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Housewares are perfect for making up a dedicated Sonic room, or adding a cool Sonic theme to your room or house. General household items can also appear here, it's not just limited to rooms or bedrooms. You might find Sonic stuff for your kitchen, bath, or almost anywhere! This page will have a mixture of new and vintage items, each should list what era it's from, and will list where it can be found, whenever possible..
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Just Funky Sonic Face Ramen Bowl A specific bowl!
This is the Just Funky Sonic Classic Ramen Bowl. It is a blue ceramic bowl that's fairly deep. It has 2 slots in the side that hold your chopsticks while you serve the bowl or for if you wanted to set them down. This is typical construction for such a bowl.
The front has that usual winking/forward facing face, and the back has the classic logo done large, in all white ink.
This bowl is fairly costly for whatever reason, at about 30 dollars for a single bowl. Why is it so much? Is it gigantic, or somewhat larger than a mug? Entry may be updated if more info appears.
GE Stargazing Sonic Tails Throw Blanket This is the "Sonic Stargaze Throw"
GE puts their classic side license to use with a very cute blanket for bed time. This is another of those 'micro fiber' throw blankets where the design is the same on both sides. The art is neoclassic but it is highly likely to be based on a scene from the famous 'Sonic screen-saver' The background is blue with a scattering of blue & yellow patterned stars. It has Sonic looking up while holding a telescope while Tails is holding binoculars.
It's a cute friendship scene where it looks like they are having a conversation about stargazing. With well done and uncommon art and a cute night theme, it's perfect for a bed blanket. This should be about 30 dollars but it is probably also about 60 inches on the long side. It may be an Amazon item in 2022.
Franco Reversible Pillow Case Franco continues doing a great job in 2022 with a fun pillow case!
This is a reversable pillow case to keep the bed looking fresh with either a Sonic or Knuckles & Tails theme. Sonic's side is blue with a close up of him running 'toward'. It has a streaky/name background and a 10 ring icon. The Knuckles side is mostly red with CG fist up happy him and smiling Tails. Their side has a red star ring.
This does come in a has a cardstock sleeve with the 30th logo and CG Sonic. It shows the pillow on a bed with other Franco Sonic items. The pillow case is the standard 20x30 inch, and is a good price of 9.99. It can be gotten on Amazon, but does anywhere else sell it?
Fanco STK Throw Blanket Rings Spring season 2022 features more from Franco...
With this nice throw blanket. It uses CG modern art for Knuckles, Tails and Sonic. Knuckles looks concentrating, Tails has a fist up, and Sonic is standing while pointing down. There are CG rings and speed boost chevrons for the background which is otherwise 2 shades of blue and one gray. It's an over-all colorful design without being too busy. The characters are large and the CG keeps them looking good. (Large is the right word to use here, the blanket itself is big at 62 by 90 inches it is larger than most)
This would be a good blanket for a bigger bed or sofa in a game room. It's on Amazon, but should also be elsewhere...but where?
Walmart Throw Blanket STK Stars This is called the "Sonic Stars" throw blanket.
It's appropriately named as it has Sonic, Tails & Knuckles (the stars of Sonic games) plus scatterings of stars in the background along with checkers, speed boost chevrons & a large metallic star shape. It uses modern CG art for gliding forward Knuckles, flying Tails and running-jump Sonic. The background is all black, making the bright colors stand out more. Because the art/background items are big, it doesn't come across as overly busy so it would go well in any room. Price will be added once someone finds it. This is a winter/spring 2022 item at Walmart only.
Franco Fastest Friends Big Rug This is the Franco "Fastest Friends Area Rug".
It's a good big rug that's 69x52 inches. It has proabably a tight micro-fiber type weave so the art is very solid and bright without too much texture. It uses all CG for the art for leaping Sonic, gliding Knuckles & flying Tails. They're shown in the sky above a...sort of city-like background with green spaces? There are also stars, rings, and a red-star ring in the background.
It's great to see a big area rug like this!
Something to take up most of the floor, but still easy enough to move. It's also colorful without being too busy. You can get an idea of the size as there's someone's hands there at the top.
Pixel GHZ Stunned Mind Lanyard Combo Stunned Mind returns in 2022 with this blanket and lanyard combo set.
Why they want to add a lanyard to a blanket...I don't know but here's both in one package. The blanket has a simple Green Hill Zone theme and very pixelated 16-bit foot-tapping Sonic and some rings. The blanket is microfiber, so the design is smooth for the classic logo.
The lanyard has a simple squares theme in red, blue and yellow with Sonic face silouettes. It's a good quality one too, with easy release plastic buckle, rotating metal claw-style clip and bonus flat rubber Sonic classic face charm. The blanket is 45 by 60, so it's larger than others. The design is somewhat simple, so it's not busy...but having a giant annoyed looking Sonic may not be what everyone wants. This is confirmed as an Amazon item, but it may be elsewhere also.
Franco STK Blanket Pillow Combo Franco brings out a new combo item in 2022...
The shape pillow & microfiber throw combo pack. This has a blue blanket with very rounded edges. It is 40 x 50 inches, and has CG art for cheerful looking Knuckles, leaping up Sonic and flying Tails. The background is simple with a few light blue & yellow lines and shapes. It has art for 2 rings in the bottom corner.
It comes with a Sonic face pillow with a sort of unique shape. The shape is so that your neck goes in the middle between the points to rest your head on the main pillow shape. This also happens to line up with the art for forward-facing Sonic where his spikes go down onto the point parts. It looks decent enough, and it makes sense. This is a good combination, especially for only 25 dollars!
Pillow Cover Franco Square Here's the provide the pillow!
In 2022, Franco adds this 15 x 15 square accent/throw-pillow cover. It is only 10 dollars because it's a zip shut cover with no filling. This lets you turn any boring 15 inch square pillow into a fun Sonic theme one to add to a sofa or bed. It has all CG art for Sonic, Tails and Knuckles, along with a tropical background with a waterfall. It's colorful, and the characters are nice big art so it's not too busy.
A solid item at a good price, if you already have a pillow. This is a confirmed Amazon item, but is it anywhere else?
Stunned Mind Japan Word Blanket ST Stunned Mind produces another 'blanket bundle' in spring 2022. This time it has comic book style art for flying Tails who is carrying leaping Sonic by 1 hand. There are partial panels in the background (one with Eggman face maybe) There's text at the bottom in Japanese, but they don't tell you what it is. (Do you know? You can write in for credit)
This also comes with probably either a sticker or a coaster? It says what it is on the package, but this is all the larger the photo is so you can't read it. This is larger than other blankets, at 45 x 60 inches. Where is it sold?
Walmart Comforter Blanket STK Reversable This is likely a pillow case and blanket/comforter set.
It's a Walmart exclusive, but probably only on their website / not in stores. It's for a child size single bed only. (Notice the different shape for the pillow) The pillow case has a CG Sonic face, blue background & the logo in light blue. The blanket is reversable, with Sonic, Tails & Knuckles in front of a GHZ type background all in CG for one side. The other side is very dark navy blue (or black) with light blue line art of Sonic all over/various poses & his name written in itallics, also repeating.
The 2 sides are contrasty, the pillow is cheerful, and because its Walmart, the price is probably ok. This isn't a bad set if you need it for a small bed.
Big Group GE Microfiber Sonic Characters Blanket
This is called the "Big Group Microfiber Blanket"
And, it lives up to the name, with lots of modern characters all on one blanket. You can see Eggman, Rouge, Shadow, Blaze, Cream, Cheese Chao, Knuckles, Amy, Tails and Sonic. Each one uses a bit of less-common modern full color art (except Tails) The background is somewhat abstract/blue themed but if you look closely it's a city scene with blue sky above. The logo is in full color at the bottom/fairly large.
This is a GE item and is likely to be on Amazon in 2022.
Roll n Rings Comforter Reversable This is called the "Roll 'n' Rings Microfiber Twin". So, it's a twin bed size reversable comforter / blanket. The main side has CG art for Sonic, Tails and Knuckles. They're featured on/in shiny CG large gold rings. There are also red star rings & all 7 (probably) colors of Chaos Emeralds for the background. The reverse side is gray with single color line art for 2 poses of Sonic, and 1 pose for Knuckles & Tails in an all over pattern.
Neither side is too busy (as the art is fairly large) and the main side has nice color thanks to the emeralds. It's actually a really good / really paying-attention detail that ALL 7 of the Emeralds are included in the design. A very good choice, but which company makes the blanket?
Franco STK Throw Blanket
Another Fraco throw (probably microfiber), for 2022.
This one has all modern art, but the layout choice has a rather 90s feel somehow...
There's repeating art for the same pose of flying Tails, fist out Knuckles & running Sonic. Scatterings of rings are between them, and there are circle scenes with palm trees and floating platforms in siloutte. The border is navy blue and the background is a middle blue.
This is a pretty large size at 45 x 60 inches. It is interesting because it manages to look 1990s somehow despite being a modern item with modern art. It is a tad busy. This is likely an Amazon only item.
Too Slow Sonic Tails Classic Bio World Bottle
A fun water bottle from Bio World!
This is the "Too Slow! 32 Ounce Bottle". It is semi-transparent plastic with the same design on both sides. It has (probably?) neoclassic or slightly redone Japanese stock art for leaping profile Sonic and 3/4 view jumping Tails. The slogan "Too Slow!" is in red and white at the bottom, above a row of rings. The cap is gray with attached stopper so it doesn't get lost. It is a regular screw-off lid.
The unusual art (with Tails who looks very cute) is a good/big size without being busy. The little white squares design/background is subtle. The clear bottle/gray cap means it is easy to see if it's clean or not.
This is generally a GREAT price at only about 7 dollars. It is likely at Amazon, but where else? (7 is quite good for a big 32 ounce bottle of tough plastic) Bio World certainly has a hit with this one.