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Even more Sonic the Hedgehog accessories!
Accessories are wearable, but non-clothing items.They're usually not that big, and can be great to collect. If it's not directly clothing, it shows up in accessories. These are a pretty even mix of old and new for your viewing fun. If anything is currently available in a store, or online, the entry will mention it to help you find it. Accessories are still being made today, and there are still more vintage ones left to find, so keep on the lookout to collect them all.
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Sonic Embroider Cut Top Wallet Yet another Sonic wallet! This one is all black leather, with snap-closure & chain w/clip. The back has the modern Sonic logo, and the interior is plain, with slots for cards & 1 clear pannel. The design is the arm-cross SA1 Sonic stock art. It has embroidered details (for toughness) and is cut out. You can see the ear sticking up off the top photo, along with the bottom spike. This adds interest as an extra big design. (But will it wear well with daily use?) Photographed & owned by: Eneko
Classic Sonic Face Square Bandanna Scarf This piece of cloth is a bandanna. It is large & square so it could conceivably also be used as a (decorative) scarf. It's simply blue, with the old style winking-foreward facing Sonic face stock art. He's fully outlined, & it's a nice big quality graphic. Though not popular in style, a bandanna is still quite interesting to collect. This is the first known Sonic themed bandanna, and it appears for sale in winter/spring 2011 at Spencers Gifts. Photographed & owned by: Daniel Friedman
Sonic themed glow bracelet pack These are Sonic glow bracelets/necklaces. They're plastic tubes with glow chemicals inside. But how are they actually "Sonic themed" beside having him on the box? These were listed as a party favor/party item, but they could really just be for anything. These may be found at Party City stores online or off.
Screentone rays Sonic classic style cap This cool Sonic cap is available at Spencers Gifts in 2011. It has embroidered classic Sonic on the front, with some screen-tone dots 'rays' for the background. But look under the bill/brim of the cap...there's an extra classic Sonic the Hedgehog logo! This added detail makes this cap stand out from the crowd. Sure it's slightly hidden, (while being worn) but it's a great added touch. This should be about 19.99. Photo & owned by: Logo under bill Sonic cap
Classic Sonic face BioWorld Wallet This is a classic style wallet made by Bio World. It's the usual faux-leather, but this one has a Sonic face emblem (likely metal/enamel of some kind) on the front. The background is just blue rays, but it adds interest. As is usual for them, it comes with a long chain & clip/strap. Notice the "20th Anniversary" symbol on the card. You can find this at Spencers Gifts in 2011, and it should be around 17.99. Left photo by: , Right photo by Static the Hedgehog. Emblem Head Wallet Chain Classic Sonic
Embroidered Knuckles Face Cap This is a classic cap. It's extremely simple, with just the face of Knuckles embroidered onto the front. It should be official. It is in the collection of a member of SonicTeam. Photo by SonicTeam, discovered by Taaron
Rare 1994 Sonic Fanny Pack Bag Top This is a fanny pack / hip bag / belt-pack...but whatever you call it, it's a rare item. This was made in 1994, but it is seldom seen. The whole thing has a nice Sonic motif, with checker Rare Sonic Hip Pack Bag Photo
pattern strap, star bumper & rings (linked?? how odd) on top, a big logo for the front & then Robotnick chasing Sonic on the 2 side wings. While fanny packs
are mostly associated with tourists these days, this would be a great one to own due to rarity. The copyright information appears on the back, but does not include maker-company or where it was sold. Photo discovered by Calistine
Amy Rose Spikes Cosplay Cap Hat GE Entertainment continues their line of character theme hats with this Amy Rose spikes cosplay cap. Much like the Sonic one before it, the cap is just her ears, bangs & spikes. It's stuffed too, so it's great for halloween costume parts or general Amy cosplay. You can see they gave it her headband (red) so it's nice and on-model too. How much will this cost? Write in if you know. Photo discovered by SonicCookie
Classic Sonic Plush Slippers Here's a somewhat strange looking pair of classic Sonic slippers for little kids. They're somewhat 'plush style' with fully 3D Sonic heads on the toe, and a continuation of his belly-dot body color in front, while being all blue in the back. The ankle cuff part is blue/yellow striped for some reason. The bottom has a small amount of rubber-dot traction, the logo and copyright for 1993. It should be noted that this pair is somewhat beat up, with 1 pom-pom nose ripped off, and scratches to the plastic eyes. Photo & owned by: Anon
Yellow Paint Splats Lanyard With Tag
Black Lanyard Sonic Yellow Paint Splats This is a cloth lanyard. It's all black, with a metal clip at the end for keys or cards. It has various
classic style Sonic stock arts all over, and each has a yellow paint splat with droplets behind it. Does it look familiar? It should, as it's patterned after the black rubber bracelet from Accessories 4. This can be bought at Spencers Gifts in 2011 for a rather steep $7.00. Photo & owned by FreeRiderFox, tagged photo by SonicDM
Sonic face Fingerless Gloves These BioWorld gloves are a bit of a mix up. They use a clasic logo and a semi classic styled face...but the eyes are green. They're fingerless, and you do get a pair when you buy. Knit fabric with decal detail. But look at the glove on the's mis-printed! The eye whites are too high, and the eye border is going right through it! Inspect each glove before you buy! They're 12.99 and can be found in Spencers Gifts in fall 2011. (curiously BioWorld also sells a knit beanie cap & long sleeve tee combo for only 13.50...why are these gloves so expensive only FIFTY cents less than a whole shirt AND hat?) Glove photo by Static-the-Hedgehog
Color Name Sonic Flat Ladies Wallet This is another ladies' wallet. (Considered so, because it is big, flat and won't bend. You need a purse or a backpack to carry this) With firm sides & a metal edge frame, it still has the credit card slots & etc inside. The exterior uses a blocky thick font to sort of abstract-ify "Sonic" name in several bright colors. The front has a new-classic Sonic art, with a border of lines in each of the colors the name has. (A neat effect, sort of hard to see here) You may be able to get this at Spencers Gifts in 2011, but it's sort of hit or miss on their merchandise. This is made by BioWorld. Photo discovered by: Sonicboy19
Flat Bill Line Art Sonic Cap Hat This is a "Flatbill" cap. That just means the brim part there is very flat/stiff rather than being slightly curved like most other hats of this style/shape. The big circle/dot you see there is a foil sticker announcing this fact. The hat is mostly white, and the pattern is made up of scattered/over-lapping line art of various stock Sonic modern poses. The front has a large embroidered/full color Sonic. Under the bill of the cap, you can find the modern logo on a blue background. The top shows the tag, and that the hat apparently comes in sizes. This looks like a good quality hat with lots of nice detail! This can be found at Wal Mart in 2012, and should be about 9.99 Photos & owned by: Buttercup, location & price info by SonicExia
Winking Sonic Plush Face Slippers Here comes another pair of Sonic plush face slippers. Whatever company/s are seeming to turn out several pairs a year whether anyone wants them or not. This pair features classic Sonic plush doll heads without most of the spikes (so a foot will fit in) However, this time, the face is styled to winking so they're a little different from before. The classic logo is embroidered where the heel would go on the slipper. These are available at Spencer's gifts stores for 14.99 in 2013.
Classic Style Sonic Characters Trucker Cap This is a "Trucker Hat" type cap. It's a certain style/variation on a baseball-cap like hat. The front panel is solid, while the rest is a screen/net type fabric with open weave. The bill is also usually shorter than that of a ball cap. The style isn't for everyone, (it can make heads look tall) but the pannel provides a nice big place for art.
In this case, the art used is cool/interesting & fresh in 2013. It's an all neo-classic look at Knuckles Tails Sonic Amy AND Eggman. They've all been refreshed with new poses & new art in the classic look. This hat is available at Spencer's gifts stores for 16.99 in 2013. Discovered by ShadowFoxx757
This comparison photo shows the open weave of the back of the hat, how the brim & top compare to a regular Sonic cap & reveals the little classic logo on the back. The tag looks like its from Bio World. Cap compare photo by Crystal Sonic Fan.
Trucker Hat Views & Size Compare Photo
Sonic Pocketeer Wallet This is a "pocketeer" wallet. It's a wallet type invented to show off. When you put it into a flat pocket (like the back of a pants) that dark blue flap with Sonic face you see there clips over the outside of the pocket so everyone can see it. There are other branded character wallets in this style (example: a pony's tail, etc) The wallet itself is pretty plain, all blue with just the classic logo on the other side. The interior has several card pockets & 1 clear one for ID. This can be found at Spencers Gifts and likely other retailers in 2013.