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Housewares are perfect for making up a dedicated Sonic room, or adding a cool Sonic theme to your room or house. General household items can also appear here, it's not just limited to rooms or bedrooms. You might find Sonic stuff for your kitchen, bath, or almost anywhere! This page will have a mixture of new and vintage items, each should list what era it's from, and will list where it can be found, whenever possible..
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30th Anniversary Water Bottle A water bottle for the 30th Anniversary!
This white water bottle with a black lid is added by the Sega Shop online (usa) in late 2021. It has a fun, nicely thought out design for the anniversary. There's modern Sonic jump/look-back art for the centerpiece, and pixel classic Sonic and modern Sonic running in opposite directions for the background. Rings have green hill portraits in them as well. The 30th logo is also a good size, near his foot. The design does capture past/present Sonic as a theme pretty well as you turn the bottle. It is 17 dollars.
Ride the Waves water bottle
A new water bottle for fall of 2021 from the Sega Shop online.
This blue bottle has an attached/strap lid so it can't get lost and is made of coated metal to be easy to clean. It has a new (for 2021?) neoclassic Sonic art where he is riding a wind-surf board. The sail has the "S" from the logo and a star. The slogan here is "Ride the waves" written in a circle around Sonic on the wind surf.
Interestingly, this art adds swim trunks to him that seem somewhat floral? This isn't the first instance of it in art but it's still somewhat strange.
30th Anniversary Poster To celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Sonic, a poster is produced!
This poster is mostly blue but if you look carefully the 'background' is all blue-toned collage images of various Sonic things from the past, 30th logos, and symbols. It features a big gold sparkling ring which has various screen shots from games collaged in. CG Sonic is leaping out from the ring, over the 30th logo.
This might be an interesting one to collect because it is so specifically for 1 event and will have a limited run. If you were going to suspect something of being worth a bit more later, this might be it. This is a Sega Shop online item in late 2021, and it is about 20 dollars.
Chao in Space Poster
With this, you can own an actual item seen in the games:
A movie's for a movie that doesn't exist is a "Chao in Space" poster. This would appear as a billboard or actual movie-ad on walls in various Sonic games. It's a cute idea to actually be able to own it. It has little angel chao, egg-hat chao, dark chao and one with bunny ears gathered around some neutral chaos. The Death Egg looms in the background, and colored Chaos Drives are floating around. The plot is up to anyone to guess.
Why Sega itself and the Sega Shop continue to tease and show chaos but without ever using them in a game or even making some phone-based mini-garden spinoff despite how much everyone screams they want it, is a total mystery. Now, a poster can be added to the pile (of mystery).This is a Sega Shop online item in late 2021, and it is about 20 dollars.
Walmart Sonic Blanket To go along with their other Sonic theme bed stuff in 2021 is...
The Sonic Blanket. This is a fleecy item, but it is larger than the "Sonic Walmart Throw", so it's going to be a little more expensive. It's black with a various 'speed booster line' and scattered squares background. It has CG modern Sonic jumping toward the viewer and the italicized logo at the top. Sonic is nice and large, so you're always going to see part of him even if it's scrunched/folded. It's only moderately busy, so it would look good in a game room or bedroom. This does have the 30th anniversary branding on the paper package part. It is otherwise in a clear display bag to keep it clean. Price will be added once it's discovered.
Be My Valentine Sonnic Fleece Blanket A wierd motif for a blanket...
This is the Be Mine Valentine blanket from the Sega Shop online. But...Valentines isn't really a holiday you decorate for? Christmas and Halloween sure, but not so much the v-day. None-the-less, they use their somewhat odd neoclassic art of Sonic dressed as cupid (complete with bow, wings and Greek 'tunic') holding a valentine card. He's among various patterns of pink hearts, and "Be Mine?" is at the bottom in darker red. The whole blanket is white and pretty large. It's also 40 dollars which is a little steep when you compare it with similarly sized Sonic fleecey-blankets/throws that are sold elsewhere.
Opinion zone: I'd be super curious how many of these actually get sold because the theme is so strange and unfitting for Sonic & a boring blanket that's expensive and has hearts all over it?? It doesn't seem like something
many fans would want or that would be popular at all.
Kohls Twin Bed Sheets Blanket Set A Kohls exclusive, but also somewhat expensive. This is a twin bed size (so, it's small/ don't try to buy it for the more common 'full bed') sheet, pillow case & comforter/blanket set. The blanket is reversable so you get 2 designs in one, as is the pillow case. The slogan here is "Come On Step it Up!" which appears fairly frequently on merchandise.
The pillow case has the slogan and a quite closeup of CG modern Sonic face. (Perhaps too close? It looks a little odd...) The reverse has Sonic, Shadow and Tails in CG over a streaky background. The blanket has a blue side with the slogan, character silouettes for Sonic, Shadow, Tails and Knuckls plus "V" shapes and squares. The reverse is black with CG Sonic, Tails, Shadow and Knuckles scattered among 10 ring icons & Eggman squares. The sheets have the same CG poses for Sonic Tails & Knuckles, but it does not have Shadow. This also has 10 ring icons.
It's a good colorful set, but perhaps a little busy, no-matter which side faces up. However, Kohls has it for something like 150 to 160 dollars which is SUPER STEEP / expensive for a twin bed set like this. Best to wait for a sale if you really enjoy the design. This is a fall 2021 item
Geometric Sega Shop Sonic Blanket A busy blanket, and an even busier matching pillow are here with the Sega Shop Online "Geometric Sonic" offerings. If you have a really plain room and it needs quite busy patterns, maybe these will fit in. They're interesting...and there hasn't been much like it before. The blanket has a very large modern Sonic face to the left, & it spells out his name Geometric Sega Shop Sonic Pillow
repeatedly/with no space in all caps blue letters filled-in the blue part. The spikes are partially hidden among strips of red/purple and black/white wiggly lines and maze-type patterns on strips. The pillow is square with extremely busy thin/wiggle lines of blue/red for the whole back. The front has forward-facing Sonic faces, him running, and the new 'shrug Sonic' stock art among his name spelled vertically, purple, blue, red and green shapes and areas of pattern with black/white stripes. There's a lot going on here. The pillow is 25 dollars while the blanket is 50 dollars in the Sega Shop 2021
Rings Theme Oven Mitts Pair
An all-new item!
This is likely to be the first ever Sonic themed Oven Mitt! Although, this pair of oven mitts is actually a rather "Subtle Sonic" category, because neither one actually has Sonic (or any other character) on there. You would only recognize the Sonic content if you were a fan.
But, is the left side one TOO subtle? It has colored, outline, and stripe stars with yellow circles. Clearly they're meant to be rings but...the stars are just generic...not even a 'red-star-ring' from the games. The right-side mitt is better, as it is the 16 bit pixel-look background from Sonic 1's rotating special stage, with extra ring graphics applied. That one could only be something Sonic. These are a Sega Shop online exclusive, and it is 20 for the pair.
Flat Pot Holder Square Trivet Type
Another 'hot' item...this time it's a trivet-type pot-holder.
This one is thorougly Sonic, however. With an orange background and repeating 'finger waving' stock classic Sonic, it also adds a star in a ring of smaller stars between the art. The border and hang loop are black. This type of holder is generally folded over the edge of hot things to grasp them, or set on a counter top as a trivet type item to protect it when you set a hot item on top. Sometimes they have a 'pocket' on one side to further protect a hand.
Having Sonic on a kitchen-only item is a fun idea, and this design fits well with what might be expected (repeating patterns, bright cute colors) on a pot holder. This is a Sega Shop online exclusive in 2021-2022 and it is 17 dollars
Sonic Big Head Shade Lamp
There ought to be a Sonic Hall of Wierdness...
So that this thing could go in there. This is the "Sonic Big Face Lamp"'s another one of those maybe it looked like an ok idea on paper but in execution it sure is... something else. While not as terrible as "Sonic the schoolbag/tombstone", it is still a preposterous item. Which is rather too bad because the sculpt for the body of classic Sonic is actually really good here. It would make a tidy figure to collect if it wasn't for that his head is an immense and unfitting lamp shade.
This "make Sonic into things that look nothing like him" apparently continues with this desk lamp style light. How is putting his face on a big cylender going to look good? It's not. It's also out of proportion with the body they use for the lamp base. Also looking under the shade is going to look super odd with a metal stick coming out of the neck and a lightbulb holder shoved in there.
Where is this sold? How much does it cost? Will anyone actually get it? Entry will be updated pending further info.
Opinion Zone:
There are actually LOTS of cool things to do with making a Sonic lamp. Imagine a GHZ themed lamp with rotating shade (like the level background going by), or something with varying opacity where you could see brighter light thru "neon" areas in a zone or stars in the sky or something. It's easy to imagine cool themed lamps that aren't his head.