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Housewares are perfect for making up a dedicated Sonic room, or adding a cool Sonic theme to your room or house. General household items can also appear here, it's not just limited to rooms or bedrooms. You might find Sonic stuff for your kitchen, bath, or almost anywhere! This page will have a mixture of new and vintage items, each should list what era it's from, and will list where it can be found, whenever possible..
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Inside Outside Design Spencer 20oz Mug This mug is already full...
Of great Sonic detail, that is! It is completely covered in Green Hill Zone themed design both on the outside, and the handle, but also on the entire interior too! Then, when the drink is finished, there's a special surprise design of a star bumper at the bottom.
It is done in the 16 bit pixelated style, with jumping Sonic sprite on one side, among sunflowers, palm trees, rings and clouds. Notice the palm tree is on the handle as well. The inside appears to just have palms, but it seems to be difficult to photograph. This is a larger than normal mug, at 20 ounces of liquid. It is a Spencers' Gifts item in summer 2017, & should be sold both in stores and online.
Sonic Mania SDCC 2017 Poster Cool poster!
The 2017 San Diego Comic Con SDCC had their own exclusive poster to promote Sonic Mania. It was likely a booth prize of some kind. The event was the only place you could get this neat poster, so it is sure to be uncommon. It has the game's logo, bright colored lines & shapes and a portrait of each character. Knuckles in a desert area, Sonic in a Green Hill & Tails in a night time zone. The Tails art appears to be new, with him either saluting or 'looking out' over something. It also has the game's release date 8.15.17 near the bottom. Colorful, fun & exclusive, it's a great item for the wall of your Sonic room.
GE 25th Anniversary Ceramic Mug A cool mug for Sonic's 25th Anniversary!
This mug by GE Entertainment appears in summer/fall 2017. It's a white ceramic normal-shape mug with all-around graphics. The front has CG for all 3 versions of Sonic (Classic, Modern, Boom) & a Green Hill somewhat-background with some screen tone dots. The back continues the 'ground stars' design but adds the full color 25th logo. It's a cool colorful mug that will stand out in a collection! Photo & owned by BluexBlur
**POSSIBLE Paint Problem? Report now in that the paint on this mug MAY be fragile & start to flake. It seems isolated to this one design, is it a defective mug or are there more issues? Write in if you've had any trouble with this mug.
Vandor Outta Here Blue Mug Here's another mug by Vandor.
This is the "I'm Outta Here" ceramic mug. It's all blue, with a big design on both sides. It has forward facing Sonic face (no outline) for one side & 'getting ready to run' classic Sonic on the other, with a yellow background and the new (increasingly common) slogan written in dark yellow, on a yellow background. This is a big mug, its 20 ounces. It should retail at about 9.99, and is a summer/fall 2017 item.
Interestingly, this mug is found at Michael's Arts & Crafts store. It would likely be near the registers since it's not an art supply. Why it's important, is because Michaels gives out loads of 40% and 50% off coupons, so your chance for getting a deal on this mug is good if you can clip a coupon! Photo & owned by: Joe
Hot Topic Layred Green Hill Sonic Cup Here's a Hot Topic insulated layers plastic cup.
This drink cup has two walls, with a gap of air between to help insulate your drink and cut down on condensation. The design of the cup also takes advantage of the construction, putting neo-classic Sonic stock art on the outside layer with some squares & designs, then adding a 16 bit style pixel Green Hill zone on the inner layer. The two layers make the whole design look 3D, like Sonic is leaping out from the background. The opposite side has more squares, and the classic style logo.
The cup also has a blue tinted lid, and yellow re-use-able plastic thick straw.
With good use of design, neo-classic art & good construction this cup is cool while cooling your drinks. A good collectible, seen in summer/fall 2017 at Hot Topic in stores and also online.
Pixel Pals Sonic Lamp Room Light This is a "Pixel Pals" room light!
Pixel Pals is a company making pixelated graphics into battery powered mini lamps for your room. Each one is shaped like a character with custom edges to follow the shape. They've chosen foot tapping/ impatient Sonic for their first light. You can see that it's not very thick, so it can be set almost anywhere since there's no cord. It's LED so it doesn't use up the battery that fast. Because they used the exact 16 bit sprite to make it, it's quite classic looking. But why make a lamp that always looks irritated at you? Why not choose another, more fun pose? These lights are an interesting idea in 2017. Discovered by Taaron
These should be about 14.99, and uses AAA batteries. It's for sure sold on Amazon, but where else might you find one?
Heat Changing Sonic Mug MIB Where's Sonic on this mug?
He's hidden in plain sight! This is a "heat changing" mug, where, when you pour hot liquid into it, the black coating 'dissappears', revealing hidden designs! Obviously, with the eyes & ears showing there, you can tell exactly where Sonic will appear...but not what pose he's in. There are also rings, and the 'ground' checkering indicates that Green Hill elements will also likely be revealed. It looks like the handle and interior are likely light blue.
Gimmick mugs like this require extra care, like not microwaving & not using the dish washer, nor putting them in the fridge/freezer...but, they are still a fun collectible. What does this mug look like when it's changed? A photo will be added as soon as someone changes one & sends it in. Photo by Taaron