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Sonic American Modern Accessories
Page 12 is for MODERN accessories only.
Accessories are wearable, but non-clothing items.They're usually not that big, and can be great to collect. If it's not directly clothing, it shows up in accessories. If anything is currently available in a store, or online, the entry will mention it to help you find it. Everything on this page will be from the modern era only (Dreamcast+onward)
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2 Black Pixel Bifold Sonic Wallets Here are 2 black wallets for 2017 / 2018.
They both have the 16 bit pixel art style. The top wallet has a Green Hill type 'ground' but it's pretty featureless. The back has some gold rings, and they're trailing some pixel sparkles. The front has Sonic running, but he's really big (compared to the ground) and not running on it, rather floating out in front. They've also added some grayish pixel....dust? behind him.
The second wallet is a bit busier, it has angled rows of different sprites for Sonic, Tails & Knuckles. Each is shown rolling, standing, and running. The background is plain black.
Both of these are simple faux-leather bi-fold wallets with slots for cards and fold area for cash. These are Sega Shop items. They should be around 18.00 and only seen in the shop.
Canvas Eggman Wallet Wow! Eggman fans can get Eggcited for this one!
It's an Eggman SOLO item! Sonic's no-where to be found, so the bad genius is having a good time here in the Green Hill Zone scene. Solo Eggman items are very uncommonly made, so this is a great collectible, egg-fan or not. This is described as "A canvas wallet", but it's likely not actual canvas but the nylon tough-woven fabric. (Write in if you own this to clear it up) The wallet has an all-over 8-bit look
Green Hill scene, complete with the 'goal sign' at the end, which is faced to the Eggman side (naturally) It has a big, flashy arms-crossed/point neoclassic Eggman art on the front and his slogan "Think you can beat me?" The interior has slots for credit cards and area for dollar bills. This is a 2018 item, probably a Sega Shop exclusive. It could be around 18.00.
Hinge Wallet 16 Bit Style Sonic Here is a hinged flat wallet with 16 bit theme.
Sometimes these are called a 'ladies wallet' because it only fits in a purse or a bag, and not a pocket. It's a little odd in the design department with 3 instances of Sonic all in one scene where it's not a 'pattern'. Do notice Eggman up there in the background. He's shown in Green Hill & with a chop chop fish badnick. But then, that's the "Sonic Died" sprite, but he's shown losing his rings to the badnick. It doesn't really make sense. It seems like some of the product designers they use don't actually understand
anything about what they're designing for. There IS a 'ring lose' sprite they COULD have used, but they didn't, so they put 'death'. Why would any fan want a collectible where Sonic is messing up & dieing? Like the infamous 'Tails dies' folder, where they just shoved a random screen shot to make the 'art' for it, & it had him dieing. Nobody was really happy with it, and it's not attractive design. This is a 2018 item, probably a Sega Shop exclusive. It could be around 18.00.
Sonic Shades Mask Glasses Here are some wacky shades.
This is called the "Sonic Shades" and it is a combination 'mask' and sunglasses. A forward facing classic Sonic 'face' is made of plastic, but the eye whites area is chrome & made of sunglasses material. It has the pupils painted in, but you can see through the whole area anyway. Your nose goes about where Sonic's would be. It has a tiny portion of his lower face at the bottom, and small representations for his spikes on the sides. The arms have the classic logo on one side.
These are (probably) only sold at Party City stores (regardless of season) & are 9.99 in 2018. It's not very practical,
but it is fun to see. The company "Super Shades" makes these, and lots of other 'half masks' of licensed characters (like Freddy Fazbear) or character themes (like WonderWoman) These appeared on shelves during the 'no modern allowed' period of late 2017, but remain through 2018.
Zen Monkey Sonic Super Patches Zen Monkey (maker of pins) is coming out with classic style Sonic Patches in 2020. Here are their first selections, featuring neo-classic art for Sonic and Super Sonic. There's jumping-twist regular Sonic on a yellow texture circle background, and charging up Super Sonic without a background. They come on a bagged blue card with ring design and classic logo.
As is the usual with patches, they are all made of embroidery stitching and are meant to be sewn onto the fabric/clothing/etc of choice. They may also have an iron-on feature, but it is always better to carefully sew things on yourself for the best long lasting quality.
The patches all look very nice, with expected quality from Zen Monkey. Thick stitching, every detail from the stock art is there, and they are an all right size. Hopefully they will make more for patch collectors. Photo discovered by Hedgy