'up-lit' art of a 'mad science lab' scene with Eggman on one side and Metal Sonic on the other. The words "Mad Scientist" are between them in '3d' type lettering while a giant egg robot looms in the background.
This is a Sega Shop item that appeared in the fall of 2018. It should be about 15 dollars. The art here was also used for several Halloween designs because it was combined with costumed hero-characters and used as a background.