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Still more Sonic the Hedgehog accessories!
Accessories are wearable, but non-clothing items.They're usually not that big, and can be great to collect. If it's not directly clothing, it shows up in accessories. ALL of the items on this page are modern. Accessories are still being made today, and there are still more vintage ones left to find, so keep on the lookout to collect them all.
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Thumbs up Sonic embroider cap With this cap, GE Entertainment takes the 'thumbs up Sonic' that they like to use on their tags, and turns it into the art for the cap. By making the design really large, it adds an element of interest & visibility. The brim and hole-rims are also blue as an accent color. Sonic is embroidered on, so the design will be good and sturdy. This cap should be found in 2010 at SpencersGifts stores, and it costs 19.99. Added info by Taaron
Impractical Plush Sonic Face Wallet
This wallet is highly impractical, it is unlikely that it could even be used...however it is interesting to look at and collect. It has a mostly-3D plush doll Sonic face on the exterior, complete with 3D ears and flappy spikes. He has embroidered face details (eye, borders, mouth) and a 3D stuffed nose. The winking face was an interesting/unusual classic styled choice as well, but it seems to have been carried out well here. Though, all the 3D prevents the wallet from doing its main job (being flat and easy to carry) it could still be used inside a backpack. The card-slots and flaps are kept shut by two velcro straps (seen at the bottom) This should appear in 2010, at Hot Topic stores.
Small Sonic head belt buckle compare Now, there are 2 Sonic enamel metal belt buckles. The larger one is quite common, seen at Hot Topics and all over online. However, the 2nd, smaller one is less common though it is from Bio World. It MAY be found at some Spencers gifts, and possibly online as well. It is less 'Sonic X' style, but still uses the paper hang tag. Photographed & owned by SonicHOG
Classic Sonic 3D Face plush slippers Remember the classic styled Tails slippers on Accessories 3? Here are the Sonic slippers that match those. They're just blue, plush slippers with 3D classic Sonic faces attached to the front. The faces are nice and accurate though, looking more like they belong on a good doll, than on the front of a shoe. These are made by GE Entertainment, and should still be available in fall season 2010, for about $20. Discovered by SonicBoy19
3 Hedgehog gray star wallet
This is a great and stylish wallet. It's a good gray color, so it won't look dirty while you use it. It's got all 3 hedgehogs, Sonic Shadow & Silver, with a background of paint spatter effect and a star. The wallet is patterend with large "S" shapes in the Sonic font, which is also a great touch. This is made by GE Entertainment. It should be available in Fall/Winter 2010. Photo discovered by SonicHOG
Shadow solo checker black wallet Knuckles got a solo wallet, so now Shadow does too! His is themed in only black & gray checkers, with a yellow 'Sonic spin' swirl pattern in his background. The stock art they chose is fresh, not over-used. His pose is nice and dynamic too, keeping the wallet interesting with the nice big graphic. This is made by GE Entertainment. It should be available in Fall/Winter 2010. Photo discovered by SonicHOG Cream rabbit head fleece cap Remember the character head-hats from Accessories 3? With this one, Cream joins in the crowd. The hat is made of fleece, with floppy ears, though they aren't that long. It seems well put-together and cute. Photo discovered by Sonicboy19
Bio World has released a classic style Sonic wallet in fall 2010. It uses a Japan styled Sonic stock art, but it also contains a mistake! Look into his ear, they have forgotten to color it! It doesn't really detract from the look, but it is odd. An interesting old-style font is used for his name in blue at the bottom, and the background is just various gray & black checkering. The designs are slightly embossed. It is either leather or faux-leather, and is 19.00 at Hot Topic. You can see that you'll find it on a rod /rack with the other wallets from the plastic card topper it has here. The interior is more of the same material, with several card pockets. Photographed & owned by: Static the Hedgehog
Crocs Shoe Sonic Face Charms Whether you like or hate the Crocs brand rubber shoe, there is no doubt you can accessorise the holes in them with charms. (though if you plug them all up, they don't breathe as well) The shoe charms have a screw on, snap on, or button like device on the back, so it works a bit like a pin. These charms are classic style Sonic faces, done in molded & cut-in soft plastic.
What company produced these? How much are they? Where can you buy them? Write in for credit if you know the answer! Photo discovered by:
Sonic Fingerless Glove Black This is a Sonic themed fingerless glove. The black glove is made of stretchy knit material. It has a classic style Sonic face applied to the back of the hand part. This is a soft, colored thin plastic that's adhered with fabric glue. It appears that these gloves are sold ONE at a time (not in a pair, like all others) They can either be sold as seen at left, or inside a 'safety box' which is a theft deterrent. They retail for 9.99 each, which is an extremely large mark-up. You often see pairs of gloves made of this same material for 1.00 per pair in other stores. These are currently found at FYE in fall 2010, and are produced by GE Entertainment. Photo by Taaron
Ladies hard-side classic Sonic wallet Here are two Ladies Wallets. Why are they considered 'ladies'? They are framed or hard-side, and rather large. That means you would have to carry them in a purse or a bag, if you wanted to use them. Of course, a schoolbag can be used, and anyone can use these. The left is classic styled, with checkered band, an early font, and Sonic infront of a starburst shape. This one snaps closed, and is hard-side. It has slots inside for credit cards. The right one is modern styled, with jumping/turn Sonic stock art over an almost 'rainbow hued' background. It has diamonds/square pattern, with water-mark Sonic portraits inside. This one is framed, with twist-clasp top (the style usually seen on a coin-purse type item) Both are by GE Entertainment and can be found at in fall/winter 2010. Discovered by
coccoa the fox
Ladies modern Sonic clasp rainbow wallet
Buckle & Band Combo Box This is an accessory combo pack by Bio World. In the box, you get a metal & enamel (large & heavy) classic Sonic themed belt buckle, and a thick stretchy rubber wrist band. The band is checkered, and has the classic logo. This can be found at Toys R Us, and retails at about $17.99 in winter 2011. Photo discovered by SonicFan09
Classic style Silver Sonic Earrings Are these classic style Sonic earrings the real deal? Obviously, there's no room for copyright data on them, & the original box was lost. They're from around 2000, found in a mall. They have post-backs for pierced ears. Each one is the same stock Sonic, with die cut edges & texture for the details. They're a nice little pair, & would be quite unusual if they're official. Photographed & owned by Skwiigo
Wallet Rubber Bracelet 2-Pack This is the art for the Bio World Sonic modern wallet pack. It has the mainly black/white chain wallet that you've seen before, but it also comes with a thick rubber bracelet. This has the modern Sonic logo on it. This can be found at Toys R Us, and retails at about $17.99 in winter 2011. Photo discovered by SonicBoy19
Chao Neutral Fleece Hat To go along with the myriad other fleece character hats, here's a Neutral Chao fleece cap. A chao is such a simple design though, that the hat doesn't have all that much going for it. The big blank face and wide spacing of the eyes even make it a little abstract/strange looking. Not the pinnacle of Great-Eastern Entertainment hat-designs, for certain. This should retail for about 17.99 and so far, can be found at Discovered by JordanXSonic Thick rubber classic bracelet This is a wrist band or bracelet that is made of thick rubber material. You can see others packed
in with items above, but this is the first one to appear by itself. It has various classic Sonic stock arts all around it, with yellow 'paint splash' designs for the background. This should retail at about 4 dollars & can be found at Spencers Gifts in spring 2011
Spinner Rotating Sonic Belt Buckle The most complex belt buckle to date! This is a "spinner buckle" The central circle part with the enamel Sonic on it is mounted on a spinner-back, like a fancy car wheel. If pushed a bit, it'll rotate a while on its own. Curled/spinning classic Sonic is the perfect choice in art for this buckle!
Everything's better with accessories: Doom's Eye
The edges are decorated with raised ring shapes. Sonic's eye & nose are not black enamel, they are just shiny metal. Is a rotating buckle somewhat preposterous? Only the fans can decide,
Spinning belt buckle with tag
but this appeared at Spencers Gifts in winter/spring 2011 and retails for about 19.99 (expensive, because it has moving parts) It is by BioWorld. Discovered by Ben Montero, tagged photo by EternalPhoenix9
Knuckles Patch This is a curiously detailed Knuckles patch. However, it isn't a picture of the real thing. This is actually an art-representation. The real patch will have fabric textures/embroidering etc. Do you have this? Send in a photo for credit! The background is tiny red checkers with line-art added for interest. The Knuckles art is the uncommon (yet well done) foreward facing stock, released after Sonic & Knuckles for the Genisis. His name is written in a fairly dynamic (and new) font, with a splash of white. With lots of detail, interesting elements, & non-over-used art this is a great patch for Knuckles fans to collect. It is being made by GE Entertainment in 2010. Discovered by Kirchu