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Sonic American Modern Accessories
Here's a page for MODERN accessories only.
Accessories are wearable, but non-clothing items.They're usually not that big, and can be great to collect. If it's not directly clothing, it shows up in accessories. If anything is currently available in a store, or online, the entry will mention it to help you find it. Everything on this page will be from the modern era only (Dreamcast+onward)
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Peace Sign Red Embroider Sonic Patch Here is a fairly large embroidered Sonic patch. It's classic Sonic, but is it actually a classic patch from the 1990s? It has a creative border for his ear & peace-sign hand. The mini figure there is for scale, this patch is pretty big, likely about 3.5 to 4 inches or so. Is this an official item? Patches do not generally have copyrights stitched into the front, which makes it harder to tell. Photo & owned by CrystalSonicFan
Rhinestone Sonic Face Blue Cap Hat This cap has a bit of a gimmick going, though it's somewhat odd. Most of Sonic's face, including his eye-whites is completely covered in tiny clear rhinestones. All those little dots are actually faceted flat-back rhinestones for some reason. There aren't any on the eye color part, or the nose/mouth, but they're everywhere else in a grid pattern. Though the face structure seems classic-like (big lower face area), the green eyes are modern.
The back of the cap is plastic mesh & the stitching for the brim is green. This cap can likely be found at Spencers Gifts & Hastings stores in the USA in 2013. Photo by Taaron
Ears & Spikes Sonic Features Cap Who knew there were so many ways to put Sonic's face on a cap?
This cap features 3D Sonic ears AND a row of felt spikes in the back with his face on the front. It seems to be somewhere between a plain cap hat and a full-on costume style spike hat. Maybe a hybrid hat. The face is nearly (if not) identical to the rhinestone face above. The back of this cap is mesh as well, but the brim has many more rows of blue stitching instead. This cap can likely be found at Spencers Gifts & Hastings stores in the USA in 2013. Photo by Taaron
Stitch Edge Modern Shape Wallet Here's a cool & unique looking wallet! It's a tri-fold (so it's pretty thick even when folded up) made out of faux black leather. The Sonic graphic here is a whole separate piece, sewn on with big, decorative stitches. It's die-cut, so they have his ear tips & nose going off the edge of the main wallet to add a point of interest. It also has a strap/clip & chain. From the profile, it looks like it has snaps to hold it shut. The way the design of this modern running Sonic is presented, gives the wallet a fresh new look. Photo discovered by SonicxAndTailsx
Bio World Embroidered Neon Snapback Hat
This is a new for 2014 Bio World snap-back cap hat. Its called "Day Glo Sonic". The cap is plain black, but features very thick (its tube-like) embroidery for the line work. Sonic & Tails faces are drawn quite large across the cap & the flat brim. It's classic styled, but they use 'wrong' ish colors on purpose to cultivate the 'neon like' effect, such as putting Tails' nose to blue, Sonic's to green & Tails' lower face to green as well.
Since they are slightly 'abstracted' by the nature of it just being a line & also the miscoloring, it seems an odd choice to use sort of odd expressions for them. Sonic looks overly annoyed, while Tails might be surprised...or something. Still, the cap is very unique among hats, so you'll not have anything like it from before. This is available in the Gear Store.
DayGlo Snapback Classic Cap This classic styled 'forward facing Sonic head winking' cap is likely also by Bio World. It is called "Dayglow-Snapback" (so, very similar name to the above cap) The side of the cap has an added detail, "Sonic" spelled out in the classic font, while the back above the strap says "Don't Blink"
The diamond shaped sticker on both hats advertises the bill's ability to "Snap-Back". For some reason, caps with this ability are always more costly than ordinary hats. They may be 20 dollars or so, which seems a bit high for just 1 cap. However, embroidery is notoriously sturdy, so it will likely wear well. This is available in the Gear Store
Don't Blink Pixel Face Cap This pixel-art looking cap has something new/unusual going on. The design is embroidered, but done in a specific "woven" cross-hatch kind of way, where thick strips of it are crossed at right angles to create a real pixelated look. The chosen face is the classic "Waiting / annoyed" looking Sonic face. The back has his name embroidered in
white, and the side of the cap says "Don't Blink". The hat is actually a sort of mottled gray texture, reminiscent of jeans-fabric. With a new & interesting design, this unusual cap looks collectible. This is a summer 2014 release. This is available in the Gear Store
Neo-Classic Snap Back Sonic Gray Hat This gray snapback hat has some nice neo-classic art. This new pose for classic Sonic has him probably...landing a jump? Thick black embroidery is used to spell "Sonic" in a block letterman's type font in the background. The bill is flat & black. This could be a Bio World item. It is in the Gear store, but it should be sold somewhere else as well...but where?
Green Hill Jump Hat This is the "Green Hill Jump Hat". Spencers' Gifts had it at one point, possibly 2013 or so. It's a normal ball-cap style hat, all in light blue. The front panel is totally covered by a nice Green Hill Zone graphic. It has neo-classic jumping/away Sonic stock art applied so it looks like he's jumping into the background. The feature that helps make this unique, is the checkered ground goes down onto the brim/bill which also has the classic logo. No embroidery is used here. Photo discovered by : NameLost - Please Correct
Orange Checkered Square Modern Cap Here is a modern ball-cap style hat. The whole front panel has modern Sonic on a bright orange background. Slightly darker orange twisted/angled squares provide an almost-checkered like pattern for the background. The rest of the had is plain charcoal black, & the bill is curved. Where was this sold? Photo discovered by : NameLost - Please Correct
Ready to Run Classic Style Sonic Hat This classic style cap is your typical baseball-cap looking hat. However, the giant embroidered design gives it a dynamic & cool look. They use "getting ready to run" classic Sonic stock art. The non-white colored parts are all embroidered on. Because the cap is blue, Sonic's blue parts aren't filled in with stitching, he's an outline. The design goes almost all the way up the top of the hat & then across the brim, spilling off the edge. Because it is off-center as well, it helps with the dynamic look.
This may be in the Sonic Gear Hat Store in 2014, if it does not sell out.
Here is a 'trucker cap hat', which just means the top is taller than usual & the back is a plastic screen/mesh material. This is yet anooooother variation on the "Big Face Cap" which is basically all over the place here. This time it's modern Sonic on the bill & top....but they've added little flappy 3D ears & 3 rows of sewn felt mini spikes to decorate the back of the hat. This hat is sort of mid-way between a regular hat & one of those 'costume' type character hats.
Ring Tassle Lapland Winter Hat This is another "Lapland" style winter knit hat. It has the "just a face" modern Sonic face for the design. The Lapland tassles have been braided all the way down, & accessorized with something new & special. The end of each is tied to a flat felt 'gold ring' for added Sonic theme.
Why do so so so many hats use the "just a face" design? It makes hats in general less collectible when they all get to looking the same. Those fun rings would be just as good with any other Sonic themed design. This may be in the Sonic Gear Hat Store in 2014
Property of Sega Striped Boxers Is this a boxers or a boxer-breifs? Whatever it is, it's a good price at only 6.75 in adults sizes. This is a K-Mart item in winter 2013, which you can buy online or in stores. The stretch waistband says "Sonic the Hedgehog" all around, while the rest has red & white stripes with more of that faux-wear / weathering. 1 leg says "Property of Sega '93" with a neo-classic Sonic face. This is the remade one where he's frowning. This also uses faux wear. Discovered by Shadowfoxx757