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Housewares are perfect for making up a dedicated Sonic room, or adding a cool Sonic theme to your room or house. General household items can also appear here, it's not just limited to rooms or bedrooms. You might find Sonic stuff for your kitchen, bath, or almost anywhere! This page will have a mixture of new and vintage items, each should list what era it's from, and will list where it can be found, whenever possible..
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Great Eastern Chibi Doll Pattern Blanket
Here is a funny throw from Great Eastern.
It is medium blue, but the pattern is a cute assortment of "Chibi Dolls" of the Sonic characters. The little dolls are scattered all over the blanket, and each one has 2 expressions. You can see Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Amy and Eggman among a few colored stars. The modern logo is at the bottom corner, and fairly small.
It's a cute blanket with a new look, thanks to the new 'mini doll' art. But where is it sold?
Great Eastern Sonic Name Blanket Great Eastern just keeps the blankets coming in 2019.
Interestingly, all of these seem to be showing up in the summer time. But still, get ready for chilly weather with some 'fleecy material' Sonic blankets.
This one is called the "Sonic Name Blanket" It is large, at 60 by 46 inches, and features the word "Sonic" spelled forward & backward in big block letters. Punched through the font is a CG very large forward facing Sonic face. It goes off each edge of the blanket & is nicely shaded. However...
This seems to be another of the "it was a good idea but then in execution of it...." items. Because the face is so broken up / obscured by the text it's difficult to read the expression, especially with the odd partially open mouth. Is it happy? Aggressive? The other problem is that it's really gigantic, a 60 inch takes up most of a bed with just. this. expression. Cut into bits by flip flop words.
You could see how it would look good and unique on paper, but when you imagine it into a home/really big and get to looking at it, it breaks down into a bit of oddity.
Great Eastern Grayscale 3 Hedgehogs Throw A Three Hedgehogs Throw Blanket!
Great Eastern continues with this grayscale blanket. Grayscale large items like this aren't too common in Sonic merchandise (is this the first homegoods type one?) but it looks pretty decent here. It would be for a room with colors that don't match Sonic's, or a room that's already too 'color-busy'.
This blanket/throw is more of that 'fleecy material', and uses only shades of black, white & gray for Sonic, Shadow & Silver. Sonic is doing a thumbs up, Shadow is hand out/sliding & Silver is ready to use telekenesis pose. The background is somewhat busy, it's all overlapping piles of concentric rings in a regular pattern. They're mostly in a square shape of 'speed boost' lines & the logo is in the bottom corner, but it's fairly big.
The poses are dynamic, and the black and white look makes this one stand out from the crowd (yes an actual crowd of blankets in 2019 apparently) a cool choice that goes against the grain! This one should be at Amazon.
Polyester Big Sonic & Knuckles City Blanket It seems to be a 'blanket takeover'...
But that's just fine because stylish blankets are great choices for a Sonic room. Here's yet another from Great Eastern in 2019. This one is all polyester, though. It is also large at 46 by 60 inches. It may be called "Sonic & Knuckles City Blanket". It has modern Sonic & Knuckles with a bit of a confusing background. It looks like variously overlapped/fade effect on screens of at least 1 'city based' level, but it's obscured enough by the effects that you can't really tell which game it's from. The 'jagged flame/spike ring' that seems to appear on some homegoods/bags etc appears again here, but this time it's shaded to be gold looking. The modern logo is large in the bottom right corner.
The background, though dark, makes this a tad busy, but very video game like. Seeing Sonic & Knuckles together (with nobody else) is also refreshing. It's another good, solid design that doesn't look too much like previous items. This might be at Amazon, but also possibly at Target? Do write in for credit if you see this & how much it may cost.
Molded Mug Classic Style Sonic Head A molded mug in 2019!
This large size mug is shaped like a classic style Sonic head. It has a fully 3D nose, and the handle is on the back among the spikes. It's large and fairly sphereical. It holds 26 ounces of liquid...which, for coffee is quite a bit of it.
There have been other "It's Sonic's head but a mug now" ceramic items, and one is quite rare. Make sure to always look at the maker-marks on the bottoms of mugs you may find. Of course, this is another house hold item that you'll have to be fairly careful with, because it is ceramic and features lots of points/bumps & details that could chip.
(That's likely why older shape-mugs are uncommon, they chip or break and people throw them away) This one looks just fine with the usual side-smile in its large windowed-box. It seems maybe it's a little bit overly-spherical to be exactly classic head shaped. Where is this sold? How much does it cost? This is a fall 2019 item. Photo by Taaron.
Here's the mug outside the box's a bit less impressive outside the box. The spikes are little kind of blobs? The ears are fairly flat instead of mostly a pyramid as they should be and it also exposes it's biggest problem. Look how spherical the mug is, and how small the holes is. This makes it an EZ-Spill item for sure! How should you drink from it without spilling? It's tested & reportedly difficult. If you have a need for this mug...maybe it can become a pencil-cup
So, thanks to fan help & review, this is not a reccomended by Gear item to get unless you want it for decoration only due to its odd design. Fan photos here by: KennyTheHedgehog
Classic Sytle Sonic Pizza Cutter A Sonic Pizza Cutter!
Did you ever think you'd see the day when such a thing is a real item? Well, it's ready to roll in 2019/fall season at the Sega Shop. Sure it's a Chinese 'any brand here' generic item, but the exectuion of it is so clever and cute that it actually turns out just fine. They select rolling classic Sonic as the big graphic on the cutting wheel. He literally does what he does in the games...which is to roll and slice through things which is very clever. They also have a full color classic logo for the handle to tie the tool together.
This is 17.00 and a Sega Shop online exclusive. This really gets all the points for the idea and execution of the design. It's funny, it's functional, and it's wacky enough to want to display in a Sonic collection--whether it's used or not. A very good edition!
Just Funky All Over Pixel Sonic 1 Mug A new company makes a Sonic item in 2019!
Welcome in "Just Funky" with this unique 'all over' Sonic print mug...that really means it! There are Sonic 1 16 Bit style scenes all over the outside AND the inside of the mug too. They didn't forget the handle either, as you'll find some rings there as well. Sonic is shown jumping on one side & the logo is on the other. A mug with a printed interior is extra fun. Though, you can't put it in the dish washer. This holds 20 ounces of liquid, but where is it sold? How much does it cost?
Franco 2-Sided Sonic Bed Set Blanket Franco Designs gets onto the Sonic scene in 2019 with this bed set for a twin bed size. It has a reversable blanket/comforter for twice the Sonic themed fun. The pillow is reversable too. One side has a big CG Sonic portrait that says 'step it up' in red, and the other has Sonic, Shadow & Tails all running toward one edge with light streaks as the background.
The sheet & fitted sheet have the same pattern, which is a blue/white background with various poses for Sonic, Knuckles and Tails scattered around. It doesn't seem too busy. The blanket is black on one side with Sonic, Shadow, Tails, Knuckles & rings scattered over it. The other side of the blanket is navy blue with squares, character silouettes (in their colors) and "Come On Step It Up" slogans written out.
This is a good, colorful bed set with plenty of Sonic content. It doesn't get too busy, and featuring 4 characters is a great idea to cover more favorites. This should be an Amazon item, if you can find it.
Go Faster Pyramid America Large Poster
A poster with an artsy graffiti style! A new company on the scene in 2019!
Here is Pyramid America's wall decor offering in fall 2019. It is a large 24 x 36 inch poster that tuses the 'graffiti drip / character collage' forward-facing modern Sonic face. This design first appeared on Burlington Coat Factory tees, so it's logical to see it used again. If you look at the face, you can see sticker type shapes, Sonic art, Eggman, Knuckles, Tails, even Shadow, along side Sonic shoes, rings, and geometric lines/shapes. It uses a lot of hot green, to stand out from the plain all-blue background. The face's lines are extra heavy/dark & there is a black/white 'drips' effect as if spray painted on.
The poster does have a slogan at the bottom which is "Go Faster" with a Sonic spin and some rings graphics. The modern logo & copyright info is in the bottom right corner. This would be great for a video game room, or a Sonic room. It combines Sonic & art/style, instead of just being 'a picture of a character/s' standing there. Where can you buy this?
Chao in Space Variety Mug This mug was made to celebrate the short animation "Chao in Space", that Sega did. As you'll know "Chao in Space" is the 'movie' that you always saw as a movie poster decoration around various levels/various games when they wanted a billboard or other 'advertising space' as part of the level.
Well, Sega decided it was going to actually 'make' it, and you can find/watch it on their Youtube. However, it turns out that it is all a dream by a neutral chao. This mug, in the Sega Shop at the end of 2019, is about 15 dollars and was produced to help hype the short.
It features a colorful and fun variety of art for various chao types. There are hero, dark, and accessorized ones, as well as the very under-represented 'feature' ones where they've had several of the same type of animal so it changes their appearance slightly. The mug sides look different, but it is changing the size/place of the chaos to create the look of a wrap-around graphic. This is a cute item for chao fans!
Ring Collectors Club Mug Black This is the "Ring Collector's Club Mug".
It's a Sega Shop online exclusive in winter 2019. The mug is all black ceramic with a 2 color design. The modern logo is on the back and the colors are bright blue and pinkish. The main design has modern ready for action Sonic stock art, checkers, some rings, the slogan and the year 1991.
The design is actually pretty stylish. The shapes and use of color on black with the dramatic
and unusual 'lighting/shadowing' used on Sonic combine to give it almost a vaporwave or 80s asthetic somehow? Which is strange because that's not the right era...and modern Sonic usually isn't set with the 1991 date either. This could create some kind of 'hodgepodge', but for whatever reason here, it doesn't, and looks good instead. An interesting mug with a unique look for probably about 15 dollars. This same design was also used on a tee shirt.
Toy Factory 2 Sonic Pillows Want to win a pillow?
It's a bit of an odd thing to win, but you can do it now that Toy Factory has produced 2 pillows. Toy Factory only makes prize items for places like arcades, fair/midway, and tickets/prize counter places, so the pillows must be won. The first pillow has CG Sonic & Shadow in action poses with a blue & geometric shapes background. The second has CG Sonic in front of CG Green Hill, with the modern logo printed over a lake area.
Both pillows are square and 20 inches on a side, so they're nice and big. With the flawless CG art and that it's printed into the fabric the pillows are colorful and won't wear off. These would look great on a Sonic themed bed set or in the video game room. Both are very nice. These are a 2020 item