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Housewares are perfect for making up a dedicated Sonic room, or adding a cool Sonic theme to your room or house. General household items can also appear here, it's not just limited to rooms or bedrooms. You might find Sonic stuff for your kitchen, bath, or almost anywhere! This page will have a mixture of new and vintage items, each should list what era it's from, and will list where it can be found, whenever possible..
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EggMan Metal Sonic Mug Black An item for the Eggman Fans!
Eggfans can power up their hot drinks with this cool black ceramic mug. It stars Eggman AND Metal Sonic! Both are shown as a CG image on one side of the mug, while the other has the Eggman symbol in red. The art for Metal Sonic is interesting too, it's not the
typical pose for him, but instead uses one partially facing away. Eggman is shown shaking his fist, but what's important is that Sonic's no-where to be found. Eggman needs to be the star too sometimes, and that really helps this mug be unique and collectible.
Gold Line Sega Shop Sonic Mug Black This is called the "Gold Line" mug & it is only available at the Sega Shop online. It's a standard black ceramic mug (same as the one above) but this has a yellow/gold line art theme. It has a sketchy line-art thumbs-up Sonic overlapping a large circle design.
The circle is full of thin rays originating from a sparkling ring. There's Japanese text curved along the other edge of the circle, but the Sega Shop doesn't tell you what this says. (Does anybody know? Write in if you can translate this text for credit) The other side of the mug is blank. The line art in bright yellow on the black, plus the detailed design make this a classy mug with a pretty different look from the rest. *It doesn't seem like a good move to not tell people what the mug says, even if it is something mundane.
Sonic Mania Knuckles Cartoon Color Change Mug A fun Mania Mug with a gimmic & cute cartoon!
When the mug is empty or cold, it appears as an all black item with white interior. It's got the Mania logo in light blue along with several fluffy 'clouds'.
But when you add hot liquid, look what happens! This is a fun heat-changer mug. It reveals Knuckles & the master emerald. But what's he thinking? That's what's in the cloud. This is the funny art from the cute little Sonic Shorts youtube cartoons. He imagines Eggman, Sonic & a robot trying to steal the emerald. (They're drawn silly though because it's his imagination) If you like the cartoons, this is a fun mug to collect. It can be found in the SegaShop in 2018 & is probably about 18.00 (due to the gimmick)
Valentines Day Sonic & Tails 2 Side Blankets Now here are 2 oddities...
These That's right: these are Valentines Day 'fleecy fabric' big blankets. But why? Valentines Day isn't that big of a deal, it's not really a holiday everyone goes out to decorate the halls for, so blankets specifically for it don't make a lot of sense.
But, here they are anyway, complete with their own unique Sonic & Tails art. Sonic is dressed as a Cupid, with white Roman Cupid sash & white feather wings. He's holding a 'love letter' (envelope with heart sticker) & a Cupid bow. Tails is 'Flying Cupid' with a little sash, wings & his Cupid bow is drawn with a heart tip arrow as he flies. Sonic has a blue background with face pattern & Tails has orange with a face pattern for himself. These blankets are 2 sided, the other side just has the pattern & no large character art.
These are sold at the Sega Shop, but are 54 dollars each!
After finding similar cloth blankets of similar size / materials in stores for around 20 or less, 54 seems rather steep. However, each one is certain to be unique thanks to its special art. These are a spring 2018 item.
Ultimate Power Shadow Ceramic Mug This is called "The Ultimate Power Mug"...
And Shadow, who labels himself "the ultimate life-form" would probably be the one to name it & set the slogan. This white ceramic mug has a black handle & a design on one side. In a black hexagon, there's the "Ultimate Power" banner behind a black/white only image of 'jumping away' Shadow. This is a seldom-used stock art, which helps make the mug unique. Red 'rays' of color are behind him to complete the design.
This mug is pretty unique in its slogan, use of an uncommon art, & the 'boxed in' type of design. Not a bad choice at all, especially for Shadow fans! This is at the SegaShop in 2018--but the description is wrong: It's listed under "Sonic". It should be about 18.00
Sega Shop 6 Wall Posters In 2018, the Sega Shop online store added 6 different posters to their selection. 4 are really simple & drab, while 2 are a fun little character study.
The bottom two "Born To Run Since 91" are army drab-green with 'stencil' large printing & not much in the way of a background. Both end the sentance with a white classic Sonic face. The right-side poster has Sonic faces among the 'camo' pattern. The "flag style" posters are also pretty simple, with Sonic's name, 2 stripes, a portrait circle and "1991" between 2 stars. They're that 'weathered/stamped' look that's usually used on clothing...this time on a poster.
The colorful ones are for Sonic Mania, specifically the little fun Youtube short cartoons. Whoever is doing the art for those has their character portrait / expression test sheets printed for these two posters. The first has Knuckles heads in black/white & color, while the 2nd has Tails heads & one shot of just his spinning tails. Both types of posters are really something new for the genre of merchandise. Super plain (I guess if your room is really busy?) & then sketch-book-style mulit-shots. Whatever you feel about these, they're not 'more of the same'. Each one is about 15 dollars in the SegaShop in Summer 2018.
Heart Race Sonic Black Mug For 2018, Sega Shop has produced this black ceramic mug. It has the slogan "You make my heart race" in pink & blue on one side, and running modern Sonic in a pink pixelated heart on the other. Isn't this usually a Valentines-type slogan?
Yes it is, but oddly enough the shop also had 'Valentines specific' blankets on there too. This mug is probably a part of that holiday push as well. It should be about 15.00 on the site.