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Housewares are perfect for making up a dedicated Sonic room, or adding a cool Sonic theme to your room or house. General household items can also appear here, it's not just limited to rooms or bedrooms. You might find Sonic stuff for your kitchen, bath, or almost anywhere! This page will have a mixture of new and vintage items, each should list what era it's from, and will list where it can be found, whenever possible..
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Bootcamp Bottles Metal Forces Here are 2 water bottles with the 'bootcamp' theme that Sonic Forces created. They're both metal bottles with heat-melted-on tough white coating for the exterior. That's probably why they're so costly, at about 22 dollars per bottle.
The first is the "Special Operations Unit" classic Sonic oval symbol/patch shape, and the second has the "Born to run since 91" slogan that ends with a classic Sonic face. They're both in army-green 'stencil' type format. These can only be bought in the SegaShop online. They are a 2018 item.
This is another thing that feels too generic. It's OBVIOUS that this is some easy to make generic Chinese bottle that can be "stamped with anything you want". It even looks like something from some company picnic where they're just slapping logos or slogans onto anything. The difference here is that the SegaShop holds a real, Sega approved license to Sonic imagry...but it almost feels fake with how plain and obvious these are.*
*SonicGear is not here to just lavish praise onto anything Sonic. If you need a bottle and these fit the bill, that's fantastic...but maybe it could have been a little better.
Colorless Motion Sonic Bottle Here's another Sega Shop 22 dollar bottle.
It's another with metal and heat-melted-on tough white coating for the exterior. This time, the design is the one they call "Colorless Motion" where it's all black on white. It has a Sonic line art (white) filled with only black & a scramble of words around him. The words are all 'Sonic related' like "Faster than the speed of sound", "Bring it on", and "no time" and "Super Sonic".
It's an all right look, because the design is a bit more 'all over', and looks like someone put in some effort for it.
Mad Scientist Eggman Ceramic Mug A cool & stylish mug for Egg-Fans!
This one stars Eggman & his greatest creation Metal Sonic. The black ceramic mug has the modern logo in white on one side. The design on the other has a 'moon like' circle of yellow with 'up-lit' art of a 'mad science lab' scene with Eggman on one side and Metal Sonic on the other. The words "Mad Scientist" are between them in '3d' type lettering while a giant egg robot looms in the background.
This is a Sega Shop item that appeared in the fall of 2018. It should be about 15 dollars. The art here was also used for several Halloween designs because it was combined with costumed hero-characters and used as a background.
Amy Only White Water Bottle Metal Amy Rose is the star of this white water bottle.
This is another of those Sega Shop 'we stamp a design onto a generic thing' type of items. You can see 2 more above that are just like it. This one has a neoclassic Amy Rose line art on one side. This has her walking & seemingly presenting something? She has one hand up & out as if gesturing to something behind her cheefully. It's a cute art, and different enough from her usual poses.
The other side of the bottle uses a very geometric/shaded block font to spell out "AMY", but her face is superimposed / replaces over the "A". Because it's a forward-facing-face (like forward Sonic) the spikes/bangs kind-of make an "A" shape a little bit. The bottle is otherwise plain/white with the karabiner clip & ring top. This should be about 18 dollars in the Sega Shop in 2019.
Color Shock Sonic Geometric Emeralds Mug This is called the "Color Shock Emeralds Mug".
It's a white ceramic mug in the Sega Shop in late 2018. Their "Color Shock" design line featured bright colors & geometric 'facets'. In this case, the classic style Sonic stock art has an all over crystallized or faceted look. There's a swirl of shapes & chaos emeralds swirling around him. The design is entirely confined to one side of the mug, leaving the other blank.
It's an interesting enough look, with a theme that hasn't really been done before. The pastels/but bright colors & shapes make a fun color splash impression...but why leave the back so blank? At least toss on a logo in the colors, or feature an emerald or something. This mug should be about 14 dollars in the Sega Shop, if it is still available.
Have No Fear Color Shock Classic Style Mug This is the "Have no Fear" classic style character & slogan mug. It's a normal black ceramic mug, with a wrap-around colorful design. The design is in the style / set of "Color Shock", as were several items from the Sega Shop. There are geometric palm trees, some triangle ground & neoclassic character art for Sonic, Tails & Amy Rose. The slogan is written in a colorful, textured font
that is a little confusing. Notice that the character art doesn't use black, it uses a slightly darker tone of the character's outline color for the details, so Amy has pink eyes & Sonic's edges/glove details are all also blue. The Color Shock theme and neoclassic trio make this a bright and fun mug with a good, different look. It should be about 12 dollars in the Sega Shop and was a late 2018 item.
Game Lover Modern Mug Black This is the "Game Lovers Mug".
It's an all black ceramic mug, with a big design on the front (opposite the handle) It has the slogan "Game Lover" on the top & bottom of the graphic, with the "L" in a heart shape. The middle has Sonic, Tails, Amy & Knuckles on a pink background. They're framed by 2 polygonal palm trees on each side. But, if you look closely, you can see that the stock art characters have had
video game controllers (looks like the classic Genesis?) added to their hands. The 'fist out' Knuckles has one, and 'waving' Tails is also holding one. Messing around with stock art isn't anything new, but it can be used to both ok, and cheesy or bad looking result, so it has to be used with care.
This is a Sega Shop mug in 2019, and it was 15 dollars on the website.
You Control My Heart Sonic Mug A Valentines Mug?
The Sega Shop thinks so in 2019. They had a previous one (seen on Page 13 here on Gear) which was "Heart Race", but this one has the new slogan "You Control My Heart". I guess if you decorate for Valentines day?
This all black ceramic mug has a design on one side only. It's running/pointing modern Sonic, with a blue/red heart background and some scattered pixels.
The slogan is behind his feet. Oddly, there's some random knockoff-looking controller pictured on the heart. Why bother doing this? Put classic Sonic & use a Genesis controller instead? It makes so much more sense to use an easily recognizable or fan-favorite controller on a mug instead of a generic looking nonsense one someone just made up off of clip art and pasted in to make 'it fit the slogan'. It's an ok idea, but it's surprising that the Sega Shop didn't bother to execute it very well, especially with something so easy as "Sonic and video games". This is 15 dollars in the Sega Shop in 2019. (The other mug was a 2018 item)
Sonic Toast Ceramic Mug White Do you remember the official Sonic Toaster?
The Sega Shop took pre-orders on it to get it made in a Chinese factory. It appears here on Gear at the Housewares pages. It uses a die cut metal plate to 'burn' (or darken) a Sonic face onto a piece of toast. The toaster was a pretty popular item...but the Sega Shop itself seems to have gotten carried away by it.
They've gotten so carried away, that they created this entire mug to celebrate the fact that you can make Sonic toast. By altering the 'finger waving' classic Sonic stock art, they use a piece of stamped toast to cover up the finger...thus making it look like he's holding the slice. There is (oddly enough) a tee shirt with this exact same theme. This is a 2019 item.
Sonic 3 Barrel of Doom Mug It's the Barrel of Doom!
This mug counts as something "Secretly Sonic". Only a true fan could recognize what this mug is here to represent. It's the spinning barrel from the Casino zone in Sonic 3. The zone had several of these barrel shaped items, and they could be found moving up and down on their own, moving side to side, or, static. Most of them were used as lifts/traps etc. in the level. However, there was a choke-point in the level.
ALL paths through the level worked their way to a single choke point that had a barrel in it. Jumping on the barrel caused it to dip down, and then spring back up. It BLOCKED the way to the end entirely. However, no-matter how much or how well timed one was to jump upon the barrel, it would never propel down far enough to allow a character out through the bottom of the choke point.
The game was released BEFORE the internet. One could not simply look up a guide online, or ask friends what to do to pass the barrel. Something like this where the method is not obvious was a serious issue in the past. The actual method for passing it was to stand upon the barrel, still. Then, rythmically use up and down on the controller (without ever jumping) to have the character shift their 'weight' on it like you do on a swing-set. This would propel it down juuuuust enough to slip out at the bottom-most point in its journey.

This barrel issue stopped many, many players in their quest to beat the game, and stymied others for a long time. It's unknown whether the developers intended it to be such a problematic item or not. Maybe they thought players would stumble onto the up/down on an earlier barrel in the level.
So, the story of the barrel, as any classic fan could tell you inspires this mug to get made. It is in the SegaShop online in 2019 for about 15 dollars.

Pixel Style Fleecy Classic Blanket Sonic
This is called the "Sonic Classic Pixel Blanket".
It is another of those thin, 'fleecy material' blankets. This time, it has a 16 bit pixelated look for the design. It has foot-tapping / waiting sprite for Sonic, on some Green Hill Zone ground, with two rings that look like they are sparkling. The logo at the top isn't pixelated, it's the art of it instead. The blanket comes in the folded-over cardboard sleeve that this style generally does.
This is a Sega Shop 2019 item, but it may appear elsewhere as well...blankets like this have been at Target before. The problem with the SS is, that it is 40 dollars there which is excessive for the weight, size & quality of 'fleecy material'. Comprable blankets are usually 20 or so if not on sale. The design is fine, though Sonic looks annoyed. It's not amazing since it's basically just a giant screen-cap with nothing really going on. 40 seems high for something like this.
Team Sonic Racing Tumbler Skit Art
This is a double-wall tumbler to keep your drinks cold (or hot)
It appears just in time for Team Sonic Racing for the Switch! It's a white tumbler, with reusable plastic blue straw. The art for it is the animated-look cast from the series of short Youtube 'shows' that had a little skit of how a race worked out. (As Eggman tried to cheat, Big got Froggy theme merchandise & etc) There's even the egg-robo dressed up as a cat/disguise & Big in his new hat & tee. The logo for the game is at the top. The cast all together like this makes for a colorful cup to go with the game. This is a spring/summer 2019 item. It's about 17 dollars in the SegaShop online, and is an exclusive to that store.
Great Eastern Sonic Big Group Throw Blanket A big blanket!
This is one of those 'dye-sublimated' fleecey-fabric throw blankets. It's 1-ply (not stuffed) and the surface is fuzzy. It is 46x60 inches, so it's pretty big. It should be about $30 dollars, and you may be able to find it on Amazon in 2019. But where else is it?
This is a great blanket for fans, because it has so many characters all in one place. You can see Sonic Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Cream, Blaze, Shadow, Cheese, Rouge and Eggman there at the top. They are on a background that looks like Escape from the City's steep hill / truck chace level. The modern logo is pretty big in the bottom left.
Getting most of the gang together in the middle makes for a really colorful blanket to decorate a Sonic room.