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Page 11 is for MODERN accessories only.
Accessories are wearable, but non-clothing items.They're usually not that big, and can be great to collect. If it's not directly clothing, it shows up in accessories. If anything is currently available in a store, or online, the entry will mention it to help you find it. Everything on this page will be from the modern era only (Dreamcast+onward)
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Art Charm Sonic Classic Lanyard Lanyards aren't a passing fad, as this one appears in 2017.
This Lanyard has plenty of detail all over. The strap itself is double sided. One has a scattering of white Sonic classic line art on a blue background, the other on black. There is a flat rubber/cut texture finger-waving shaped Sonic harm to go along with your key/card/anything. You also get a getting ready to run art-card in the plastic card-holder. It has the slogan "I'm Outta Here!" & the Sonic graphic is partially colored/sketched. You can use this as the 'back' of whatever card needs to be faced forward on the lanyard, for an extra touch of Sonic detail. This is likely to be a Spencers Gifts item.
Sonic Sunglasses?
Maybe so. These have never been found by a fan.
This is a factory photo of the sunglasses, but no site was ever found selling them. They have a classic theme, with flat-back plastic running Classic Sonic on the side bar & a row of rings printed on it. The middle is red, with a fade to blue as the frame goes over the dark lenses. It probably has a "Sega" logo in the middle over the nose area. They are probably little kid sized / likely to not fit adult heads. Were these made? Write in if you have proof.
X Shoe montage photo Sonic X Sneakers Overview Here are the much coveted Sonic X Sneakers! They are for boys or girls, but (sadly) only came in kids sizes. They were released around the time of the show (but later on) and are still quite wanted
X Shoe Knuckles Detail just as a collectible, not even as a wearable item. (Too small for pretty much anyone) Why? because they're just JAMMED with super detail! First of all, they light up when you run (lights flash behind Sonic panel)
Sonic X Shoe Sole Detail Then, there's Sonic detail at every turn. The box looks nice, with X logo, and 2 different Sonic arts. One side of the shoe (outer) has very shiny plastic 'jumping punch' Sonic, and the other side has a textured Knuckles portrait. But look at the background area for Knuckles: those aren't just dots, they're actually little tiny Sonic X logo heads. The top velcro has an X logo, the shoe tongue has a plastic Sonic face & the inside cushion layer also has an X logo. But the details don't stop there!
The heels have a X head raised/soft silver 'button' disk set in them. The sole of the shoe has a full color X logo in a clear/shiny 'bubble' of plastic. (Why? This is a real nice item, but it would be the first thing to get scuffed away to nothing) The foot arch area also has a 'spikes' looking design going on. It's no wonder the shoes are so highly desired (they were 14.99 when new, as evidenced by circle price tag there) a lot of thought went into branding them completely Sonic X. It's too bad they were uncommon when new, and small sizes only. This pair is in the SonicGear personal collection. (As of 2017, the light up feature still works)
Outa Here Sonic Wallet A simple, classic style single fold wallet appears in fall 2015. This is the "outa here wallet". It has a Green Hill theme, and large 'getting ready to run' neoclassic Sonic art. The words "I'm outta here" are embroidered (the words are thick/3D) behind him. The back has his name, with Sonic popping up through the ring-styled "O", and two of the familiar palm trees. It has a black interior and is all artificial plastileater. It should also be in the Sonic Gear Accessories Store.
GE Sonic Shoe Slipper Costume Great news! GE released the Sonic Slipper!
In 2017, the GE Sonic Shoe Slipper was released for sale in the US at Hot Topic Stores
....and they look great. Each slipper is 'plush' so it stays shaped properly. The 'sock' has a velcro in the back (bottom right) so you can easily fit your foot in. The buckle is plush/fabric as well. The bottoms are just black, but they have those little rubber 'dots' to give it traction on any floor type. The back/heel of the shoe sole has that oval printed on (Shoe texture? It's in the art, so it makes sense here)
Another great feature is that they'll likely fit ANYone, these aren't some annoying 'kiddie' item, it fets Mens 3-9 and Womens 5-11. Even if you don't plan on wearing them, just having a big life size pair of Sonic shoes to collect or display is fantastic. Photo & owned by All-Star Warriors
How does GE's Sonic Shoe Slipper compare to the previously released Drop-Dead pair? Quite favorably!
Notice how the GE 'sock' has the line in the center of it to imitate the fold in Sonic's sock, while the Drop Dead one lacks it. The GE buckle is also a more 'cartoony' presentation than the smaller plastic one DD used. The bottoms, while differently colored are about the same. The DD tag though has (probably) Picky the Pig little animal on it as a hidden detail.
If you like Sonic's'll like either pair. The GE ones will be much less expensive for USA fans, however (DropDead is a UK company who ships overseas, but that does add to the cost). They may also fit more feet because of the velcro 'sock' modification. It can fit up to size 9.5 foot (or maybe a bit larger) These are thick with stuffing and make wrinkly noises when walking.

Going in-depth with loads of photos and reviews to let you choose the shoes!
Photo & owned by All-Star Warriors