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Housewares are perfect for making up a dedicated Sonic room, or adding a cool Sonic theme to your room or house. General household items can also appear here, it's not just limited to rooms or bedrooms. You might find Sonic stuff for your kitchen, bath, or almost anywhere! This page will have a mixture of new and vintage items, each should list what era it's from, and will list where it can be found, whenever possible..
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Bootcamp Bottles Metal Forces Here are 2 water bottles with the 'bootcamp' theme that Sonic Forces created. They're both metal bottles with heat-melted-on tough white coating for the exterior. That's probably why they're so costly, at about 22 dollars per bottle.
The first is the "Special Operations Unit" classic Sonic oval symbol/patch shape, and the second has the "Born to run since 91" slogan that ends with a classic Sonic face. They're both in army-green 'stencil' type format. These can only be bought in the SegaShop online. They are a 2018 item.
This is another thing that feels too generic. It's OBVIOUS that this is some easy to make generic Chinese bottle that can be "stamped with anything you want". It even looks like something from some company picnic where they're just slapping logos or slogans onto anything. The difference here is that the SegaShop holds a real, Sega approved license to Sonic imagry...but it almost feels fake with how plain and obvious these are.*
*SonicGear is not here to just lavish praise onto anything Sonic. If you need a bottle and these fit the bill, that's fantastic...but maybe it could have been a little better.
Colorless Motion Sonic Bottle Here's another Sega Shop 22 dollar bottle.
It's another with metal and heat-melted-on tough white coating for the exterior. This time, the design is the one they call "Colorless Motion" where it's all black on white. It has a Sonic line art (white) filled with only black & a scramble of words around him. The words are all 'Sonic related' like "Faster than the speed of sound", "Bring it on", and "no time" and "Super Sonic".
It's an all right look, because the design is a bit more 'all over', and looks like someone put in some effort for it.
Amy Only White Water Bottle Metal Amy Rose is the star of this white water bottle.
This is another of those Sega Shop 'we stamp a design onto a generic thing' type of items. You can see 2 more above that are just like it. This one has a neoclassic Amy Rose line art on one side. This has her walking & seemingly presenting something? She has one hand up & out as if gesturing to something behind her cheefully. It's a cute art, and different enough from her usual poses.
The other side of the bottle uses a very geometric/shaded block font to spell out "AMY", but her face is superimposed / replaces over the "A". Because it's a forward-facing-face (like forward Sonic) the spikes/bangs kind-of make an "A" shape a little bit. The bottle is otherwise plain/white with the karabiner clip & ring top. This should be about 18 dollars in the Sega Shop in 2019.
Travel Top Tumbler Classic Sonic This is the "Travel Top Tumbler"...
But which company made it, and where is it sold? Usually tumblers/mugs/etc don't have a package, or they come in an all-cardboard box. This one, however, seems to have some kind of card-stock 'wrap' or band around it to advertise it and keep the lid in place. The angle of the photo prevents you from seeing any of it, however.
The tumbler is likely plastic/maybe double-walled because it is meant for travel with the rubbery top/sipper lid seen here. It has quite-large arms-crossed classic Sonic, over a Green Hill Zone screen shot background. It's a decent effect, making him look like he's standing in the foreground (rather than trying to shoe-horn art into pixel scenes which does not look as good) You can write in for credit if you know more about this item. It is possibly a 2019 thing
Team Sonic Racing Tumbler Skit Art This is a double-wall tumbler to keep your drinks cold (or hot)
It appears just in time for Team Sonic Racing Overdrive for the Nintendo Switch! It's a white tumbler, with reusable plastic blue straw. The art for it is the animated-look cast from the series of short Youtube 'shows' that had a little skit of how a race worked out. (As Eggman tried to cheat, Big got Froggy theme merchandise & etc) There's even the egg-robo dressed up as a cat/disguise & Big in his new hat & tee. The logo for the game is at the top. The cast all together like this makes for a colorful cup to go with the game. This is a spring/summer 2019 item. It's about 17 dollars in the SegaShop online, and is an exclusive to that store.
Great Eastern Sonic Big Group Throw Blanket A big blanket!
This is one of those 'dye-sublimated' fleecey-fabric throw blankets. It's 1-ply (not stuffed) and the surface is fuzzy. It is 46x60 inches, so it's pretty big. It should be about $30 dollars, and you may be able to find it on Amazon in 2019. But where else is it?
This is a great blanket for fans, because it has so many characters all in one place. You can see Sonic Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Cream, Blaze, Shadow, Cheese, Rouge and Eggman there at the top. They are on a background that looks like Escape from the City's steep hill / truck chace level. The modern logo is pretty big in the bottom left.
Getting most of the gang together in the middle makes for a really colorful blanket to decorate a Sonic room.
Tails Candier Candle Box Stickers Wow, a Sonic & Tails theme candle!
Is this a first? Maybe! (Probably, actually) The small batch candle company "Candier" has created 2 inspirational themed candles for Sonic fans. Each one has a scent inspired by the character's environment so Tails gets fresh citrus/tropical of some kind and Sonic gets an island fresh water/wind type scent.*
The candles come in a glass container, nicely designed square box, and it includes a sheet of stickers too! A nice deal. The glass container has the logo, a slogan and a paragraph that's fitting. These are a late 2021 item, but where were they sold?
Candier Candle Text Sonic Tails Tails:
"You can do this! It's time to fly" is the slogan, which is appropriate. "Join Tails on a flight above Seaside Hill. Bring the sun and the fun of the beach to you! Dip your toes in the soft white sand and look out at the shimmering ocean. If you're lucky, you might even spot a few orcas jumping out of the water"
Break the limits Gotta go fast!
"Join Sonic as he races across Green Hill and experience the zone that started it all! As the sunlight pierces the palm
leaves, hear the distant roar of raging waterfalls, and feel the breeze tickle the grass atop checkered pattern hills."
Each one is meant to be a calming description to help you envision the world/zones. It pretty much works, except that that type of a whale has been a bit of a foe in the past. The 'gotta go fast' seems a little shoe-horned on there maybe because Tails' slogan is simply so good.
The bottom line: Very cool. Get these if you see them because they're well done, comes with extras and are the 1st Sonic candles to be made.
Don't Stop Sonic Plastic Sport Bottle This is the "Don't Stop Sonic Sport Bottle".
It's classic style, with neoclassic jumping-over Sonic art in a circle placed above a vertical line of 3 rings. The bottle itself is frosted/clear tone. The opposite side has the slogan in an 'echo' techno type font "Don't Stop". The lid/handle combo is blue, with a clear pop up sipper spout. It seems to have a clear straw inside too?
The slogan is appropriate for sports or energy drinks, and the clear bottle/spout is also good for cleaning. You do end up having to use a bottle brush to go over these things to get rid of bacteria, however. This is a late 2021 item, and is likely on Amazon, but may appear elsewhere. The price is unknown.
Fathead Large Sonic Decal Wall This may be costly, but it didn't land on 'high-end-gear' because...
Why is it so costly? Gee whiz, this thing is 70 dollars. It is a "Fatheads" brand wall decal. Fathead got its start in sports fan merchandise, making life size wall stickers of famous sports people. That's fine, because giant photos & die-cutting is costly but the effect is pretty cool. This basically a larger than average poster made of plastic sheeting with a sticky back that clings to your wall and costs an absurd amount of money.
The design is fine, leaping hand-foward modern Sonic done in CG with a Green Hill background, rings & his name. However, why pay 70 for a poster that's hard to move/reposition and is not that much superior to scrolls (cloth) or posters (paper). It is a mystery, but this is a 2022 item.
Franco Micro Raschel Throw Blanket Franco, the makers of various bedding products and home decor...
Adds "Micro-raschel" to their inventory with this modern Sonic blanket. Mircro Raschel is basically that 'fleecy' material from 'fleecy throws'. This is large, at 46 x 60 inches, but the price is also good at only 20 dollars. It has running/look back modern Sonic who is CG in a CG GHZ type background. There are a few scattered black checkers and the modern logo in black at the bottom.
It's a good colorful scene with nice large Sonic art, and it's not too busy so it would go well in a game room or on a bed.
Reasonable prices and durable items are important for modern collecting, and Franco seems to make sure that this has both. This is a 2022 item.
Franco All About Speed Towel A big towel, a beach towel?
This is a large size towel by Franco, who really seems to be turning up the Sonic merchandise in 2022. This blue towel is 28 by 58 inches, so it is nice and large. The slogan here is "It's All About Speed" which is written at the top. The design is CG jumping forward Sonic, with two ring icons, one with a star and the other the 10-ring. There are some checkers and boost chevrons in light/dark blue for the background. This is about 15 dollars in 2022, and should be an Amazon item. It's a decent towel, and a should-get at that rate for the size, especially because there are not many Sonic towels.
Franco Microfiber Curtains Finally, some USA Sonic curtains!
If your Sonic room has a window, you might want some curtains/drapes. Franco (usually the bedding company) steps in at 2022 with this modern curtain set. They are microfiber and 82 by 63 inches, so...pretty large. You scrunch these onto a curtain rod through a sleeve at the top. The theme is naturally outdoorsy (as is with most 'kids' curtains) it has CG art for flying Tails, running Sonic and jumping Knuckles. The background has a CG waterfall/tall rocks and some clouds on a fade for the blue sky. The bottom has no ground plane, the characters are just sort of set over rows of speed boost symbols interpsersed with red star rings, ring star icons and 10 ring icons.
Its difficult to tell the exact arrangement of the art, but it seems to repeat a little oddly? Shouldn't the curtains be 1 big scene or something where the characters don't repeat/cut off somehow? This is a factory photo (obvious fake scene) but it doesn't seem put together exactly right.
Where are these sold, and how much does it cost?
It is still interesting to see Sonic curtains, however.